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UNFILLED: M!Hawke/Fenris Fenris feels he doesn't deserve Hawke
Fenris feels damaged and unworthy of someone like Hawke. Hawke shows him he thinks Fenris is beautiful, desirable and deserving of happiness and Hawke's love.
dragon_age:2  prompt:unfilled  character:fenris  character:hawke_male  relationship:slash  pairing:fenris_m!hawke  kink:insecurity 
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UNFILLED: Fenris/Anders, Insecurity
"You're right about one thing, he could do so much better. But for whatever reason he wants me; and I'm just selfish enough that I won't argue. If the day comes when he's done with me, if that's what he really wants, then I'll leave without complaint. Until then, I'll take the time I've got with him."

Pairing: Fenris/Anders

-A few members of the group confront one of them about their relationship, saying things like "(Insert name of other person) can do better" and "You're both only going to get hurt"
-Speaker (I imagine Anders) has doubts/self-worth/self-esteem issues (not hard with these two. Lol)
-The other person over hears the conversation and sets out to prove that they're serious

-Hawke and Isabela totally shipping them
-Hawke has no idea about the confrontation and is pissed when he/she finds out.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:anders  character:fenris  pairing:anders_fenris  kink:insecurity  relationship:slash  character:hawke_female  character:hawke_male  character:isabela 
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UNFILLED: Anders/Fenris, body worship
Fenris is beautiful. He may not think so but he is. Anders knows he is, which makes him feel… A bit inadequate, all things considered. Anders knows he was attractive once but after everything that’s happened, he doesn’t think he’s really attractive anymore. He’s got all the wrong proportions and he’s too thin and always looks a little bit like he’s about to pass out. He doesn’t see how someone as beautiful as Fenris can find him the least bit attractive.

When Fenris discovers Anders feels this way, he takes him to bed and shows Anders just how attractive he finds him.

+1000 for praise kink also
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:anders  character:fenris  pairing:anders_fenris  relationship:slash  kink:insecurity  kink:body_worship  kink:body_acceptance  kink:praise 
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UNFILLED: M!Inquisitor/Dorian Pavus - insecurity
Dorian is much older, than he was in the game - around 45? M!Inquisitor is just 18-20 year old, so Dorian feels old beside him after they become a couple, so he spends more time and money on looking good. Maybe he also takes some sort of aphrodisiac because he can't keep up with the young man. He's terrified that Inquisitor will leave him and that results in constant jealousy whenever Inquisitor spends time away.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_male_inquisitor  character:dorian  pairing:dorian_m!inquisitor  kink:age_difference  kink:insecurity  relationship:slash  kink:aphrodisiac  kink:jealousy 
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UNFILLED: "Who me?" Inq./any
The Inquisitor is a very kind and gentle soul, they're also not bad on the eyes either. But they're also all kinds of insecure, so when someone begins flirting with them it all flies over their head.

+prefered Inq. F!Adaar
+Inq. mentions they were bullied for their apperance growing up.
+any LI, but I prefer Bull, Cullen, Solas
+they get genuinely confused when told that li is interested in them.
+Li struggles with trying to flirt with them and show them they really care
+body type doesn't quite fit in with current standards of beauty
+if you use a vatiant of "they can do so much better though"
+someone else pushes for Li's attention and Inq fights their jelousy.
+marriage proposals from nobles, and Josephine pushing Inq to choose one for political advantages
+maybe Inq almost accepts one and LI then challenges the noble
+happy ending
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  relationship:het  relationship:f/f  character:gen_female_inquisitor  kink:insecurity  pairing:any_character_f!inquisitor 
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UNFILLED: Cullen past abuse in exchange for lyrium, self-loathing
Prior to Inquisition but after the end of DA:II, Cullen hit an all-time low regarding his lyrium addition. He was one step away from becoming the next Samson. Then for some reason - perhaps the chaos in Kirkwall at the time - he no longer had access to lyrium.

Someone with said access to lyrium entrapped him - they didn't lock him up, it was all done through manipulation - and had him perform sexually for their entertainment in exchange for lyrium. He was so far gone he would have done anything, no matter how degrading to himself, for just a drop. It went on for months.

It wasn't until after that someone was unavoidably detained for a few days (reason unimportant) that his mind cleared up enough for him to put a stop to it, and that is the real reason he no longer takes lyrium.

Now he's in love with the Inquisitor (prefer mage Trevelyan, but will take any class, Trevelyan or Lavellan), but he sees himself as unworthy - just a lyrium whore, worthless, vile, disgusting - and so he never acts on it. The Inquisitor woos him, and Cullen is afraid he'll give in to the love he feels and sully the Inquisitor by association, so he decides to put a stop to it by explaining to the Inquisitor exactly what he did - in detail - so the Inquisitor will be disgusted with him. To his utter astonishment the Inquisitor is not only very much not disgusted, as s/he remains firmly in love with Cullen and tells him he's a victim and isn't to blame.

Cue much comfort after so much hurt.

FOR ADDED ANGST: initially the Inquisitor thinks Cullen is telling him/her that to illustrate that the Inquisitor's wooing is more of the same, since technically the Inquisitor outranks Cullen, and is horrified/nauseous at the idea of having harassed Cullen. Cullen, of course, thinks his beloved Inquisitor is disgusted with him.

BONUS: Cullen isn't bissexual. If he's gay, his abuser was female and the Inquisitor is male; if he's straight, then his abuser was a male and the Inquisitor is female.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  relationship:het  relationship:slash  character:cullen  character:gen_neutral_inquisitor  kink:abuse  kink:abuse_aftermath  kink:lyrium  kink:addiction  kink:insecurity  kink:hurt_comfort  kink:misunderstanding  kink:forced_bi  pairing:cullen_f!inquisitor  pairing:cullen_m!inquisitor  kink:dub_con 
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UNFILLED: F!Lavellan/Solas, Chubby Lavellan
I'd love to read something about Lavellan being insecure because she's cubby, whereas elves are usually tall and incredibly thin, and Solas absolutely loving her body type/making her feel better. Whether that's smut or affection (or both!) is up to you. :)

+ A noble says something about her weight during the ball at Halamshiral. Lavellan is upset/behaving strangely for a few days afterward, which prompts the conversation with Solas.

