Paul Bunyan Forest Riders – Off-road Motorcyclists and Stewards of the Paul Bunyan State Forest in Akeley, MN
Paul Bunyan Forest Riders MC, Inc. is a club consisting of off-road motorcycle enthusiasts based in Minnesota, with membership including surrounding states. We work closely with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to maintain the trails within the MN Martineau OHM Trail System in Akeley, MN. The club was incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit in 2007, and is supported by a MN Grant-In-Aid. The Paul Bunyan Forest Riders vision is to: Provide off-road motorcycle riding opportunities within the MN Martineau OHM Trail System in Akeley, MN. Support MN DNR land stewardship efforts Sponsor trail rides and races to promote off-road motorcycle riding as a positive recreation in our community But of course, our primary focus is to enjoy the Paul Banyan Forest from the seat of our off-road motorcycles, while creating friendships and setting positive examples for our youth.
trailriding  dirt  offroad  mn  minnesota 
2 days ago
Better Angels
Reuniting our country – making us what the Constitution calls “a more perfect Union” – won’t happen until thousands and ultimately millions of Americans are willing to take a stand. Join Better Angels to help Americans move past the insults, and bring people together across the political spectrum to find common ground.
politics  civics  listen  conversation 
2 days ago
Listen First Project
The movement to rebuild civil discourse one pledge and one conversation at a time
politics  civics  listen  conversation 
2 days ago
Trailblazer Firearms
The new standard for Discreet Carry – a folding, single-shot .22LR pistol that’s no bigger than a stack of credit cards. At .5 inches thin and weighing less than 7 ounces, LifeCard will be the last gun you’ll leave behind.
gun  handgun  concealed  carry  ccw 
13 days ago
Swap Fu Podcast
The Swap Fu Podcast is an audio journal of a couple in the swinging lifestyle. This is a semi-regular podcast about swinging, swingers, open marriage, relationships, friendship and sex. The ins and outs of host swinger parties are also discussed. The podcast is for adults only, enough said. The Swap Fu Podcast is intended as entertainment only. It is not an advice podcast and the Fu's do not even pretend to give it. If they do, it is done so inadvertently and should be promptly ignored. The Fu's urge the listener to point out whenever the Fu's give advice, discuss religion or politics. The guilty party will be locked in a dog kennel and fed only via slingshot.
18 days ago
Life on the Swingset — Life less monotonous, life less monogamous
I started “Life on the Swingset” as a primer to the lifestyle for those just starting their exploration, those who are simply considering the idea, and those already on board this crazy ride on the swingset. We’ve assembled a wonderful collection of open minded and friendly people to contribute blogs, sex toy reviews, and podcasts, and to discuss a very unique Lifestyle with gusto and enthusiasm. Swingers, polyamorists, triads, BDSM folk, other open people, there’s something here for everybody who subscribes to the notion that sexual exploration and openness is healthy, friendly, and most importantly fun
swinger  polyamory  triad  bdsm 
18 days ago
Resistance Near Me || Find an Event Near You
Resistance Near Me is a hub for progressive local #resist actions, designed for you to find any public event, rally, town hall, protest, and more, near you, as well as the information you need to contact your member of Congress. It's never been more important to raise our voices to resist Trump’s harmful agenda and the elected representatives who aren't speaking for us.
resistance  march  rally 
26 days ago
The Outlook Lodge — this is the place i was telling you about
While we were in Colorado Springs, we had the chance to stay in this mid century modern lodge nestled in the mountains right outside of the city. This was one of our favorites parts of being in Colorado Springs. The lodge gives you such a cozy feeling, it really allowed us to slow down, disconnect, and appreciate one another. We hung out by the fire and roasted marshmallows while sipping champagne, curled up in rocking chairs on the porch, and sparked up the grill for some hot dogs. If you are looking for a place to R&R while in Colorado Springs, Outlook Lodge is the place for you!
co  colorado  coloradosprings 
28 days ago
hashcat - advanced password recovery
World's fastest password cracker World's first and only in-kernel rule engine
security  password  hack  crack  hash 
4 weeks ago
Pistols 101 | GLOCK USA | GLOCK USA
GLOCK supports responsible gun ownership. We believe that the first step to being a responsible gun owner is knowing how to handle your firearm safely. Explore this section for a primer in the basics, including general information, safety, ammo, and how to purchase the right model for you.
