Emoji and MySQL
In case you ever need to save emojis in a MySQL database.
emoji  myql  utf-8  utf8mb4  utf8mb4_unicode_ci 
2 days ago
Inside Sun Noodle, the Secret Weapon of America's Best Ramen Shopsl
> Over the last 33 years, the Hawaiian company has built three factories which pump out a combined 90,000 servings of ramen noodles per day.
ramen  food  l 
3 days ago
Companies are tapping into a desire by some tourists to get up close and personal with war zones
> If your idea of a good time is driving through a Hezbollah rally then going to get some sushi, Beirut is definitely the edgy Mediterranean destination for you.
tourism  war  l 
3 days ago
Why the Kim Kardashian Game Is Legitimately Good
> See, you're already curious.

I… I… no.
4 days ago
The elegant art of not giving a shit
> Giving a shit does not necessarily mean you’re doing anything useful, but it makes it seem like you are.
behavior  design  philosophy  psychology  l 
5 days ago
Dudeism, the laidback religion based on The Big Lebowski | Mail Online
> He said: 'Dudeism is my full time job and I mean "full time" very loosely.
Dudeism  l 
8 days ago
This is so depressing on so many levels.
design  html5  webdesign  l 
12 days ago
One Is Not Enough: Why Creative People Need Multiple Outlets
This resonates with me. Even though I have been told multiple times - usually by designers - that developers are not creative people. Shrug.
Creativity  l 
12 days ago
Beautiful web type
> The best typefaces from the Google web fonts directory.
fonts  google  typography  l 
12 days ago
Consciousness on-off switch discovered deep in brain - life - 02 July 2014 - New Scientist
> ONE moment you're conscious, the next you're not. For the first time, researchers have switched off consciousness by electrically stimulating a single brain area.

I'd like that, please. Yes, for using it on myself and not on other people. I'm not a monster.
Consciousness  l 
12 days ago
The Fog Lifts
At its essence, “podcast” describes a distribution technology: sound files delivered via RSS feed. (For simplicity’s sake, let’s leave video podcasts out of this.) But like “blog,” the term also implies an editorial format — and “podcast” connotes, to Ferriss fans and my tribe, opposite aesthetics. The best way I can think of distinguishing between the two comes from the king of binary oppositions, Claude Lévi-Strauss: the raw and the cooked.
10 weeks ago
The Satori Generation | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters
In Japan, they’ve come to be known as satori sedai—the “enlightened generation.” In Buddhist terms: free from material desires, focused on self-awareness, finding essential truths. But another translation is grimmer: “generation resignation,” or those without ideals, ambition or hope. 
consumerism  economy 
10 weeks ago
What (Else) Can Men Do? Grow The Fuck Up. — Medium
> Boys who like computers are taught that we DESERVE sexual attention from women. We need to get over it.
april 2014
No New Tools
> Being an early adopter is exhilarating in the same way that riding a rollercoaster can feel like travel. You’re moving, but you’re not actually going anywhere.

Frank Chimero on tool minimalism
tools  apps  software  l 
april 2014
BBC News - Beard trend is 'guided by evolution'
Both beards and clean-shaven faces became more appealing when they were rare.
april 2014
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