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A Duty to Inform, as well as Entertain: The BBC On the Edge of an Abyss
Peter Jukes on the BBC's failures to inform and educate in recent current affairs coverage of Brexit and other UK politics stories. // 2018 has been a troubling year for those who support public service broadcasting and the national broadcaster's remit to INFORM not just entertain.
BylineMedia  PeterJukes  BBC  BBCNews  Brexit  EUReferendum  UKPolitics  Politics  CurrentAffairs  Media  MediaNews  Misinformation  FakeNews  Education  Lies  Truth  News  NewsMedia  Broadcasting  BroadcastJournalism  Journalism  LongReads 
december 2018 by dk33per
I'd rather have Charlie Brooker's annual Wipe than more Black Mirror - and more than Rob Rinder's Good Year Bad Year - Radio Times
There’s a distinct and definite Charlie Brooker-shaped hole in our Christmas schedules for the second year in a row, with Brooker’s Wipe of the Year taking a back seat due to the hectic writing schedule for his other brainchild, Netflix anthology Black Mirror.
CharlieBrooker  ScreenWipe  BlackMirror  RadioTimes  Opinion  Comment  CurrentAffairs  News  UKPolitics  Politics  Year-in-Review  TVProgrammes  TV  TVNews  TVIndustry  Netflix 
december 2018 by dk33per
Nasa responds to Avengers fans' pleas to rescue Iron Man - CBBC Newsround
Avenger's fans have been trolling Marvel Studios to cut poor Tony Stark - better known as Iron Man - a break.
Marvel  Avengers  NASA  AndFinally  News  FilmNews  SocialMedia  Fans  Culture  PopCulture  TonyStark  BBCNews  BBCNewsround 
december 2018 by dk33per
RSS Readers Are Due for a Comeback: Feedly, The Old Reader, Inoreader | WIRED
THE MODERN WEB contains no shortage of horrors, from ubiquitous ad trackers to all-consuming platforms to YouTube comments, generally. Unfortunately, there's no panacea for what ails this internet we've built. But anyone weary of black-box algorithms controlling what you see online at least has a respite, one that's been there all along but has often gone ignored. Tired of Twitter? Facebook fatigued? It's time to head back to RSS.
RSS  RSSFeeds  RSSReaders  Feedly  GoogleReader  WiredUS  SocialMedia  News  NewsMedia  DigitalMedia  Workflows 
october 2018 by dk33per
BAME business owners slam council for seeming to "not care" about them - Hackney Citizen
Criticism has been heaped on the council by a group of business owners from the Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community who say the authority has prioritised their needs over “Johnny-come-latelies” to the borough.
News  LocalNews  BAME  BlackPeople  EthnicMinorities  BlackBusiness  Business  Hackney  Communities  London  HackneyCitizen 
september 2018 by dk33per
The Guardian: Costa Concordia (Jan 2012) - Google Search
Images of The Guardian's report of the sinking of the Costa Concordia in January 2012 (take me back to Goldsmiths). It was the first, or one o the earliest, versions of the Guardian's 2012 redesign.
Media  News  TheGuardian  Design  Redesign  Newspapers  NewspapersAndMagazines  CostaConcordia  2012  GoogleSearch  Goldsmiths  Memories 
january 2018 by dk33per
Safari in iOS 11 Turns Google AMP Links Back into Original Web Links When Shared - Mac Rumors
Apple has made a subtle tweak to Safari in iOS 11 to ensure the browser automatically strips out Google AMP URLs when a web page is shared or copy-pasted on an iPhone and iPad (via The Verge).
URLs  Publishing  iOS  Apple  Google  Online  News  NewsMedia  MediaNews  Weblinks  Tracking  GoogleAMP  iPhone  iPad  MacRumors  TechNews 
august 2017 by dk33per
Thousands of deposit box valuables 'cannot be traced to owners' - BBC News
Thousands of valuable items stored in bank safety deposit boxes cannot be traced to their owners, a BBC investigation has been told. Report by By Jay Unger,
BBC R4 You & Yours.