+ no first name (referring to her as Lavellan) or the generic starter name, Ellana
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  relationship:het  character:solas  character:lavellan  character:gen_female_inquisitor  pairing:f!lavellan_solas  kink:insecurity  kink:hurt_comfort 
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UNFILLED: Insecure!Anders gets treated by M!LI
Anders puts on a front and acts like he's super experienced and confident, but in reality he's self conscious about most things and hasn't had any experience besides templars for his safety. He's nervous about his body hair, his body type, his voice, you name it. Not many people know about that, however, and when his crush starts reciprocating those feelings he doesn't quite know what to do about it.
Up to A!A if it's pre-established or the relationship begins during.

+++++ Carver or Fenris LI
++ ^ One of them is trans so understands body shame
++ LI showing just how handsome he thinks Anders is
++ Anders is easily flustered
+ Angst!

-- Noncon/dubcon from LI (templars are okay)
-- Angst without fluffy end
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:anders  relationship:slash  kink:insecurity 
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Fenris/M!Hawke, "The Sea is Calm Tonight", 1/1
Hawke reaches out a hand that finds the side of his face - a ropy scar his hair always hid, smooth lyrium rock on in his forehead, ticklingly long eyelashes and the high corner of a sideways smile.

In the morning it all disappears under a mess of hair and a hungover scowl-

-The fluttering in Hawke’s heart, however, persists.

At: http://archiveofourown.org/works/7215085
prompt:filled  fanfic:finished  dragon_age:2  character:fenris  character:hawke_male  pairing:fenris_m!hawke  relationship:slash  kink:insecurity  kink:scars  kink:pining 
june 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Aveline, Isabela - insecurity and reassurance
Aveline has had enough of Isabela's "lady man hands" type comments and finally snaps, trying to cover how much it hurts with anger, and snapping back at her. Isabela never knew how insecure she actually is, and feels bad -- trying to make it up to her, assuring her that she doesn't find her ugly or anything of the sort.

optional: letting her know just how beautiful she finds her, by showing her.
also optional: Aveline is a trans woman
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:aveline  character:isabela  kink:insecurity  kink:hurt_comfort 
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UNFILLED: Carver/Anders + FenHawke Mistaken Couples
Everyone thinks that Fenris and Carver will end up dating, and likewise with Hawke and Anders as they've been spending a lot of time together.
In reality, both pairs are just trying to hype themselves up to confess to their real crush!

Fenris could open up to Carver about how much he admires Hawke or how much he wishes he could confess.
Carver could grumble about how he wishes he was better with people, 'because that damn magey needs to know.' Possibly also dealing with insecurity?
Hawke could gush to Anders about how unbelievable that lyrium elf is, despite how sullen he seems.
Anders could do the equivalent of hiding in his hands because of how flustered thinking about Carver makes him.

And anything else A!A can think of! OP has a preference for default M!Hawke but any Hawke is fine. No incest please.

++++ Happy ending
++++ Even the pairs thinking the other two are dating! I.E, Anders and Hawke thing Fenris and Carver are unattainable because they're always together, and vice versa.
+++ Trans Carver adding to his feelings of inadequacy to Hawke?
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:carver  character:anders  character:fenris  character:hawke_female  character:hawke_male  pairing:anders_carver  pairing:fenris_f!hawke  pairing:fenris_m!hawke  relationship:het  relationship:slash  kink:pining  kink:insecurity 
may 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Fenris second LI
So I am sure we all know that in-game, Hawke can date Isabela and Merrill/Anders before they get together with Fenris. Hawke just have to explicitly break-up with Merrill/Anders but Isabela just assumes its over if Hawke moves on. This got me thinking, what if Isabela and/or Merrill/Anders get a bit too drunk one time and start talking about all the things Hawke would do to them or do with them in the bedrooom.

Fenris isn't jealous about the previous LI since he knows Hawke is all his now but is shocked that a good many of what the other LI claims Hawke enjoyed is on his "do not do" list. This includes things like getting woken-up with a sex act, doing it doggy style, also obvious ones like getting tied up, master and slave fantasy, heck any fantasy where the power dynamic is not of equals, just basically a long list of things Hawke enjoyed with his previous LI that he simply can't do with Fenris without triggering him.

Naturally, Fenris becomes insecure following the revelations. But Hawke loves him sexual no list and all!
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:hawke_female  character:hawke_male  character:fenris  character:isabela  character:merrill  character:anders  pairing:fenris_f!hawke  pairing:fenris_m!hawke  relationship:het  relationship:slash  kink:insecurity  kink:consent 
may 2016 by dragonage_kink
Anders/Nathaniel, "And I Hope to God It Won't Break My Heart", 1/1
When they were teenagers Nathaniel and Fergus were quite a bit in love with each other. then they were caught and while Bryce was okay with it, Rendon sent Nathaniel to the Free Marches.
Then the Blight and Rendon's treachery happens, Nathaniel returns, becomes a Grey Warden and eventually starts a relationship with Anders
After he saves Fergus' life and brings him to Vigil's Keep until he's healthy again and they rekindle their friendship but not their relationship. While they're both wish it had ended differently Fergus still isn't completely over the death of his wife and son and Nathaniel is happy with Anders.
Anders on the other hand can't help but feeling jealous and somewhat insecure, fearing he will lose Nathaniel to his first love
prompt:filled  fanfic:finished  dragon_age:origins  character:anders  character:nathaniel_howe  relationship:slash  pairing:anders_nathaniel  character:fergus  kink:jealousy  kink:insecurity  kink:angst 
april 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: F!Hawke - facial scars
well I have a Hawke who i hc has extensive facial scars on the right sid doc her face and is blind in that eye, and Id just like to see something similar in fic where f!hawke has facial scars and maybe is quite anxious about entering Kirkwall - especially when she and her sibling decide to try and retake the Amell state and raise their name in nobility. Also: companion reactions upon meeting/being asked about it.

