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Safari in iOS 11 Turns Google AMP Links Back into Original Web Links When Shared - Mac Rumors
Apple has made a subtle tweak to Safari in iOS 11 to ensure the browser automatically strips out Google AMP URLs when a web page is shared or copy-pasted on an iPhone and iPad (via The Verge).
URLs  Publishing  iOS  Apple  Google  Online  News  NewsMedia  MediaNews  Weblinks  Tracking  GoogleAMP  iPhone  iPad  MacRumors  TechNews 
august 2017 by dk33per
How The Washington Post, Slate and other publishers are using Facebook Instant Articles - Digiday
It’s been about 10 months since Facebook launched Instant Articles with a small group of titles, and in a couple of months, the fast-loading articles format will be opened up to all of them. Instant Articles has been a fraught proposition for publishers; the promise was that it would give them an answer to the slow-loading Web, but they’d have to give up control over their content distribution and monetization.
Digiday  Facebook  Advertising  Publishing  Publishers  TheWashingtonPost  Slate  FacebookInstantArticles  MediaNews 
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Reflex action: Duran Duran lose court battle over song rights | Music | The Guar...
Music news law Lawsuits UK law US law and order Music publishing Duran Duran Nick Rhodes Simon Le Bon Roger Taylor Song credit (Music) copyright Copyright law Music
Music  news  law  Lawsuits  UK  law  US  law  and  order  Music  publishing  Duran  Duran  Nick  Rhodes  Simon  Le  Bon  Roger  Taylor  Song  credit  (Music)  copyright  law  Music 
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Official UK Playstation Magazine : Free Texts : Download & Streaming : Internet ... (Internet Archive) official playstation magazine uk PlayStation (Brand) PS1 (PS One) future publishing downloads  (Internet  Archive)  official  playstation  magazine  uk  (Brand)  PS1  (PS  One)  future  publishing  downloads 
august 2016 by dk33per
Danger Mouse signs with Kobalt | Kobalt press release
Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) Kobalt Music Publishing Music news press releases 30th Century Records (Danger Mouse)
Danger  Mouse  (Brian  Burton)  Kobalt  Music  Publishing  Music  news  press  releases  30th  Century  Records  (Danger  Mouse) 
march 2016 by dk33per
Google Now lets you block content from publishers you don’t like
Google Now (news service) Google aggregation News aggregation publishing The Next Web Ad blocking Tech news
Google  Now  (news  service)  Google  aggregation  News  aggregation  publishing  The  Next  Web  Ad  blocking  Tech 
march 2016 by dk33per
Future's monthly PC Format closes after 24 years: 'Something needs to give, and ...
future publishing PC Format magazine Defunct shutdown closed endings Newspapers and magazines Magazines specialist magazines Press Gazette media media business
future  publishing  PC  Format  magazine  Defunct  shutdown  closed  endings  Newspapers  and  magazines  specialist  magazines  Press  Gazette  media  media  business 
november 2015 by dk33per
Edge scores database - Google Fusion Tables
media future publishing Magazines Edge magazine technology archive Game culture (Video game culture) Video games (Gaming) Gaming Game collecting (Gaming) specialist magazines Back issues (Magazines) Game industry UK media culture Console wars (Video games gaming) Review scores and ratings database Google Fusion Tables
media  future  publishing  Magazines  Edge  magazine  technology  archive  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  Video  games  (Gaming)  Gaming  Game  collecting  (Gaming)  specialist  Back  issues  (Magazines)  Game  industry  UK  media  culture  Console  wars  (Video  games  gaming)  Review  scores  and  ratings  database  Google  Fusion  Tables 
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Edge 200 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
media future publishing Magazines Edge magazine technology archive flickr pictures Game culture (Video game culture) Video games (Gaming) Gaming Galleries Game collecting (Gaming) specialist magazines Back issues (Magazines) Game industry UK media culture Console wars (Video games gaming) Anniversaries CVG UK (Computer and Video Games)