JayUnger  BBC  BBCRadio4  BBCNews  YouAndYours  Radio  Journalism  Investigations  Valuables  News  Money  Finance  Business  FinanceNews 
august 2017 by dk33per
Apple acknowledges the new Calendar spam problem, says it’s working on it | Tech...
Just before Black Friday, spammers started tapping a relatively new technique: sending spam as event invites to iCloud email addresses, rather than sending standard emails. By default, iCloud processes these and tries to add them to your calendar… which helped the spammer sneak around spam filters and generally caused a notification to pop up on your various screens. It’s not a particularly malicious trick, but damn is it annoying.
Apple  Spam  calendar  Black  Friday  iCloud  (Apple)  techcrunch  Tech  news 
december 2016 by dk33per
Final Fantasy 15 was announced 10 years ago. Here’s how the world’s changed sinc...
final fantasy Gaming news timelines Smartphones PS3 (PlayStation 3) Xbox 360 Business Game industry
final  fantasy  Gaming  news  timelines  Smartphones  PS3  (PlayStation  3)  Xbox  360  Business  Game  industry 
december 2016 by dk33per
Football Manager 2017 stirs Brexit controversy - Polygon
Football Manager (series) Brexit football Football business Simulators Gaming news
Football  Manager  (series)  Brexit  Football  business  Simulators  Gaming  news 
december 2016 by dk33per
Jhené Aiko Poses for PETA Fur Campaign : Young California
Jhene Aiko PETA Young California vegan Meat beauty fashion Music news Celebrity news
Jhene  Aiko  PETA  Young  California  vegan  Meat  beauty  fashion  Music  news  Celebrity  news 
december 2016 by dk33per
Here's The Full List Of 2017 Grammy Nominations Okayplayer
Grammy Awards Beyonce Chance the Rapper Anderson Paak Music news Okayplayer (music site) Music awards awards Award ceremonies Music 2017
Grammy  Awards  Beyonce  Chance  the  Rapper  Anderson  Paak  Music  news  Okayplayer  (music  site)  Music  Award  ceremonies  Music  2017 
december 2016 by dk33per
Frank Ocean Selling Blonde Vinyl, Exclusive Merch in Black Friday Sale | Pitchfo...
Frank Ocean Pitchfork Vinyl Black Friday Limited editions special collectors eds Magazines Boys Don't Cry (Frank Ocean) xl records Music news
Frank  Ocean  Pitchfork  Vinyl  Black  Friday  Limited  editions  special  collectors  eds  Magazines  Boys  Don't  Cry  (Frank  Ocean)  xl  records  Music  news 
december 2016 by dk33per
Joel and Ellie's journey continues with The Last of Us Part II - PlayStation.Blo...
naughty dog the last of us The Last of Us Part II PlayStation Experience PS4 (PlayStation 4) Gaming Gaming news
naughty  dog  the  last  of  us  of  Part  II  PlayStation  Experience  PS4  (PlayStation  4)  Gaming  Gaming  news 
december 2016 by dk33per
Reflex action: Duran Duran lose court battle over song rights | Music | The Guar...
Music news law Lawsuits UK law US law and order Music publishing Duran Duran Nick Rhodes Simon Le Bon Roger Taylor Song credit (Music) copyright Copyright law Music
Music  news  law  Lawsuits  UK  law  US  law  and  order  Music  publishing  Duran  Duran  Nick  Rhodes  Simon  Le  Bon  Roger  Taylor  Song  credit  (Music)  copyright  law  Music 
december 2016 by dk33per
Chinese spammers target Apple iCalendar users with sketchy invites for Black Fri...
