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Lady!Coulson (Pt 3 of ?)
SHIELD is weird, even for a shadowy pseudogovernmental organization, so the day that Coulson walks into the canteen and says to Clint, “Barton, with me,” he doesn’t even think twice about it.
fanfic  avengers  clint.barton/phil.coulson  genderfuck  lady!coulson  a:prufrock  unfinished  wip  via:deydnis 
january 2014 by doitninetimes
Lady!Coulson (Pt 2 of ?)
After a while, Clint’s hind brain crush on Coulson matures into a resigned irritation with his own reflexive desire to please Coulson.
fanfic  avengers  clint.barton/phil.coulson  genderfuck  lady!coulson  a:prufrock  unfinished  wip  via:deydnis 
january 2014 by doitninetimes
Lady!Coulson (Pt 1 of ?)
Contrary to popular legend at SHIELD, Phil Coulson had nothing to do with Clint’s recruitment.
fanfic  avengers  clint.barton/phil.coulson  genderfuck  lady!coulson  a:prufrock  unfinished  wip  via:deydnis 
january 2014 by doitninetimes
Wuthering Heights and Stormy Nights by torakowalski
the one where brian has always been a girl and managing mcr was not in her life plan
bandombigbang  fanfic  het  rps  mcr  au  genderfuck  kidfic  brian/bob  always.a.girl  ***  a:torakowalski  bandom 
june 2009 by doitninetimes
Helpmate by subterrain
the one with Shia LaBeouf in the roll of pepper potts. awesome, minus the mysognistic intro/'thesis', which i get (i hope) was supposed to be a 'joke', but somehow, i wasn't laughing.
IronMan  fanfic  slash  au  genderfuck  pepper/tony  **  a:subterrain 
april 2009 by doitninetimes
Hear Me Out, by impertinence
It's not so much the turning into a girl that's a problem; that's happened before. It's the fact that Frank doesn't turn back.
fanfic  slash  rps  mcr  au  genderfuck  genderswap  a:impertinence  frank/gerard  ***  bandom 
june 2008 by doitninetimes
untitled ficlet by 7iris
Brian/girl!Gerard/Mikey with bonus secret-hetcest-baby PWP
fanfic  slash  rps  het  always.a.girl  mcr  au  brian/gerard/mikey  kidfic  pregnancy  waycest  threesome  genderfuck  a:7iris  bandom 
june 2008 by doitninetimes
waiting for the lights to go by sathinks
post-NotAPrettyGirl. Mychem takes a break, and Bob goes back to Chicago to do her thing.
fanfic  au  mcr  genderfuck  always.a.girl  bob.bryar  het  ***  a:sathinks  bandom 
april 2008 by doitninetimes
And underdressed by wearemany
brendon sees something he wasn't supposed to, and finds out he likes it
fanfic  slash  rps  p!atd  genderfuck  crossdressing  brendon/ryan  kink  a:wearemany  bandom 
march 2008 by doitninetimes
In the Family Way by nilyn
“Tell them what? That you got knocked up? That I did it?” At least, Gerard figures, if their dad wants to beat up the boy who got his daughter pregnant he won’t have to go far. Down the hall, maybe.
mcr  fanfic  het  kidfic  pregnancy  incest  always.a.girl  waycest  gerard/mikey  ***  a:nilyn  genderfuck  au  bandom 
march 2008 by doitninetimes
50's Girls Boarding School AU by toft_froggy
Judy Sheppard talks like the American movie stars in the pictures she sneaks out to see on Sundays, after church; the girls hate her for putting it on, but it's completely obvious to Meredith that at least half the lilt is pure Tipperary.
sga  fanfic  slash  au  mckay/sheppard  school  genderfuck  always.a.girl  ***  a:toft_froggy  historical 
march 2008 by doitninetimes
with the lights on by rue_quercus and carleton97
Frank is weirdly chivalrous in some ways. He always opens doors for her, he lights her cigarettes like he’s in a forties movie or something, and he always offers her the last seat, even if it means that he has to sit on the floor.