media  future  publishing  Magazines  Edge  magazine  technology  archive  flickr  pictures  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  Video  games  (Gaming)  Gaming  Galleries  Game  collecting  (Gaming)  specialist  Back  issues  (Magazines)  Game  industry  UK  media  culture  Console  wars  (Video  games  gaming)  Anniversaries  CVG  UK  (Computer  and  Video  Games) 
september 2015 by dk33per
So This Happened: Tom Hanks' Rapper Son Says He Can Say N-Word
Tom Hanks Rap music Rappers and MCs N-word controversy Music news music NewsOne (website) Black media (African Amercian media) us press and publishing
Tom  Hanks  Rap  music  Rappers  and  MCs  N-word  controversy  news  music  NewsOne  (website)  Black  media  (African  Amercian  media)  us  press  and  publishing 
june 2015 by dk33per
Revenge of the record labels: How the majors renewed their grip on music
record labels Major record labels Independent record labels Sublabels (Subsidaries) and imprints (Record labels) finance Zack O'Malley Greenburg (journalist) Nick Messitte (musician writer) Sony Music Entertainment (SME) Universal Music Group (UMG) Universal Music UK (UMG) Warner Music Group (WMG) Warner Bros Records Music industry Music publishing Recorded music rights Licensed music (Copyright) licensing EMI Records EMI (Group) Sony Music UK RCA (Victor) Records (Sony Music) Columbia Records (Sony Music) Epic Records (Sony Music) Legacy Recordings (Sony Music) Sony Masterworks (Sony Music) Red Distribution (Sony Music) Sony Music Japan Interscope Records (UMG) Geffen Records (UMG) A&M Records (UMG) Aftermath Entertainment Bad Boy Records Polydor Records (UMG) Capitol Records (UMG) Capitol Music Group (various subsidaries) (UMG) Virgin Records (Virgin EMI) (UMG) Mercury Records (UMG) Island Records (UMG) Republic Records (UMG) Def Jam Records (UMG) Caroline International (UMG) Verve Music Group (Verve Records) (UMG) Decca Records (UMG) Universal Music TV (UMTV) (UMG) Blue Note Records (UMG) Atlantic Records (WMG) Rhino Records Ent (WMG) Elektra Records (WMG) Parlophone Records (WMG)
record  labels  Major  record  labels  Independent  record  labels  Sublabels  (Subsidaries)  and  imprints  (Record  labels)  finance  Zack  O'Malley  Greenburg  (journalist)  Nick  Messitte  (musician  writer)  Sony  Music  Entertainment  (SME)  Universal  Music  Group  (UMG)  Universal  Music  UK  (UMG)  Warner  Music  Group  (WMG)  Warner  Bros  Records  Music  industry  Music  publishing  Recorded  rights  Licensed  (Copyright)  licensing  EMI  Records  EMI  (Group)  Sony  Music  UK  RCA  (Victor)  Records  (Sony  Music)  Columbia  Records  (Sony  Music)  Epic  Records  (Sony  Music)  Legacy  Recordings  (Sony  Music)  Sony  Masterworks  (Sony  Music)  Red  Distribution  (Sony  Music)  Sony  Music  Japan  Interscope  Records  (UMG)  Geffen  Records  (UMG)  A&M  Records  (UMG)  Aftermath  Entertainment  Bad  Boy  Records  Polydor  Records  (UMG)  Capitol  Records  (UMG)  Capitol  Music  Group  (various  subsidaries)  (UMG)  Virgin  Records  (Virgin  EMI)  (UMG)  Mercury  Records  (UMG)  Island  Records  (UMG)  Republic  Records  (UMG)  Def  Jam  Records  (UMG)  Caroline  International  (UMG)  Verve  Music  Group  (Verve  Records)  (UMG)  Decca  Records  (UMG)  Universal  Music  TV  (UMTV)  (UMG)  Blue  Note  Records  (UMG)  Atlantic  Records  (WMG)  Rhino  Records  Ent  (WMG)  Elektra  Records  (WMG)  Parlophone  Records  (WMG) 
may 2015 by dk33per
Grooveshark is dead, long live paid streaming services (Wired UK)
Grooveshark Wired magazine music Music streaming Warner Music Group (WMG) Sony Music Entertainment (SME) Universal Music Group (UMG) copyright Licensed music (Copyright) Music publishing technology Deezer Rdio service Spotify
Grooveshark  Wired  magazine  music  streaming  Warner  Group  (WMG)  Sony  Entertainment  (SME)  Universal  Group  (UMG)  copyright  Licensed  music  (Copyright)  publishing  technology  Deezer  Rdio  service  Spotify 
may 2015 by dk33per
You’ve sold 17 million albums and you want to pay me nothing? Pat Pope’s row wit...
