Comprehensive guide to coat colors in cats
A great chart showing the different coat colors and patterns in cats.
cats  artwork  chart  guide  colors  patterns  fur  coat 
february 2011
Tons of lolcat photos
Awwww. All the lolcats I'll ever need.
cats  humor  humour 
january 2011
Giant chocolate chip cookies
esmerel recommended this recipe. Sounds decadent.
chocolate  cookie  recipe  cooking  baking 
january 2011
Strawberry Rhubarb Butter
Sticky, spreadable, sweet. Add a vanilla bean for extra yum.
strawberry  rhubarb  preserves  jam  jelly  butter  food  canning  preserving 
january 2011
Meyer Lemon Marmalade
A simple and friendly recipe for making marmalade from Meyer lemons. Lots of photos and step-by-step instructions.
recipe  meyer  lemons  marmalade  cooking  jam  jelly 
january 2011
Is it Food? [Flowchart]
A quick and humorous guide to choosing better food at supermarkets.
flowchart  graph  graphic  food 
january 2011
11 cheap gifts guaranteed to impress science geeks | DVICE
Science comes up with a lot of awesome stuff, and you don't need a Ph.D, a secret lab, or government funding to get your hands on some of the coolest discoveries. We've got a list of 11 mostly affordable gifts that are guaranteed to blow your mind, whether or not you're a science geek.
fun  geek  gifts  science 
january 2011
Brillig: Borders, Post-Mortem
A post-mortem on the rise and fall of a bookstore chain.
economy  recession  books  bookstores  borders 
january 2011
Nirvana › GTD Software
A pretty simple and clean GTD task manager. Web-based. Nice so far.
tools  gtd  todo 
january 2011
Get Your Homemade Christmas
Ten things (and more) you can do now to prepare for a homemade Christmas!
crafting  crafts  diy  gifts  holidays  christmas 
november 2010
making macarons |
Macarons have a sort of wonder reserved for them... Their tricky preparation and French origins make them seem a little inaccessible to the home cook.... I had two macarons at a fancy pastry shop in New York a couple years ago, and decided to learn how to make them.
baking  cookies  macarons  macaroons  french  dessert  recipes 
november 2010
Vector Social Media Icons
Some icons to play with. Includes helpful blanks.
icons  vector  free  social 
november 2010
Illusion Sciences
Some nifty optical illusions I hadn't seen before.
science  graphics  illusions  perception  optical 
october 2010
A Handy Alternative Therapy Flowchart
"...if perchance you are a little disillusioned with allopathy, here's a handy little flowchart to help you find the ideal alternative therapy to meet your needs."
homeopathy  medicine  flowchart  funny 
october 2010
Mariebelle Sweets
Decadent bonbons, sweets, and hot chocolates from a New York company.
chocolate  food  nyc  shopping  newyork 
october 2010
What good are public libraries?
Op-Ed piece: "A library once housed things that even the wealthy couldn’t get elsewhere in the city; today they offer materials that all but the poorest can get almost anywhere. More money is spent on electronic media and less on books, and more of the money that is spent on books is spent on light reading. Such books are neither expensive nor are they hard to find, and are well within the reach of the literate middle class, who are their biggest consumers. Rather than spend its money to augment what the malls offer, the libraries compete with the malls, and by doing so have less money to stock their shelves with the things that the public might need but which the malls do not sell."
october 2010
F-stop Watch (Unemployed Philosophers Guild)
"Remember F-stops? Real apertures? A great photography-inspired watch. Measure time by aperture. It's almost F11 do you know where your children are? It'll warp your mind! "
october 2010
‘The Wire’ Monopoly Game | The Poke:
Hahahahahaha. If you've ever seen the show, this is perfect -- especially the "Omar's Comin'" square.
game  monopoly  thewire  television 
october 2010
Goofy things to do with the photos your phone takes. Free to download. Looks cute.
apps  iphone  pictures 
october 2010
ARDCO Templates by QuiltSmith, Ltd.
