Pink Trombone
Fully controllable physical speech simulator. If only if was scriptable!
speech  simulation  audio 
4 days ago
A Pirate's take on Strategy vs Tactics | Diogo Mónica
Succinct take on the difference between strategy and tactics, within the context of who is responsible for each.
business  strategy  tactics  game 
15 days ago
The Vimes Boots Theory: Further Reflections | siderea
Economic and social instruction in one family-sized bundle
class  economics  essay 
16 days ago
People with depression use language differently – here’s how to spot it
Language is made up of content (meaning), and style (how we express).
Depressive symptoms correlate with changes in both areas.
emotion  learning  language  sociology 
19 days ago
Robespierre the Incorruptible, Robespierre the Daemonic - Waggish
Contemporary political analysis of Robespierre's flawed brilliance, and how it lead, with seeming inevitability, to his scapegoating and downfall. Absolutism seems to be required to *cause* change, but bears a heavy price *during* change.
politics  philosophy  morality  ethics  speaking  sociology 
29 days ago
Snowboarding for Geeks: An Ultimate Guide - Xfive
Not that I'm IN ANY WAY thinking about snowboarding again. But, if I was, this would be a pretty good introduction. Besides, I'm still younger than that guy who started in his middle-to-late years.
sport  howto  introduction 
5 weeks ago
Jerry Saltz: How to Be an Artist
Or anything else that requires you to hold nothing back.
art  howto  article 
7 weeks ago
Japanese ghost stories dwell in the spirit of their times | Aeon Essays
Those who have left us retain a place in our lives. The question is how we engage with them.
storytelling  mythology  folklore 
7 weeks ago
Scaling Up - The Dragon: Fear and Power | Tom Shippey - Literary Review
Very light but broad-ranging discussion of the renewed age of dragon exploration.
worldbuilding  culture  story  mythology 
9 weeks ago
The 35 best science-fiction movies since Blade Runner
Come for the list, stay for the comments. As usual.
culture  fiction  scifi  list  movie 
10 weeks ago
Always Beginning by David Naimon | Poetry Foundation
Peering into the verse of Ursula K. LeGuin. Also contains references to other poets I would like to know better.
poetry  writing  list 
12 weeks ago
WebAssembly's post-MVP future: A cartoon skill tree - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
I'm not saving this post simply because it is an exciting preview of what's to come for WebAssembly (which it is), nor because it is a great balance of technical details and high-level overview (also true).

My favorite thing about this article is its structure. It's a masterpiece of technical writing. It takes a very big problem, chops it up into digestible bits, introduces them in a sensible order, all of which build up to a grand conclusion which seems obvious in hindsight, but was impenetrable at the beginning. Well done!
writing  technology 
12 weeks ago
Solving Sol
A fun approach to translation of ideas (Sol's descriptions) into individualized art pieces. Works with code, of course, but fun for art literacy or similar efforts.
art  code  javascript  teaching  kids 
october 2018
Domain Storytelling
Domain Driven Design and Storytelling is a structured method for building familiarity with a given domain by conversing with the domain experts, and building (initially) simple diagrams that describe actual workflows.

"Domain-Driven Design is a language and domain-centric approach to software design for complex problem domains." – Scott Millet
analysis  design  story  storytelling 
october 2018
Ways people trying to do good accidentally make things worse, and how to avoid them - 80,000 Hours
List of both obvious and subtle pitfalls in trying to make changes for good. Because we work in an in increasingly connected world, our unprepared or misguided efforts can cause lasting harm to fragile but important fields. Work with humility, cooperation, and deliberation.
change_the_world  howto  toread  ethics  prepare 
october 2018
Python's New Package Landscape
It's not so much "getting better" as it is "coalescing", which should lead to getting better. But, not yet.
python  sweng 
october 2018
Living Off the Land – The Command and Control Phase | eSentire
The whole series is both a good overview, and a list of some relevant tools in this emerging space.
swtool  article  security 
october 2018
Metaworld Chronicles | Royal Road
More wuxia, but this time based on D&D 5E. Characters are flat, as usual, and no more than the sum of their parts, but it sure is an interesting, though skewed, porthole into Chinese academics and social life.
fiction  reading  incomplete  story  fantasy 
october 2018
12 Factor CLI Apps – Jeff Dickey – Medium
Decent checklist of features and standards for command-line utils.
development  command  guide  tip 
october 2018
Sans Forgetica
A font designed to help you remember, based on cognitive and neural science research. Would it work well for flashcards?
design  font  learning 
october 2018
Madagascar Vanilla - Bracing for the Vanilla Boom - SAPIENS
One of the many subtle traps of inequality: not everyone can even use huge windfalls of cash in the rare event that they get one.
frontline  economics  culture  money  capitalism 
september 2018
Prepaid Data SIM Card Wiki | Wikia
While hosted on an unlikely domain, this is packed with info on SIM cards all over the world.
data  travel  tips  howto 
september 2018
This to That (Glue Advice)
A couple of drop-down lists, and a comprehensive set of product choices and instructions for gluing. Hyper-specialized!
swtool  craft  diy 
september 2018
One Small Step on Vimeo
Inspirational video on the importance of family, and sticking to your dreams.
video  animation  kids  towatch 
september 2018
Commonplace - The Commoncog Blog
Lots of good book summaries, centered around topics I care about
summary  books  blog  howto  career 
september 2018
On compositionality – Jules Hedges
Compositionality as the opposite of emergent effects. He claims that "non-compositionality is a barrier to scientific understanding, because it breaks the reductionist methodology of always dividing a system into smaller components and translating explanations into lower levels."