Garbage (band) The Observer Pat Pope (Photographer) Image rights copyright photographers Photography payment Morals Principles Shirley Manson National Union of Journalists (NUJ) photojournalism journalism freelance Freelance rates and payment publish Photo publishing Working for free (refused denied withheld payment) work and careers social networking
Garbage  (band)  The  Observer  Pat  Pope  (Photographer)  Image  rights  copyright  photographers  Photography  payment  Morals  Principles  Shirley  Manson  National  Union  of  Journalists  (NUJ)  photojournalism  journalism  freelance  rates  and  payment  publish  Photo  publishing  Working  for  free  (refused  denied  withheld  payment)  work  and  careers  social  networking 
april 2015 by dk33per
Loaded becomes latest lads' mag to close after sales drop from 300,000 to 10,000...
Simian Publishing loaded magazine lads mags Press Gazette media media downturn circulation Newspapers and magazines Magazines consumer magazines entertainment Sex
Simian  Publishing  loaded  magazine  lads  mags  Press  Gazette  media  media  downturn  circulation  Newspapers  and  magazines  consumer  magazines  entertainment  Sex 
april 2015 by dk33per
Forget 'Blurred Lines' - these famous songs also faced plagiarism claims
Blurred Lines (Music) Pharrell Williams Marvin Gaye Robin Thicke Queen (Band) Sam Smith (Music) Music news Coldplay George Harrison The Chiffons copyright Music publishing Songwriting Vanilla Ice (Musician) The Independent
Blurred  Lines  (Music)  Pharrell  Williams  Marvin  Gaye  Robin  Thicke  Queen  (Band)  Sam  Smith  (Music)  Music  news  Coldplay  George  Harrison  The  Chiffons  copyright  Music  publishing  Songwriting  Vanilla  Ice  (Musician)  The  Independent 
march 2015 by dk33per
My Year Ripping Off the Web With the Daily Mail Online
daily mail mail on sunday daily mail and general trust gawker Ethics Journalism Journalism ethics plagiarism fraud publishing Digital media new york controversy USA Today journalists the new york times Digital online journalism Web
daily  mail  mail  on  sunday  daily  mail  and  general  trust  gawker  Ethics  Journalism  Journalism  plagiarism  fraud  publishing  Digital  media  new  york  controversy  USA  Today  journalists  the  new  york  times  Digital  online  Web 
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Messages from the editors - CVG UK
CVG UK (Computer and Video Games) Defunct shutdown closed future publishing Game journalism (Game media) Andy Robinson (Games journalist) Mike Jackson (Games journalist) Video games (Gaming) Game culture (Video game culture) Gaming Game industry
CVG  UK  (Computer  and  Video  Games)  Defunct  shutdown  closed  future  publishing  Game  journalism  (Game  media)  Andy  Robinson  (Games  journalist)  Mike  Jackson  (Games  journalist)  Video  games  (Gaming)  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  Gaming  Game  industry 
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XKCD (Website) Social media social networking Internet Communities and community communication language Culture publishing mapping visualisation forums Blogs online jane mccallion
XKCD  (Website)  Social  media  networking  Internet  Communities  and  community  communication  language  Culture  publishing  mapping  visualisation  forums  Blogs  online  jane  mccallion 
february 2015 by dk33per
A Brief History of Games Journalism
CVG UK (Computer and Video Games) future publishing Game journalism (Game media) Julian Jaz Rignall (Games journalist) Video games (Gaming) Game culture (Video game culture) Gaming Game industry USgamer (Eurogamer Network) Edge magazine Game Informer (Magazine) history gamepro Magazines specialist media specialist magazines GameSpot EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) IGN Entertainment (Ziff Davis)
CVG  UK  (Computer  and  Video  Games)  future  publishing  Game  journalism  (Game  media)  Julian  Jaz  Rignall  (Games  journalist)  Video  games  (Gaming)  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  Gaming  Game  industry  USgamer  (Eurogamer  Network)  Edge  magazine  Game  Informer  (Magazine)  history  gamepro  Magazines  specialist  media  specialist  GameSpot  EGM  (Electronic  Gaming  Monthly)  IGN  Entertainment  (Ziff  Davis) 