Spam Anti-spam Spam prevention CNBC Tech news chinese Apple Calendar (iCal) (Apple) apps meetings Black Friday scams MacBook ios Phishing Cyber crime Cyber security
Spam  Anti-spam  Spam  prevention  CNBC  Tech  news  chinese  Apple  Calendar  (iCal)  (Apple)  apps  meetings  Black  Friday  scams  MacBook  ios  Phishing  Cyber  crime  Cyber  security 
november 2016 by dk33per
The PlayStation 3 Launched 10 Years Ago Today
PlayStation (Brand) PS3 (PlayStation 3) Gran Turismo (series) Retrospective Retro gaming HD (High definition) racing Racing games Driving games Gaming Gaming news Gaming features
PlayStation  (Brand)  PS3  (PlayStation  3)  Gran  Turismo  (series)  Retrospective  Retro  gaming  HD  (High  definition)  racing  games  Driving  games  news  features 
november 2016 by dk33per
Everything You Need To Know About PlayStation Move - PlayStation.Blog.Europe
PlayStation Move Motion control Gaming Sony SCEE (Sony) PlayStation Blog (Sony) Peripherals Supermassive Games PlayStation (Brand) PS3 (PlayStation 3) Hardware Gaming news Retail Pricing
PlayStation  Move  Motion  control  Gaming  Sony  SCEE  (Sony)  PlayStation  Blog  (Sony)  Peripherals  Supermassive  Games  PlayStation  (Brand)  PS3  (PlayStation  3)  Hardware  Gaming  news  Retail  Pricing 
november 2016 by dk33per
Introducing PlayStation Move - PlayStation.Blog.Europe
PlayStation (Brand) PlayStation Move Gaming Gaming news GDC (Game Developers Conference) GDC 2010 Motion control Sports Champions (Game series) tech demo SCEI (Sony) Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) Sony
PlayStation  (Brand)  PlayStation  Move  Gaming  Gaming  news  GDC  (Game  Developers  Conference)  GDC  2010  Motion  control  Sports  Champions  (Game  series)  tech  demo  SCEI  (Sony)  Sony  Computer  Entertainment  (SCEI)  Sony 
november 2016 by dk33per
Facebook (FB) turned on a feature that turned most profile pages into memorial p...
facebook Memorials Death and dying Remembrance Glitches Social media Social media news social networking
facebook  Memorials  Death  and  dying  Remembrance  Glitches  Social  media  Social  media  news  networking 
november 2016 by dk33per
Sony ending PlayStation Vita Maps, near features •
Sony PS Vita (PlayStation Vita) Near (PS Vita app) mapping Eurogamer Gaming news
Sony  PS  Vita  (PlayStation  Vita)  Near  (PS  Vita  app)  mapping  Eurogamer  Gaming  news 
november 2016 by dk33per
Robert Vaughn, Man from UNCLE actor, dies aged 83 - BBC News
Robert Vaughn Adrian Lester hustle actors Magnificent Seven (film) Death and dying Obituaries and memoriams BBC News
Robert  Vaughn  Adrian  Lester  hustle  actors  Magnificent  Seven  (film)  Death  and  dying  Obituaries  and  memoriams  BBC  News 
november 2016 by dk33per
Razer’s apology over obscene tweet angers even more people - Polygon
Razer (Hardware company) Tech news twitter MacBook Pro MacBook Pro (2016) Sexism and misogyny
Razer  (Hardware  company)  Tech  news  twitter  MacBook  Pro  MacBook  Pro  (2016)  Sexism  and  misogyny 
november 2016 by dk33per
Mobos: Craig David crowned best male act | Music | The Guardian
MOBO Awards Kano Ms Dynamite Shakka Esperanza Spalding Popcaan Nicola Adams Lady Leshurr Craig David Music news
MOBO  Awards  Kano  Ms  Dynamite  Shakka  Esperanza  Spalding  Popcaan  Nicola  Adams  Lady  Leshurr  Craig  David  Music  news 
november 2016 by dk33per
All that jazz? The Mobo awards are failing the UK's jazz scene | Music | The Gua...
