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Tote Bag Tutorial
How to sew your own tote bag using mostly just the fabrics I already have around the house
diy  sewing  bag  tote  tutorial  howto 
october 2010 by domesticat
A string quilt block tutorial
I'm not sure I'd bother with the paper piecing, but this is a simple non-pattern worth remembering.
sewing  quilting  tutorial  string 
september 2009 by domesticat
A modified bento box block tutorial
Cute. Looks easy, and I have tons of scrap fabric strips.
quilting  quilt  pattern  sewing  tutorial 
september 2009 by domesticat
Creating drupal nodes using mini-forms anywhere
Ignore if you're not using drupal: code for mini node-creation forms in drupal. (If you're playing along at home, why yes, I AM thinking 'shift grid.')
tutorial  howto  php  drupal  api  programming  forms 
september 2008 by domesticat
40 Dark and Futuristic Photoshop Effects
Those are some spiffy effects. I should play with these.
reference  photoshop  tutorial 
august 2008 by domesticat
Better dodges and burns in photoshop
A better, less destructive way of doing dodges and burns in Photoshop. As soon as I read it, this technique was so obvious I hated myself for not thinking of it before now.
photoshop  tutorial  dodging  burning  photography  retouching  digital 
may 2008 by domesticat
Photographing Star Trails
A kind of photography I think would be interesting to try in the Pacific Northwest while camping in the Olympic National Forest.
photography  digital  astronomy  stars  tutorial  cameras 
april 2008 by domesticat
Op-Chart: Making Money Hand Over Fist - The New York Times
Visual guide to the hand gestures traders use on Wall Street to buy and sell.
tutorial  sign  language  traders  wall  street  gestures  finance 
april 2008 by domesticat
How to Photograph a Lunar Eclipse
Since there's a full lunar eclipse coming up on Wednesday, here's how to photograph it.
photography  eclipse  astronomy  lunar  moon  tutorial 
february 2008 by domesticat
How To Tie A Tie: The Pursuit Of The Perfect Knot
Not that I have to do this myself, but I find it fascinating nevertheless. Not to mention it looks awesome when done right. Mmm, men in formalwear.
fashion  howto  tutorial  clothing  tie 
february 2008 by domesticat
Coding Horror: A Visual Explanation of SQL Joins
Ever been confused by how the different SQL joins work? Wonder no more. Now with graphics!
database  sql  joins  tutorial 
january 2008 by domesticat

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