++ Hawke being insecure about her looks with her LI
+++++++ Hawke and/or her LI suggest she go to Anders if the scars and injury bothers her so much
+++++++++++++++++++ Hawke doesn't get Anders to heal her

Companion reactions are a big plus though, like Anders assuming she wants to be healed etc.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:hawke_female  kink:scars  kink:insecurity 
march 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: M!Lavellan/Cassandra body reassurance
I'd like to see Cassandra in a relationship with a male Lavellan who is somewhat self-conscious about his very elven body. He's lean and thin and wiry, not muscular and rugged like the knights in Cassandra's romance novels. He's tall for an elf, but still shorter than Cassandra by a few inches. It doesn't bother Lavellan that she's bigger than him (in fact, he thinks that's pretty damn hot), but he wonders if she compares him to the "ideal" human standards where he feels he is rather lacking. Cassandra notices something has been bothering him, and when she figures it out/he tells her, she firmly and enthusiastically reassures him that she finds his body extremely attractive.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_male_inquisitor  character:lavellan  character:cassandra  pairing:cassandra_m!inquisitor  pairing:cassandra_m!lavellan  relationship:het  kink:insecurity  kink:hurt_comfort 
january 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Adaar/Bull/Dorian, Dorian's insecurities and then more
Things are great for the ultimate OT3, but Dorian's insecurities get the best of him and he starts thinking Bull and Adaar are perfect for each other, look at them smiling and being happy, and maybe he shouldn't be in the middle of their relationship. So Dorian becomes distant to a point when Adaar and Bull are worried that he's not into neither of them anymore.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_male_inquisitor  character:adaar  character:dorian  character:iron_bull  pairing:dorian_iron_bull  pairing:dorian_m!inquisitor  pairing:dorian_m!adaar  pairing:iron_bull_m!inquisitor  pairing:iron_bull_m!adaar  relationship:slash  kink:threesome  kink:insecurity 
december 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Kirkwall nobles gossip about Hawke and Anders
I imagine Anders moving in with Hawke would be a hot gossip material among bored Kirkwall nobles, because not only is Lord Amell with a man, he's with a man who looks like a sewer hobo and carries a very suspicious walking stick. The gossip becomes downright nasty (maybe some of the nobles are angry that Hawke didn't pick them instead), and while Hawke remains oblivious, Anders overhears some of it... or they just say it to his face.
Cue lots of insecurity, then comfort when Hawke notices, and the eventual huge confrontation between pissed off protective Hawke and the horrible nobles.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:hawke_male  character:anders  pairing:anders_m!hawke  relationship:slash  kink:hurt_comfort  kink:protectiveness  kink:insecurity 
november 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: femQuiz/Cullen - insecurity and brainweasels
femQuiz and Cullen are a thing, but they're trying to keep it quiet. Well, Cullen is trying to keep it quiet. As he said if you tell him people will talk, he prefers to keep his private life private. Quiz understands this - they don't need to be the subject of gossip; it might reflect badly on the Inquisition if everyone knew the Herald is getting banged like a screen door in a hurricane.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_female_inquisitor  character:cullen  pairing:cullen_f!inquisitor  relationship:het  kink:insecurity 
november 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Dorian's stretch marks (TW: past fat shaming, past eating disorder)
It takes a long time for Dorian's partner to see him without a shirt on. At first Dorian seems totally focused on his partner's pleasure. Making them climax with his hand, mouth, or other ways. But the encounters are so passionate and sudden that hardly any clothes are removed. Now his partner finally has the time and privacy to explore Dorian's whole body. But Dorian is surprisingly reluctant to disrobe fully.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:dorian  relationship:slash  kink:insecurity 
november 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Anders/Fenris, Unrequited (?), Anders/Others, Jealous, Insecure, Confused!Fenris.
Everyone thinks Fenris hates Anders. The truth is, he's more like love-hates him. Anders is quite a sexual person. He's often seen with both male and female interests. He's nice and attentive to them. He's good at it and happy with his private life. And Fenris hates it.

Anders' conquests are all very attractive, and it makes Fenris feel very self-conscious and insecure. He also sees that Anders' partners are always happy and taken care of by him, even if their relationships don't last. And Fenris secretly wants to be like them. He doesn't understand his own feelings, he doesn't have any experience in relationships, so he's confused. And jealous! Sometimes he, not quite consciously, does some things to interrupt Anders' and his potential new conquests' getting together (something rude and clumsy, I imagine). Maybe someone secretly notices things like that (Varric? Isabela?). And when Anders' new men or women join the group (in a tavern, for example, or even on a quest if they are capable), Fenris sometimes does his best to make those people feel unwelcome, maybe not really successfully, since he tries not to be too obvious, or they are warned beforehand that it's typical of Fenris to be rude.

Bonus if a couple of times Fenris follows Anders with someone and secretly watches them having sex. He hates them both and wants to be the one fucked by Anders like that and get all of that attention. The next day after such things happen he's especially nasty towards the mage.

I prefer top!Anders.

There doesn't have to be a happy Anders/Fenris ending at all, but it's up to you.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:anders  character:fenris  pairing:anders_any_character  pairing:anders_fenris  kink:unrequited_love  kink:jealousy  kink:insecurity 
november 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Dorian/m!Inquisitor - nipple play/worship/confidence
Dorian is in a relationship with m!Inquisitor. Deeply in love, m!Inquisitor showing that he wants Dorian more than sex, etc. However, Dorian's noticed something odd: Quizzy never fully removes his shirt, nor really let's Dorian touch him there.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:dorian  character:gen_male_inquisitor  pairing:dorian_m!inquisitor  relationship:slash  kink:nipple_play  kink:insecurity 
november 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: What Pride Hath Wrought (Solas - Pre-Trespasser)
This is a little bit of a trash-fic request, a little bit serious. I would like to see a fic about how Solas has a couple of pride issues because of his lack of hair. Perhaps it's a side effect of being in his 'hibernation' for so long? Perhaps it starts to get to him, but he can't explain how he used to look without giving away who he is.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:solas  kink:insecurity 
october 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: F!Adaar×Blackwall Body Image Issues
Maybe she heard someone crack a joke about her potentially "breaking" her new human lover, or maybe she has always been self-conscious about her size since she has grown up in mostly human/elven societies...or maybe its both. Either way, F!Adaar feels unsure about being intimate with Blackwall. Go as fuffy or angsty as you feel!
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_female_inquisitor  character:adaar  character:blackwall  pairing:blackwall_f!inquisitor  pairing:blackwall_f!adaar  relationship:het  kink:size  kink:insecurity 
september 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Iron Bull is NOT well-endowed
Everyone Iron Bull meets tends to assume he has a HUUUUUGE dick and makes comments/jokes about it. He plays along and doesn't really say anything... but they're wrong.

Romanced!Inquisitor (any race and gender) finds out that Iron Bull actually has a pretty small dick that he feels secretly insecure about. Inquisitor helps Iron Bull see that they're NOT disappointed and that they think ALL of him is hot.

(Not looking for small size kink as much as assumptions, body insecurity, and comfort, but that said, porn is fine too!)
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:iron_bull  character:gen_neutral_inquisitor  relationship:het  relationship:slash  kink:insecurity  kink:hurt_comfort  pairing:f!inquisitor_iron_bull  pairing:iron_bull_m!inquisitor 
august 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Inquisitor/LI, "I love you but..."
The inquisitor and love interest are in a relationship or LI has a not-so-secret crush on the inquisitor.