Shabaka Hutchings The Guardian jazz Esperanza Spalding MOBO Awards Black musicians and black music British music awards Music news
Shabaka  Hutchings  The  Guardian  jazz  Esperanza  Spalding  MOBO  Awards  Black  musicians  and  music  British  music  news 
november 2016 by dk33per
Truth about X Factor's Honey G revealed as the rapper is unrecognisable in her d...
The X Factor (TV series) Honey G (X Factor rapper) daily mirror Hip Hop Hip hop culture black culture tv news Celebrity culture Celebrity news
The  X  Factor  (TV  series)  Honey  G  (X  Factor  rapper)  daily  mirror  Hip  Hop  Hip  culture  black  culture  tv  news  Celebrity  culture  Celebrity  news 
november 2016 by dk33per
Amil Says She'll Never "Lose Love For Jay Z" & Discusses Roc-A-Fella Success | H...
Amil (rapper) Jay-Z real life stories Hip Hop HipHopDX (website) Music news Rush Hour (1998) Roc-a-Fella Records Wu-Tang Clan
Amil  (rapper)  Jay-Z  real  life  stories  Hip  Hop  HipHopDX  (website)  Music  news  Rush  Hour  (1998)  Roc-a-Fella  Records  Wu-Tang  Clan 
november 2016 by dk33per
Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace For August 2016 - Discogs Blog
Discogs (Media) Best-sellers (products) Vinyl Record collecting (vinyl) Cassette tapes (Format) Prince (Musician) Blogging Music blogs Music news Limited editions special collectors eds rarities
Discogs  (Media)  Best-sellers  (products)  Vinyl  Record  collecting  (vinyl)  Cassette  tapes  (Format)  Prince  (Musician)  Blogging  Music  blogs  Music  news  Limited  editions  special  collectors  eds  rarities 
october 2016 by dk33per
Nintendo Switch: Everything we know about Nintendo's new hybrid | Polygon
Nintendo NX Nintendo Switch Nintendo Game consoles Gaming Gaming news 2017 marketing game development Game industry
Nintendo  NX  Nintendo  Switch  Nintendo  Game  consoles  Gaming  Gaming  news  2017  marketing  development  Game  industry 
october 2016 by dk33per
She was bigger than Adele - now Duffy's making an unusual comeback - Music Busin...
Duffy (singer) Music Business Worldwide (MBW) tim ingham A&M Records (UMG) Mercury Records (UMG) coca-cola branding advertising Product endorsements Celebrity endorsements promotion Music industry Universal Music Group (UMG) Music news
Duffy  (singer)  Music  Business  Worldwide  (MBW)  tim  ingham  A&M  Records  (UMG)  Mercury  Records  (UMG)  coca-cola  branding  advertising  Product  endorsements  Celebrity  endorsements  promotion  Music  industry  Universal  Music  Group  (UMG)  Music  news 
october 2016 by dk33per
Drifters' Jessica Knappett on turning her wilderness years into a TV smash | Tel...