february 2015 by dk33per
Sly Stone awarded millions in unpaid royalties after court ruling
Sly Stone Sly and the Family Stone Music Royalities Fact magazine Music industry Music publishing copyright Recorded music rights finance Black people Black men positivity Positive news Money Homelessness los angeles Funk BMI (Record label) Sony Music Entertainment (SME) Warner Music Group (WMG) Warner Bros Records
Sly  Stone  Sly  and  the  Family  Stone  Music  Royalities  Fact  magazine  Music  industry  Music  publishing  copyright  Recorded  rights  finance  Black  people  Black  men  positivity  Positive  news  Money  Homelessness  los  angeles  Funk  BMI  (Record  label)  Sony  Music  Entertainment  (SME)  Warner  Music  Group  (WMG)  Warner  Bros  Records 
february 2015 by dk33per
Edge is moving to GamesRadar - Edge Online
Edge magazine GamesRadar migration future publishing GamesMaster magazine sfx magazine media downturn Shrinking Downsizing (reductions job cut reduced investment) Total Film official playstation magazine uk official xbox magazine uk announcements
Edge  magazine  GamesRadar  migration  future  publishing  GamesMaster  magazine  sfx  magazine  media  downturn  Shrinking  Downsizing  (reductions  job  cut  reduced  investment)  Total  Film  official  playstation  magazine  uk  official  xbox  magazine  uk  announcements 
february 2015 by dk33per
Who does Hip Hop think it is? | Media Diversified on
Hip Hop identity Akwesi Shaddai Media Diversified (Media Diversity UK) Ethnic minorities (people of colour) black culture White supremacy Music Media us press and publishing
Hip  Hop  identity  Akwesi  Shaddai  Media  Diversified  (Media  Diversity  UK)  Ethnic  minorities  (people  of  colour)  black  culture  White  supremacy  Music  Media  us  press  and  publishing 
december 2014 by dk33per
Zoella: Publishers admit Zoe Sugg didn't actually write the fastest-selling debu...
Zoe Sugg Zoella penguin books Ghostwriting The Independent youtube publishing books controversy
Zoe  Sugg  Zoella  penguin  books  Ghostwriting  The  Independent  youtube  publishing  books  controversy 
december 2014 by dk33per
Wattpad | Discover a World of Unlimited Stories
writing publishing Self-publishing ebooks Digital media Useful digital tools Webscape
writing  publishing  Self-publishing  ebooks  Digital  media  Useful  tools  Webscape 
october 2014 by dk33per
Game over for the official magazine? | Games industry news | MCV
MCV magazine Alex Calvin Official Nintendo Magazine UK future publishing Magazines Video games (Gaming) Game culture (Video game culture) Game industry Gaming
MCV  magazine  Alex  Calvin  Official  Nintendo  UK  future  publishing  Magazines  Video  games  (Gaming)  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  Game  industry  Gaming 
october 2014 by dk33per
Official Nintendo Magazine Announces Closure in the UK - Nintendo Life
Official Nintendo Magazine UK future publishing Nintendo Life (Website) Video games (Gaming) media downturn Media Game industry specialist media specialist magazines Business Magazines Game journalism (Game media)
Official  Nintendo  Magazine  UK  future  publishing  Nintendo  Life  (Website)  Video  games  (Gaming)  media  downturn  Game  industry  specialist  media  specialist  magazines  Business  Game  journalism  (Game  media) 
october 2014 by dk33per
Game journalism and my part in its decline | Pocket | PGbiz
Jon Jordan Game journalism (Game media) Video games (Gaming) Game culture (Video game culture) Edge magazine Pocket Gamer history Opinion Media future publishing Steel Media game magazines (game media) journalism Entertainment journalism (entertainment media)
Jon  Jordan  Game  journalism  (Game  media)  Video  games  (Gaming)  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  Edge  magazine  Pocket  Gamer  history  Opinion  Media  future  publishing  Steel  Media  magazines  media)  journalism  Entertainment  journalism  (entertainment  media) 
june 2014 by dk33per
Future UK plans to cut 13 games staff, close five websites and move all magazine...
