Tetrad | Carnegie Mellon University
Tetrad is a program which creates, simulates data from, estimates, tests, predicts with, and searches for causal and statistical models. It is unique in the suite of principled search ("exploration", "discovery") algorithms it provides--for example its ability to search when there may be unobserved confounders of measured variables, to search for models of latent structure, and to search for linear feedback models--and in the ability to calculate predictions of the effects of interventions or experiments based on a model.
analysis  software  statistics  model  swtool  opensource 
4 days ago
A Taxonomy of Tech Debt | Riot Games Engineering
Interesting metrics for technical debt, proposed by a lead engineer on the League of Legends project.
sweng  development  software  engineering 
10 days ago
A Master List of 1,300 Free Courses From Top Universities: 45,000 Hours of Audio/Video Lectures | Open Culture
A wide array of video lectures available for free on many different topics both broad and narrow.
learn  free  video  lecture 
11 days ago
The Effective Tech Lead is a 100x Engineer – Hacker Noon
The tech lead has one foot in management and the other in engineering.
career  engineering  leadership  management 
24 days ago
Fractions in The Farey Sequences and the Stern-Brocot Tree
A couple of interesting way of ordering fractions. I have no idea why this caught my interest today; I keep thinking of a race of intelligent creatures for whom these are their native methods.
4 weeks ago
Number Systems of the World | TAKASUGI Shinji
Different counting systems from actual human languages, along with translations of what each number literally means, from 1 to 100
4 weeks ago
The Snow Queen | Hans Christian Anderson
A familiar tale, told in the classic way
story  writing 
6 weeks ago
Balance | YouTube
This short film won Academy Award for Best Animated Short of 1989. My memory of it can't be from much later.
video  storytelling 
6 weeks ago
The Cactus | O Henry
A brief moral tale on the importance of honesty. Perhaps a good short-story candidate.
writing  story  storytelling 
6 weeks ago
Understanding word vectors: A tutorial for "Reading and Writing Electronic Text" | Allison Parish
Create analogies, find the average vector of a sentence, and compare the moon with green cheese!
nlp  python  vector  word 
7 weeks ago
Voyages in sentence space | Robin Sloan
Explorations of word vectors around an original
ai  word  language  nlp 
7 weeks ago
Perpetual Flip Calendar - Album on Imgur
Pretty nice for what this guy calls "just a proof of concept"
diy  project  woodworking  calendar 
7 weeks ago
Weird Astronomy - Atomic Rockets
Collection of intriguing astronomic events and anomalies from our actual universe.
science  astronomy  worldbuilding  universe  list 
8 weeks ago
25 Ways to Cultivate Intrinsic Motivation - InformED
Nice list of ways to foster persistent motivation in a learning environment
reference  tip  list  motivation  learning  teaching 
8 weeks ago
My Python Development Environment, 2018 Edition « Jacob Kaplan-Moss
Latest set of recommendations. Many of these requirements for an environment line up with my own.
development  environment  python  swtool  howto  tip 
8 weeks ago
A Global Optimization Algorithm Worth Using | dlib C++ Library
I've found,as this article suggests, that optimizing machine learning algorithms is an unpredictable and frustrating task. Here's a function that creates much better educated guesses, in far less time than many other methods.
ai  machine  learning  optimization  reference 
8 weeks ago
My professional opinion as a blockchain researcher: I don’t see the point (yet) | J.M. Korhonen
While the opinion is valuable, the links to related papers are just as interesting; especially the ones on private blockchains, and smart contracts.
blockchain  bitcoin  economics  technology 
9 weeks ago
Web ISA Database LOD endpoint
Jumping off point for queries into the semantic network of is-a relationships
semantic  relationship  compsci  linguistic  machine  learning  network 
10 weeks ago
Why the Culture Wins: An Appreciation of Iain M. Banks – Sci Phi Journal
A particularly cogent summary of the subversive Banks's works. I especially like the off-hand observation that '"Getting to know someone," in our society, involves asking them about the choices they have made in life, not the circumstances they were born into.' This implies a great deal about how to evaluate cultures' values.