Jessica Knappett Drifters (TV series) Comedians comedy Comedy series channel 4 tv news TV shows (programmes) Quarter-life crisis writers
Jessica  Knappett  Drifters  (TV  series)  Comedians  comedy  series  channel  4  tv  news  shows  (programmes)  Quarter-life  crisis  writers 
october 2016 by dk33per
PSVR: Can Sony break VR into the gaming mainstream? - BBC Newsbeat
PlayStation VR (PS VR) product launches Game consoles Gaming news PS4 (PlayStation 4) BBC Newsbeat
PlayStation  VR  (PS  VR)  product  launches  Game  consoles  Gaming  news  PS4  (PlayStation  4)  BBC  Newsbeat 
october 2016 by dk33per
How the new five pound note plays vinyl records - BBC Newsbeat
Money BBC Newsbeat vinyl Turntables and record players Stylus (Turntable tech) Music news weird news
Money  BBC  Newsbeat  vinyl  Turntables  and  record  players  Stylus  (Turntable  tech)  Music  news  weird  news 
october 2016 by dk33per
10 words from pop music culture that made it into the dictionary - BBC Music
Pop music Pop culture English language Words Destiny's Child Hip Hop BBC BBC News
Pop  music  Pop  culture  English  language  Words  Destiny's  Child  Hip  Hop  BBC  BBC  News 
october 2016 by dk33per
PlayStation VR’s launch line-up runs long - Polygon
Line-ups Release and product lists product launches Gaming Gaming news PlayStation VR (PS VR)
Line-ups  Release  and  product  lists  product  launches  Gaming  Gaming  news  PlayStation  VR  (PS  VR) 
october 2016 by dk33per
Rich kid of Watford inspiring others to success | Watford Observer
Watford Observer Watford James Leach (Trader) stock market Money local news finance entrepreneurs trading market traders
Watford  Observer  Watford  James  Leach  (Trader)  stock  market  Money  local  news  finance  entrepreneurs  trading  market  traders 
october 2016 by dk33per
Industry Takeover All Dayer 2016 Tickets, Sat, 1 Oct 2016 at 12:00 | Eventbrite
Complex (Music site) Grime (Music) Music industry Seminars debate Workshops networking DJing mixing and sound production discussion eventbrite Events Urban Development (Music site) GRM Daily (Music site) Music news Music UK Music (Organisation) Reprezent FM
Complex  (Music  site)  Grime  (Music)  Music  industry  Seminars  debate  Workshops  networking  DJing  mixing  and  sound  production  discussion  eventbrite  Events  Urban  Development  (Music  site)  GRM  Daily  (Music  site)  Music  news  Music  UK  Music  (Organisation)  Reprezent  FM 
october 2016 by dk33per
Gorillaz Launch Instagram Account, Career-Spanning Timeline | Pitchfork
Gorillaz Damon Albarn jamie hewlett instagram Pitchfork Phase Four (Gorillaz) Music news Music timelines history
Gorillaz  Damon  Albarn  jamie  hewlett  instagram  Pitchfork  Phase  Four  (Gorillaz)  Music  news  Music  timelines  history 
september 2016 by dk33per
Gorillaz post mysterious photo on Twitter stating 'The End'
Gorillaz Damon Albarn jamie hewlett instagram twitter nme magazine Social media Music Music news Phase Four (Gorillaz)
Gorillaz  Damon  Albarn  jamie  hewlett  instagram  twitter  nme  magazine  Social  media  Music  Music  news  Phase  Four  (Gorillaz) 
september 2016 by dk33per
Hip-hop artist Danny Brown receives oral sex from fan on stage, mid-rap | NME.CO...
Music news Danny Brown (rapper) Sex Fans Oral sex live music gossip Hip Hop Kendrick Lamar
Music  news  Danny  Brown  (rapper)  Sex  Fans  Oral  live  gossip  Hip  Hop  Kendrick  Lamar 
september 2016 by dk33per
Rio Paralympics 2016: GB seal second place in table with 147 medals and 64 golds...