fanfic  slash  rps  mcr  pastfic  genderfuck  always.a.girl  au  frank/gerard  ***  a:rue_quercus  a:carleton97  bandom 
march 2008 by doitninetimes
Silk (and Pearls), or, How Jane Sheppard Got Her Groove Back by pru
CROSSOVER OF MY HEART. I'm a bit bummed about the ending, but eh. THE REST MORE THAN MAKES UP FOR IT.
sga  genderfuck  mckay/sheppard  crossover  smallville  lex.luthor  always.a.girl  marriage  kidfic  au  ***  a:prufrock  luthor/sheppard 
february 2008 by doitninetimes
your dreams and your hopeless hair by feelingcold
The first week of Warped 04 some interview guy asks Gee if being a girl on Warped is akin to being a girl in a comic book shop. She is a warm, lazy amount of drunk, and she answers “Yeah, something like that.”
fanfic  slash  rps  mcr  genderfuck  always.a.girl  gerard/patrick  a:feelingcold  bandom  falloutboy 
february 2008 by doitninetimes
weemo_closet: Beach Music, Brendon/Gerard NC-17
Brendon Urie is and has always been a girl. She meets Gerard Way. Things happen.
fanfic  het  rps  mcr  p!atd  genderfuck  always.a.girl  a:cloudlessclimes  bandom 
february 2008 by doitninetimes
Everyone Wants to See Them Together by annavtree
No member of Fall Out Boy has, to my knowledge, turned into a girl and asked Patrick to eat them out
fanfic  slash  rps  genderfuck  genderswap  ficlet  pete.wentz  patrick.stump  **  a:annavtree  bandom  falloutboy 
december 2007 by doitninetimes
Songs About Hips and Hearts by cria_ecrit
So, the point is, sometimes Mikey forgets she’s a girl and it’s really not that big a deal until she meets Petra "Call Me Pete" Wentz.
fanfic  slash  rps  femslash  pete/mikey  always.a.girl  ***  a:cria_ecrit  genderfuck  bandom 
november 2007 by doitninetimes
I Am a Patient Boy by onelittlesleep
So this is an AU about Gerard being a girl named Helen (after her...grandmother?) and Frank being sort of, head over heels. [somewhat lacking in accuracy/timeline coherence, but good]
fanfic  slash  rps  mcr  genderfuck  always.a.girl  frank/gerard  a:onelittlesleep  **  bandom 
october 2007 by doitninetimes
the last gentleman in new jersey by etben
The one where Frank is a girl and Gerard is kind of in love with her in Jersy.
au  fanfic  slash  rps  het  frank/gerard  genderfuck  mcr  ***  always.a.girl  a:ethben  bandom 
october 2007 by doitninetimes
Undocumented by asurejay
To set it up: Patrick informed Pete he'd be taking some time off. Pete was angry, mostly because Patrick wouldn't tell him why he wanted time off. Gr argh. They had a fight.
fanfic  gen  rps  au  transsexual  genderfuck  patrick.stump  pete.wentz  ***  a:azurejay  snippett  bandom  falloutboy  f:falloutboy 
september 2007 by doitninetimes
slashypunkboys: FIC: The Love That Dare Not Speak It's Name (Unless You Get Tits) (FOB genderswap)
Having tits for no apparent reason when you wake up one morning is not as obvious as you might think. It takes Andy at least five minutes to notice it.
fanfic  genderswap  andy/joe  short  genderfuck  a:dracopet  bandom  falloutboy  f:falloutboy 
september 2007 by doitninetimes
night time's the right time (for all this) by bourgeoisify
An snippet in the universe of my WIP, the Genderfuck!AU. Frankie and Gerry are girlies.[they are both so fucked up omfg.]
fanfic  slash  rps  au  genderfuck  always.a.girl  frank/gerard  **  a:bourgeoisify  mcr  bandom 
may 2007 by doitninetimes
Because you looked just like a girl by disarm_d
"I think it means that you have to take sole guardianship of my gayness from now on, and, you know, teach it the ways of the world.” Brendon winks. Then again. “You know what I mean?” Then he winks again.
