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Can the Guardian survive?
intelligent life magazine the economist Tim-de Lisle The Guardian alan rusbridger media journalism open journalism Newspapers and magazines Newspapers national newspapers Ideas and concepts rupert murdoch media business media downturn features Essays and long reads
intelligent  life  magazine  the  economist  Tim-de  Lisle  Guardian  alan  rusbridger  media  journalism  open  journalism  Newspapers  and  magazines  Newspapers  national  Ideas  and  concepts  rupert  murdoch  media  business  media  downturn  features  Essays  and  long  reads 
october 2015 by dk33per
The Economist launches paid-for daily podcast for Android and Apple devices | Pr...
the economist podcasts podcasting iTunes (Apple) Radio audio digital music and audio paid-for content Press Gazette Media
the  economist  podcasts  podcasting  iTunes  (Apple)  Radio  audio  digital  music  and  audio  paid-for  content  Press  Gazette  Media 
april 2014 by dk33per
So who in news knows how to use Tumblr?
Social media financial times tumblr The Guardian Press Gazette the economist Technology Yahoo new statesman
Social  media  financial  times  tumblr  The  Guardian  Press  Gazette  economist  Technology  Yahoo  new  statesman 
may 2013 by dk33per
The Economist explains its Electionism HTML5 app for iPad and Android
Politics technology Smartphones Mobile Apps iPad html Android (Google) us politics us elections the economist media The Guardian tablet computers
Politics  technology  Smartphones  Mobile  Apps  iPad  html  Android  (Google)  us  us  elections  the  economist  media  Guardian  tablet  computers 
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alan rusbridger media downturn media business media guardian media group national newspapers the economist The Guardian Business eco intelligent life magazine
alan  rusbridger  media  downturn  media  business  media  guardian  media  group  national  newspapers  the  economist  eco  intelligent  life  magazine 
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