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Illusion Sciences
Some nifty optical illusions I hadn't seen before.
science  graphics  illusions  perception  optical 
october 2010 by domesticat
Dotted Background Generator
Generate a background of halftone dots. Old-school print geeks will know exactly what I'm talking about here.
webdesign  graphics  dots  halftone 
january 2009 by domesticat
Online Color Scheme Generator
Got a color you like, but out of ideas? This was useful for me.
tools  webdesign  graphics  color  palette  scheme  colour 
january 2009 by domesticat
Photoshop Disasters
Photoshop is powerful, but when used without care or intelligence, stupidity results.
photography  satire  comedy  funny  graphics  images  mistake  photoshop 
april 2008 by domesticat
Divide By Zero fonts
His Tombats fonts are just adorable
fonts  glyphs  graphics  icons  type  typography  font 
july 2007 by domesticat

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