olympic games Rio Olympics (Rio 2016) Rio de Janerio (Brazil) paralympic games medals team gb great britain bbc sport BBC News
olympic  games  Rio  Olympics  (Rio  2016)  Rio  de  Janerio  (Brazil)  paralympic  games  medals  team  gb  great  britain  bbc  sport  News 
september 2016 by dk33per
PlayStation Japan's PlayStation 4 hip hop song is kind of amazing - Polygon
Tofubeats Rip Slyme Ryo-Z Pes (Rapper) Japanese games Japanese language japanese culture Music Music news SCEJ and SCE Asia Korea (Sony) PS4 (PlayStation 4) TGS (Tokyo Game Show) Japanese music
Tofubeats  Rip  Slyme  Ryo-Z  Pes  (Rapper)  Japanese  games  Japanese  language  culture  Music  Music  news  SCEJ  and  SCE  Asia  Korea  (Sony)  PS4  (PlayStation  4)  TGS  (Tokyo  Game  Show)  Japanese 
september 2016 by dk33per
Mercury Prize: Grime star Skepta wins music award - BBC News
Skepta Mercury Prize (Mercury Music) 2016 BBC News Music news awards ceremonies Award ceremonies david bowie radiohead The 1975 (Band) bat for lashes Laura Mvula Jamie Woon michael kiwanuka
Skepta  Mercury  Prize  (Mercury  Music)  2016  BBC  News  Music  awards  ceremonies  Award  ceremonies  david  bowie  radiohead  The  1975  (Band)  bat  for  lashes  Laura  Mvula  Jamie  Woon  michael  kiwanuka 
september 2016 by dk33per
BBC Music - 10 of the most shocking moments in Mercury Prize history
Mercury Prize (Mercury Music) BBC News BBC Music 2016 lists Music features
Mercury  Prize  (Mercury  Music)  BBC  News  BBC  Music  2016  lists  Music  features 
september 2016 by dk33per
AlunaGeorge on sexism, racism and forging a new sound - BBC News
AlunaGeorge Music news BBC News Sexism and misogyny racism New music Pop music Interviews
AlunaGeorge  Music  news  BBC  Sexism  and  misogyny  racism  New  Pop  Interviews 
september 2016 by dk33per
Ariell Johnson Opened The East Coast's First Black Female-owned Comic Book Store...
Ariell Johnson Comic book stores Philadelphia (USA) diversity Saint Heron (website) Black women Culture Black people Business entrepreneurs Black business enterprise Comic news (Comics)
Ariell  Johnson  Comic  book  stores  Philadelphia  (USA)  diversity  Saint  Heron  (website)  Black  women  Culture  Black  people  Business  entrepreneurs  Black  enterprise  Comic  news  (Comics) 
september 2016 by dk33per
Stormzy, Christine And The Queens, Slade among winners at AIM Awards
AIM Awards AIM (Association of Independent Music) Music nme magazine Stormzy Little Simz xl records Damon Albarn Christine and the Queens Music news
AIM  Awards  AIM  (Association  of  Independent  Music)  Music  nme  magazine  Stormzy  Little  Simz  xl  records  Damon  Albarn  Christine  and  the  Queens  Music  news 
september 2016 by dk33per
'Culture of drugs' at London's Fabric nightclub causes licence to be revoked - B...
Fabric (nightclub) London nightclub drugs nights Drug use dance music electronic music BBC Newsbeat BBC News
Fabric  (nightclub)  London  nightclub  drugs  nights  Drug  use  dance  music  electronic  music  BBC  Newsbeat  BBC  News 
september 2016 by dk33per
A 16-year-old British girl earns £48,000 helping Chinese people name their babie...
Names Name changes babies Baby names china chinese Chinese people websites Ideas and concepts BBC Newsbeat BBC News
Names  Name  changes  babies  Baby  china  chinese  people  websites  Ideas  and  concepts  BBC  Newsbeat  BBC  News 
september 2016 by dk33per
Karen Gillan Joins Dwayne Johnson in ‘Jumanji’ Sequel | Variety
karen gillan Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) Jumanji series Robin Williams variety magazine Film news
karen  gillan  Dwayne  Johnson  (The  Rock)  Jumanji  series  Robin  Williams  variety  magazine  Film  news 
august 2016 by dk33per
Tricky Stewart Gave Frank Ocean His First Record Deal. Now He Says Labels Should...
Tricky Stewart Frank Ocean The Fader (magazine) Interviews Def Jam Records (UMG) independent music Apple Music (Services) Music news
Tricky  Stewart  Frank  Ocean  The  Fader  (magazine)  Interviews  Def  Jam  Records  (UMG)  independent  music  Apple  (Services)  news 
august 2016 by dk33per
DiS does V Festival (and has an existential crisis) / In Depth // Drowned In Sou...