Although the inquisitor loves them back, the love interest is the exact opposite of his or her standards of beauty. Maybe the love interest is shorter than average; how will our children be good warriors if they can't have long legs to run? Maybe love interest is a Mage, and they don't want to bring magic in their bloodline. Maybe LI's face isn't perfectly symmetrical or they have physical blemishes. Maybe LI is a bit too chubby or skinny for the inquisitor, or inquisitor is expected to have pureblood children. Anything goes.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_neutral_inquisitor  relationship:het  kink:insecurity 
august 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: F!Adaar×Blackwall
Adaar, having grown up in human lands, grew up to be a very devout Andrastian with no real feelings of kinship to other Qunari, so it came as no shock to her when she learned she prefered human men. Unfortunately, and despite being beautiful, human men were usually always either disgusted by the giant "oxwoman" or looked at her as some kind of strange fetish challenge. (Even Cullen, who she thought to be the perfect Andrastian mate, rejected her) So when Blackwall shows his interest, she is skeptical. Her life of rejection and solitude has left her self conscious about her body and race.

It can be fluffy and comforting or angsty and full of self loathing...or both! It's up to you!
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_female_inquisitor  character:adaar  character:blackwall  pairing:blackwall_f!inquisitor  pairing:blackwall_f!adaar  relationship:het  kink:insecurity 
july 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: F!Cadash/Any or Gen Scars and Insecurity
A deal gone wrong left Cadash with wicked scars on her face. Before the deal, she prided herself on her beauty. most dwarves working for the Carta looked rough, and there wasn't much time for personal upkeep aside from the essentials.

The scar forced Cadash to build a confident persona, and she is confident—about everything except her appearance. Her LI or friend notices this in the little things she does, and tries to understand why it bothers her so much, since they only know her as she is, and not how she was before.

LIs that aren't "typical" for Cadash (like Solas, Cullen, Josephine) etc, are okay, and anybody could be the friend if A!Anon wants to write gen.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_female_inquisitor  character:cadash  pairing:any_character_f!inquisitor  pairing:any_character_f!cadash  relationship:het  relationship:f/f  kink:scars  kink:insecurity 
july 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Just the way you are...
The Inquisitor is outwardly super confident and/or image conscious. They always seem so confident and put together, a force of nature, wild and free and beautiful, perfectly made up all the time, etc. Whatever you want. Let's pretend the beige jammies DO NOT exist, okay.

But all that style and confidence hides deep, painful, dark insecurities. For whatever reason, they feel like if people got to know the REAL them, underneath all the superficial charm and whatever, people wouldn't like them. When they get a love interest, they're afraid to let them see who they are, really.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_neutral_inquisitor  pairing:any_character_f!inquisitor  pairing:any_character_m!inquisitor  relationship:het  relationship:slash  relationship:f/f  kink:insecurity  kink:hurt_comfort 
july 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Cullen/MaleLI: Cullen has a Microcock
What the tin says. Cullen has a tiny cock/inverted penis/microcock and has lived with the burden, or lack their of, all his life. He's extremely insecure.

+bottomiest bottom!Cullen.
+Cullen being hesitant to show them his cock at first. Maybe he's had a few bad experiences.
+LI can't help but laugh a little when first seeing it.

OP has a soft spot for Cullrian, Sullen, Any m!quiz, bullen, blackwall/Cullen.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:cullen  pairing:any_male_cullen  relationship:slash  kink:insecurity  kink:micropenis 
june 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: M!Trevelyan/Cullen, Age Difference Insecurity, Hurt/Comfort
So Cullen is likely 30-35 in Inquisition, and the Inquisitor is 20-40 years old.

Cullen and Trevelyan (I would love it if his name was Maxwell in this; class up to a!a) are in a loving relationship, and some moments Cullen still can't believe that he's allowed to be this happy. Trevelyan is one of those people whose age is difficult to determine, and most place him around 30. At some point, it comes out that he's 20-23. Cullen's a little surprised at first, but Trevelyan doesn't seem to care at all so it fades from his mind and they go on.

After Corypheus is defeated and things calm down a bit, of course there'd be vultures swooping about seeing if Trevelyan will marry into some noble family. His and Cullen's relationship is put under scrutiny. What would the young and powerful Inquisitor, also a noble, want to do with a 35 year old former Templar with nary a land or title to his name? The gossip gets vicious - lies such as Cullen manipulating the "impressionable young mind" of the Inquisitor and using his power for his own benefit. And then repeated talk of Trevelyan getting married to a young noblewoman, and even more speculating every time he so much as talks to a woman or noble around his own age.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_male_inquisitor  character:trevelyan  character:cullen  pairing:cullen_m!inquisitor  pairing:cullen_m!trevelyan  relationship:slash  kink:age_difference  kink:insecurity  kink:hurt_comfort 
june 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Anders/LI angst- Anders thinks he is only temporary
Because he is a mage much of Anders life he has been thrown away by the people who claimed to love him such as his parents and to an extent Karl or just abandon, the Wardens and the Warden commander. For this reason he believes that any relationship he is in is just temporary.

So now he is in a relationship with Fenris, Hawke(m/f), Sebastian or an OC and he loves them with all his heart but he is just waiting for them to get tired of him and throw him away but his lover loves him just as much as Anders loves them. Anders LI somehow comes to learn that the mages expects to be left behind and they take it upon themselves to prove to Anders once and for all that they love him and will not abandon him as so many in his past have.


-Anders has a nightmare where his lover confirms his worst fear that he was just temporary.

-Anders lover showing him repeatedly how much he is loved and wanted.

-The LI meeting one of Anders former loves and lets him/her know exactly they gave up.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:anders  character:fenris  character:sebastian  character:hawke_female  character:hawke_male  character:any_male  character:any_female  relationship:het  relationship:slash  kink:angst  kink:hurt_comfort  kink:insecurity 
june 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Male Trevelyan/Dorian - the reason why he wants to take things slow
Any class of Trevelyan, I don't mind, but I do have a soft spot for mages :)

Anyway, when Dorian comes to his room and wants to take things further, Trevelyan wants to slow things down. Not only is he a virgin, but he is an hermaphrodite/intersex and has a fully functioning set of both male and female genitalia/sexual organs, (he doesn't have breasts though). I know that isn't exactly how intersex works scientifically/medically, but I'm on a kink meme, I'm not looking for science :)

Maybe he was born this way, maybe it was a spell gone awry for some reason.

