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Turn, Archer, and Heed the Wild Hunt - Mhalachai - Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis [Archive of Our Own]
In the summer of 1983, Clint Barton goes to live with his new foster mom in the middle of nowhere, Iowa. Now he just needs to figure out how negotiate this new life... and also what's up with all the strange things happening in the night.
This was utterly lovely.
avengers  narnia  crossover  clint.barton  susan.pevensie  via:norwich36  ***  a:mhalachai 
november 2018 by doitninetimes
Bucky Barnes Has His Shit Together (and Other Lies He Tells Himself), by betts
Rating: Mature
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: M/M
Fandom: Captain America (Movies)
Relationship: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers (past)
Character: James "Bucky" Barnes, Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Natasha Romanov
Additional Tags:
Alternate Universe - Bakery, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Artist Steve Rogers, War Veteran Bucky Barnes, Fluff, Humor, Christmas Fluff, Kid Fic, Divorce, Crafts, Babysitting, First Dates, Neighbors, Meet-Cute, Everything is Beautiful and Nothing Hurts, Tooth-Rotting Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, A Truly Obnoxious Amount of Kissing, Falling In Love, steve's questionable parenting methodology, bucky's rampant pinterest addiction, the author's blatant disregard for narrative structure
Published: 2015-12-05
Words: 14159

Summary: You’d think a guy who owns one of the most successful bakeries in Brooklyn, has a million-dollar smile and that antiquated good ol’ boy charm, blond hair and blue eyes and biceps for days, would know what’s what. But don’t let that fool you: Steve Rogers is a mess.
fanfic  avengers  steve/bucky  kid!fic  baking  via:tarastarr1  au  no-powers  ptsd  veteran  a:betts 
november 2018 by doitninetimes
When I Think (Oh, it Terrifies Me), by celli
Rating: Explicit
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: M/M
Fandom: The Avengers (2012)
Relationship: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Character: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Pepper Potts, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanov, Thor (Marvel), Clint Barton, Darcy Lewis, Phil Coulson, Stephen Strange
Additional Tags: Additional Warnings Apply, First Time, Present Tense, Telepathy, Tony hates magic, Community: cap_ironman
Published: 2012-05-03
Words: 8641

Summary: Look, some mornings you wake up and little green men are invading New York City; some mornings you wake up and you can hear Captain America's voice in your head. Tony has been an Avenger long enough that he saves his freakout for important things.
fanfic  avengers  steve/tony  via:tarastarr1  telepathy  a:celli 
november 2018 by doitninetimes
The Silver Age - copperbadge - Captain America (Movies), Captain America - All Media Types, Iron Man - All Media Types, Marvel, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
An alternate universe in which Tony Stark was born in 1950 and the Winter Soldier was recovered in 1967, after a failed attempt to assassinate Howard and Maria Stark.

The Soldier and the Hurricane:
When the Winter Soldier fails to kill Howard and Maria Stark and is taken prisoner in the summer of 1967, his salvation comes in the unlikely form of a Russian-speaking, father-disobeying, endlessly-tinkering seventeen-year-old: Tony Stark.

The Pretender and the Prince:
It's the fall of 1967, and Tony Stark is determined to do his father proud as the new head of Stark Robotics. Between his growing relationship with Tony and his new life as a recovering assassin, Bucky's just trying to stay on his feet. Then someone takes a shot at Tony in the middle of a busy workday, and all bets are off...

The Captain and the Ghost:
In the summer of 1970, Tony Stark is leading the expedition ship Marvel in search of the body of Steve Rogers. He has good friends with him: ship's captain Carol Danvers, medic Sam Wilson, best friend James Rhodes and boyfriend James Barnes, as well as scientist Vernon van Dyne and his daughter Janet. But they've also been assigned a diplomatic observer from the USSR named Natalia Romanoff, and the barren chill of Greenland is not the only threat dogging their search.

The Comrade and the Carnie:
The Stark Family And Adopted Waifs field trip to Coney Island to buy Natasha a hot dog started out with nine people and ended with ten. Well, Clint didn't take up much space and was impressively skilled...
The Music Room and the Penthouse:
Maria Stark makes a place for her son's many friends; Tony also makes his own place for them.

