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Cross-referencing Python objects

The following roles refer to objects in modules and are possibly hyperlinked if a matching identifier is found:
python  sphinx  restructuredtext  docs  reference 
3 hours ago
Link to class method in python docstring - Stack Overflow
Linking to Python classes and methods from within doc comments and Sphinx docs.
sphinx  python  restructuredtext  howto 
3 hours ago
Python Serialization Benchmark
Benchmarks of various Python serialization libraries (e.g. lima, serpy, Marshmallow, etc.)
python  serialization  benchmark  library 
23 hours ago
sepandhaghighi/art: 🎨 ASCII Art Library For Python
ASCII art is also known as "computer text art". It involves the smart placement of typed special characters or letters to make a visual shape that is spread over multiple lines of text.

Art is a Python lib for text converting to ASCII ART fancy. ;-)
art  python  github  ascii  library 
14 days ago
gcloud compute instances create  |  Cloud SDK  |  Google Cloud
gcloud compute instances create - create Google Compute Engine virtual machine instances
gcp  tools 
4 weeks ago
Client Secrets  |  API Client Library for Python  |  Google Developers
This page has field descriptions for the entries in service account credentials.
google  gcp 
4 weeks ago
cfgs/.ideavimrc at master · melihovv/cfgs
An ideavimrc that allows you to toggle vim commands in order to access JetBrains actions typically mapped to that key sequence.
idea  pycharm  vim 
6 weeks ago
Netflix's container platform.
aws  docker  management 
7 weeks ago
pypa/warehouse: The Python Package Repository
Warehouse is the latest software to power PyPI.
python  github  packaging 
8 weeks ago
Python Online Test | TestDome.com
The Python online test assesses candidates' knowledge of programming in the Python language and understanding of its native data structures.
interviews  python 
11 weeks ago
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