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UNFILLED: Anders/many, Fade fantasy fulfillment, gangbang
Anders can't practicably fulfill his fantasy of getting fucked by a dozen guys, so he settles for the next best thing: an incredibly filthy, vivid and detailed lucid Fade-dream where he's the willing centerpiece of a gangbang.

Since none of this takes place in the real world, rules of physics and biology don't apply. No exhaustion, easy multiple orgasms, unrealistically huge penetration, anything that Anders' fevered sexually frustrated mind can cook up, except it's as realistic as if it was really happening, because Fade.

Bonus: the "participants" are mostly faceless and anonymous, but some of them are modeled after people Anders knows (or maybe they're just like...twelve Hawkes. Go wild.)
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:anders  character:any_male  relationship:slash  kink:group_sex  kink:dream_sex  kink:fade_sex  pairing:anders_any_character 
february 2015 by dragonage_kink

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