The Ranger and the Stray:
Clint Barton was always the kid brother in the background, until one day he definitely was not.

The Brother and the Mother:
Clint's brother shows up, and Clint disappears.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Tony/Bucky  first.time  copperbadge  au  au:mirror  au:historical  au:branching  ptsd  Clint/Coulson  other.ships  via:southerly 
july 2017 by doitninetimes
Si Creabis, Fit Redunda., allofthefeelings: I just had the world’s most...
ghost hunting and who could fight ghosts had to be paired with who could communicate with them (no one was both) and the rituals involved making a scythe to prove devotion.
fanfic  slash  avengers  au  a:copperbadge  steverogers/tonystark  ghosts  bonding  ***  short 
may 2016 by doitninetimes
To Stop My Mind From Wandering - Lynchy8 - Captain America - All Media Types, Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"Leaving the man – the mission – the mission who was a man who was also important, so important, more important than this mission… which was terrifying because nothing had ever been more important than a mission before… leaving That Man on the banks of the river, had been almost impossible."

After the fall of Hydra, Steve goes in search of Bucky in the hope of bringing him home. Meanwhile someone has broken into Steve's D.C. apartment, but what kind of burglar or assassin buys paint and drywall mud?
fic  avengers  steve/bucky  wordcount:10.000-25.000  via:nylara  bucky/steve 
september 2015 by doitninetimes
Fragile, Handle With Care by <user name="boopboop" site="">
When Tony purchases Baymax for Bucky, there are unintended consequences. (Hugging. There is hugging.) Adorable.
bighero6  avengers  via:victoria.p  crossover  fusion  marvel  a:boopboop  bucky.barnes 
march 2015 by doitninetimes
I wonder if I've been changed in the night? — Wow, OK, I had kind of conceptualized that Joss...
Wow, OK, I had kind of conceptualized that Joss Whedon post along the lines of “here are some random thoughts that I’m gonna store behind a cut in case a few people are interested,” not expecting so many people to reblog it. But since there was so much interest, I ended up thinking about it more. And the direction my thinking took me in was this: what is it that women find attractive in male and female characters, and to what extent does this match up with what men assume that women find attractive in these characters?

Here’s the thing: I honestly do not believe that Joss Whedon understands himself as writing for an exclusively male audience. I believe that he thinks to himself: “Wow! This is so great! I’m writing for girls, I’m writing to empower girls, I’m writing the characters that women want!” (For one thing, this is the line that has been fed to him by the media as a positive and important aspect of his work.) There are tons of male writers/directors who are very open about the fact that they are not interested in the female audience. (David Goyer comes to mind.) But Joss Whedon is not one of them. So what is going on with the disconnect between what he understands himself to be doing and what we see him doing?
meta  avengers  josswhedon  via:timberwolfoz 
september 2014 by doitninetimes
Trigger Finger by Deastar
Clint and Natasha, in the aftermath of The Avengers.

“I’m teaching a self-defense class here at SHIELD. Ms. Potts, Dr. Foster, Ms. Lewis.” Natasha pauses slightly. “Dr. Banner.” She lets him chew on that for a minute, and then says, “I’d appreciate your help with it.”
“They benched you to babysit me.” Clint’s mouth tightens. “Shit, Tasha – I don’t need—”
“I’d appreciate your help,” she repeats, cutting him off without hesitation.

A smart, sharp, and kind look at the characters.
fanfic  het  avengers  clint.barton  natasha.romanoff  clint.barton/natasha.romanoff  tony.stark  jane.foster  pepper.potts  phil.coulson  bruce.banner  deathfic  via:yasaman 
july 2014 by doitninetimes
I love you like rlb - tolieawake - Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
I love you like rlb has become a well-known, accepted and valuable component of American vernacular. The meaning of the letters 'rlb' is unknown, but is uniformly considered to be a statement of a great romantic love, commitment and sacrifice.