Interesting all-metal, non-skid quilt templates. Most of them are sold 'windowed,' meaning hollowed so you can see what you're cutting.
quilt  quilting  sewing  template  patchwork  metal 
october 2010
Book of Jubilations: Making a Life in Music, Vol. 1: "We're All Gonna Die"
"Songs are ideas whose phrases are made memorable by rhyme and melody. They are the most portable little problem solvers I know of, and as humans we’ve fed every single experience we’ve ever had into them in order to try and make sense of our lives."
joshritter  music  thoughts  death  writing  understanding 
october 2010
Textmate Envy (aka: Monaco Font for Windows)
I just installed Monaco in my IDE and my eyes are happy, happy eyes.
fonts  font  programming  free  typography  mac  download  windows 
october 2010
What marriage counseling can teach liberals and conservatives.
"The right is convinced that the left is evil. The left is convinced that the right is retarded. "
politics  psychology  counseling  liberal  conservative 
october 2010
Komodo - my favorite editor
I'm trying out Komodo at work, and I spotted this blog post from another drupal user who uses Komodo as his editor. It has a nice color scheme included.
scheme  editor  coding  colors  drupal  tools  komodo 
october 2010
The Best Photography Apps for Your iPhone
Some fun applications to slap some vintage looks on the photos your iPhone takes.
iphone  photography  apps  mobile  software  camera  photo 
october 2010
A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies | MetaFilter
"The AFI's English cousin, the British Film Institute, did a brilliant thing in enlisting Scorsese--probably the most famous student of cinema in the U.S.--to open up and speak at length for this project about the history of artistic survival among Hollywood directors. Scorsese takes a highly intuitive and heartfelt approach in describing how a number of filmmakers--some famous and some forgotten--carefully layered their visions into their work, often against the great resistance or eccentric whims of powerful producers."
movies  history  documentary  film  scorsese 
october 2010
Tote Bag Tutorial
How to sew your own tote bag using mostly just the fabrics I already have around the house
diy  sewing  bag  tote  tutorial  howto 
october 2010
Secret Stations And Boyhood Love On The Paris Metro : NPR
I grinned when I saw this and thought of Catherine E. I want to see this book...
paris  metro  trains  travel  france  npr  subway 
september 2010
Kitchen Window -- Lessons Of A Corny Childhood : NPR
The recipes at the end of this article look luscious. This is the time of year when the corn is so plentiful and so amazing that I could eat it every day.
food  npr  recipes  cooking 
september 2010
The Viridian Design Movement
‎"You will need to divide your current possessions into four major

1) Beautiful things.
2) Emotionally important things.
3) Tools, devices, and appliances that efficiently perform a useful function.
4) Everything else."

(-- Long, but really picks up steam toward the end.
design  aesthetics  materialism  philosophy  sustainability  culture  consumerism  viridian 
september 2010
The REAL ‘Stuff White People Like’ « OkTrends
OKTrends is possibly one of the most awesome data-analysis blogs. Ever.
data  analysis  dating  demographics  fascinating 
september 2010
Blogtor Who
Doctor Who game accessories, including a -- yes! -- sonic screwdriver Wii remote
wii  remote  "doctor  who"  games  television 
september 2010
28 Creative PowerPoint and Keynote Presentation Designs
Some of these designs are utterly fantastic. The urge to steal borrow use is intense.
presentation  design  inspiration  powerpoint  keynote 
september 2010
selvedge star «
A unique selvedge star tutorial.
selvedge  quilting  scraps  pattern  tutorial  star 
september 2010
Windham Fabrics, Baum Textile Mills, Windham Fabrics
Another good source for reproduction fabrics. I had fun delving into the older patterns. Someday, someday.
fabric  shopping  antique  reproduction 
september 2010
Dear Jane: a quilt
A quilt made during the Civil War that has inspired others to recreate all or part of it.
quilting  quilts  sewing 
september 2010
Recipe: Caldo Tlalpeño
Alejandro mentioned this soup, so I had to look it up. I should try this.