future publishing Edge magazine CVG UK (Computer and Video Games) Layoffs and redundancies Jobs and employment media downturn MCV magazine
future  publishing  Edge  magazine  CVG  UK  (Computer  and  Video  Games)  Layoffs  and  redundancies  Jobs  and  employment  media  downturn  MCV  magazine 
may 2014 by dk33per
FiveThirtyEight | What the Fox Knows
FiveThirtyEight data journalism data statistics Journalism Media us press and publishing Remakes reboots relaunches and refreshes
FiveThirtyEight  data  journalism  data  statistics  Media  us  press  and  publishing  Remakes  reboots  relaunches  and  refreshes 
march 2014 by dk33per
Amy Hennig's Naughty Dog departure leaves triple-A game development a poorer, ma...
Nathan Ditum future publishing naughty dog game development game developers Amy Hennig uncharted jak and daxter the last of us PlayStation (Brand) Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) personnel Opinion Comment Edge magazine
Nathan  Ditum  future  publishing  naughty  dog  game  development  game  developers  Amy  Hennig  uncharted  jak  and  daxter  the  last  of  us  PlayStation  (Brand)  Sony  Computer  Entertainment  (SCEI)  personnel  Opinion  Comment  Edge  magazine 
march 2014 by dk33per
Meet Read-Only Memory, the book publisher celebrating videogame culture's rich h...
keith stuart Edge magazine Game culture (Video game culture) history books crowdfunding kickstarter Read-Only Memory (Publisher) Sega Mega Drive Genesis (Sega) Faber and Faber Simon and Schuster publishing printing industry Book industry Video games (Gaming)
keith  stuart  Edge  magazine  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  history  books  crowdfunding  kickstarter  Read-Only  Memory  (Publisher)  Sega  Mega  Drive  Genesis  (Sega)  Faber  and  Faber  Simon  and  Schuster  publishing  printing  industry  Book  industry  Video  games  (Gaming) 
february 2014 by dk33per
PPA backs Swedish firm aiming to launch Spotify for digital magazines in the UK ...
Press Gazette PPA (Professional Publishers Association) Digital media emagazines (Digital mags) Readly (App) PDFs Spotify publishing media business Media
Press  Gazette  PPA  (Professional  Publishers  Association)  Digital  media  emagazines  (Digital  mags)  Readly  (App)  PDFs  Spotify  publishing  media  business 
february 2014 by dk33per
What is Google Newsstand and how can publishers make the most of it? | Press Gaz...
Google Google Newsstand Google Play Android (Google) Press Gazette publishing samsung tablet computers Digital media emagazines (Digital mags) ebooks iPad
Google  Google  Newsstand  Google  Play  Android  (Google)  Press  Gazette  publishing  samsung  tablet  computers  Digital  media  emagazines  (Digital  mags)  ebooks  iPad 
february 2014 by dk33per
insane in the ben brain | A modern way of letting go
Ben Wilson official playstation magazine uk future publishing journalists Blogs
Ben  Wilson  official  playstation  magazine  uk  future  publishing  journalists  Blogs 
february 2014 by dk33per
XXL (magazine) Hip Hop black culture Black media (African Amercian media) urban music Rhythm and blues (R&B) us press and publishing 1997 Harris Publications Media Music
XXL  (magazine)  Hip  Hop  black  culture  media  (African  Amercian  media)  urban  music  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  us  press  and  publishing  1997  Harris  Publications 
january 2014 by dk33per
Future staff fed up with 'top-down meddling' in crowdfunded bid to launch rival ...
