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America's Real Criminal Element: Lead | Mother Jones
Is leaded petrol and its demise responsible for a the growth and decline of violent crime?
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january 2013 by dkam
Interview with a malicious hacker making over $10,000 a week
I've often wondered how people managed to get cash from stolen credit cards.
So finally, the last question I had was how they manage to get actual, physical goods using that stolen credit, without having to divulge their address. The way I was explained is that all he has to do is post ads on eBay for popular items that he doesn't actually have. Then, when someone buys it, he turns around and buys that same item from some online store with the bought CC numbers, and puts the eBay buyer's address as the shipping location. He makes those stores send the products directly to his buyers, and gets clean cash for them, which he can spend any way he wants. It's a type of online money laundering.
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august 2012 by dkam
Finland and the euro crisis: Northern gripes | The Economist
As times turn hard at home, many Finns bristle at having to bail out what they regard as profligate euro-zone countries that have not played by the rules.
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august 2012 by dkam
WD TV Live Streaming Media Player |
This looks like a great little media centre - complete with ABC's iView support ( For around $125 ( this might be a good recommendation for parents or friends looking to play media on their telly.
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august 2012 by dkam

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