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UNFILLED: CullenX Adaar (possible Iron Bull)
I know it's kind of a crack pairing but I've seen some cute art for it and I can't get it out of my head. Anything goes be it fluff or smut. F! Or M! Adaar is fine w me (you don't have to worry about canon names either)

Just give me anything with this pairing.

Bonus: If it's F! Adaar I'd love a super strong warrior woman who kicks ass and Cullen is madly in love with this/fascinated by it/ motivated to push himself farther to be her equal when it comes to sparring matches.

Double bonus: Consensual threesome with the Iron Bull
OR if threesomes aren't your thing: Iron Bull challenges Cullen to a sparring match over who gets to date Adaar just for kicks (because Bull is well aware that Adaar will pick whoever they are most comfortable w in the end.)

My only request is that any sex that is had is 100% consensual.
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