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GRC | Assembly Language Windows Applications  
The file is 20k . . . Sorry it's so big, but I included all of the source code and header files, as well as a copy of the finished SIB.EXE so you could see the result even if you didn't have the other required assembly tools!

SIB.ZIP (20k) -- This zip file contains all of the files necessary to assemble a state of the art 32-bit Windows Application ... written in nothing but assembly language (it also contains the executable SIB.EXE app so that you can see what it looks like and browse the files even if you don't own a copy of Microsoft's Macro Assembler, MASM, or Linker). The App includes a toolbar with standard icons, tool tips, a status bar and common dialogs. And ... of course ... full source code for the entire project.

Assembly Language Resources on the Web . . .

Even though Assembly Language programming seems to be a lost and dying art, the Web is chock full of interesting and useful resources. Here are some of the better goodies I've uncovered in my travels:
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december 2014 by driscoll
GRC |  ChromaZone (tm) - 3D Interactive, Virtual Reality, Realtime Screen Saver Construction Set for Windows 3.1 and Windows95.   
"I just got ChromaZone yesterday and I must say, BRAVO!! It is an excellent program and I can see myself getting wrapped up in it already. I am glad the American programmer is not dead! Thank you for the program! The online help is great. The graphics are teriffic (how did you do it with just 256 colors?). The best is that the icon is a scream!!!"
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december 2014 by driscoll

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