books  culture  politics  scifi  writing  philosophy  worldbuilding 
10 weeks ago
Books with Full-Text Online | MetPublications | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Fifty years of Met publications on art history, available to read, download and search for free
art  book  free  reference  resource  history 
10 weeks ago
A Strategy for Ruination: An interview with China Miéville | Boston Review
Miéville describes, in this written interview, what so appeals to me about his writing: 'Of the various concepts that are politically/aesthetically powerful and formative—helpful—to me, salvage has for a long time been primus inter pares. Word-magic. A retconned syncretic backformation from “salvation” and “garbage.” A homage to, rather than repudiation of, the trash-world wanderers and breakfasters-among-the-ruins that always transfixed me. An undefeated despair: “despair” because it’s done, this is a dystopia, a worsening one, and dreams of interceding just in time don’t just miss the point but are actively unhelpful; “undefeated” because it is worth fighting even for ashes, because there are better and much, much worse ways of being too late. Because and yet.'

In a present so filled with "fake news" that the possibility of real news fades, not just from memory, but from the space of future and even past possibilities, the junk-heap edges from the "anti-property" of privilege to the best and last source of hope.

'...However tempting it is to turn necessities into virtues, it is a dreadful mistake. By any means necessary, of course. Which does not mean the celebration of any necessary means, still less the deflation of what counts as “necessary,” still less “by any means.”'

The struggle for a new approach is urgent and vital, but celebrating the means risks glorifying the psychopathies that have brought us to the dire present.
society  philosophy  sociology  writing  politics 
12 weeks ago
The good guy/bad guy myth | Aeon
There's a lot to disagree with in this essay on the changes to folklore over the last two centuries. However, it's clear that they HAVE changed, even if the nature of those changes is debatable.

The larger point seems to be about the consistency of the "good guy/bad guy" focus across our retconned pop-culture myths, particularly those about super-heroes. I tend to think this is a result of the pressure to widen our ideas of "tribe", rather than the strictly nationalistic agenda the article proffers.
mythology  folklore  worldbuilding  story  psychology 
12 weeks ago
Guaranteed Minimum Agriculture – Simon Sarris – Medium
An alternative to the growing Universal Basic Income proposals.
economics  philosophy  politics  well-being 
january 2018
How to Think Like a Medieval Monk | Lapham’s Quarterly
A series of exercises and insights supposedly employed by Cistercian monk near the beginning of last millennium, with the goal of improving mental health relative to spiritual goals. Great for the description of Tutivillus alone.
gtd  philosophy  practice  meditation 
january 2018
Mastercrafts Series | YouTube
A newly-introduced series of videos introducing raw, but motivated, beginners to a traditional craft, as taught by masters of that craft.
diy  learning  low-tech 
january 2018
Reality has a surprising amount of detail | John Salvatier
Uses the example of building a flight of stairs to illuminate the essentially messy nature of reality.
writing  cognition  worldbuilding 
january 2018
CryPixels Free by CrySoftware
Takeaway: Sketch regions that enforce certain classes of states, instead of specific states. The intro video shows how to create sprites.
worldbuilding  procedural  generator 
december 2017
Frontiers for Young Minds: Science edited for kids, by kids
This open-access journal has articles written by practicing scientists, but peer-reviewed by kids. Sounds like a joke, or a game show, but actually produces fascinating, digestible articles.
education  kids  papers  learning 
december 2017
Photopea | edit Photoshop files online
Online image editor that aims to match (and extend) Photoshop's feature set, without the vendor lock-in. Supposedly runs offline once loaded.
image  editor  swtool  offline 
december 2017
Tricks of the trade: Recursion to Iteration, Part 1: The Simple Method, secret features, and accumulators | Tom Moertel’s Blog
First in a four-part series. While the examples are in Python (and motivated by a failure of the Py interpreter), the algorithm itself is valid anywhere.
