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ARDCO Templates by QuiltSmith, Ltd.
Interesting all-metal, non-skid quilt templates. Most of them are sold 'windowed,' meaning hollowed so you can see what you're cutting.
quilt  quilting  sewing  template  patchwork  metal 
october 2010 by domesticat
Some good free quilt patterns on this site
quilt  quilting  patterns 
august 2010 by domesticat
Cathedral Stars Quilt
A good pattern that uses up a lot of scraps. Lots of squares.
quilt  patterns 
july 2010 by domesticat
Wonky pieces within pieces (Oh, Fransson!)
An interesting not-quite-pattern I might have to try
quilt  pattern  fabrics 
may 2010 by domesticat
Allison Quilt Designs
Some modern, bright, colorful quilt designs I think I'll want to go back to.
modern  contemporary  quilt  patterns  pattern  quilting 
september 2009 by domesticat
A modified bento box block tutorial
Cute. Looks easy, and I have tons of scrap fabric strips.
quilting  quilt  pattern  sewing  tutorial 
september 2009 by domesticat :: Judy Niemeyer Quilting
Inventive, original patterns with great uses of color. I like.
quilting  quilt  sewing  patterns 
march 2009 by domesticat
random threadz - Quilt Patterns
I like her usage of color. Will have to give this some thought.
quilting  quilt  sewing  patterns 
january 2009 by domesticat
Shibori Dragon
Quilt shop in Seattle with a lot of pan-Asian fabrics
quilting  quilt  japanese  sashiko  textiles  sewing  fabrics  fabric 
december 2008 by domesticat
Beth's Shimmering Stars Quilt Pattern
An interesting star pattern that I want to keep in mind for later use.
quilt  quilting  pattern  patterns  stars 
september 2008 by domesticat

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