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UNFILLED: Saarath/Tallis, size kink and feelings
Ok, so, remember the giant Saarebas boss from Trespasser? Name of Saarath?

It turns out you can find a letter (“http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Codex_entry:_Saarath”) he’s been working on for Tallis in the Darvaarad. I didn’t even know who Tallis was the first time I found that and I thought it was heartbreaking, especially considering, like, everything else we see of the guy when we actually encounter him in game.

And later on I learned who Tallis is and I was like, holy shit, that is some INTENSE size difference.

So: either an improbable happy ending or something bittersweet for these two characters. And also size kink.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:tallis  character:saarath  pairing:tallis_saarath  relationship:het  kink:size 
march 2018 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Sera/Tallis - Possible Transphobia? Possible Non-Binary Character? Gender confusion
So aqun-athlok does not equal trans, as evidenced by Bull's convo with Cassandra. Gender dysphoria has very little to do with becoming one. Good with a sword? Congratulations, you are now a man whether you want to be or not. Now go kill some Vints for the Qun. I'm sure there are some cases like Krem, where gender and interest lines up perfectly, but I'm sure that can be true for all aqun-athlok.

Tallis, like Gatt, was once a Tevinter slave who became a Viddathari and eventually a member of the Ben-Hassrath. When Tallis was a slave, she identified as a cis woman. But in the years since becoming a Ben-Hassrath, the Qunari treat Tallis as a man. It doesn't really bother Tallis. Tallis can be both or neither. The name means "problem solver", if being a woman solves the problem then she will be a woman. If the solution requires Tallis to be a man, then he will be a man.

Tallis arrives in Skyhold in part to help the Inquisitor, and in part because the Ben-Hassrath are worried Iron Bull will leave the Qun for his Chargers. Sera is smitten with Tallis. Sure the Qun is weird, but Tallis is funny and not at all an "elfy elf". There's just one problem: is Tallis a man or a woman? The Iron Bull always calls Tallis a "he", while every non-Qunari calls Tallis "she". Tallis doesn't seem to mind either way.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:tallis  character:sera  pairing:sera_tallis  relationship:f/f  kink:genderfluid  kink:nonbinary_gender 
may 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Tallis is consider male by the Qun
Tallis is considered a man by the Qun (this might be cannon or not, but lets pretend it is). How does s/he feel about this? Is he trans? Is s/he gender fluid? Does she not care because she's undercover all the time and presents as a woman then? If Tallis considers herself female, why was a male role chosen for her? Basically how does Tallis relate to their gender and their religion.

Multifills with different takes welcome if that is not too greedy.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:tallis  kink:genderfluid 
january 2015 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: f!hawke + tallis / gangbang
While waiting for Hawke's friends to rescue them, the guards at Chateau Haine decide to get Orlesian with the prisoners.
prompt:unfilled  character:hawke_female  kink:non_con  kink:group_sex  dragon_age:2  character:misc_guard(s)  character:tallis 
june 2014 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Fenris/Mage FHawke - Mark of the Assassin
Went through MoTA during Act 3, and if you haven't played it with Varric and romanced Fenris as your companions you are sorely missing out. So what I'd like is a little established (reconciled) romance between witty/charming mage F!Hawke and Fenris. I just need a witty, smutty, sassy exchange between a mage and her lover. Points if: - Varric notices both Fenris and Tallis are oddly carefree when outdoors and claims it's "an elf thing". - Hawke has an awesome booty. Tallis says as much, Fenris is territorial. - Pranks upon uptight, unsuspecting Orlesian pomps. - Smut Squicks include bathroom related kinks and very heavy d/s.
prompt:unfilled  relationship:het  character:hawke_female  character:varric  character:fenris  pairing:fenris_f!hawke  dragon_age:2  character:tallis 
april 2014 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: fHawke/Tallis, I really don't care
Like the title says: I really don't care, I just want some fHawke/Tallis in my life. ...pleeeeeeeeeeease?
relationship:f/f  prompt:unfilled  character:hawke_female  dragon_age:2  character:tallis  pairing:f!hawke_tallis 
april 2014 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Hawke/LI: The middle of a wyvern hunt is not the best place for a quickie!
