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Mariebelle Sweets
Decadent bonbons, sweets, and hot chocolates from a New York company.
chocolate  food  nyc  shopping  newyork 
october 2010 by domesticat
Windham Fabrics, Baum Textile Mills, Windham Fabrics
Another good source for reproduction fabrics. I had fun delving into the older patterns. Someday, someday.
fabric  shopping  antique  reproduction 
september 2010 by domesticat
Glorious Color
Fabric shop that carries fabric by designer Keiko Goke, who does some seriously cute stuff I like.
fabric  shopping  quilting  sewing 
march 2010 by domesticat
A Japanese quilting textile shop. Fabulous. Should liberate me from some of my money.
japanese  quilting  textile  fabric  sewing  shopping 
march 2010 by domesticat
Batik Tambal
Javanese and Indonesian batik fabrics.
fabric  quilting  shopping  batik  indonesian  javanese 
february 2010 by domesticat
Lynette says these soaps are fabulous.
soap  shopping  gifts  Seattle 
january 2010 by domesticat
Hand dyed Fabric by Janet A. Smith
Gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics with excellent blending.
quilting  fabric  shopping  hand-dyed 
april 2009 by domesticat
Jade Sapphire
Exotic yarn (silk, cashmere, etc.)
yarn  shopping  silk  cashmere  knitting 
june 2007 by domesticat

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