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Afropunk founder: 'Our artists need to reflect our audience' - BBC Newsbeat
The London event that celebrates black culture through music, art, design and skate, this year boasted a bill that included Nadia Rose, NAO, Little Simz and Lianne La Havas. Co-founder, Matthew Morgan, told Newsbeat that "if our audience is 70% female, it's important our artists reflect that". Full story.
Afropunk  AfropunkLondon  LianneLaHavas  TheInternet  Nao  WillowSmith  Jme  NadiaRose  CorinneBaileyRae  Fashion  Style  LiveMusic  FestivalReviews  Festivals  BBC  BBCMusic  Music  BlackCulture  BlackPeople  BlackWomen  BlackMen  Interviews  BBCNewsbeat  MatthewMorgan 
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Afropunk founder: 'Our artists need to reflect our audience' - Music News LIVE - BBC
The London event that celebrates black culture through music, art, design and skate, this year boasted a bill that included Nadia Rose, NAO, Little Simz and Lianne La Havas. Co-founder, Matthew Morgan, told Newsbeat that "if our audience is 70% female, it's important our artists reflect that".
Afropunk  AfropunkLondon  LianneLaHavas  TheInternet  Nao  WillowSmith  Jme  NadiaRose  CorinneBaileyRae  Fashion  Style  LiveMusic  FestivalReviews  Festivals  BBC  BBCMusic  Music  BlackCulture  BlackPeople  BlackWomen  BlackMen  Interviews  BBCNewsbeat  MatthewMorgan 
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Associated Press Stylebook
Style guides Associated Press language editing subediting Journalism copywriting mashable Reference English Literature Good reading for writers (Writing)
Style  guides  Associated  Press  language  editing  subediting  Journalism  copywriting  mashable  Reference  English  Literature  Good  reading  for  writers  (Writing) 
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Ghostface Killah Claims His Album With DOOM Will Come Out In 2015
The Fader (magazine) Tinashe FKA Twigs nudity Women Black women fashion style Culture Art Sex Jessie Ware V magazine (Fashion)
The  Fader  (magazine)  Tinashe  FKA  Twigs  nudity  Women  Black  fashion  style  Culture  Art  Sex  Jessie  Ware  V  magazine  (Fashion) 
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Style of Sound
Style of Sound aggregation Music blogs London Music lifestyle Tastemakers DJs Media Blogs
Style  of  Sound  aggregation  Music  blogs  London  Music  lifestyle  Tastemakers  DJs  Media 
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Hush Puppies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hush Puppies wikipedia shoes fashion footwear style men's fashion
Hush  Puppies  wikipedia  shoes  fashion  footwear  style  men's  fashion 
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Telegraph Style Book
Newspapers Telegraph Media Group Style guides the telegraph The Sunday Telegraph Newspapers and magazines national newspapers grammar
Newspapers  Telegraph  Media  Group  Style  guides  the  Sunday  Telegraph  Newspapers  and  magazines  national  grammar 
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Press Gazette style guide (including advice on off the record, show don't tell a...
News writing and editing Terminology definitions meanings glossary lexicon editing news gathering Press Gazette writing Style guides news agenda Journalism
News  writing  and  editing  Terminology  definitions  meanings  glossary  lexicon  editing  gathering  Press  Gazette  writing  Style  guides  agenda  Journalism 
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BBC Radio 1 - Scott Mills, With Actual PSY!, Scott chats to actual PSY
Interviews radio guinness world records world music gangnam style audio BBC Radio 1
Interviews  radio  guinness  world  records  world  music  gangnam  style  audio  BBC  1 
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Serial comma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
harvard university comma wikipedia writing Style guides english punctuation grammar
harvard  university  comma  wikipedia  writing  Style  guides  english  punctuation  grammar 
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Web Style Guide, 2nd Edition
Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton have been working together on award-winning interface and graphic design projects since 1991. They began collaborating on Web Style Guide in 1997, moving from a web-only version to print and web in 1999. The print version is in its 3rd edition and has been translated into more than eight languages. Read more about Pat and Sarah.
books  Programming  (Coding)  css  html  development  Style  guides  usability  Reference  design  web  design 
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Lauren Laverne | The Guardian
style lifestyle fashion lauren laverne columnists The Observer
style  lifestyle  fashion  lauren  laverne  columnists  The  Observer 
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Tyler Brûlé: the man who sold the world
The Guardian culture style lifestyle fashion design Art wallpaper magazine consumer magazines Magazines media business media monocle magazine tyler brûlé The Observer
The  Guardian  culture  style  lifestyle  fashion  design  Art  wallpaper  magazine  consumer  magazines  media  business  media  monocle  magazine  tyler  brûlé  The  Observer 
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BBC News - Are thin women the enemy?
BBC News celebrity fashion health lifestyle modelling representation people anorexia style
BBC  News  celebrity  fashion  health  lifestyle  modelling  representation  people  anorexia  style 
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HTML Styles
information Blogging web design Programming (Coding) fonts style css Reference how to tutorials wordpress html
information  Blogging  web  design  Programming  (Coding)  fonts  style  css  Reference  how  to  tutorials  wordpress  html 
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50 years of James Bond, 50 years of style – in pictures
The Barbican's Designing 007 - Fifty Years of Bond Style exhibition opens on 6 July 2012. Details of the exhibition can be found on the Barbican's website.