linux future publishing management controversy workplaces conflict Workplace politics and disagreements crowdfunding IndieGogo Press Gazette
linux  future  publishing  management  controversy  workplaces  conflict  Workplace  politics  and  disagreements  crowdfunding  IndieGogo  Press  Gazette 
november 2013 by dk33per
Mag ABCs: Digital edition sales nearly double year on year to 294,000
digital distribution readership circulation abces Press Gazette emagazines (Digital mags) Digital media abcs publishing
digital  distribution  readership  circulation  abces  Press  Gazette  emagazines  (Digital  mags)  media  abcs  publishing 
september 2013 by dk33per
Edge 20th Anniversary
Magazine and newspaper covers reviews Anniversaries Media Review scores and ratings cover art Edge magazine collections Magazines future publishing
Magazine  and  newspaper  covers  reviews  Anniversaries  Media  Review  scores  and  ratings  cover  art  Edge  collections  Magazines  future  publishing 
august 2013 by dk33per
Retail Week launches first app and introduces new subscriptions options
Retail Week magazine Apps Emap Press Gazette Digital media publishing
Retail  Week  magazine  Apps  Emap  Press  Gazette  Digital  media  publishing 
july 2013 by dk33per
Business Richard Keith Edge magazine Press Gazette Magazines publishing future publishing
Business  Richard  Keith  Edge  magazine  Press  Gazette  Magazines  publishing  future  publishing 
july 2013 by dk33per
How The Guardian Broke the Snowden Story
UK news press daily mail us press and publishing nick davies Newspapers and magazines national newspapers The Guardian Technology The Atlantic
UK  news  press  daily  mail  us  press  and  publishing  nick  davies  Newspapers  and  magazines  national  The  Guardian  Technology  The  Atlantic 
july 2013 by dk33per
specialist magazines Media media business finance Video games (Gaming) Press Gazette Business future publishing
specialist  magazines  Media  business  finance  Video  games  (Gaming)  Press  Gazette  future  publishing 
may 2013 by dk33per
Is It Journalism, or Just a Repackaged Press Release? Here's a Tool to Help You ...
media law Media The Atlantic press releases churnalism us press and publishing PR (Public relations) plagiarism
media  law  The  Atlantic  press  releases  churnalism  us  press  and  publishing  PR  (Public  relations)  plagiarism 
april 2013 by dk33per
QuarkXPress Tutorials, Training and Demos
tutorials Quark how to intent media training trade magazines QuarkXPress production design advice Desktop publishing design Video publishing
tutorials  Quark  how  to  intent  media  training  trade  magazines  QuarkXPress  production  design  advice  Desktop  publishing  design  Video  publishing 
april 2013 by dk33per
Media ubm techweb game development gamasutra us press and publishing game developer magazine media downturn Digital media simon carless
Media  ubm  techweb  game  development  gamasutra  us  press  and  publishing  game  developer  magazine  downturn  Digital  simon  carless 
april 2013 by dk33per
GDC (Game Developers Conference) Game Developer magazine ubm techweb game development gamasutra Magazines game developers Video games (Gaming) us press and publishing Digital media media downturn simon carless
GDC  (Game  Developers  Conference)  Game  Developer  magazine  ubm  techweb  development  gamasutra  Magazines  Video  games  (Gaming)  us  press  and  publishing  Digital  media  media  downturn  simon  carless 
april 2013 by dk33per
UK news books Media uk government Wired magazine web british library web browsing Digital media History archive ebooks Internet publishing
UK  news  books  Media  government  Wired  magazine  web  british  library  web  browsing  Digital  History  archive  ebooks  Internet  publishing 
april 2013 by dk33per
Jobs and employment personnel alex wiltshire Edge magazine work and careers freelance future publishing
Jobs  and  employment  personnel  alex  wiltshire  Edge  magazine  work  and  careers  freelance  future  publishing 
march 2013 by dk33per
NewBay Media acquires Intent Media | Game Development | News by Develop
Intent, based in the U.K., produces business publications, websites and events within the entertainment, technology and leisure markets. Its brands include Pro Sound News Europe, TVB Europe, Installation, MCV, and ToyNews among many others.
