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I thought Lia was one of the prettiest elves ever. While she's a child in act I, in Act III, she can have joined the city guard, so she's obviously an adult by then, and most likely above meme minimum age by act II. So I'd like to see something with Lia, in act II or act III. Not picky about her partner, but I do want it to be het and consensual. Kinks I'd particularly like to see, though all are optional, are age difference, virginity kink, and uniform kink (her man likes her guard armour? :3). While I'm not usually into OCs, given she's a city elf and they do arranged marriages, which also marks official 'adulthood' for a city elf, I'd be perfectly happy with an OC city elf man (maybe a widower who is considerably older than her?), if an a!a wants to go that route. My squicks are watersports, scat, vomit, and gore.
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