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Hey folks, these stories are canaries in the coal mines. This isn't some dystopian Netflix specia…
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september 2017 by douglevin
Workshop on Big Data in Education: Balancing Research Needs and Student Privacy | National Academy of Education
This report, based upon a workshop, reviewed the benefits of educational research using modern data systems, the risks to the privacy of families and children, and technical and political solutions for maximizing benefits and minimizing risks.
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may 2017 by douglevin
Dropping portfolio approach to licensing teachers violated state law, suit argues | MinnPost
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june 2015 by douglevin
Press Releases | News | SETDA
RT : Honored to be Fed Policymaker of the Year! Look fwd to another Congress working to improve the use of !
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november 2014 by douglevin
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Wish more people in DC understood this: Four models of state K-12 education governance
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august 2013 by douglevin
Federal Lawmakers Weigh Computer-Adaptive Testing - Digital Education - Education Week
Seems impt b/c of Smarter Balanced MT : Congress looks to support state use of "adaptive" testing
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june 2013 by douglevin

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