Trevelyan is worried that Dorian won't be interested if he knows the truth about his body. Trevelyan has always indentified as male and that is also what Dorian sees him as.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_male_inquisitor  character:trevelyan  character:dorian  pairing:dorian_m!inquisitor  pairing:dorian_m!trevelyan  relationship:slash  kink:hermaphrodite  kink:intersex  kink:mpreg  kink:insecurity  kink:hurt_comfort  kink:virgin 
may 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Iron Bull/Shy!FLavellan
So, the Iron Bull knows that Lavellan is attracted to him, but she's a shy, blushy virgin who is terrible at flirting and uncomfortable in her own body. When they're in hot springs, she ducks under the water to hide her body. When he tries to flirt with her, she practically flies across the campground to talk to Solas. When they have regular talks, they can have meaningful conversation and bond over many things. One day, Bull corners her and asks her what she's scared of, and they work through her shyness together
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:iron_bull  character:gen_female_inquisitor  character:lavellan  pairing:f!inquisitor_iron_bull  pairing:f!lavellan_iron_bull  relationship:het  kink:insecurity 
may 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: F!Quizzy thinks Iron Bull only approached her because she was lonely
Iron Bull's comments are all about giving F!Inquisitor what she needs, not about showing interest in her. She comes to believe that he's only with her for her sake. [See link for full prompt]
dragon_age:inquisition  prompt:unfilled  character:gen_female_inquisitor  character:iron_bull  character:lavellan  pairing:f!inquisitor_iron_bull  pairing:f!lavellan_iron_bull  relationship:het  kink:hurt_comfort  kink:angst  kink:insecurity  kink:virgin 
may 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: F!Inquisitor/F!Cullen - Gender Swap
Somehow, Cullen is turned into a woman, and with no immediate cure in sight, is worried the Inquisitor will want to break up.

The Inquisitor shows him (her) otherwise.

Bonus for:
-Inquisitor having experience with women, to the (pleasant) surprise of Cullen
-Cullen investigating his new boobs, and gets caught
dragon_age:inquisition  prompt:unfilled  character:cullen  character:gen_female_inquisitor  pairing:cullen_f!inquisitor  relationship:het  relationship:f/f  kink:gender_swap  kink:insecurity 
may 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Iron Bull/LI - Bull can't get it up
Bull gets some sort of injury (nerve damage of some sort, maybe), leaving him unable to get an erection. He doesn't mind too much, since his favourite part of sex has always been giving his partner pleasure, and he's well capable of doing that without using his dick, after all. But his LI starts to feel guilty that they can't return the favour.

So his LI starts finding other ways to show Bull intimacy - massaging his bad knee, taking baths together, any other cute intimacy acts you can think of.

Preferred LI would be Dorian, but I'll absolutely take the Inquisitor of any race or gender, too.

- You can also feel free to add some doubt on Bull's end about whether or not his LI might leave him for this, with them then reassuring him that they love him and plan on staying.
dragon_age:inquisition  prompt:unfilled  character:iron_bull  character:dorian  character:gen_neutral_inquisitor  pairing:dorian_iron_bull  pairing:iron_bull_m!inquisitor  relationship:slash  relationship:het  kink:erectile_dysfunction  kink:non_penetrative_sex  kink:massage  kink:insecurity  kink:bathing  kink:fluff  pairing:f!inquisitor_iron_bull 
may 2015 by dragonage_kink
Cullen/F!Lavellan, "Flaws and All", 1b/?
Lavellen, being an elf and all, is small framed. And while she is beautiful and somewhat well endowed in the chest for an elf (I'm guessing around a B cup), she sees all the beautiful curvy human women with thick rears and hips, and full breasts, and she worries Cullen doesnt/won't find her attractive.
dragon_age:inquisition  prompt:filled  fanfic:unfinished  character:cullen  character:lavellan  character:gen_female_inquisitor  pairing:cullen_f!inquisitor  pairing:cullen_f!lavellan  relationship:het  kink:size  kink:body_acceptance  kink:hurt_comfort  kink:insecurity 
may 2015 by dragonage_kink
Cole + Dorian, "Leveret", 2/2
Dorian and Varric play a parental role for Cole. Cole goes to Dorian for advice about an issue that he knows Dorian will understand.
dragon_age:inquisition  prompt:filled  fanfic:finished  fanfic:not_porn  character:cole  character:dorian  kink:family  kink:sexuality  kink:insecurity 
may 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: bethany/female LI - first time
Bethany's nervous about her first time with her gf but her gf shows her there's nothing to be worried about and takes VERY good care of her ;)

+10 friendship for multiple orgasms
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:bethany  character:any_female  relationship:f/f  kink:virgin  kink:multiple_orgasms  pairing:any_female_bethany  kink:insecurity 
may 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Cullen/Dorian - Dorian develops an anxiety disorder
Dorian comes from a place where sex between two men needs to be fast, hard and hidden. He starts a relationship with Cullen but it doesn't make the issues go away, it makes them worse. Cullen likes to take things slow, likes to tease and worship, while Dorian silently prays for him to hurry up and finish.

Dorian feels that his anxieties are ridiculous compared to the issues that Cullen has, which causes guilt, which causes more anxieties, which means more guilt etc until Dorian is getting anxiety attacks just thinking about sex.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  relationship:slash  character:cullen  character:dorian  kink:angst  kink:friendship  kink:insecurity  kink:mental_illness  kink:self_harm  kink:shame  kink:hurt_comfort  pairing:cullen_dorian 
may 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Sera + Dorian, F!Inquisitor/Sera
So there was a banter scene where Sera concludes that Dorian isn't that bad of a guy, and I feel like they could wind up being good friends. So let's say that Sera has a huge crush on lady inquisitor but either notices or assumes that she prefers women who are more ladylike. She turns to the only noble person she can remotely stand for help: Dorian.

Cue the two spending a lot of time together so Sera can become more "ladylike" and then becoming good friends and just having a lot of fun together.