AHHHH OMG OMG THIS IS SO CUTE. I will read all the fics about Steve and Bucky's devotion to each other permeating popular culture.
avengers  steve/bucky  via:pearwaldorf  fanfic  bucky.barnes/  a:tolieawake  fluff  sweet  short  slash  mcu  bucky/steve 
may 2014 by doitninetimes
circus peanuts - dustbear
There are always kids that run away to the circus.
Sometimes, they're from good families, kids from the depths of suburbia, looking for a new, exciting life. The circus is just a grittier, dirtier, summer camp to them, a brief foray into the seedy underbelly of travelling entertainment. They always go home, eventually.
And, there are kids like Clint. Who have to learn to hit the bullseye every time, and split arrows on cue, who learn to balance on a tightrope blindfolded, who learn not to flinch when the knives hit the plywood only millimeters from their soft flesh. If they learn, they’ll thrive, and they’ll eat, and they’ll sleep, sometimes even with a sturdy roof over their heads.
Sometimes, much later, some of those kids - from both categories - grow up and become SHIELD agents.
fanfic  slash  avengers  backstory  circus  clint.barton  phil.coulson  clint.barton/phil.coulson  ***  @ao3  a:dustbear  via:starwire 
may 2014 by doitninetimes
nerdwegian - I've Been Waiting To Smile
"Why, Barton?" Coulson asks, voice strained with annoyance. "Why my bed? Why not your own?"
fanfic  slash  avengers  clint.barton/phil.coulson  short  explicit  @ao3  kink  a:nerdwegian  via:blissfire 
april 2014 by doitninetimes
Say Katie by thatdamneddame
"Clint's dating some girl named Katie except not really. Or, the Story of How Steve and Tony are Clueless."
fanfic  avengers  clint.barton/phil.coulson  kidfic  secret.relationship  a:thatdamneddame  ***  via:paintedmaypole 
march 2014 by doitninetimes
All destinations approximate - jonesandashes, pollyrepeat
“Jarvis, please refrain from killing me. I’m coming in to look at you.”

The one with time-traveling semi-homicidal robots.
fanfic  gan  mcu  avengers  ***  via:gaealynn  a:  jonesandashes  a:pollyrepeat  tony.stark  bruce.banner  jarvis 
march 2014 by doitninetimes
Occasion, Not Occasional
The Avengers keep crashing Phil and Clint's dates. They're both frustrated, but for different reasons.
fanfic  slash  avengers  marvel  clint.barton/phil.coulson  marriage  a:infiniteeight  **  via:loelitah 
march 2014 by doitninetimes
ask-agentcoulson - untitled
It’s a thin, knotted leather band, with a bell and two feathers attached. He starts to put it on his wrist, but she gives him a look like he’s an idiot, so he stops. “It goes on your ankle, Mr. Hawkeye.”
fanfic  avengers  clint.barton/phil.coulson  short  cute  kidfic  gifts  a:ask-agentcoulson  **  via:blissfire 
march 2014 by doitninetimes
for to save her shoes from gravel
I actually have this elaborate head-canon where the only reason Clint’s stuff has the purple-and-bullseye theme is that people keep giving him this shit. He doesn’t buy it on his own; he’s not that self aware, and he hates spending money on himself.

But, like, his first Christmas with the Avengers, Pietro decided to wind him up by giving him some kind of atrocious purple underwear or something, in a setting where he’d have to unwrap them in front of people. And Clint spoiled the joke by just being like “Hey, thanks man, I needed some of these, getting tired of going commando” and basically being too shameless to embarrass.

So it became this thing, which the other Avengers got in on, of giving Clint obnoxiously purple stuff. It took on a life of its own, so it kept up even when he wasn’t being Hawkeye. Any time an Avenger sees something in that particular family of violent purple, it’s like Pavlovian, yes, Clint must have this. Especially if it’s got a bullseye and/or ‘H’ on it, because something, eventually, has to reach some kind of tackiness event horizon even for him, except it never does.
fanfic  meta  avengers  marvel  clint.barton  headcanon  purple  clothing  hawkguy  hawkeye  via:timberwolfoz 
february 2014 by doitninetimes
Tropea by epeeblade
Clint and Phil are sent to Italy for what should be a quick and simple mission. Things don't exactly go according to plan.
avengers  fanfic  slash  clint.barton/phil.coulson  a:epeeblade  missionfic  **  via:tittakv 
january 2014 by doitninetimes
If You Give a Hulk a Lab Assistant (I Don't Think That's How That Story Goes) [tinnytins]
She's too young, too human, and altogether too ridiculous to be involved in all this, but for some reason she has a real knack for dealing with the Other Guy. And Thor. And Stark's ridiculously complex coffee machine.