Just some humor, but I'd like to see a Hawke and LI during Mark of the Assassin who're less interested in hunting the wyvern at first and more interested in finding a nice scenic and out of the way place to get laid. Their regular traveling companion just wishes he/she hadn't been dragged along, and Tallis is annoyed that they keep trying to go get laid rather than chase the bloody wyvern. Would prefer F/M or M/M and Anders as the LI, F/F does nothing for me. Bonus if when Tallis says they have enough bait for a small one the LI mutters, "You had to say that, now he/she won't rest until he's/she's bagged the biggest one in the hills..."
prompt:unfilled  kink:public_sex  relationship:het  relationship:slash  character:hawke_male  character:gen_party_members  character:hawke_female  character:anders  pairing:anders_f!hawke  dragon_age:2  pairing:anders_m!hawke  character:tallis  kink:outdoors_sex  kink:quick_sex 
march 2013 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Tallis/f!Hawke AU romance
This is my first time doing this, so sorry if I screw it up. This anon feels there is not nearly enough Tallis in this world or Thedas, and the romance in game left much to be desired. I would like to see what would happen if Tallis decided to join Hawke's crew in Act 1 AFTER the events of Mark of the Assassin, focusing mainly on the buildup of the blossoming romance that ensues. I would also like to see how Tallis responds to some of the events that happen during the game. For example, the Qunari invasion, comforting Hawke after the death of Leandra, being down in the Deep Roads, anything else you might find interesting. You don't have to do a replay of the entire game, just whatever parts you think would be relevant/interesting. Smut is also...ahem...appreciated. (see prompt for more details)
relationship:f/f  prompt:unfilled  character:hawke_female  fanfic:au  dragon_age:2  character:tallis  pairing:f!hawke_tallis 
february 2013 by dragonage_kink
Every hundred years, all elves are drawn to the Magical Clearing of Elf on Elf (on Elf) Action. Or whatever. Porn needs no backstory. Your Elf!Warden(s), Zevran, Merrill, Fenris, Velanna, Tallis, Sketch, Ariane, random NPCs - they all get in on the action. Super bonus points if the pairings involve NPCs or less popular companions. Fenris/Velanna? Merrill/Lanaya? Shianni/Oranna? Use characters so obscure that I have to hit up the wiki to figure out who you're talking about. (I'd take a dwarf pile too, but I know those guys aren't as popular as elves.)
prompt:unfilled  character:surana  kink:group_sex  character:fenris  dragon_age:2  character:merrill  character:orana  character:zevran  character:mahariel  character:shianni  character:lanaya  character:ariane  character:tabris  character:velanna  character:tallis  character:sketch 
june 2012 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Fenris/Tallis
Fenris seems to have a respect for the Qun. Tallis is a little sure of herself, but that seems like something Fenris would appreciate, as much of his new life seems so uncertain to him. Maybe Tallis could teach him more about the Qun? Something showing Fenris' respect for the Qunari's ideals and Tallis' urge to teach about the Qun. I suppose I'm one of the few that are fond of Tallis, so someone that could do her a bit of justice would be neat. I'm not picky about how it's done. Just Tallis talking to Fenris about the Qun and him learning something positive from it, something that centers him a little. Even captcha hates Tallis: duchrec sitting...
prompt:unfilled  relationship:het  character:fenris  dragon_age:2  character:tallis  pairing:fenris_tallis 
june 2012 by dragonage_kink
There is an amazing lack of Tallis on this kinkmeme. How can any character go so completely unfucked? Any partner or kink the author likes, but bonus points for MHawke fucking her ass while sucking/kissing/nibbling her ear. I just want some Tallis.