programming  python  recursion  algorithm 
december 2017
AVATAR Therapy for Auditory Hallucinations: If You Can't Beat the Voices, Join Them | MD Magazine
Fascinating therapy for schizophrenic patients, where a therapist-controlled avatar, representing the voice a patient hears, slowly yields control to the patient. Most encouraging is that 83% of patients in this trial experienced a reduction in auditory verbal hallucinations after 12 weeks.
december 2017
What the SATs Taught Us about Finding the Perfect Fit | Stitch Fix Technology – Multithreaded
Using statistical estimates, and lots of data, to learn the "true size" of both customers and clothing.
statistics  algorithm 
december 2017
PsyToolkit’s experiment library
Explanations and interactive surveys related to cognitive psychology.
psychology  sociology  free  swtool 
december 2017
Design Principles
Fledgling site intended to collect (but not yet curate?) examples of design principles verbalized by sites or people who are successful.
design  guide  list  philosophy  interactive 
december 2017
Subjective Logic | Audun Jøsang
Extension of binary and probabilistic logic to include subjective opinions. Extends further to formalize the nature of derived trust, and subjective bayesian belief networks.
ai  philosophy  reference  statistics  math  probability  reason 
december 2017
Quantum Computing Explained | Clerro
Smells a bit funny, the site does, but I don't see anything obviously incorrect about the material.
physics  quantum  tutorial  toread 
december 2017
Starry Sky Envelope – spoon & tamago
Very cool little envelope that contains a bit more than you'd think.
gift  craft 
december 2017
Wood Turning-Bonin Islands style (rocks glass)/resin/secret wood/food safe - YouTube
Fantastic overview of a food-safe cup, combining natural burnt wood, paint, and epoxy to create a circular landscape. Gorgeous.
woodworking  craft  project  lathe 
december 2017
(2) 手技TEWAZA「箱根寄木細工」Japan Hakone Marquetry - YouTube
Some insights into how the traditional Japanese woodworking art of marquetry (hakone) works. With modern tools, none of this looks out of reach.
woodworking  video  howto  craft 
december 2017
The Review Index
Collects reviews from an Amazon product page, and extracts groups of sentiments about different features of the product. Currently supports electronics products only.
amazon  reference  review 
december 2017
2011 Knight Costume | Flickr
Cardboard armor, piece by piece!
craft  diy  costume 
december 2017
Loper OS
A gateway to a peculiar shadow-realm I've occasionally visited involuntarily, or half-asleep. Stepping through while waking makes a bit more sense.
blog  compsci  philosophy 
november 2017
Concise electronics for geeks | Michael Zlewski
A site that I happen across every five to eight years. Seriously. In any case, This guide hits the tricky middle area between rank beginner and mathematically obsessive, a surprisingly narrow band in the enthusiast circles.
electronic  reference  tutorial  diy 
november 2017
Skyrim rendered in text – Filip Hracek – Medium
Not what I originally thought at all, but a pleasant surprise. Instead of some image-to-human-language translation, he's talking about a game that's as deep and interesting as Skyrim, but describable instead of renderable (necessarily a superset). The level-of-detail discussion is not bad.
worldbuilding  procedural  writing  game 
november 2017
Using better CLIs | Nikita Sobolev
Stashing this list of *nix command-line tools for the list, and the link to a prior article on the same site. Some source/OS recommendations that seem promising, especially in the comments.
linux  command  swtool  list  tip 
november 2017
Folktale Structure as the Key to the Success of the Harry Potter Series | Dr. Joel B. Hunter
Uses Propp's Morphology to encode, structure, and analyze the content of each book, as well as the series as a whole.