glock  gun  ammo  ammunition  101 
4 weeks ago
Ammunition 101 for Newbie Shooters – Part 1 | 30 Cal Gal | Rifles & Competitions
Thank you to Natalie Foster and the NRA Network for starting this series of videos demystifying ammunition. I remember being so confused about all of the different calibers when I first was introduced to the world of guns. Although at a different level, even now I am learning about loading match rifle ammo for calibers I have never worked with before. There is always a learning process in this game. So I understand that for the new shooter, deciding what caliber of gun to invest in and what the differences are can be intimidating.
gun  ammo  ammunition  101 
4 weeks ago
Guns and Ammo Basics
For all you new folks out there who are asking the same question.. here's a basic primer. There's NO substitute for professional training and guidence when it comes to survival weapons
gun  ammo  ammunition  101 
4 weeks ago
Personal Defense Ammunition | Ballistics 101
Personal defense ammunition is a very largely debated subject. There are many factors to consider when choosing a personal defense round. Let's say you live in a tightly knit neighborhood. The angel on one side of your shoulder says you could miss a shot, and send a stray round into an innocent house. The results could be terrible. Common sense says penetration is the key, and you must have penetration to strike a vital organ and incapacitate an attacker. Which is right? Penetration or safety? Frangible, hollow points, or full metal jacket? First thing is first, when choosing a defensive ammunition you must weigh your ability with your common sense.
gun  ammo  ammunition  101 
4 weeks ago
Ammo 101 | Preparedness Pro
It seems to me like a lot of the men roaming the earth seem to possess an innate understanding about the various types of ammo to use for this and that, but a lot of my female friends and any gun novice tend to be more focused on handling everyday life...you know, like how to convert a quart into cups, which jeans make us look fat, pursuit of career and education, and how to whip up a mean dish of something or another.
ammo  gun  ammunition  101 
4 weeks ago
Tactical Tailor | Quality Tactical Gear for Military Law Enforcement
From day one, the Tactical Tailor and Logan’s focus has been to make quality products for those who protect our country. That remains the Tactical Tailor’s focus today. What Logan was the most proud of is that he was able to make quality gear and provide good jobs for hardworking Americans. In Logan’s opinion it was simple logic: “do what’s right because it’s right.” All Tactical Tailor products are designed and manufactured in the USA, for those who protect the USA.
backpack  vest  gear  clothing  retail 
5 weeks ago
Mason Jar Fermenting Kits
Probiotic fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi are all the rage and with good reason. Fermenting foods like cabbage and other vegetables make nutrients more bioavailable and render the vegetables more digestible. It also makes them simply more delicious, with a tart tang that you can only get from lactic acid bacteria. Making your own fermented pickles is easy, especially if you have a mason jar or ten lying around the house. Here are a handful of fermentation kits designed for use with standard wide-mouth mason jars like those made by Ball, Kerr, and Bernardin. Consequently, these kits allow you to ferment in as large or small batch as you like.
ferment  masonjar 
5 weeks ago
Cruising America's Great Loop
Just Imagine. . . Spending 9 months to a year or longer, living and cruising on your own boat for a distance of more than 5,600 miles through 20 U.S. States (or more), with the option of cruising 2 Provinces of Canada on the safest most scenic, exciting and continuous waterway in the world. This is an epic boating adventure! 1,500 miles longer than the Nile, 3,000 miles longer than the Mississippi; and more incredible than you can possibly imagine. It is America's Great Loop, where you can start and end your voyage exactly in the same place without ever having to make a U-turn!
rv  boat  rivercruise  greatloop  cruise 
5 weeks ago
goTenna | Text & GPS on your phone, even without service
goTenna Mesh pairs with your phone and hops text and GPS communications from device to device, so you can create your own network anywhere, no service required.
mesh  cellphone  sma  gps  text  backpack  camp  hike 
6 weeks ago
sebsel/kirby-micropub: A Micropub Endpoint for Kirby
This Kirby plugin provides an easy way to add a Micropub endpoint to your site. Download the plugin from Github and put it into /site/plugins. It will automatically be loaded by Kirby.
kirby  micropub  plugin 
june 2017
voxpelli/webpage-micropub-to-github: Self-hosteable Micropub endpoint that publishes to Jekyll by committing to GitHub
An endpoint that accepts Micropub requests, formats them into Jekyll posts and pushes them to a configured GitHub repository.