prompt:unfilled  character:hawke_male  dragon_age:2  character:tallis  pairing:any_character_tallis 
april 2012 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Passing the time/ F!Hawke/ Tallis during MotA
So I just finished MotA, and this is my new OTP. My F!Hawke is quite the lady-chaser and apparently I have a thing for elves. During MotA, after getting captured and put in jail, there is a chance to flirt (again) with Tallis, even though Hawke is understably pissed at her, at this point. I want angry Hawke taking out her frustrations on the physically smaller Tallis. But then again, the assassin is quite limber and capable, maybe Hawke underestimates her, and winds up getting topped hard! bonus points for- earkink, either Hawke's fetish or Tallis, or both. and scarkink, I've got this image of Tallis licking Hawke's face scar and Hawke finds it incredibly arousing, maybe she turns the tables on Tallis again? Definitely want: tribadism. Squicks: scat, watersports. Anything else goes. please fill a!anon, there's not enough f/f on this meme.
relationship:f/f  prompt:unfilled  character:hawke_female  dragon_age:2  kink:scars  character:tallis  kink:tribbing  pairing:f!hawke_tallis 
january 2012 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Shenanigans with Tallis
So this anon just finished MotA (I was late to the party, pun intended) and need moar Tallis since my Hawke got along with her so well. Maybe she could go to Kirkwall and they could have a game of Wicked Grace at the Hanged Man. Or a threesome. It's up to anon. <3
relationship:f/f  prompt:unfilled  relationship:het  character:hawke_male  character:hawke_female  dragon_age:2  character:tallis 
january 2012 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: The Qunari use muskets
Because, canonically, they have the means. Optional bonus points for including Tallis as a kind of Musketeer.
prompt:unfilled  character:misc_qunari  dragon_age:2  character:tallis 
january 2012 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Cross-purpose
Hawke doesn't have enough options when Tallis askes "Don't you wish you were part of something bigger?" I'd like to see a Hawke come back with something along the lines of "Actually, I've devoted my life to helping free other mages from the chantry and Qun both" and then get Tallis reaction to that. Or "Elves need to be treated equally and this can't stay an elves vs human problem; racism on both sides needs to be tackled." Or "A friend of mine managed to purge the taint, as in the darkspawn taint, from a magical object and I've been spending my free time trying to see if the process can be changed purge it from living creatures." Or even, "Tallis, I believe that the word of Andraste and the Maker needs to be brought to the whole world. Since we are stuck in this cell for a while, let me tell you how the Chantry changed my life." Alternately, Hawke and Co. play "what would you do if you ruled the world for a day?"
prompt:unfilled  character:hawke_male  character:gen_party_members  character:hawke_female  dragon_age:2  character:tallis 
december 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Hawke ~ Tallis Must Die
[Mark of the Assassin] Ok, Anons, I greatly detest Tallis. She's a damn dirty Mary Sue and (to me, at least) annoying and boring simultaneously. She's too...manufactured. I was also weirded out by the fact she looks creepily like the voice actress and barely looked like an elf (or a half-elf for that matter). Maybe I'm alone here, but I couldn't finish the latest installment and I wished - oh, how I wished - that I could kill her. So, Anons, I would love Hawke (I'd prefer female rogue or mage but I don't really mind so write the Hawke you're comfortable with) to kill her. Or try really really hard if he/she doesn't succeed. Like, each attempt on the foul creature's life is zanier than the last. Dear Captcha, I don't have a Pi button and I don't know what an 'estorim' is either. Ta.
prompt:unfilled  character:hawke_male  character:hawke_female  dragon_age:2  character:tallis  kink:character_death 
november 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Tallis joins Hawke
[Mark of the Assassin] Anon didn't hate Tallis, but did get a little annoyed with her at times. The main source of annoyance, however, was the hand-wavey way they dealt with her leaving at the end. Anon then got a hankering for a scenario where Tallis turns up in Kirkwall, having been declared Tal-Vashoth for stepping outside her role, and ends up joining Hawke's band of merry misfits. Basically, dear kink-memers, the trials of Tallis learning that: - Hawke is a massive troll (but will defend his team to the death) - Varric's stories will never make any sense - debating religion (peaceably, please) with Sebastian will eat hours out of your day - walking in on Hawke making out with their LI will just lead to Varric telling her that "oh, yeah, we should have warned you to knock first" and Isabela demanding details. (truncated; see prompt for more details)
prompt:unfilled  character:hawke_male  character:gen_party_members  character:hawke_female  fanfic:au  dragon_age:2  character:tallis 
november 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Fenris + Tallis, Confrontation?