- Inquisitor and Sera winding up together would be cute but not necessary. Bonus if inquisitor doesn't care how ladylike Sera is or isn't.
-Focus on Dorian and Sera
-Sera's sense of humor rubs off on Dorian/he shares her sense of humor
-Dorian eventually concluding that Sera is great the way she is and that she shouldn't have to change for anyone
-Inquisitor being really happy that two of her favorite people are getting along
dragon_age:inquisition  prompt:unfilled  character:sera  character:dorian  character:gen_female_inquisitor  pairing:f!inquisitor_sera  relationship:f/f  kink:friendship  kink:insecurity  kink:fluff 
may 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Dorian/M!Trevelyan - Marriage Proposal
Dorian proposes to Trevelyan (or Lavellen!) for his hand in marriage
would LOVE to see build up to the actual proposal where Dorian, despite being in a relationship with the Inquisitor for quite some time now, still has lingering doubts and thinks that the Inquisitor would refuse (a ridiculous notion he knows it but he still can't help it). Dorian spends hours trying to find the perfect ring and rehearses over and over what his going to say and how to pop the big question.

+Shy/Socially awkward!Trevelyan
++Dorian is continuously interrupted when he tries to propose
+++Companions catch wind of Dorian's plan and try to help him
++++++When Dorian actually DOES pop the question, Trevelyan can't even say yes because he's crying too many tears of happiness and just nods a bunch
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  relationship:slash  character:dorian  character:gen_male_inquisitor  character:trevelyan  kink:fluff  kink:friendship  kink:marriage  kink:romance  kink:insecurity  kink:wedding  pairing:dorian_m!inquisitor  pairing:dorian_m!trevelyan 
april 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: any/any, one partner is insecure about weight gain
Character a is used to being very fit, but an illness, or injury, or perhaps even a pregnancy has left a couple extra pounds on them that they're having trouble getting rid of. They're insecure. It's not a huge change, but it's enough to want it gone, and not want to do anything sexual with their partner because what if they don't like it?

Love interest convinces them that it is not only no problem to them, but they love the extra because their is more of their partner to love on and ravishes them with attention. Result is they decide not to lose the weight.

+ not handers, fenhawke or fenders.

++ Pairing preferences in no particular order are Hawke/Sebastian, Aveline/Donnic (or m!Hawke), or Isabela/Fenris
dragon_age:2  prompt:unfilled  kink:insecurity  kink:body_acceptance  kink:weight_gain  pairing:aveline_donnic  pairing:fenris_isabela  pairing:m!hawke_sebastian  pairing:f!hawke_sebastian  character:any_male  character:any_female 
april 2015 by dragonage_kink
Cullen/f!Trevelyan, "Come all the tides and tows", 15/15
Admittedly, he feels a bit inadequate at the best of times, but this barrage is sending his mind to places he thought he'd left behind years ago. It isn't as though he’s trying to overhear, either; it’s all she and Dorian have been talking about since their return from the field, and as the number of stories continues to grow, Cullen can no longer suppress his suspicions about what might have sparked the topic of conversation in the first place.
character:alistair  character:cullen  character:trevelyan  dragon_age:inquisition  kink:angst  prompt:filled  fanfic:finished  kink:dirty_talk  kink:insecurity  kink:jealousy  kink:cunnilingus  kink:possessiveness  pairing:cullen_f!inquisitor  pairing:cullen_f!trevelyan  pairing:alistair_f!inquisitor  kink:make_up_sex 
april 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: The Iron Bull/m!Inquisitor/Dorian
At some point Bull, Dorian and Inquisitor gets together. Bull is cool with it, Inquisitor is cool with it. As for Dorian, he likes them both and finds threesome sex extremely hot, but he feels unsure about relationship. Because - can it even exist such a thing between three people? And - do Bull and Inquisitor really need him, after all? Once his doubts slip out, Bull and Inquisitor take time to assure him that he is very important to them both. I like praise kink and light bdsm. Also non-qunari Inquisitor, please.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  relationship:slash  relationship:poly  character:dorian  character:gen_male_inquisitor  character:iron_bull  kink:threesome  kink:polyamory  kink:insecurity  kink:romance  pairing:dorian_iron_bull_m!inquisitor 
april 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Insecure M!Adaar/LI (preferably Cullen?) at the Winter Palace
So the prompt is, m!Adaar being uneasy at the Winter Palace. Tugging at his ridiculous outfit, noticing how everyone flocks to Cullen, but runs away from him. Trying his best to be approachable. Obviously, in vain.

LI (preferably Cullen) disapproves of the way M!Adaar is treated (name calling, general mistrust and lack of respect) and feels guilty at not being able to tell them all of, in fear that they loose court approval and the mission fails.

Afterwards, maybe they discuss the topic of racism (speciesism?) M!Adaar maybe shrugs it off, saying, "it's alright. I'm used to it. You would be too if you grew up in a world full of humans looking like me."

++protective advisors.
++snooty nobles.
++use of Qunari derogatory names; cow, ox, ox-man, beast, Ect.
++giggling about his horns, his size, his corse hair, Ect.
++m!adaar just wanting to go fight stuff, something he's good at.
+++++++Cullen being BA and dancing with his giant Qunari lover in front of everyone, after a night of turning everyone else down.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  relationship:slash  character:adaar  character:cullen  kink:awkwardness  kink:insecurity  kink:race  kink:protectiveness  kink:humiliation  pairing:cullen_m!adaar  pairing:cullen_m!inquisitor 
march 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: F!Trevelyan/Sera
Sera makes a comment in game about Briala and how the lesson to be learned there is to prepare for the worst-case scenario, if I recall correctly.

I want to see Sera struggling to put aside the fear that one day she'll be cast aside the same way Briala was, struggling to convince herself that Lady Trevelyan really is different from most human nobility, etc.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  relationship:f/f  character:sera  character:trevelyan  kink:insecurity  kink:romance  kink:angst  pairing:f!trevelyan_sera 
march 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Cullen/Inquisitor, past Blackwall/Inquisitor, BW gives Cullen pointers, voice kink, dirty talking
Inquisitor and BW were together but while she forgave him and freed him, she also broke up with him, then got together with Cullen.
One drunken night Cullen confesses to Blackwall that he's a virgin, haven't had sex with the Inquisitor yet and is scared he won't be good enough for her. Blackwall, being a full browall, explains to him in detail how to pleasure a lady.

I have no trigger words, so go as dirty as you'd like.

Massive bonus if this somehow results in either a poly relationship between all three or polyandry.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  relationship:het  relationship:poly  character:blackwall  character:cullen  character:gen_female_inquisitor  kink:dirty_talk  kink:insecurity  kink:friendship  kink:virgin  kink:polyamory  pairing:blackwall_f!inquisitor  pairing:cullen_f!inquisitor 
march 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Dorian/Iron Bull - Dorian runs away, Halward-Bull parallels, angst
Dorian knew his father loved him but for Halward The Legacy was more important, so he tried to change Dorian into something he was not, turn him straight, make him happy in the way he defined happiness - believing it's for his own good, because who doesn't want to be straight and acceptable - so Dorian run.