NewBay  Media  small  and  medium  businesses  trade  magazines  business  acquisitions  and  funding  intent  Develop  magazine  publishing 
january 2013 by dk33per
NewBay Media - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
NewBay Media trade magazines us press and publishing new york media intent media publishing
NewBay  Media  trade  magazines  us  press  and  publishing  new  york  intent  publishing 
january 2013 by dk33per
NewBay Media acquires Intent Media Limited
Intent, based in the U.K., produces business publications, websites and events within the entertainment, technology and leisure markets. Its brands include Pro Sound News Europe, TVB Europe, Installation, MCV, and ToyNews among many others.
NewBay  Media  trade  magazines  business  acquisitions  and  funding  MCV  magazine  music  week  intent  Develop  magazine  publishing 
january 2013 by dk33per
The magazine will be published 13 times a year priced £4.99 and it will be available in print and tablet form and will also make part of the content available for free on its website.
women's  magazines  hobbies  media  Deap  Vally  future  publishing 
january 2013 by dk33per
The weekday edition is to rise from £1.20 to £1.40 and the weekend Saturday edition will rise from £2.10 to £2.30.
guardian  media  group  newspapers  and  magazines  national  newspapers  Press  Gazette  The  media  publishing 
january 2013 by dk33per
What is cloud? « Antisocial Media
Cloud computing. You’ve possibly heard of it, you almost certainly use it, either at work or, more likely, in your personal life. But what is it?
it  pro  and  cloud  pro  valve  steam  sugarsync  dropbox  Google  Drive  (Docs)  technology  computing  cloud  computing  dennis  publishing  jane  mccallion 
december 2012 by dk33per
Tablet editions 'reinvigorating' print magazine brands, PPA claims
publishing print research case studies digital media abces abcs Mobile tablet computers PPA (Professional Publishers Association) media week
publishing  print  research  case  studies  digital  media  abces  abcs  Mobile  tablet  computers  PPA  (Professional  Publishers  Association)  media  week 
december 2012 by dk33per
Why Publishers Are Ditching Their iOS Apps for the Web
Business Apple Newsstand Apple Inc publishing iOS media print digital digital media tablet computers iPad Mac (Apple)
Business  Apple  Newsstand  Apple  Inc  publishing  iOS  media  print  digital  digital  media  tablet  computers  iPad  Mac  (Apple) 
december 2012 by dk33per
Future closes two more UK gaming mags | PressGazette
Final issues of the titles will be published next month when the company is expected to redeploy staff across its other titles.
endings  circulation  media  downturn  specialist  magazines  psm  magazine  future  publishing  Press  Gazette 
november 2012 by dk33per
News: Xbox World and PSM3 magazines to close - CVG UK
media downturn Journalism specialist media specialist magazines media endings psm magazine future publishing CVG UK (Computer and Video Games) Xbox (Brand) Xbox (Original)
media  downturn  Journalism  specialist  media  specialist  magazines  media  endings  psm  magazine  future  publishing  CVG  UK  (Computer  and  Video  Games)  Xbox  (Brand)  Xbox  (Original) 
november 2012 by dk33per
Fox News’s Election Coverage Followed Journalistic Instincts -
ideology news agenda tv news us television us press and publishing us politics barack obama mitt romney us elections fox news the new york times david carr
ideology  news  agenda  tv  news  us  television  us  press  and  publishing  us  politics  barack  obama  mitt  romney  us  elections  fox  news  the  new  york  times  david  carr 
november 2012 by dk33per
Google Currents
Add your favourite content
From leading publications to blogs that you follow, you can browse, read and share favourite content, presented in a swipeable magazine format.