[Mark of the Assassin] Odd nonny has odd request, so bear with me. Playing the DLC, I was both amused and annoyed by Tallis. Until I learned she was a Qunari spy, I had a sneaking suspicion that she was a flimsy cardboard cutout and was just saying anything to get my Hawke to follow her. Even though he didn't say anything, I am pretty sure Fenris smelled something odd too. Smut isn't necessary, and I'm not quite asking for character bashing (her humor was her saving grace with me) but I would like to see Fenris confronting Tallis in some way, shape, or form, and calling her out. Maybe they debate over the Qun? Maybe Fenris has a slight attraction to her and doesn't know how to work with it so argues and fights with her instead? Maybe he remembers her from somewhere? The possibilities are endless, anons. Odd Nonny is odd. *scurries off*
prompt:unfilled  character:fenris  dragon_age:2  character:tallis 
november 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: M!Hawke, Fenris, Varric They Want that List!
[Mark of the Assassin] At the end of the game, you can't choose a fight with Tallis to get the list of names of people who are Qunari spies. I want a story where this is not so! Tallis is obviously a Qunari spy. So Fenris and/or M!Hawke and Varric decide that part of the reason she goes after the list is that she's actually on it. They do their level best to get that list in order to do what THEY think is right with it. *Are any of our heroes injured in the fight for the list? Killed even? *Is Tallis Killed? *If not, does she get away with the list anyway, despite the fight? *Or do our heroes get it from her? *If they win the list, what are the repercussions? *What do they do with the list? Any class of M!Hawke is fine. If there are pairings I prefer M!Hawke/Fenris, though M!Hawke/Varric would be spiff too. Hell, a threesome would rock! Please NO Hawke/Tallis!
prompt:unfilled  relationship:slash  character:hawke_male  character:varric  character:fenris  fanfic:au  dragon_age:2  character:tallis 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: M!Hawke/M!Shepard. Deju vu
[Mark of the Assassin] Companion prompt to Commander Shepard being a companion. Hawke takes Shepard along with him, Tallis and Fenris, the Commander remarks how familiar doing this is. -Romance between both Hawke and Shepard, either beginning to or already started. -Flirting leading to forest outdoor smut between the two.
prompt:unfilled  kink:public_sex  relationship:slash  character:hawke_male  character:fenris  dragon_age:2  fanfic:crossover  character:other_character(s)  character:tallis  kink:outdoors_sex 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Possessive Anders/M!Hawke
[Mark of the Assassin] When flirting with Tallis whilst a romanced Anders is present, he makes it perfectly clear that he doesn't appreciate the act at all. Hawke persists and Anders ensures that the Qunari knows her place around him - by having the loudest, sweatiest sex either in front of or within very close ear shot of her. Due to constant orgasm denial, I'd like Hawke to be a complete mess; begging and writhing and moaning within an inch of his life. I'd also award extra internets for default!M!Hawke, because that beard stokes the fires of my soul. No class preference!
prompt:unfilled  relationship:slash  character:hawke_male  character:anders  kink:possessiveness  dragon_age:2  kink:loud_sex  character:tallis  pairing:anders_m!hawke 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Argo!F!Hawke + Tallis
[Mark of the Assassin] F!Hawke (I prefer the canon name Marian, and for the Fem!Hawke to be Argo but it's up to A!A) doesn't like Qunari in fact she's still very pissy about though whole issue with the Arishok and was pretty happy when she got to kill him. Now she's just found out that Tallis was lying to her and is a Qunari agent. I would love to see her VIOLENT and ANGRY reaction to that. Please no fem slash between them.
prompt:unfilled  character:hawke_female  dragon_age:2  character:tallis 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Fem!Hawke/Fenris/Tallis - 3-way
[Mark of the Assassin] Fem Hawke and Fenris are in a relationship. Hawke is just a natural flirt. Fenris doesn't mind because he knows she is with him and he trusts her. He listens to her flirting with Tallis and he is very attracted to Tallis. He starts imagining watching Hawke and Tallis having sex and he has no memories of ever being with another elf. So he talks to Hawke and they decide to ask Tallis to be with them for a night. Fenris starts out enjoying the show and then joining in.
