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UNFILLED: (A proper) 50 Shades of Bull (or "of the Dragon" if Bull isn't your thing) featuring F!Quiz
So, this anon is desperately curious to read 50 Shades of Gray just for the smut... but I hear that's a really bad representation of a proper and non-abusive relationship, even without the BDSM. I don't mean to start a debate with this prompt, but the whole '50 shades' thing is well-known, so I just went with the title. If this is triggerish for you, please do not read further and move on. Thanks! <3

I'd like a proper "rewrite?" to use Iron Bull and a f!Quiz. Multiple sex scenes that multiple AAs can take a stab at if they'd like. ;)
An f!Quiz that isn't totally into and sure of it at first. She's interested, yes, but not "fuck, yeah, let's do this!" He has to ease her into it, starting lighter at first, and culminating into her getting to turn the tables much much further into their sexcapades.

If Iron Bull isn't your thing, another inner circle/advisor would be good. Would prefer male though.
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