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UNFILLED: Repost: Male Hawke/Fenris/Dorian/Male Quizzy foursome
Don't care how or why, would just like a foursome with these four men at Skyhold.

Preference for Inquisitor would be either Trevalyan or Lavellan, but wouldn't be averse to Cadash or Adaar if the author would prefer to write those.

squicks: excessive gore or scat and please, nobody dying.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:hawke_male  character:fenris  character:dorian  character:gen_male_inquisitor  pairing:fenris_m!hawke  pairing:fenris_m!inquisitor  pairing:dorian_fenris  pairing:dorian_m!hawke  pairing:dorian_m!inquisitor  pairing:m!hawke_m!inquisitor  relationship:slash  kink:group_sex 
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