Kate Solomon V Festival Music festivals Festivals and celebrations Live music reviews (Concert gig reviews) Festival news humour
Kate  Solomon  V  Festival  Music  festivals  and  celebrations  Live  reviews  (Concert  gig  reviews)  Festival  news  humour 
august 2016 by dk33per
Gene Wilder death: Star of Willy Wonka dies aged 83 - BBC News
Gene Wilder Willy Wonka Comedians Death and dying Obituaries and memoriams BBC News
Gene  Wilder  Willy  Wonka  Comedians  Death  and  dying  Obituaries  and  memoriams  BBC  News 
august 2016 by dk33per
Artists are doing it for themselves | Lyn Gardner | Stage | The Guardian
theatre Edinburgh Festival Arts funding Arts policy Arts news Stage The Guardian funding small and medium businesses
theatre  Edinburgh  Festival  Arts  funding  Arts  policy  Arts  news  Stage  The  Guardian  funding  small  and  medium  businesses 
august 2016 by dk33per
Frank Ocean's Apple Deal Was A Wake-Up Call For The Music Industry - BuzzFeed Ne...
Reggie Ugwu (Journalist) Frank Ocean Universal Music Group (UMG) Def Jam Records (UMG) Music streaming Apple Music (Services) Music news Major record labels record labels Independent record labels artists
Reggie  Ugwu  (Journalist)  Frank  Ocean  Universal  Music  Group  (UMG)  Def  Jam  Records  (UMG)  Music  streaming  Apple  Music  (Services)  Music  news  Major  record  labels  record  labels  Independent  record  labels  artists 
august 2016 by dk33per
Frank Ocean Drops New Album Blond: Listen | Pitchfork
Frank Ocean Apple Music (Services) Album streams (music) New music albums Music news
Frank  Ocean  Apple  Music  (Services)  Album  streams  (music)  New  albums  Music  news 
august 2016 by dk33per
Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) Name changes URLs web Andrew House (Sony) press releases Gaming news
Sony  Computer  Entertainment  (SCEI)  Name  changes  URLs  web  Andrew  House  (Sony)  press  releases  Gaming  news 
august 2016 by dk33per
Capy Games delays Below indefinitely | Polygon
Capybara Games Delays hold-ups Xbox One indie gaming PC gaming and games Gaming news
Capybara  Games  Delays  hold-ups  Xbox  One  indie  gaming  PC  gaming  and  news 
august 2016 by dk33per
Michael Kiwanuka: 'Sitting down to write a song wasn't fun'
michael kiwanuka Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) BBC News Singer-songwriters Black people Black musicians and black music race issues Music Music news
michael  kiwanuka  Danger  Mouse  (Brian  Burton)  BBC  News  Singer-songwriters  Black  people  Black  musicians  and  music  race  issues 
july 2016 by dk33per
Killing of Jo Cox: grief and shock over death of 'MP with huge compassion' | UK ...
Jo Cox (Labour) discrimination UK news Violent crime murder Politics Brexit Miscommuication
Jo  Cox  (Labour)  discrimination  UK  news  Violent  crime  murder  Politics  Brexit  Miscommuication 
june 2016 by dk33per
Jay-Z raps about Lemonade on Fat Joe remix, 'All The Way Up'
Jay-Z Lemonade (Beyonce album) Fat Joe Fact magazine Music news
Jay-Z  Lemonade  (Beyonce  album)  Fat  Joe  Fact  magazine  Music  news 
may 2016 by dk33per
Why we need to tackle the growing mountain of 'digital waste'
Digital media The Conversation (website) cloud computing Cloud news waste Digital waste
Digital  media  The  Conversation  (website)  cloud  computing  news  waste  Digital  waste 
may 2016 by dk33per
BBC NEWS | Magazine | Why are 99s called that?