worldbuilding  writing  paper  culture  storytelling 
october 2017
Defining the Demonic | The Public Domain Review
I'm not sure why I like this article about Jacques Collin de Plancy’s "Dictionnaire infernal". Perhaps it's the insight of the tension of "a man stuck between logic and faith", struggling to bridge the irreconcilable realities and demands of two worlds. While I do resonate with that, the fascinating part to me is less the desire to do so, and more the attempt to canonize that tension, and make it a resting spot of its own. A doomed, but common, approach that makes a good lesson.
review  writing  philosophy  mythology 
october 2017
Ohm: Parsing Made Easy - Nextjournal
Here's a Javascript parser generator with a slightly different approach: complete separation of syntax and semantics, with the option of overloading, or providing parallel implementations of, the semantic actions. This article walks through a simple arithmetic grammar, with some hand-waving.
javascript  parse  library  swtool 
october 2017
How to set up world-class continuous deployment using free hosted tools | Sam Willison
Continuous deployment with free, publicly available tools and features.
devops  free  swtool  howto 
october 2017
Jud! You are on fire, get out of there! | USS Los Angeles
Air Force pilot Cliff Judkins survives a 15,000 foot fall, with no chute, after a manual ejection from an F-8 Crusader jet, which is also leaking fuel, in a flat spin, and on fire.
snippet  story  bio  inspirational 
october 2017
Pencil and Paper Games
A set of (playable!) pencil and paper games, several of which I'd never seen before.
kids  paper  pen  play  game  list 
october 2017
Event-Driven Architecture – @herbertograca
Succinct overview of the appropriate situations in which to use events, instead of direct calls. Explains the trade-offs of each event-driven approach, as well as the types of events, and their pros and cons.
event  architecture  sweng  compsci 
october 2017
The Logic of Risk Taking – INCERTO – Medium
An "ergodic" sequence has two equivalent, but subtly differentiated properties: 1) each sub-sequence is equally representative of the whole, and 2) each state has 100% probability of recurring.

There is a kind of hyper-confidence that pervades Nassim Nicholas Taleb's writing that detracts only somewhat from his message. This winding discourse explains ergodicity using clear examples and off-hand superiority.
statistics  ethics  psychology  risk  probability 
october 2017
GitHub - marcdacosta/ambient-shipping: This repo contains utilities for capturing AIS messages and joining them with shipping records.
Cool utility for peeking at cargo manifests for those huge cargo ships that travel up and down the Columbia.
python  swtool  utility 
september 2017
Pollen: the book is a program
Impressive digital-book-authoring system, primarily focused on technical works, but useful for any web-published, in-depth writing.
ebook  swtool  publishing 
september 2017
Godot Engine - Free and open source 2D and 3D game engine
An open-source engine that might provide a better platform for learning/exploration.
development  swtool  programming  gaming 
september 2017
Gas Pump Skimmers - learn.sparkfun.com
Great article on the spread of skimmers, a tool to detect them. and a detailed breakdown of the hardware and firmware. Nice work, Sparkfun!
hardware  electronic  security  crime  prevention  prepare 
september 2017
More shell, less egg - All this
I hadn't quite heard this perspective on Knuth before.
history  programming  shell 
september 2017
Rob Pike's 5 Rules of Programming
Boils down to: "Make it. Make it simple. Make it fast. Use dumb code, and smart objects."
optimization  programming  tips  sweng 
september 2017
Symbolic Interactionism | Wikipedia
Brings the perspective of semiotics to psychology.
sociology  psychology  theory 
august 2017
Ask HN: What does deliberate practice look like for computer programming? | Hacker News
Some comments on honing skills in programming. A living list, as of this bookmark date.
skill  practice  programming 
august 2017
Striving for Greatness in All You Do | R.W. Hamming
Advice from R.W. Hamming, inventor of the eponymous Hamming codes. A collection of anecdotes that highlight the process more than the result.
advice  essay  research  science  toread 
august 2017
extr0py/oni: Oni: An IDE powered by Neovim
I'll keep an eye on this, but I'm not ready to retool my workflow for something at version 0.2. It'll get there!
swtool  vim  ide  editor 
august 2017
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