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word on the street = former celtic brian scalabrine trying out for italian pro basketball team!
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august 2011 by driscoll
WILD-AM Now Serves A Very Different Audience | WBUR
. on radio one using historically-black Boston radio WILD to broadcast China Radio Int'l
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june 2011 by driscoll
Boston, you're my home: Do you still listen to radio?
I have never met anyone who has even admitted to being part of the Arbitron diary system. I have never trusted ratings to be accurate and that goes back to when I was a child. In the early 60's my mother had a part time job where she would call people or phone numbers selected by the company that she worked for. One Saturday afternoon as my my dad and I were watching a Red Sox game on the old channel 5 she was making her calls. Not a single person she called was watching the Red Sox and most were watching wrestling on channel 4. My mom felt sorry for the Red Sox and she switched the data.
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november 2008 by driscoll
101.3 Big City Pirate powers in
more radio geek discussion of Big City. sadly, some xenophobic commentary ensues.
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october 2008 by driscoll
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