One Small Step on Vimeo
Inspirational video on the importance of family, and sticking to your dreams.
video  animation  kids  towatch 
18 hours ago
Commonplace - The Commoncog Blog
Lots of good book summaries, centered around topics I care about
summary  books  blog  howto  career 
4 days ago
On compositionality – Jules Hedges
Compositionality as the opposite of emergent effects. He claims that "non-compositionality is a barrier to scientific understanding, because it breaks the reductionist methodology of always dividing a system into smaller components and translating explanations into lower levels."

Of course, this implies that we will attempt to export compositionality to higher and lower domains than we are currently capable of reasoning about.
compsci  sweng  philosophy 
15 days ago
Diversity Cross Check • Our (Non-Comprehensive) List of Fairytales
Eastern origin "fairy tales". Tumblr, so maybe check this once in a while, and move the collection to somewhere more reliable.
list  story  research  writing  worldbuilding 
16 days ago
Opinion | How to Make a Big Decision - The New York Times
Some reference points on the science of making important decisions: 1) Have more than one "yes or no" choice, 2) Consult diversity, 3) Plan things to get better, worse, and weird, 4) Hold a pre-mortem, 5) List values that affect the decision, and 6) Rank each option based on those values.
choice  analysis  tool  psychology  plan 
16 days ago
The Tools I Use To Write Books - Thorsten Ball
As the author points out, the only tool you really need "is a program that allows you to write text into a file." (And maybe not even that, if your name is Neal Stephenson.) But, the pipeline described here is minimal, effective, and clear.
books  publishing  writing  swtool  list 
16 days ago
Value-Oriented Programming | matt.diephouse.com
Further separation of logic and effects, demonstrated with a simple model. Requires no mocks for testing, and is more extensible than interfaces (protocols) alone.
code  sweng 
21 days ago
Patterns — Gordon Brander
A collection of "loose notes, design patterns, rules-of-thumb, methods of enquiry, tools, cheatsheets, gimmicks, leverage points, descriptions of systems, key questions, risks, and unknowns."
design  reference  sweng  swdev 
21 days ago
Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System - The Donella Meadows Project
A just-beneath-the-surface look at a hierarchical list of leverage points in complex systems.
philosophy  ethics  systems  design  worldbuilding 
5 weeks ago
Fear of Macros
A practical guide to Racket macros
racket  language  compsci  reference 
6 weeks ago
A Visual, Intuitive Guide to Imaginary Numbers – BetterExplained
I got excited by the walk-through on rotating a course heading by a specific number of degrees, without using trig!
math  reference  tutorial  visualization  howto 
6 weeks ago
Ethical OS
Focused on tech, with an emphasis on web-based business. But, applicable to any new, potentially "transformative" product. An adequate foundation for a discussion.
culture  ethics  innovation  technology  design 
6 weeks ago
A little bump in the wire that makes your Internet faster
... If you're on DSL, or other lower-speed, bursty media. Which we are! You do need a router capable of running openwrt, which I guess is the latest hotness. OK.
home  networking  diy 
6 weeks ago
Micro chess / DIY - YouTube
Not sure how achievable this is with the current tool set
diy  chess  project 
6 weeks ago
A visual/textual, dual-representation language for interactive data manipulation
dataflow  programming  data  interactive  visualization 
6 weeks ago
The SNOW Home Page
A tool for exploiting the Steganographic Nature Of Whitespace.
swtool  crypto 
10 weeks ago
Stencila: An open source office suite for reproducible research
Got to keep any eye on this one; it's in Beta right now. At first glance it looks like an expanded iPython Notebook.
python  swtool  research 
10 weeks ago
chubin/cheat.sh: the only cheat sheet you need
Wow. Interactive, polyglot micro-hints, accessible from the command-line.
programming  swtool  tip  tostudy 
10 weeks ago
interfluidity » Authority
Descriptions of hard and soft power as means of coordinating human behavior. A compelling perspective.
society  culture  authority  philosophy  ethics  worldbuilding 
10 weeks ago
Empowering Reason | Kialo
An ambitious if slightly off-key approach to enabling structured and reusable arguments
society  culture  reason  debate 
10 weeks ago
Parallax | by Margaret Trauth and Nick Brienza
Caught this one just as it got started. Looks very cool!
webcomics  inprogress  scifi  fantasy 
june 2018
Comic Artist Maps the History of Languages with a Linguistic Tree
The split between Indo-European and Uralic is fascinating. Are there really no documented common roots. How old is that split?
art  linguistics  worldbuilding  language 
june 2018
The significance of plot without conflict - still eating oranges
An explanation (with comics!) of kishōtenketsu, an type of story structure used that avoids conflict, though not tension. Used to great effect in "My Neighbor Totoro".
writing  story  structure  philosophy 
june 2018
Susan Sontag: Notes On "Camp"
Susan Sontag, on that-which-can-only-be-named.
culture  philosophy 
june 2018
Advanced computing with IPython [LWN.net]
That's right! I forgot that iPython on Jupyter are magic!
ipython  python  swtool  tip 
june 2018
How to make a difference with your career - 80,000 Hours
A site bout the world’s most pressing problems and how you can use your career to solve them.