Caldo  Tlalpeño  mexican  soup  chicken  recipes 
september 2010
Fogo de Chão cheesy bread puffs
These little popover-style rolls are one of my favorite parts of eating at Fogo de Chão. I'll have to try out this copycat recipe to see if it is accurate.
cheese  bread  popover  baking  recipe  copycat  "fogo  de  chao"  chão" 
september 2010
Some good free quilt patterns on this site
quilt  quilting  patterns 
august 2010
Hivelogic - Top 10 Programming Fonts
I'm really intrigued by 'Inconsolata.' I should try that on my personal laptop.
design  fonts  programming  typography 
august 2010
Cathedral Stars Quilt
A good pattern that uses up a lot of scraps. Lots of squares.
quilt  patterns 
july 2010
Morphogenesis › Tiling Patterns
an interesting and gorgeous tiling pattern.
tiling  pattern  islamic 
july 2010
Taprats Software « Composite Bodies
Taprats is a great little java applet that explores Islamic tiling patterns. It can export to EPS format so it is easy to bring vector data into Rhino, Illustrator, or other programs.
islamic  tiling  tilings  eps  vector 
july 2010
French Connections
A place (stateside!) you can actually order fat quarters of Dutch Wax fabric. Bonus: French fabrics, too!
fabric  fabrics  quilting  dutch  wax 
may 2010
Wonky pieces within pieces (Oh, Fransson!)
An interesting not-quite-pattern I might have to try
quilt  pattern  fabrics 
may 2010
Totten Tileworks Art TIle
Oh my God. Beautiful tile.
tile  art  ceramic 
may 2010
Ammann-Beenker | Tilings Encyclopedia
This tiling would make an exceptional quilt. Squares and rhombs (diamonds). At first glance it looks like a traditional quilt pattern, but quickly falls apart into its true quasicrystalline nature.
quasicrystal  aperiodic  tiling  ammann  beenker  geometry 
may 2010
Under the Green Star
Heptagonal tilings. I'm imagining this in fabric, and drooling.
april 2010
Glorious Color
Fabric shop that carries fabric by designer Keiko Goke, who does some seriously cute stuff I like.
fabric  shopping  quilting  sewing 
march 2010
Penrose Tiling file, wikipedia
A .svg of a penrose tiling. This can and should be a quilt, damnit.
march 2010
Ancient Islamic Penrose Tiles - Science News
I wonder if I could make these work for something unusually patterned.
march 2010
17 Awesome Web Developer Cheat Sheets
I need to pass these around to some friends and coworkers.
cheatsheet  code  design  reference  webdev 
march 2010
A Japanese quilting textile shop. Fabulous. Should liberate me from some of my money.
japanese  quilting  textile  fabric  sewing  shopping 
march 2010
Corn Chowder | Leite's Culinaria
I did a variant on this and really liked it.
march 2010
New York Beauty Block Patterns
Hmm, if I ever decide to try this pattern...
quilting  pattern  "new  york  beauty" 
february 2010
Batik Tambal
Javanese and Indonesian batik fabrics.
fabric  quilting  shopping  batik  indonesian  javanese 
february 2010
Rouenneries fabric page
This line of fabric, 'Rouenneries,' has fascinated me ever since I first saw it. I love the off-whites and muted reds; they make me think of the design aesthetic I saw in Paris. It makes me want to make a French-influenced patchwork quilt.
moda  quilting  fabric  rouenneries  red  white 
february 2010
Kinekt Design: Gear Ring
Stainless steel ring with gears that actually turn.
jewelry  gear  art  ring 
february 2010
Lynette says these soaps are fabulous.
soap  shopping  gifts  Seattle 
january 2010
Drupal Coda Clips | Dezinerfolio
Quickie useful code snippets if you're doing Drupal development work in Coda.
coda  mac  programming  snippets  drupal  code  php 
january 2010
Fabric Bundles from
My tiny fabric stash would revel in getting a pound of kimono fabric per month. Tempting, very tempting.
kimono  bulk  fabric  sale  crafts  quilts  sewing  japanese 
december 2009
Top 15+ Best Practices for Writing Super Readable Code
Some nice, basic examples for keeping your coworkers and successors from killing you in your sleep.
code  style  programming 
december 2009
Fran's Chocolates
Amye pointed me to this Seattle chocolatier, since she knows I like exotic caramels.
caramel  chocolate  food  retail 
december 2009
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