The Hulk loves her first. As with most things, Bruce can't help but follow.
fanfic  avengers  het  rating:PG  darcy.lewis  bruce.banner  the.hulk  via:SwissMisstery 
january 2014 by doitninetimes
Lady!Coulson (Pt 3 of ?)
SHIELD is weird, even for a shadowy pseudogovernmental organization, so the day that Coulson walks into the canteen and says to Clint, “Barton, with me,” he doesn’t even think twice about it.
fanfic  avengers  clint.barton/phil.coulson  genderfuck  lady!coulson  a:prufrock  unfinished  wip  via:deydnis 
january 2014 by doitninetimes
Lady!Coulson (Pt 2 of ?)
After a while, Clint’s hind brain crush on Coulson matures into a resigned irritation with his own reflexive desire to please Coulson.
fanfic  avengers  clint.barton/phil.coulson  genderfuck  lady!coulson  a:prufrock  unfinished  wip  via:deydnis 
january 2014 by doitninetimes
Lady!Coulson (Pt 1 of ?)
Contrary to popular legend at SHIELD, Phil Coulson had nothing to do with Clint’s recruitment.
fanfic  avengers  clint.barton/phil.coulson  genderfuck  lady!coulson  a:prufrock  unfinished  wip  via:deydnis 
january 2014 by doitninetimes
like you for always - curiouslyfic - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]

In which Phil's supposed to raise the kid, Clint tries not to fail too hard, and the science bros pitch in. Who needs a village when you've got the Avengers?

Features: Clint Barton parenting; a baby in a canister; Hydra lab experiments; Coulson being fierce; science bros and Star Wars jokes; Master Assassin Twister; swinging in a Snugli; a toddler!Natasha clone in a Boo suit; and Nanny!Dummy.
fanfic  slash  avengers  au  bruce.banner/clint.barton  kidfic  deathfic  ***  a:curiouslyfic  via:fire_juggler 
january 2014 by doitninetimes
Resisting the Wind by Westgate (Harkpad)
Clint vanishes from the battle and wakes up a few blocks away from the action, and now he's sixteen. He doesn't know how the hell he ended up in NYC, but he knows he has to lay low. Clint's pretty good at laying low, even as a kid, and it takes a little while for Phil and the rest of the team to figure out what happened to him, and a while longer to actually find him. They also have to convince him that they can be trusted. It's magic, of course, but the kicker is that the spell comes with a terrible choice attached, and Clint is not in the best shape to be making choices about his own life.
fanfic  avengers  clint.barton/phil.coulson  established_relationship  injury/illness  kidfic  de-aging  magic  a:westgate  ***  via:caelulum 
january 2014 by doitninetimes
Means and Mendacity by Anonymous (The Avengers, Clint/Coulson, 38 800 words)
When a young thief named Clint Barton saves the lives of Lord and Lady Stark he finds himself caught up in a bewildering series of events, involving an unexpected fortune, an arranged marriage, a blackmail plot, and the full spectrum of spies, lies and secrets.

An unashamedly ridiculous Regency romance.

// Thoroughly delightful <3
fanfic  slash  avengers  au  au.historical  au.regency  marriage  virginity  secrets  clint.barton/phil.coulson  ***  a:anon  ~saved  via:inna 
january 2014 by doitninetimes
We Are (Not) Soldiers - arsenicarcher (Arsenic)
the one where they are kidnapped by aliens and forced to fight other aliens, gladiator style.
fanfic  avengers  moresome  rhodey  tony.stark  pepper.pots  natasha.romanov  kidnapping  hurt/comfort  ***  a:arsenicjade  ~saved 
december 2013 by doitninetimes
Been Looking At You Forever - torakowalski
the one where Clint and Phil start buddy-fucking. Backdrop: Stark and Pepper are getting married and there is an assassination plot.
fanfic  slash  avengers  clint.barton/phil.coulson  new.relationship  misunderstanding  fuckbuddies  fake.relationship  explicit  hot  ***  a:torakowalski  ~saved 
december 2013 by doitninetimes
Chance and a Black Dog - AdamantSteve - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"After the battle of New York, Clint's not doing so great. Is the great big black dog he keeps seeing real or imaginary?"