relationship:f/f  prompt:unfilled  relationship:het  character:hawke_female  kink:group_sex  character:fenris  dragon_age:2  character:tallis  kink:threesome 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Fenris v Tallis; My Qunari is better than your Qunari
[Mark of the Assassin] So I haven't finished MotA but I have listened to the banter that folks have posted. I got really annoyed with Tallis from the first moment I met her, but ragging on Fenris' spoken Qunari skills just annoyed me. I'd love for them to have a bit of a verbal sparring match which if it turns into smut, I'm all for it. Maker, I'm going to a special place in the Void for this aren't I?
prompt:unfilled  relationship:het  character:fenris  dragon_age:2  character:tallis 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
Tallis and Others, "A Limerick", 1/1
[Mark of the Assassin] Various limericks and haikus for Mark of the Assassin and Tallis.
character:hawke_male  fanfic:finished  prompt:filled  dragon_age:2  character:tallis  series:limerick 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Sex Puzzles, Hawke/Tallis/Any 2 Companions
[Mark of the Assassin] What if the puzzles in MotA could only be solved by all 4 companions acting out very specific sex positions while standing/sitting/lying on a pressure plate? Essentially, they see a picture of a complicated, dirty act and have to mimic that exact pose to reveal the treasure. I'n envisioning a cracky fill with its fair share of ridiculous banter ("I'm pretty sure your thumb's not deep enough up Anders' arse, Varric." "Hawke, just shut up and bend over, will you?" etc.)
relationship:f/f  prompt:unfilled  relationship:het  relationship:slash  character:hawke_male  character:gen_party_members  character:hawke_female  character:anders  character:varric  kink:group_sex  character:fenris  character:aveline  dragon_age:2  character:sebastian  character:tallis 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: DA2/The Guild crossover
[Mark of the Assassin] Tallis can't figure out who these weird people are, where they came from, nor why they keep calling her Codex, but it's really interfering with her mission. She tells them about Qun and how great it is. They want to know if it's better than The Game. (What game?!) They just don't understand. Nothing ever goes right. Why is her life so difficult?
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  fanfic:crossover  character:tallis 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Isabela/Hawke/Tallis
[Mark of the Assassin] The whole DLC was full of really delightful flirting and banter. I was absurdly disappointed there wasn't a "Zevran option." I'd love to see male Hawke for the novelty.
relationship:f/f  prompt:unfilled  relationship:het  character:hawke_male  kink:group_sex  dragon_age:2  character:isabela  character:tallis  kink:threesome 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Fenris/m!Hawke MATO quest aftermath
[Mark of the Assassin] Fenris got jealous about Hawke because of Tallis. Then he was frightened at the thought of losing him. After the hard day they return home. More romance ensues. Bonus points if Hawke is at the receiving end.
prompt:unfilled  relationship:slash  character:hawke_male  character:fenris  kink:jealousy  dragon_age:2  character:tallis  pairing:fenris_m!hawke 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: M!Hawke/Fenris. Tallis is observant.
[Mark of the Assassin] "I can honestly say I'm a little jealous of you right now" So how does she realize Hawke is in a romance with a companion? They were not too obvious about it. Tallis is a clever rogue and must be constantly aware of her surroundings, so she notices many things, including the subtle exchanges between Fenris and Hawke. Small glances, secretive smiles, their body language, Fenris's amused smirk during "Are you married?" convo, maybe she eavesdropped on "You frightened me" talk and all that. Pleeease, can I have a small development of Tallis's observations?