The  Guardian  pictures  Anniversaries  history  design  style  barbican  culture  film  james  bond  007  photography 
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wordpress tips
favicon Tools gimp codex appearance themes colour typography fonts content management Programming (Coding) widgets add-ons rss filezilla Google feedburner web design web Reference Blogging Blogs style css html guides tutorials how to wordpress freelance
favicon  Tools  gimp  codex  appearance  themes  colour  typography  fonts  content  management  Programming  (Coding)  widgets  add-ons  rss  filezilla  Google  feedburner  web  design  web  Reference  Blogging  Blogs  style  css  html  guides  tutorials  how  to  wordpress  freelance 
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Hart's Rules - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
news gathering Journalism vocabulary grammar oxford university press editing subediting writing Style guides Reference books news gathering
news  gathering  Journalism  vocabulary  grammar  oxford  university  press  editing  subediting  writing  Style  guides  Reference  books  news  gathering 
january 2012 by dk33per
How To Change Fonts For Twenty Eleven Theme | Free WordPress Themes Tips
content management editing style Programming (Coding) css guides tutorials how to Reference information Google fonts themes wordpress
content  management  editing  style  Programming  (Coding)  css  guides  tutorials  how  to  Reference  information  Google  fonts  themes  wordpress 
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News values - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
tony harcup Journalism writing style time audience people value Magazines media newspapers news values news gathering news Reference wikipedia news gathering
tony  harcup  Journalism  writing  style  time  audience  people  value  Magazines  media  newspapers  news  values  news  gathering  news  Reference  wikipedia  news  gathering 
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Oxford Dictionaries Online - English Dictionary and Language Reference
Style guides vocabulary reading writing spelling grammar language dictionary synonyms online web Reference great britain british books guidelines english oxford english dictionary oxford university press news gathering
Style  guides  vocabulary  reading  writing  spelling  grammar  language  dictionary  synonyms  online  web  Reference  great  britain  british  books  guidelines  english  oxford  english  dictionary  oxford  university  press  news  gathering 
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Copyediting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Style guides communication news wikipedia editorial writing subediting editing copywriting
Style  guides  communication  news  wikipedia  editorial  writing  subediting  editing  copywriting 
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BBC - Editorial Guidelines - BBC TV, Radio and Online standards guidelines
news values eastlondonlines Style guides writing language english communication british great britain guidelines Journalism media news gathering print online Television (TV) radio editorial Ethics BBC News bbc news gathering
news  values  eastlondonlines  Style  guides  writing  language  english  communication  british  great  britain  guidelines  Journalism  media  news  gathering  print  online  Television  (TV)  radio  editorial  Ethics  BBC  news  gathering 
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Flavour Magazine | The lifestyle guide for the young and ambitious
celebrity Music hip hop fashion media diversity Ethnicity lifestyle style flavour magazine culture black culture Magazines
celebrity  Music  hip  hop  fashion  media  diversity  Ethnicity  lifestyle  style  flavour  magazine  culture  black  culture  Magazines 
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Video Game Media Watch - The Video Game Journalism Review
north america United States (USA) Game culture (Video game culture) Video games (Gaming) law culture Politics marketing Game industry style advertising critics media Journalism Blogs Gaming watchdog gaming
north  america  United  States  (USA)  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  Video  games  (Gaming)  law  culture  Politics  marketing  Game  industry  style  advertising  critics  media  Journalism  Blogs  Gaming  watchdog 
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Carnivalee Freakshow font by Livin Hell - FontSpace
paul simonon the clash Blur (Music) Gorillaz Damon Albarn honest jons records style design Music The Good the Bad & the Queen (GBQ) fonts typography
paul  simonon  the  clash  Blur  (Music)  Gorillaz  Damon  Albarn  honest  jons  records  style  design  Music  Good  the  Bad  &  the  Queen  (GBQ)  fonts  typography 
december 2011 by dk33per
The Elements of Style on Vimeo
vimeo video Music english language parody comedy william strunk style writing Rap music
vimeo  video  Music  english  language  parody  comedy  william  strunk  style  writing  Rap 
december 2011 by dk33per
Strunk, William, Jr. 1918. - The Elements of Style
resources communication william strunk grammar english Reference style Style guides language education books Good reading for writers (Writing)
resources  communication  william  strunk  grammar  english  Reference  style  guides  language  education  books  Good  reading  for  writers  (Writing) 
december 2011 by dk33per
Writing Style for Print vs. Web (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
communication newspapers online psychology language print media Style guides web copywriting writing Good reading for writers (Writing)
communication  newspapers  online  psychology  language  print  media  Style  guides  web  copywriting  writing  Good  reading  for  writers  (Writing) 
december 2011 by dk33per
Orwell: Timeless Guidelines for Writers
english language Politics george orwell Style guides copywriting writing Good reading for writers (Writing)
english  language  Politics  george  orwell  Style  guides  copywriting  writing  Good  reading  for  writers  (Writing) 
december 2011 by dk33per
Good Writing for Journalists: Narrative, style, structure - Google eBook
sage Google Style guides language english grammar drama narrative design copywriting editing eastlondonlines Goldsmiths University angela phillips Journalism writing Good reading for writers (Writing)
sage  Google  Style  guides  language  english  grammar  drama  narrative  design  copywriting  editing  eastlondonlines  Goldsmiths  University  angela  phillips  Journalism  writing  Good  reading  for  writers  (Writing) 
december 2011 by dk33per
Editing tips for designers and writers - Cennydd Bowles
reading Style guides resources grammar copywriting design writing editing Good reading for writers (Writing)
reading  Style  guides  resources  grammar  copywriting  design  writing  editing  Good  reading  for  writers  (Writing) 
december 2011 by dk33per

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