Dorian knows Bull cares about him but he will never be what Bull would want him to be, someone who laughs and claps when Bull shares the most intimate details of their relationship - for Dorian's good, he needs to learn to loosen up, nobody wants to be closed off and guarded. So in the middle of the night Dorian packs his bag and runs.

Of course the most painful and ironic twist of the story is that while Dorian left a polite letter explaining how he couldn't stay any longer due to the obligations to his homeland - he needed to have some dignity left, some last shred of privacy - Cole tells everyone the truth.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  relationship:slash  character:dorian  character:iron_bull  kink:angst  kink:family  kink:insecurity  pairing:dorian_iron_bull 
march 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Dorian's thoughts during his first night with the Inquisitor (or Cullen)
It's basically canon that Dorian visits the Inquisitor's quarters fully expecting to be shown the door once "fun" has been sufficiently had. It's also canon that it hurts him - Cole's heartbreaking comment of "What if he doesn't want me after?" is proof of that.

Show me his inner monologue leading to and during the actual acts, non? With an Inquisitor (or Cullen) who's incredibly gentle and tender, show me how Dorian yearns for more but is convinced he won't be getting it - has, in fact, delayed the act so he'd have that to look forward to.

And then show me his inner elation once he realises Quiz (or Cullen) loves him.

If Inquisitor, then please Trevelyan or Lavellan.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  relationship:slash  character:dorian  character:gen_male_inquisitor  kink:angst  kink:insecurity  kink:fluff  kink:romance  kink:seduction  pairing:dorian_m!inquisitor 
march 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Dorian/any male, possible dub-con
Dorian is in abuse relationship. His lover is beating him, keep reminding him, that hes not worth him and maybe even using his problems with father against him. And Dorian is do fallen in love that he believes everything his lover says. in two words: stockholm syndrome.
Bonus points if it's templar (inquisitor) or Cullen as he was in Kirkwall
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  relationship:slash  character:dorian  character:cullen  kink:abuse  kink:angst  kink:dark  kink:dub_con  kink:insecurity  kink:manipulation  pairing:cullen_dorian 
march 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Iron Bull/Dorian, Dorian [wrongly] thinks he's not the right kind of sub
When Iron Bull flirts with Dorian, Dorian assumes it's all a joke and the Bull is making fun of him.

Obviously Iron Bull isn't actually into him, for a number of reasons relating to Dorian's self esteem, but also because rumor around Skyhold is that Iron Bull is a Dom.

And while Dorian is secretly into that, he'll never be the kind submissive Iron Bull wants. He'll just never shut his mouth and passively do what's he's told; he's too much of a brat.

Iron Bull finds out why all his flirtations just seem to piss Dorian off. Turns out, Iron Bull likes bratty submissives just fine, thank you very much, insert line about conquest and dragons and fiery mages here. :)
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  relationship:slash  character:dorian  character:iron_bull  kink:bdsm  kink:dom_sub  kink:snark  kink:flirting  kink:insecurity  pairing:dorian_iron_bull 
march 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Varric/Male Inquisitor - hero worship turns into an appreciation of flaws
So Varric establishes in-game that he believes the Inquisitor is the Herald of Andraste herself, that surviving everything he has is a miracle. I want a fic where the Inquisitor has it bad for Varric, and Varric knows it, but he just can't see the Inquisitor beyond the ~Herald of Andraste~ He can't imagine that someone so important, so otherworldly could be with him; the Inquisitor's crush is flattering but clearly misguided.

As time goes on though he starts to notice the Inquisitor's flaws--acne, crooked teeth, terrible habits--and that's when Varric starts to fall for the Inquisitor a bit.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  relationship:slash  character:gen_male_inquisitor  character:varric  kink:religion  kink:hero_worship  kink:UST  kink:unrequited_love  kink:insecurity  pairing:m!inquisitor_varric 
march 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: F!Inquisitor/Cullen, averagely endowed
Things with the Inquisitor and Cullen are finally starting to get hot and heavy, but Cullen is worried that she'll think his penis is too small. Maybe he had a past lover make a cruel comment or has seen other much more well-endowed men in the Templar dorms or something; whatever the reasoning, he's got a bit of a complex about it. Maybe he tries to "warn" her first, or maybe he just whips it out and hopes for the best. Meanwhile, femquiz is completely oblivious to the source of his anxiety and does not give one fuck because a) Cullen, and b) dicks.

Lots of size kink in the meme (understandably, because hello, qunari cock), which is fabulous, but sometimes you're just in the mood for a good ol' fashioned average sized schlong, ya know? According to my half-assed googling, the average penis size is around 5 inches, but no one needs to whip out a measuring tape or anything, lol. No humiliation or cruelty. Would prefer them not to have a long drawn out discussion about this, just for him to be reassured by how much she obviously wants him. Slight preference for Trevelyan, but Lavellan is fine as well.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  relationship:het  character:cullen  character:trevelyan  kink:fluff  kink:insecurity  kink:romance  kink:realistic_sex  pairing:cullen_f!trevelyan  pairing:cullen_f!inquisitor 
march 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: A very unhero-y Inquisitor
I would love to see an Inquisitor who's paranoid and jittery and cowardly and a little selfish and just has a personality ill-suited for the position. Maybe they hide from enemies rather than fight them and runs off from the Inquisition more than once. Somehow, though, with the help of the Inner Circle, they manage well enough.

Bonus points for M!Quiz and double bonus points if Varric is their LI or if it's from Varric's POV? Because I imagine Varric has a thing about heroes?
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_male_inquisitor  character:gen_neutral_inquisitor  character:varric  kink:fear  kink:humor  kink:insecurity  kink:magical_mishap  pairing:m!inquisitor_varric 
march 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: F!Inquisitor/LI It was a dark and stormy night in Skyhold..
I just really want a hauntedhouse!Skyhold fic

So Skyhold is a super old place, right. And perhaps around a certain time of the year, the fortress kinda gets...weird. Guard patrols starts disappearing only to reappear scared shitless in wacky places, people see strange shadows and hear conversations when no one's there, and random dignitaries flee the fortress after just one night, claiming the place is haunted or cursed, to Josephine's chagrin. In any case, it made the whole Inquisiton edgy, and more and more of its members are finding excuses to launch themselves into far-flung operations, which is really not helping any. And that leaves our Inquisitor, in a dark stormy night with a sparsely populated fortress...