Cute post-Avengers movie fix-it. Clint/Phil
fanfic  avengers  clint.barton/phil.coulson  weresomething  a:adamantsteve  **  via:panella 
december 2013 by doitninetimes
What the Deep Heart Means - unpossible
Clint doesn’t want to go out. Doesn’t want to make conversation, doesn’t even want to eat. But he can’t show any of that, not if he doesn’t want to be rendered inactive by the psychs. Being useful is all he has left.

What he does want, mostly, is to be taken out back like Old Yeller. But that isn’t an option. He doesn’t get the easy way out.
fanfic  au  avengers  clint.barton/phil.coulson  angst  ***  hot  a:unpossible  omc  via:cita 
december 2013 by doitninetimes
Thumpety thump thump
Clint is on a desperate mission to commandeer everyone's freezer space. Phil is in desperate need of a freezer.
fanfic  gen  avengers  clint.barton/phil.coulson  crackfic  snowman  short  a:pollyrepeat  via:LilyC 
december 2013 by doitninetimes
Land of Enchantment | visiblemarket
Clint Barton gets cock-blocked by a bunch of people he hasn't even met yet, but it all works out in the end.

(Or, Clint Barton's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week.) //

It's like SHIELD is actively trying to keep Clint from getting laid (more). I would almost be convinced this is Fury's passive-aggressive punishment for something. Charming and funny in the middle of a well-established relationship.
fanfic  slash  avengers  clint.barton/phil.coulson  a:visiblemarket  via:blueMeridian 
november 2013 by doitninetimes
Rating: PG (language, blood, vague allusions to violence)
Gen, no pairing
Summary: SHIELD has been trying to head-hunt Retrieval Specialist Eliot Spencer for a while now.
Word count: 4156
fanfic  leverage  avengers  shield  gen  phil.coulson  eliot.spencer  a:lmx_v3point3  via:lmx_v3point3 
september 2013 by doitninetimes
Princess Power by hermione_vader
Girls under the age of ten absolutely love Thor. They love his flowing blonde locks, they love that he is a prince, they love that he travels to Earth on a rainbow bridge, they love his outfit with the cape and the giant winged helmet, they love that Thor's nephew is an eight-legged pony. Thor is every little girl's dream. And Thor absolutely loves his fanbase right back. He visits the Girl Scouts and helps them earn badges (although he's confused as to why there's no "Fighting Gloriously in Battle" badge), he allows Disney to use his image so that they can make animated cartoons with him as an honorary "Disney Princess", etc. etc.
avengers  thor  gen  fanfic  kidfic  cute  kinkmeme  ***  a:hermione_vader 
july 2013 by doitninetimes
Princess Power
Thor was in the middle of giving a series of high fives to some young men when a small someone tugged on the edge of his cape. [Thor and his fanbase: so perfect. HEE.]
avengers  gen  thor  fanfic  via:butterflykiki 
june 2013 by doitninetimes
Groundwater by legete
kind of the best Darcy Lewis fic of all time. Well, mainly the bit at the end. But all of it is pretty great too.
darcy.lewis  avengers  ~saved  ***  a:legete  het  huddle.for.warmth  fanfic  darcy/steve  from delicious
february 2013 by doitninetimes
Two SHIELD Agents Walk Into A Bar - psalmoflife
When Phil Coulson's blind date doesn't show, he ends up having dinner with the guy at the other end of the bar, who's also been stood up. Clint is handsome and surprisingly sweet, and it starts to turn into something serious.
fanfic  slash  avengers  clint.barton/phil.coulson  ***  a:psalmoflife  secret.identity  ~saved  from delicious
january 2013 by doitninetimes
Winner Takes It All by ???
Tony can't figure out if Clint and Agent are married or not, so he does the next logical thing: he stars a betting pool.
fanfic  slash  outsider!pov  avengers  ***  tony.stark  multiple.pov  a:anon  clint.barton/phil.coulson  from delicious
november 2012 by doitninetimes
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