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A Handy Alternative Therapy Flowchart
"...if perchance you are a little disillusioned with allopathy, here's a handy little flowchart to help you find the ideal alternative therapy to meet your needs."
homeopathy  medicine  flowchart  funny 
october 2010 by domesticat
Heretic Spire, a Damn Lie - May Steve Be With You
Need a new religion? Steve urges us to love the douchebag, but hate the douchebaggery.
funny  humor  religion  faith 
april 2009 by domesticat
April Winchell » Barack Obama is tired of your motherfucking shit
Totally off-color and out-of-context quotes from Barack Obama's reading of his book "Dreams From My Father." Justice demands a remix.
funny  politics  audio  Obama 
february 2009 by domesticat
Twittering washing machine
"[Ryan] tells us that he kept accidentally forgetting to retrieve his clothing from the washing machine, resulting in smelly mildewy clothes. Now, his washing machine twitters to announce it is done."
twitter  hacks  funny 
january 2009 by domesticat
The Ten Great Crimes Against Tea
I’m not entirely opposed to tea-like beverages that aren’t tea, so long as they’re made with something properly tea-like, such as leaves or flowers. Peppermint? Fine. Chamomile? Certainly. Rooibos? Absolutely. Strawberry? Blackcurrant? Mandarin? What the merry Dickens are these meant to be? In what sense are these teas? One can no more make tea from a blackcurrant than one can make tea from an elephant or a windmill. These monstrosities are properly called ’tisanes’ or ‘infusions’, and they all smell like air freshener and taste like the sweet, thin soup of the dead.
tea  ten  list  verygoodtaste  drinks  food  funny  rant  british 
november 2008 by domesticat
The tagline: "Emo Bernanke, LOLTraders and Schadenfreude, Oh My." Grumping about the state of the economy in lolcat form.
funny  economics  lolcats  economy  humour  humor  lol 
november 2008 by domesticat : five technically legal signs for your library
Thanks to the 'Patriot' Act, you can't tell people if you've received a National Security Letter. However, it IS technically legal to leave up a sign that says you HAVEN'T received one.
patriot  act  patriotact  library  libraries  funny  politics  protest  activism  privacy  law  rights  government  security 
august 2008 by domesticat
Knock Knock Stickies
Sticky notes for those of us who can't look at work without being snarky. Disturbingly useful.
paper  stationery  funny  humor  work 
july 2008 by domesticat
HP shatters excessive packaging world record
17 boxes in total to protect 32 pages. A world-class effort there from HP.
fail  funny  packaging  hp  hewlitt  packard  hewlittpackard  waste 
july 2008 by domesticat
Scattered, smothered, covered and hitched
"Waffle House employee Pamela Christian is escorted by father William Christopher during the start of her wedding ceremony in the parking lot of the Dacula restaurant Friday. " To quote Adam: "that's a phrase you only get to write once."
wedding  redneck  southern  atlanta  georgia  funny  humor 
july 2008 by domesticat
Amorphia Apparel - Look on my shirts, ye mighty, and despair!
Great shirts. The "I'd verb her noun" shirt gladdens my heart.
clothing  funny  fashion 
april 2008 by domesticat
Photoshop Disasters
Photoshop is powerful, but when used without care or intelligence, stupidity results.
photography  satire  comedy  funny  graphics  images  mistake  photoshop 
april 2008 by domesticat
Player’s Handbook & Monster Manual Errata
Some suggestions on potential D&D changes. Brace yourself for the pop culture references! (Oh, and Jayne is "chaotic neutral"!)
funny  d&d  dungeons  dragons  gaming  rules 
april 2008 by domesticat
20 Insane Supervillain Schemes In Flowchart Form
Flowcharts! Funny flowcharts! (Did I mention evil schemes?) (And flowcharts?)
comics  funny  humor  villains 
march 2008 by domesticat
The FAIL Blog
Classic FAIL photos. Better than taking the time and intellectual effort to craft your own?
humor  funny  fail 
january 2008 by domesticat
Puzzling: The Secret Filth of the Washington Post's Puzzle Page
Quick. Answer the first question on this page. Now, for all of you dirty-minded kids who have ever read Fark, throw away your FIRST answer and come up with the REAL one.
funny  dirty  puzzles  newspaper 
january 2008 by domesticat
Looking For Group
Webcomic recommended to me by Lissa.
comics  funny  webcomic 
january 2008 by domesticat

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