Any inquisitor and any LI - Could be a Scooby Doo kind of thing where a fed up (or super scared) Inquisitor rounded up her inner circle to 'hunt' down the ghost haunting Skyhold, or maybe just the Inquisitor with her LI (Would Solas approach it like a case study? Would Cullen deck himself in full chantry regalia, holy water and all? Would Blackwall be contemplative about it? Would Sera be all excited and be 'wheee ghost hunt!'? What does the Qunari even think of ghosts?), or maybe you want to make it all dark and psychological thriller-ish like that Halloween episode of the X-Files, anything! Skyhold is your haunted oyster! ;)
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_female_inquisitor  kink:horror  kink:humor  kink:magical_mishap  kink:insecurity  kink:angst 
march 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Repost: Dorian/LI, Dorian Can't PDA
Dorian is intellectually aware that it's more than ok to show his LI affection in public - he just can't do it. Even thinking about it makes him sick. That one time that someone caught him and his LI kissing, he spent half a day sitting in a dark corner, willing himself not to throw up and then he did it anyway. His LI doesn't get it, doesn't understand how someone so shameless in private can be so skittish in public, which thankyouverymuch, actually makes things worse, by adding a layer of guilt on top of anxiety.

I'm more than happy for Dorian/Quizzy (Trev preferred, no Cadash), Dorian/Cullen or Dorian/Blackwall.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  relationship:slash  character:dorian  character:any_male  pairing:any_male_dorian  kink:PDA  kink:insecurity 
february 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Mage!Trevelyan/Vivienne, payback.
So if you have low enough approval with Vivienne she has people rearrange your furniture at Skyhold to piss you off for letting the rebel mages be free.

after the fade where you see your companions darkest fears the Inquisitor decides to get some revenge. They have Leliana send a memo to everyone, except for Vivienne that for an entire day they are to ignore her presence.

+Vivienne growing desperate for attention as the day goes on
+Vivienne turning to said rebel mages to find out what happens only to be ignored by them as well.
+Vivienne confronting the inquisitor twice, the first time the Inquisitor ignores her, the second they reveal what they did and Vivienne tells them they'd be a great player in the game.
+friendship spawns from this
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:vivienne  kink:punishment  kink:insecurity  kink:revenge  kink:torture 
february 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Fem!Cadash/Varric - Fem!Cadash/Scout Harding
Cadash is attracted to Varric, and Varric is attracted to Cadash. The two of them like to flirt, one-upping the other but it never goes anywhere because the elusive Bianca (not the Crossbow). (This doesn't stop near kisses though, maybe Varric turns away at the last minute that leaves both of them disappointed and the moment awkward for them?) The Bianca comes to Skyhold. Cadash is unsure of her yet this doesn't stop Cadash and Varric from flirting (because it is a part of their relationship). Maybe Bianca gets annoyed, maybe she tells off Varric. Maybe Cadash is now unsure of how to react now that Bianca is on the scene and seeing how Varric is with her. Either way - this causes Cadash to get down about her feelings for Varric, knowing that they would never be able to have a relationship while Bianca is still around. So - this leads her to the drink, which in turn leads her to Scout Harding and a one-night stand. (They both had flirted a few times) Now Cadash has to deal with her mixed feelings of her one-night stand. Does she attempt to move on with Scout Harding? Does she apologise if she realises she had used Scout Harding without a thought for her feelings? How does Varric feel about finding out about the two of them (Bonus if he is turned on yet he is hurt) Bonus - Varric and Cadash talk about their feelings at some point and mutually realise that the relationship is not going anywhere. It is up to A/A how they want it to go. Varric and Cadash getting together. Cadash and Scout Harding getting together. Cadash not getting together with anyone. I just really need some dwarf loving from these guys
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  relationship:het  relationship:f/f  character:cadash  character:varric  character:harding  pairing:f!cadash_varric  pairing:f!cadash_harding  character:bianca  kink:drunk_sex  kink:insecurity 
february 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: f!Trevelyan/Cullen, insecurity
Inquisitor has no qualms with getting the physical release she needs and so has a long history of exes before Cullen. When he finds out (perhaps overhears people comparing "notes" and confronts her?) , he has doubts whether Inquisitor can be in a committed relationship or if he can handle wondering about every other guy at Skyhold having spent the night in the Inquisitor's bed or not (issues stemming from his own sense of inadequacy, and NOT slut shaming Inquisitor).
+ Broody!Cullen
+ Inquisitor insists she can do relationships, but internally struggles with it (maybe comes close to sleeping with someone else?? Or her and Cullen get into a fight and she ends up bedding someone, feels immensely guilty while Cullen feels incredibly hurt)
+ Inquisitor is a natural flirt and doesn't even realize she's doing it (Cullen becomes hypersensitive to this), aggravating the problem
+ trust issues
+ Angst.
+ optimistic ending, but NOT a happily ever after. Basically I want lots of angst, please.
prompt:unfilled  relationship:het  dragon_age:inquisition  character:cullen  character:trevelyan  pairing:cullen_f!inquisitor  pairing:cullen_f!trevelyan  kink:insecurity  kink:jealousy  kink:angst 
february 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Fenris/anyone, self-esteem issues
So, Fenris has this gorgeous white hair and these curly pretty tattoos and we all think he's sexy as hell. He has no memory of what he looked like before, though his black eyebrows and sister's paler skin would make "black hair, lighter skin, no tattoos, but same green eyes" a good guess. (Hair paling and skin tanning are also both results of being in the sun too long, ie being burned by lyrium exposure.) Danarius' guests always found his appearance intimidating, but Danarius found it exotic and used him sexually. Fenris himself often wonders what he used to look like if he stares at his reflection too long. (see prompt for more details)
prompt:unfilled  relationship:het  relationship:slash  character:any_male  character:any_female  character:fenris  dragon_age:2  pairing:any_female_fenris  pairing:any_male_fenris  kink:insecurity 
august 2013 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: mHawke/Anders Anders being nervous about Hawke seeing him naked
Its their first time together. mHawke is having trouble undressing Anders. Anders is nervous about Hawke seeing him nude (He has a few scars) Hawke kisses and licks each scar as he touches Anders for the first time. Anders undresses Hawke and does the same thing As for Sex...writer is welcome to do what they want. :-)
prompt:unfilled  relationship:slash  character:hawke_male  character:anders  dragon_age:2  kink:scars  kink:insecurity  pairing:anders_m!hawke 
july 2012 by dragonage_kink
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