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UNFILLED: Orlesian F!Elf Mage/Velanna/Nathaniel/Anders
Sidona Andras (default name for Orlesian F!Elf Warden but any name will do) finally received her belongings from Orlais at Vigil's Keep and is having a "good time" Velanna the kinds of ridiculously superfluous robes she'd had to wear playing the court mage in Orlais. Unfortunately, Velanna seems to be having a hard time getting OUT of one of Sidona's robes and Sidona must implore the aid of Nathaniel's daggers to cut the bonds of the bodice Velanna is wearing. Of course sexy time then follows. Bonus if Velanna only lets Sidona touch her. Grand prize if sweet anon can figure Anders into the mix. (Anders to the rescue!)
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:origins  relationship:poly  character:velanna  character:nathaniel_howe  character:anders  character:gen_female_orlesian_warden  character:andras  kink:costume  pairing:f!orlesian_warden_velanna  pairing:f!andras_velanna  kink:group_sex  relationship:f/f  relationship:het 
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