fanfic  slash  rps  p!atd  genderfuck  genderswap  **  a:disarm.d  brendon/spencer  bandom 
may 2007 by doitninetimes
venus as a boy by ficklish
the one where Spencer turns into a girl and brendon is a bit of a dick about it and jon is awesome as per usual.
fanfic  slash  rps  p!atd  jon/spencer  genderfuck  genderswap  **  a:ficklish  bandom 
may 2007 by doitninetimes
So We'll Stop Pretending by Gale
"I'm not buying you panties," Spencer muttered. He didn't meet Ryan's eyes. "That's -- dude, no, I can't play that off. No."
fanfic  slash  p!atd  ryan/spencer  crossdressing  genderfuck  **  a:gale  bandom 
april 2007 by doitninetimes
rhyme "girl" with "girl" by Gale
The one where both patrick and pete have always been girls. Trish + Peyton 4 EVA
fanfic  slash  rps  au  genderfuck  ***  a:gale  always.a.girl  patrick/pete  bandom 
march 2007 by doitninetimes
"Sheppard's Choice" by cupidsbow
so that I can write lines like, John has cross-dressed all his life. It's not his fault no one else has noticed. ALSO, OUCHY.
fanfic  gen  sga  angst  genderfuck  john.sheppard  rodney.mckay  ***  a:cupidsbow 
february 2007 by doitninetimes
completely painless by Helen (miserablefaith)
AU of the twenty-somethings-living-in-same-apartment-block variety. rated pg-13 because i'm not that kind of girl, but i swear like a sailor. oh and gerard wears chiffon. true story. except not.
fanfic  slash  au  rps  mcr  ray/gerard  ***  first.kiss  a:miserablefaith  crossdressing  genderfuck  bandom 
january 2007 by doitninetimes
You're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl) by trinityofone
Rodney crossed his arms under his breasts. "Well, this is stupid. And typical. Both my opportunities for hot gay sex and hot heterosexual sex are ruined!"
sga  fanfic  slash  het  genderfuck  bodyswap  mckay/sheppard  ***  laura.cadman  a:trinityofone 
january 2007 by doitninetimes
just like Virginia Woolf by Gale
"Okay. So you're a chick." OR, patrick turns into a girl. good times.
fanfic  slash  rps  ***  genderfuck  a:gale  patrick/pete  alicia  bandom  falloutboy 
december 2006 by doitninetimes
Not The World's Most Masculine Man by jzbell
"Admit it," Brendon said, leaning close and purring in Ryan's ear, "I'm pretty much the girl of your dreams."
fanfic  slash  rps  p!atd  **  genderfuck  a:jzbell  au  brendon/ryan  kink  bandom 
december 2006 by doitninetimes
Skin Deep by rivkat
the one where clark is turned into a girl for the summer.
smallville  clark/lex  fanfic  slash  genderfuck  ***  a:rivkat 
april 2006 by doitninetimes
This Is the Alternative by Scroll
"Nobody expects Jack. He's like the Spanish Inquisition." OR the one where they get rurned into girls
sg1  slash  jack/daniel  fanfic  transformation  genderfuck  **  a:scrollgirl 
march 2006 by doitninetimes
Human Vacillation by trinityofone
the one where lorne gets turned into a girl. and stuff happens.
sga  fanfic  slash  mckay/sheppard  genderfuck  ***  a:trinityofone 
march 2006 by doitninetimes
Of Drag Queens and Warrior Princesses by Susan Smith
xena uberfic, whatever that is. Reads like original stuff to me. Some parts are missing.
xena  original  fanfic  **  genderfuck  femslash 
february 2006 by doitninetimes
Girl Stuff and the Boys by GatewayGirl
The one where Herminone decides to be a boy, Draco likes looking like a girl, and Harry likes it all too.
HP  slash  threesome  crossdressing  harry.potter  hermione.granger  draco.malfoy  ***  genderfuck 
december 2005 by doitninetimes
The Perfect Wife by LinW
victorian au - snape as school teacher must marry
slash  au  harry.potter  severus.snape  HP  HP/SS  fanfic  **  genderfuck  a:linw 
september 2005 by doitninetimes

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