technology  tablet  computers  Mobile  publishing  google  currents 
november 2012 by dk33per
Pagination - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
printing industry print production design graphic design publishing design pagination
printing  industry  print  production  design  graphic  design  publishing  design  pagination 
october 2012 by dk33per
The beauty of Penguin Books
Art The Guardian random house culture typography design publishing books classics penguin books
Art  The  Guardian  random  house  culture  typography  design  publishing  books  classics  penguin  books 
october 2012 by dk33per
Delayed Gratification | The UK's Quarterly Almanac | Last to breaking news
Journalism consumer magazines media culture design publishing quarterly delayed gratification magazine the slow journalism company
Journalism  consumer  magazines  media  culture  design  publishing  quarterly  delayed  gratification  magazine  the  slow  company 
october 2012 by dk33per
Welcome to Polygon! It's a website (finally) | Polygon
product launches publishing Journalism media Video games (Gaming) The Verge (Vox Media)
product  launches  publishing  Journalism  media  Video  games  (Gaming)  The  Verge  (Vox  Media) 
october 2012 by dk33per
Kieron Gillen's Workblog » The New Games Journalism
Journalism manifestos pc gamer magazine future publishing specialist magazines alternative media specialist media Gaming Video games (Gaming) kieron gillen Game journalism (Game media) game magazines (game media) interactive entertainment Essays and long reads Good reading for writers (Writing) media business Writing Newspapers and magazines Web 2.0 Blogging Media blogs Digital media
Journalism  manifestos  pc  gamer  magazine  future  publishing  specialist  magazines  alternative  media  specialist  media  Gaming  Video  games  (Gaming)  kieron  gillen  Game  (Game  media)  magazines  media)  interactive  entertainment  Essays  and  long  reads  Good  reading  for  writers  (Writing)  media  business  Writing  Newspapers  and  magazines  Web  2.0  Blogging  blogs  Digital  media 
october 2012 by dk33per
Cat Marnell interview: shooting star
lifestyle newspapers us press and publishing Magazines new york post society health drugs United States (USA) new york profile interviews world news vice magazine
lifestyle  newspapers  us  press  and  publishing  Magazines  new  york  post  society  health  drugs  United  States  (USA)  new  york  profile  interviews  world  news  vice  magazine 
october 2012 by dk33per
The former co-host of MSNBC’s Buchanan and Press, CNN’s Crossfire and The Spin Room, Press has built a national reputation on thought-provoking and humorous insights from the left side of the political aisle.
podcasts  Blogs  liberal  radio  talk  radio  Comment  us  politics  us  press  and  publishing 
october 2012 by dk33per
‘CVG HATES WOMEN’ – Or, Why I Hate CVG « Boot of Justice
I don’t like being associated with CVG, and I said as much on twitter. This was noted by the site’s staff, who asked me why, and because I didn’t really want a bunfight I just left it there. But clearly I made an impression, because now they’ve decided to post about how rubbish my review is in the comments.
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october 2012 by dk33per
Breaking the pack journalism paradigm
us press and publishing us elections media debate Comment wire services fourth estate news values Opinion Journalism columbia journalism review
us  press  and  publishing  us  elections  media  debate  Comment  wire  services  fourth  estate  news  values  Opinion  Journalism  columbia  review 
october 2012 by dk33per
Future's digital editions bring in £5m
sales Business media business media trade magazines consumer magazines Magazines publishing emagazines (Digital mags) digital media future publishing The Guardian
sales  Business  media  media  trade  magazines  consumer  magazines  publishing  emagazines  (Digital  mags)  digital  media  future  publishing  The  Guardian 
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The Week UK | British & foreign news, opinion, sport, people & business.
With the key stories delivered in bite-size chunks, you'll get the whole picture quickly and easily. With an ever-increasing readership, The Week has proved itself compulsive reading.
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september 2012 by dk33per
Columbia Journalism Review
media business research Blogs trade magazines Magazines us politics United States (USA) education investigative journalism reportage watchdog media Journalism columbia journalism review Politics current affairs futurama us press and publishing
media  business  research  Blogs  trade  magazines  us  politics  United  States  (USA)  education  investigative  journalism  reportage  watchdog  media  columbia  journalism  review  current  affairs  futurama  us  press  and  publishing 
september 2012 by dk33per
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