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UNFILLED: Angry Elf Estrus
Riffing on the 'elf biology' prompts... Merrill's in estrus ('heat'). Since she's not an animal, this generally means taking a few days to herself at home, because June taught the women of the People special crafts to help at the burning time of the month. Except *this* month, somebody (I suspect Aveline, who's nearly as bad with social cues as Merrill) is dragging her out for a Very Special Night at the Hanged Man. Hawke's Nameday, Satinalia, whatever you fancy. A friend is asking, and Merrill's bad at saying 'no' to a friend, especially when the reason for declining is so... well, it'll just be easier to suffer through the evening. Naturally, Fenris is also attending, and it apparently slipped Merrill's mind that her condition would induce a complimentary one in him. (see prompt for more details)
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