Teamwork - Documentation - Microsoft Graph
Also shows differences between Teams and Groups in O365.
Graph  Teams  API 
sadomovalex's blog: How to restore site collection from higher Sharepoint version
This has a tricky way to solve certain version mismatch issues when restoring from one farm to another.
SharePoint  PowerShell 
3 days ago
SharePoint/sp-dev-gdpr-activity-hub: GDPR Activity Hub - Open source starter kit for building a management hub for EU GDPR (European Global Data Protection Regulation).
GDPR Activity Hub - Open source starter kit for building a management hub for EU GDPR (European Global Data Protection Regulation).
Office365  SharePoint  Examples 
9 days ago
PnP/Samples/Provisioning.SiteModifier at master · SharePoint/PnP · GitHub
The idea behind the pattern is to provide users with an out of the box teamsite, and when in the future they need additional functionality they can go to the 'Modify Site' menu and add additional features to the site. The add-in will then add the required functionality. That way sites can grow exactly to the level of functionality that the user requires without needed to use things like site definitions, web templates or even the SharePoint feature framework.
SharePoint  PnP 
13 days ago
Get started creating SharePoint site designs and site scripts | Microsoft Docs
The previous script creates a new SharePoint list named Customer Tracking. It sets the description and adds four fields to the list. Note that each of these are considered an action. Site scripts are limited to 30 cumulative actions (across one or more scripts that may be called in a site design).
SharePoint  SiteScripts  Limitations 
20 days ago
Overview of Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs
Microsoft Teams, the new chat-based workspace in Office 365
Office365  Teams 
21 days ago
Solutions -
Nice app that's built on O365. Check the licensing for examples.
Office365  Application 
22 days ago
Error "Unable to reach destination server." for Office 365 query user profile using connection manager - Nintex Knowledge Base
Talks about set-spotenant command to fix an issue with connection manager. Wondering if this would help.
Nintex  O365 
5 weeks ago
Quick Reference for Nintex Features, Content Ty... | Nintex Community
NintexWorkflowWebParts eb657559-be37-4b91-a369-1c201183c779
6 weeks ago
Nintex Workflow Migration from on premise to Of... | Nintex Community
Excellent article with good references and great practical tone.
Nintex  Workflow  O365 
7 weeks ago
Are There Reusable Site Collection Workflows wi... | Nintex Community
existing workflow in a specific list/ site that is having the same name
Nintex  O365 
7 weeks ago
Find date difference Excluding Holydays | Nintex Community
Nice example of calculating end date and taking holidays into effect.
7 weeks ago
Open and use the web part maintenance page - SharePoint
shows the equivalent of ?contents=1 in the onprem world.
SharePoint  Online  O365 
7 weeks ago
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