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My journey to becoming a web developer from scratch without a CS degree (and what I learned from it…
First, let me introduce myself. My name is Sergei Garcia, and I’m a full-time front end developer with 2 years experience. In that time, I’ve worked as a front-end developer for both a Forbes 500…
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february 2017 by dpcat237
CV Critique Services, CV Review, CV Writer -- CVNow
Get free CV feedback from our top CV experts. Share your CV confidentially with CVNow, and let us help get you a top CV.
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february 2017 by dpcat237
10 ways to grow as a developer in 2017 – Commit.Push. – Medium
As 2016 winds down and work slows down, hopefully you’re starting to feel those New Year jitters kicking in. That little voice in your head reminding you that you’re capable of more. That your…
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december 2016 by dpcat237
Search Jobs, Career Advice and Company Profiles at The Muse
Find free Career Advice on topics such as Interview Tips, Resume & Cover Letter Samples, and search for Jobs from the best companies.
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november 2016 by dpcat237

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