Enables updating ones Jekyll blog through Micropub-supporting tools such as Quill and even through some experimental iOS-flows.

The Micropub protocol is part of the IndieWeb movement.
micropub  microblogging  indieweb  jekyll  blogging 
june 2017
The Sweet Setup — The best apps and workflows for your iPhone, Mac
We recommend the best apps for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Recommendations are sorted within app categories. You can read all about us, subscribe via RSS, or follow us on Twitter.
apple  best  bestof  imac  mac  iphone  ipad 
june 2017
Haroopad - The Next Document processor based on Markdown

is a markdown enabled document processor for creating web-friendly documents.

You can author professional-looking documents of various formats: blog posts, slides, presentations, reports, email and more.

Haroopad gives you the same editing experience regardless of the platform you are working on. It runs on all three major operating systems—Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
editor  markdown  opensource 
june 2017
AmazonSmile: Sunflair Water Pasteurization Indicator (WAPI): Sports & Outdoors
Be prepared in an emergency! This water pasteurization indicator (WAPI) tells you when your water is safe to drink. Suspend the WAPI, wax end up, in a container of water and place in the SUNFLAIR® solar oven. The wax inside melts at water pasteurization temperature (149 F). When the wax has melted down to the bottom of the tube, the water is safe to drink. Flip it over and reuse again and again. Ideal for campfires, stove tops, and other methods too!
water  survival  survivalist  pasteurize 
june 2017
Juicebox - The Ultimate HTML5 Image Gallery
Juicebox is a complete web image gallery solution. Use Juicebox to create spectacular HTML5 image galleries for your web site with no coding required. Juicebox is simple to set up and use, and includes complete browser and mobile device support.
gallery  html5  image  webdev 
june 2017
gpsKevin Adventure Rides
Below you will some spectacular rides that I have ridden and helped develop. I believe in an open sharing world so I have posted these rides so that others can get the information necessary to ride them for FREE. You can study each ride, download the gps files and plan your own adventure. I get that some riders are not good with downloading and computers and gps, so for you all, for a small fee to cover my costs, I can make you a custom chip to install into your garmin GPS so you too can enjoy the adventure. Help me to continue to improve these adventures by leaving comments and updates on the ride pages as your own adventure unfolds.
motorcycle  touring  tat  trail  dualsport  4x4  TransAmTrail 
may 2017
Tourmaster Sentinel Jacket Review - webBikeWorld
The Tourmaster Sentinel jacket is an excellent choice for an outer layer rain and foul weather garment.

It meets the claim of being both 100% waterproof yet it has some ventilation, which makes it more comfortable in warmer temperatures.
motorcycle  jacket  rain  waterproof 
may 2017
Clojure is a dynamic, general-purpose programming language, combining the approachability and interactive development of a scripting language with an efficient and robust infrastructure for multithreaded programming. Clojure is a compiled language, yet remains completely dynamic – every feature supported by Clojure is supported at runtime. Clojure provides easy access to the Java frameworks, with optional type hints and type inference, to ensure that calls to Java can avoid reflection.

Clojure is a dialect of Lisp, and shares with Lisp the code-as-data philosophy and a powerful macro system. Clojure is predominantly a functional programming language, and features a rich set of immutable, persistent data structures. When mutable state is needed, Clojure offers a software transactional memory system and reactive Agent system that ensure clean, correct, multithreaded designs.
programming  webdev  lisp  java 
may 2017
Lychee — Self-hosted photo-management done right
Lychee is a free photo-management tool, which runs on your server or web-space. Installing is a matter of seconds. Upload, manage and share photos like from a native application. Lychee comes with everything you need and all your photos are stored securely.
selfhosted  opensource  photo  photography  pix  kam 
may 2017
FigBug/imguru: Command line image upload for imgur.com
imguru v1.0.5 by Roland Rabien (figbug@gmail.com) Sept 19 2014. usage: imguru [-odpilmbdhv] [-s max_dimension] source_file ... Uploads one of more images to imgur.com. Supports all image formats supported by Mac OS X and will resize and convert to JPEG before uploading.
imgur  cli 
may 2017
Piwigo is open source photo gallery software for the web | piwigo.org
Host and share your photos with Piwigo

Piwigo is photo gallery software for the web, built by an active community of users and developers.

Extensions make Piwigo easily customizable. Icing on the cake, Piwigo is free and opensource.
gallery  opensource  photography  pix  photo  image  selfhosted  webdev 
may 2017
Plogger | open source photo gallery PHP script | free image gallery script
Plogger is the next generation in open-source photo gallery systems. A web application not bloated with superfluous features or complicated configuration settings. Plogger is a simple yet powerful tool — everything you need to share your images with the world. Plogger is your photos integrated into your website, a fully featured photo sharing package with an attractive and easy to use administrative interface that makes managing your galleries a breeze. Integrating our gallery software into your website is as easy as inserting three lines of PHP code. And did we mention the price? Absolutely Free. Plogger requires a dedicated server or a shared hosting environment with at least MySQL v3.23, GD1.0, and PHP4.
gallery  opensource  photo  php  selfhosted  webdev 
may 2017
IridiumIon Software
PenguinUpload is a self-hostable and fully-featured web application that lets users upload and share files.

PenguinUpload was inspired by sr.ht. However, while sr.ht uses a Flask backend and static HTML as a frontend, PenguinUpload uses an ASP.NET Core + NancyFx backend and a Vue.js SPA with Vue Material as a frontend.
pix  photo  uploader  storage  image 
may 2017
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