Of course, this implies that we will attempt to export compositionality to higher and lower domains than we are currently capable of reasoning about.
compsci  sweng  philosophy 
september 2018
Diversity Cross Check • Our (Non-Comprehensive) List of Fairytales
Eastern origin "fairy tales". Tumblr, so maybe check this once in a while, and move the collection to somewhere more reliable.
list  story  research  writing  worldbuilding 
september 2018
Opinion | How to Make a Big Decision - The New York Times
Some reference points on the science of making important decisions: 1) Have more than one "yes or no" choice, 2) Consult diversity, 3) Plan things to get better, worse, and weird, 4) Hold a pre-mortem, 5) List values that affect the decision, and 6) Rank each option based on those values.
choice  analysis  tool  psychology  plan 
september 2018
The Tools I Use To Write Books - Thorsten Ball
As the author points out, the only tool you really need "is a program that allows you to write text into a file." (And maybe not even that, if your name is Neal Stephenson.) But, the pipeline described here is minimal, effective, and clear.
books  publishing  writing  swtool  list 
september 2018
Value-Oriented Programming | matt.diephouse.com
Further separation of logic and effects, demonstrated with a simple model. Requires no mocks for testing, and is more extensible than interfaces (protocols) alone.
code  sweng 
august 2018
Patterns — Gordon Brander
A collection of "loose notes, design patterns, rules-of-thumb, methods of enquiry, tools, cheatsheets, gimmicks, leverage points, descriptions of systems, key questions, risks, and unknowns."
design  reference  sweng  swdev 
august 2018
Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System - The Donella Meadows Project
A just-beneath-the-surface look at a hierarchical list of leverage points in complex systems.
philosophy  ethics  systems  design  worldbuilding 
august 2018
Fear of Macros
A practical guide to Racket macros
racket  language  compsci  reference 
august 2018
A Visual, Intuitive Guide to Imaginary Numbers – BetterExplained
I got excited by the walk-through on rotating a course heading by a specific number of degrees, without using trig!
math  reference  tutorial  visualization  howto 
august 2018
Ethical OS
Focused on tech, with an emphasis on web-based business. But, applicable to any new, potentially "transformative" product. An adequate foundation for a discussion.
culture  ethics  innovation  technology  design 
august 2018
A little bump in the wire that makes your Internet faster
... If you're on DSL, or other lower-speed, bursty media. Which we are! You do need a router capable of running openwrt, which I guess is the latest hotness. OK.
home  networking  diy 
august 2018
Micro chess / DIY - YouTube
Not sure how achievable this is with the current tool set
diy  chess  project 
august 2018
A visual/textual, dual-representation language for interactive data manipulation
dataflow  programming  data  interactive  visualization 
august 2018
The SNOW Home Page
A tool for exploiting the Steganographic Nature Of Whitespace.
swtool  crypto 
july 2018
Stencila: An open source office suite for reproducible research
Got to keep any eye on this one; it's in Beta right now. At first glance it looks like an expanded iPython Notebook.
python  swtool  research 
july 2018
chubin/cheat.sh: the only cheat sheet you need
Wow. Interactive, polyglot micro-hints, accessible from the command-line.
programming  swtool  tip  tostudy 
july 2018
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