SharePoint Online PnP Site Provisioning using Flow and Azure Function
Using Microsoft Flow, Azure Function, Azure Storage Queue, PowerShell and SharePoint Online I created a proof of concept with the latest techniques and using the AppId/AppSecret so the user doesn’t need additional permissions
SharePoint  Online  PnP  Flow 
44 minutes ago
What is Azure Active Directory B2B collaboration? | Microsoft Docs
This describes the entire spectrum of external users. I think. Has architectural and development info.
Office365  AAD  B2B 
3 hours ago
sql - join large tables - transactional log full due to active transaction - Stack Overflow
This is an error that I'm getting from move-spsite for a large site collection. Too bad we can't do chunks as suggested in this article.
SQL  SharePoint 
4 days ago
sql - The transaction log for the database is full - Stack Overflow
This isn't really a SharePoint article, but I got this same error when trying to move a big site collection into its own DB using Move-SpSite.
SQL  Administration  SharePoint 
5 days ago
Customizing "modern" site pages | Microsoft Docs
Talks about some of the limitations of modern pages. What you can/can't do.
SharePoint  Online  Office365  Modern 
7 days ago
Create SharePoint no-code solutions | Microsoft Docs
Learn about SharePoint Composites, a no-code, do-it-yourself business solution that you can create quickly by assembling, connecting, and configuring the basic building blocks of functionality available in SharePoint and Office 2013.
SharePoint  Development  Composites 
8 days ago
Programming models in SharePoint | Microsoft Docs
You can develop applications for the SharePoint platform in many ways. These applications can be usefully categorized into the following groups
SharePoint  Development 
8 days ago
SharePoint Development | Microsoft Docs
Build SharePoint Framework solutions, apps, add-ins, and solutions for SharePoint for your enterprise or customer needs. (this is the main landing page for new-style sp dev).
SharePoint  Development 
8 days ago
Project Natick Phase 2
More info on underwater data centers.
Microsoft  DataCenter 
8 days ago
Actions and controls
Nintex help page with description of actions and controls available in office 365
Office365  Nintex  Workflow 
9 days ago
Overview of co-authoring in SharePoint Server | Microsoft Docs
Provides information about co-authoring and the permissions and software versions that are required for co-authoring in SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online.
SharePoint  Co-authoring 
10 days ago
Blog — B&R Business Solutions
At the time of this writing, there are 40 out-of-the-box Nintex actions unavailable in Nintex for Office 365.
SharePoint  Nintex  Office365  Migration 
13 days ago
Modernize the user interface | Microsoft Docs
To make the switch to a modern user interface, you need to focus on the following:

Transitioning your lists and libraries to use the modern user interface (also referred to as the modern list and library experience)
Transforming your site pages from classic wiki and web part pages into modern client-side pages
Office365  SharePoint 
14 days ago
Transform classic pages to modern client-side pages | Microsoft Docs
Classic SharePoint sites typically have classic pages being wiki pages or web part pages and these pages cannot present themselves using a modern user interface. A classic site however can host modern client side pages and this is the solution here.
Office365  SharePoint  UI  Modern 
14 days ago
Modernize your classic SharePoint sites | Microsoft Docs
You can transform (or "modernize") a classic site into a modern Office 365 group-connected site by following the guidance in this section.
SharePoint  Office365  UI 
14 days ago
PnP-Tools/Solutions/SharePoint.UIExperience.Scanner at master · SharePoint/PnP-Tools · GitHub
Using this command line utility you can scan your tenant for compatibility with the SharePoint Online "modern" user interface experience.
PnP  SharePoint  UI 
14 days ago
Topic: Specifying ReplyTo in Send-Mailmessage
Has a script to replace send-mailmessage with one with more features.
PowerShell  Email 
23 days ago
Solving the First-Launch Configuration Error with PowerShell's Invoke-WebRequest Cmdlet - Wahl Network
When you run a script as an account that has never run IE, you can get this error. Article shows 2 approaches to solve.
PowerShell  REST 
25 days ago
SharePoint PowerShell with SharePoint multi-factor authentication
This thread started when you couldn't do it. But the last comment seems to indicate some issues when running unattended.
MFA  PowerShell 
25 days ago
Creating a folder for a document library in SharePoint online
Here is a guide to creating folders and items in a document library for SharePoint Server/Foundation
PowerShell  SharePoint 
27 days ago
Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer
Site has a lot of tools to test various components of O365. Exchange-centric, but whatever.
O365  Troubleshooting 
5 weeks ago
Nintex for Office 365 URLs to White-list - Nintex Knowledge Base
What URLs should be white-listed to avoid conflicts with the Nintex for Office 365 apps?
7 weeks ago
Nintex Live Office 365 Action Connection Flow - Nintex Knowledge Base
How do actions that utilize Nintex Live authenticate against the Live service in Azure?
7 weeks ago
Connection types
New connection types required for Office 365 actions.
Nintex  Workflow 
7 weeks ago
Powershell export-spweb exclude subsites
Example shows use of web service to export a single web (without subwebs). This is not possible with the default Export-SPweb command.
PowerShell  SharePoint  Export  Import 
7 weeks ago
Globally Reusable Workflows – Sharegate
A Globally reusable workflows is a workflow that can be associated to any list, library, or content type in a site collection. In contrast, reusable workflows are localized to the site. 
Nintex  Workflow  ShareGate 
10 weeks ago
sharepoint online roadmap remove 5000 view item limit - Google Search
This is a Google search results page that worked well to find good resources on this topic.
SharePoint  View  Limits 
10 weeks ago
Build an Outlook add-in | Microsoft Docs
You can create an Office Add-in by using Visual Studio or any other editor. VS Code and similar scaffolding to spfx.
Office365  Add-In 
11 weeks ago
Office Dev Center - Add-ins are now available for Outlook on iOS
With today’s launch, Outlook on iOS includes add-ins from several initial partners. And starting today , we’re opening the platform up so that every developer can add mobile support to their add-ins with just a few steps:
Office365  Outlook  Add-In 
11 weeks ago
Create a Site Structure using PowerShell – FromTheField
This time I was working with a customer who needed to create a Site Collection for their HR department with a large number of Sub-Sites (one for each team within the department), each Sub-Site required unique permissions. Rather than spending an hour doing this through the UI I put together a script to automate this.
PowerShell  SharePoint 
may 2018
Create the default groups via PowerShell – Blog – René Hézser
If your site is missing the three default groups “Visitors”, “Members” and “Owners”, you can create them easily with PowerShell or the Object Model.
SharePoint  PowerShell 
may 2018
How to create/recreate default SharePoint groups for a site – Anatol’s blog
you will find the best way of doing it - using the direct URL: <siteURL>/_layouts/permsetup.aspx (in the KB article:
may 2018
Email Parser made easy by Parserr
SAAS email parser that can connect to SharePoint.
Email  SharePoint  Integration 
may 2018
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