ShipIt Journal Workbook | Seth Godin Focus Notebook | MOO
Nice looking Moo journal from Seth Godin - workbook style
workbook  museum  book 
10 hours ago
JISCMail - MCG Archives
Useful list of suggested AV / museum people via MCG list
mcg  tech  museums  av  interactive  producer 
3 days ago
JISCMail - MCG Archives
Useful thread with suggestions of video editing people
video  mcg  museums  content  editing 
3 days ago
Filestack : End User Content Management API
Really interesting SaaS tool that provides file uploader, integration with cloud file storage, content analysis etc
upload  image  file  cdn  API 
6 days ago
Jheronimus Bosch - the Garden of Earthly Delights
Lovely, simple interactive audio guide / tour of the Garden of Earthly Delights
interactive  inspiration  art  history  museums  narrative  storytelling 
7 days ago
Ancient Earth globe
Cool thing that shows what earth looked like over geological time
geography  earth  history  geology  science 
8 days ago
Client Work Slowing Down? - Scott Bolinger
Interesting piece on client work vs products
client  product  wordpress  tech 
10 days ago
Wired Elements
Really nice hand-sketched UI elements
ui  css  design  prototyping  sketching 
15 days ago
Introduction - webcomponents.org
"Web components are a set of web platform APIs that allow you to create new custom, reusable, encapsulated HTML tags to use in web pages and web apps"
components  api  html  tech  web 
15 days ago
Thunkable.com: Drag and Drop Mobile App Builder for iOS and Android
Build your own apps without code. Has drag and drop style interface.
developer  mobile  code  tech 
18 days ago
Recommend Me A Book
Cool thing that shows you the first page of a book so you can then choose whether to carry on reading..
recommendations  book  books  reading 
26 days ago
EchoBoy - Soundtoys
Lovely looking echo plugin, used by Jon Hopkins
echo  vst  music  ableton  software 
4 weeks ago
Collagraph with Lynn Bailey on Vimeo
Really nice video showing collagraph method for tree print
printing  print  collagraph  tree  nature 
6 weeks ago
Really nice tool for making versioned backups
backup  storage  windows  cloud 
6 weeks ago
Shifter: Serverless Static WordPress Hosting
Interesting looking tool to host WordPress sites in a serverless, static environment
website  development  hosting  wordpress  static 
7 weeks ago
Algolia Search plugin for WordPress
Interesting looking search tool with a WordPress plugin
plugin  search  wordpress 
7 weeks ago
AltspaceVR Inc | Be there, together.
It's like a terrible modern version of Second Life. In VR.
vr  virtualworld  virtual  secondlife 
7 weeks ago
Second Canvas
A sort of interactive image thing for cultural heritage
images  culture  storytelling  narrative 
7 weeks ago
The One-Straw Revolution
Amazing looking guy / book all about sustainable farming
farming  sustainability  book 
7 weeks ago
What Is WP Elevation?
"WP Elevation is an online program designed specifically for WordPress consultants. We teach you how to improve your workflow, business practices & client communication, with the support of an active online community."
course  wp  wordpress  consultant  agency 
7 weeks ago
Client Portal – Keep your clients deliverables in one place
Really interesting tool (WP plugin?) - but also a nice site / nice email course section / good colours etc
projectmanagement  wp  tools  agency 
7 weeks ago
Open Book Challenge
Fund to invest $100k to build "a better Facebook"
facebook  socialmedia  networking 
9 weeks ago
Interesting looking home server solution that runs on RPi
rpi  server  network 
9 weeks ago
"Sandstorm is an open source platform for self-hosting web apps"
server  security  privacy  opensource  cloud 
9 weeks ago
Adventure game engine
Text adventure game engine
game  engine  github  tech  code 
11 weeks ago
Interesting thing that converts bullet lists / indents into mindmap
mindmap  map  generator  list  bullets 
12 weeks ago
Storyboard tool
Opensource storyboarding tool for desktop
storyboard  idea  ideas 
12 weeks ago
Textile Facebook Parser
Interesting tool to get facebook photos sorted
facebook  photos  parser 
march 2018
Interesting looking thing used for editing web content via google drive docs
march 2018
Nice looking encrypted document editor thingy
march 2018
Circle of fifths - Wikipedia
Relationship between the tones of the scale
music  composing  tunes 
march 2018
Open source document management system
php  dms  opensource  document  documents 
march 2018
Join Civil
A sort of blockchain-centred journalism. Maybe.
journalism  blockchain  bitcoin  tech 
march 2018
Nice thing that talks to Google Analytics and makes a noise when people arrive or leave from your website
sound  noise  tech  analytics  google 
march 2018
perfmatters - The #1 Web Performance Plugin for WordPress
Interesting looking performance plugin for WordPress - nice landing page too
landingpage  marketing  plugin  wordpress  performance  speed 
march 2018
Nice library that produces hand drawn looking stuff
javascript  canvas  svg  drawing 
march 2018
Adventure by Tones - Tones
Nice online music grid thingy
grid  music  tone  tech 
march 2018
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