advice  career  ethics 
june 2018
How to Make Rich, Flavorful Caramel Without Melting Sugar | Serious Eats
Sugar carmelizes separately from melting, in a process known as thermal decomposition. Bonus: it's retains its shelf life while gaining amazing caramel flavor!
recipe  cooking 
may 2018
Is there a role for religion in international development? | Aeon Essays
A one-sided discussion between the author of the article (Manini Sheker) and the author the book "Development as Freedom" by Amartya Sen. Here, Sheker uses the 1999 book as a way to prompt questions about the absence of religion in that Nobel Prize-winning work.
religion  ethics  culture  morality  economics 
may 2018
The best of Python: a collection of my favorite articles from 2017 and 2018 (so far)
A "best of" list for the year, as a collection of Python modules/articles.
article  programming  python  toread  list  tip 
may 2018
Ditch the Batteries: Off-Grid Compressed Air Energy Storage - LOW-TECH MAGAZINE
A relatively new area of research, exploiting low-pressure, high-efficiency compressed air systems for energy storage comparable with lead-acid batteries.
diy  energy  grid 
may 2018
Why read old philosophy? | Meteuphoric
Why the wordlbuilding tag? Because this explanation captures something important about the way we learn things in a Western mindset, and how we might do otherwise.
culture  history  philosophy  worldbuilding  learning  writing 
may 2018
Epsilon Theory
Not quite sure what this is yet, but I like it
toread  philosophy  ethics  finance  blog 
may 2018
Coins and Scrolls: OSR: Death, Taxes, and Death Taxes
Wow. Great examples of how D&D-style looting would work in a medieval society. Sucks to be pretty much anybody but a feudal lord a few rungs up the ladder.
rpg  game  tip  writing 
may 2018
51 Examples of Growth Hacking Strategies & Techniques From The World’s Most Innovative Businesses
I couldn't even bring myself to get to number five on this list, but it at least serves an as accessible, if simple, collection of pointers.
marketing  tips 
may 2018
To This Day Project | Shane Koyczan
Slam poetry on the power of names, of words, of hope
video  poetry 
may 2018
Moving Fast and Securing Things – Several People Are Coding | Slack
Great use of checklists as part of the software life-cycle to integrate security considerations from the beginning.
programming  security  process  qa  sweng 
may 2018
City as Character | Lapham’s Quarterly
Changed my understanding of how to approach a novel such as Joyce's "Ulysses"
art  writing  howto 
may 2018
Harry Potter: The Importance of Antagonists | The Artifice
Nice write-up of the primary antagonistic themes of each Harry Potter novel, in order. Spoilers ahoy.
writing  philosophy  analysis 
may 2018
ink - inkle's narrative scripting language | Inkle
A very cool language and open-source engine for advanced branching narratives.
interactive  writing  swtool  storytelling 
april 2018
Notes on structured concurrency, or: Go statement considered harmful — njs blog
A high-level description of a new concurrency primitive called a "nursery" that handles the creation and termination of child threads. According to the author, this can have the same benefit for threaded programming that eliminating the "goto" statement had for structured programming.
compsci  concurrency 
april 2018
Tetrad | Carnegie Mellon University
Tetrad is a program which creates, simulates data from, estimates, tests, predicts with, and searches for causal and statistical models. It is unique in the suite of principled search ("exploration", "discovery") algorithms it provides--for example its ability to search when there may be unobserved confounders of measured variables, to search for models of latent structure, and to search for linear feedback models--and in the ability to calculate predictions of the effects of interventions or experiments based on a model.
analysis  software  statistics  model  swtool  opensource 
april 2018
A Taxonomy of Tech Debt | Riot Games Engineering
Interesting metrics for technical debt, proposed by a lead engineer on the League of Legends project.
sweng  development  software  engineering 
april 2018
A Master List of 1,300 Free Courses From Top Universities: 45,000 Hours of Audio/Video Lectures | Open Culture
A wide array of video lectures available for free on many different topics both broad and narrow.
learn  free  video  lecture 
april 2018
The Effective Tech Lead is a 100x Engineer – Hacker Noon
The tech lead has one foot in management and the other in engineering.
career  engineering  leadership  management 
march 2018
Fractions in The Farey Sequences and the Stern-Brocot Tree
A couple of interesting way of ordering fractions. I have no idea why this caught my interest today; I keep thinking of a race of intelligent creatures for whom these are their native methods.
march 2018
Number Systems of the World | TAKASUGI Shinji
Different counting systems from actual human languages, along with translations of what each number literally means, from 1 to 100
march 2018
The Snow Queen | Hans Christian Anderson
A familiar tale, told in the classic way
story  writing 
march 2018
Balance | YouTube
This short film won Academy Award for Best Animated Short of 1989. My memory of it can't be from much later.
video  storytelling 
march 2018
The Cactus | O Henry
A brief moral tale on the importance of honesty. Perhaps a good short-story candidate.
writing  story  storytelling 
march 2018
Understanding word vectors: A tutorial for "Reading and Writing Electronic Text" | Allison Parish
Create analogies, find the average vector of a sentence, and compare the moon with green cheese!
nlp  python  vector  word 
march 2018
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