99 Flake (ice cream) Ice cream food and drink British culture Cadbury BBC News BBC News Magazine Chocolate
99  Flake  (ice  cream)  Ice  cream  food  and  drink  British  culture  Cadbury  BBC  News  BBC  News  Magazine  Chocolate 
may 2016 by dk33per
Beyoncé launches new 'visual album' Lemonade on HBO | Music | The Guardian
Beyonce Tidal (Music service) The Guardian Music Celebrity news Lemonade (Beyonce album) HBO race issues
Beyonce  Tidal  (Music  service)  The  Guardian  Music  Celebrity  news  Lemonade  (Beyonce  album)  HBO  race  issues 
may 2016 by dk33per
Danger Mouse signs with Kobalt | Kobalt press release
Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) Kobalt Music Publishing Music news press releases 30th Century Records (Danger Mouse)
Danger  Mouse  (Brian  Burton)  Kobalt  Music  Publishing  Music  news  press  releases  30th  Century  Records  (Danger  Mouse) 
march 2016 by dk33per
Sony closes Driveclub's Evolution Studios - BBC News
Evolution Studios SCEE (Sony) PlayStation (Brand) endings SCEI (Sony) Game studios British game developers Driveclub BBC News
Evolution  Studios  SCEE  (Sony)  PlayStation  (Brand)  endings  SCEI  (Sony)  Game  British  developers  Driveclub  BBC  News 
march 2016 by dk33per
Can the Micro Bit inspire a million? - BBC News
BBC News BBC Micro Bit Technology Microcomputers computer science rory cellan-jones
BBC  News  BBC  Micro  Bit  Technology  Microcomputers  computer  science  rory  cellan-jones 
march 2016 by dk33per
Black British Soldiers in WW2 | The Forgotten Fighters
Black British World War II (WW2) black history Black people afro caribbean great britain UK news
Black  British  World  War  II  (WW2)  history  Black  people  afro  caribbean  great  britain  UK  news 
march 2016 by dk33per
BBC Breakfast seating bias due to 'misogyny', says ex-Countryfile host | Media |...
BBC Breakfast Sexism and misogyny The Guardian Louise Minchin tv news Media news media business UK news television industry
BBC  Breakfast  Sexism  and  misogyny  The  Guardian  Louise  Minchin  tv  news  Media  news  business  UK  news  television  industry 
march 2016 by dk33per
Google Now lets you block content from publishers you don’t like
Google Now (news service) Google aggregation News aggregation publishing The Next Web Ad blocking Tech news
Google  Now  (news  service)  Google  aggregation  News  aggregation  publishing  The  Next  Web  Ad  blocking  Tech 
march 2016 by dk33per
Microsoft's Xbox boss apologises for go-go dancer party - BBC News
Xbox (Brand) Phil Spencer (Xbox) Lapdancing Lapdancers go-go dancers Sex Sexism and misogyny GDC (Game Developers Conference) After parties san francisco Microsoft BBC News
Xbox  (Brand)  Phil  Spencer  (Xbox)  Lapdancing  Lapdancers  go-go  dancers  Sex  Sexism  and  misogyny  GDC  (Game  Developers  Conference)  After  parties  san  francisco  Microsoft  BBC  News 
march 2016 by dk33per
Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar Win Boosts Sales Of Inception-style Spinning Tops - Ya...
It appears that the actor’s accolade has drawn fans to all kinds of DiCaprio-based ephemera, including the spinning tops he uses as a 'totem’ in the Christopher Nolan movie 'Inception’.
Film  Film  news 
march 2016 by dk33per
17 hilarious reactions to Lianne La Havas becoming a problematic fave (#BritsSoW...
Black social media music lianne la havas controversy race issues BritsSoWhite 2016 controversy Brit Awards racism White privilege Black people Fans Music fans and lovers Jessica Edwards Music news
Black  social  media  music  lianne  la  havas  controversy  race  issues  BritsSoWhite  2016  controversy  Brit  Awards  racism  White  privilege  Black  people  Fans  and  lovers  Jessica  Edwards  news 
march 2016 by dk33per
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