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UNFILLED: M!Hawke/Templars, rimming/face-sitting
Bunch of dominant male Templars taking turns riding Hawke's face. They tease and taunt him, which only serves to make Hawke want it more.
prompt:unfilled  relationship:slash  character:hawke_male  kink:group_sex  kink:rimming  dragon_age:2  character:misc_templar(s)  kink:facesitting  pairing:m!hawke_misc_templar(s) 
november 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Templars/Bethany/M!Hawke
Hawke pimps his sister out to the Templars of Kirkwall. Bethany loves it. Would really like to read a public gangbang in the Gallows with Hawke participating as well (fucking Bethany, letting the Templars fuck him. Would also like to see Cullen or that Templar Thrask (from Wayward Son), but they're optional.
prompt:unfilled  relationship:het  relationship:slash  character:hawke_male  kink:group_sex  kink:gangbang  character:bethany  dragon_age:2  kink:incest  character:misc_templar(s)  pairing:bethany_misc_templar(s)  pairing:bethany_m!hawke  pairing:m!hawke_misc_templar(s) 
march 2011 by dragonage_kink

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