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Email Marketing Software
Interesting looking mass marketing tool
email  marketing  aws 
february 2017 by dmje
Tool for displaying / auto-unenrolling from newsletters
email  tools  productivity  newsletter 
january 2017 by dmje
MailPoet - A newsletter plugin for WordPress
Nice looking plugin for sending latest post emails etc from WordPress
email  plugin  newsletter  wordpress 
february 2016 by dmje
Nice private chat room
email  online  chat 
september 2014 by dmje
Mailpin: Create web page with an email
create a web page by sending an email
webpage  email  html 
june 2014 by dmje
Build your own email template
Really nice newsletter builder by CampaignMonitor
newsletter  email  html  template  templates 
march 2014 by dmje
Gmvault: gmail backup
Desktop backup solution for Gmail
email  gmail  backup  google 
march 2013 by dmje
Interesting looking mail client for mac
email  application  mail  app  mac  client  gmail 
february 2013 by dmje
Mail Pilot. Meet the New Email.
Interesting looking email client
gmail  email  client  mail 
november 2012 by dmje
Emello, email to trello integration
Nice way of sending emails to Trello
notes  email  trello 
october 2012 by dmje
.Mail | Tobias van Schneider
Nice looking email concept app
ux  design  email 
august 2012 by dmje
Wordpress email tutorial
Great tutorial on how to customise Wordpress emails
wordpress_email  tutorial  email  wordpress 
august 2012 by dmje
Postbox — Awesome Email
Nice looking Mac email software
mail  software  mac  email 
june 2012 by dmje
Law Marketing Geek
Useful tips to avoid emails ending up in spam or junk
email  mailing  howto  web  marketing 
november 2011 by dmje
fuck yeah dementia!!1!
Lovely video of "Rita and Frank" trying to take a picture
video  email  photo  rita  frank 
june 2011 by dmje
Dial2Do - Home
Nice service - voice to email, voice to task, etc
imported  Bookmarks  voice  tasks  email  phone 
june 2008 by dmje
Welcome to ScheduleWorld
"Syncronize your life with ScheduleWorld"
imported  Bookmarks  calendar  gmail  application  outlook  email  events 
march 2008 by dmje
Email Newsletter Software for Web Designers - Campaign Monitor
"Campaign Monitor is built for designers who can create great looking emails for themselves and their clients, but need software to send each campaign, track the results and manage their subscribers."
imported  Bookmarks  email  campaign  bulk_mail 
march 2008 by dmje
Guerrilla Mail - Disposable temporary e-mail address
Awesome temporary email address machine. Great for bug testing and other geek stuff...
imported  Bookmarks  email  testing  temporary 
january 2007 by dmje
Google Apps for Your Domain
Google apps. Also see Google Apps for Education. Very interesting...
imported  Bookmarks  application  google  education  word  calendar  email 
august 2006 by dmje
Mail Letters Online -
Converts electronic letters to real ones...$2 anywhere. Nice design
imported  Bookmarks  letter  email  print 
april 2006 by dmje
Squeet - Manage Feed Subscriptions
Reads RSS and sends email on a regular basis
imported  Bookmarks  RSS  email 
march 2006 by dmje
GotVoice retrieves voice messages from your existing home and cellular phones and delivers them directly to your email inbox either automatically, using a pre-chosen schedule, or manually with a simple click of a button.
imported  Bookmarks  voice  telephone  record  inbox  email 
march 2006 by dmje

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