prompt:unfilled  relationship:slash  character:hawke_male  character:fenris  dragon_age:2  character:tallis  pairing:fenris_m!hawke 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Fenris takes on Tallis! M!Hawke/Fenris
[Mark of the Assassin] Really, I hated Tallis. So if you liked Tallis, this is NOT the prompt for you. Fenris has to be one of the companions with Hawke for this prompt and I'd prefer Varric be the other companion that attends--M!Hawke/Fenris as the ship, if there is one. Gen fic is fine though. The prompt? Fenris has been watching this so called Qun elf and knows she's the sort of person who will eventually either end up killed by the Qun or leaving it. Regardless of her candy coated speeches, Fenris knows and respects the Qun. He understands it, even as he rejects it. And his observations on this Tallis person run thusly: She's a walking tribute to "I have no idea who I really am". So she's already missing the point. In the Qun, to know yourself is to submit to the Qun and accept that the Will of the Qun is all that matters in defining who you are. And yet... (truncated; see prompt for more details)
prompt:unfilled  relationship:slash  character:hawke_male  character:fenris  dragon_age:2  character:tallis  pairing:fenris_m!hawke 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Tallis/Leliana
[Mark of the Assassin] Because it CLEARLY happened. Bonus points for F!Warden. Extra Bonus points for Tabris F!Warden and mention of Leliana having a thing for elves.
relationship:f/f  prompt:unfilled  character:gen_female_warden  character:leliana  dragon_age:2  character:tabris  character:tallis  pairing:leliana_other_character 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Tallis Love
[Mark of the Assassin] This meme is in serious need of some Tallis love. Prompt is simple and straightforward: Talis having sex. Can be with Hawke, or any character of anons choosing. Female characters preffered. Dub-con or non-con is acceptable, but really not preffered. Bonus points for a character sucking on/biting her ears while taking her from behind.
relationship:f/f  prompt:unfilled  character:any_female  character:hawke_female  dragon_age:2  character:tallis  kink:ear_play  pairing:any_character_tallis 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Hawke + elves
[Mark of the Assassin] Remember that conversation you have with Leliana in Origins when you're an elf Warden? The one where she tells you that elves are treated like pretty pets in Orlais? So Hawke shows up to the Chateau with Tallis, Fenris, and Merrill in tow. The Orlesians are all enchanted by his/her collection. Reactions? Is Hawke forced to play along? Does Fenris flip out? Is Merrill totally unaware of what's going on?
prompt:unfilled  character:hawke_male  character:hawke_female  character:fenris  dragon_age:2  character:merrill  character:tallis  kink:race 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: M!Hawke/Anders/Tallis
[Mark of the Assassin] Tallis spies on the two kissing and doing some heavy petting, they both know she's there and carry on before inviting her along to join in and she takes it. -Tallis in the middle of both Hawke and Anders. Watching both Hawke and Anders as they have sex.
prompt:unfilled  relationship:het  relationship:slash  character:hawke_male  character:anders  kink:group_sex  kink:exhibitionism  kink:voyeurism  dragon_age:2  character:tallis  pairing:anders_m!hawke  kink:threesome 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Jealous Isabela/Hawke/Tallis
[Mark of the Assassin] We need more of it. ;) Would prefer F!Hawke and a rivalmance but as long as it makes me go 'awww!' then I don't care. :)
relationship:f/f  prompt:unfilled  character:hawke_female  kink:jealousy  dragon_age:2  character:isabela  character:tallis  pairing:f!hawke_isabela 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: I'm probably alone in this, but...
[Mark of the Assassin] So I won't lie. I found Felicia Tallis incredibly annoying. Spent the entire DLC wishing she would leave and let me replace her with...any other member of my party. Make me like her, anons? I really do want to! I just...couldn't make any consistent sense of her character. It seemed like they had a bunch of different concepts for her personality and just used them all or something. Can anyone put her together for me?
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:tallis 
october 2011 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Elves are hot. F!Hawke/Tallis/LI
MARK OF THE ASSASSIN POST F!Hawke discovers she likes elves the moment she meets Tallis. (boom chicka ;D) LI disapproves of this immensely.  Would prefer Isabela to be the love interest, but that's alright if it doesn't work out.  (Though it'd be dreamy to see Isabela getting peeved at Hawke commenting on Tallis's kickass moves and being all like '-_- I can do that too y'know!?'  Please anons? -puppy dog eyes-
relationship:f/f  prompt:unfilled  character:hawke_female  kink:jealousy  dragon_age:2  character:isabela  character:tallis  needs:pairing 
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