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Brexit hasn’t happened yet – and it is changing all the time | Business | The Guardian
The rationalisations and concessions are starting to emerge as the reality of leaving dawns. This is not the moment for Remainers to despair
Brexit  EUReferendum  Article50  EuropeanUnion  ConservativeParty  Conservatives  ForeignPolicy  Comment  Economics  WilliamKeegan  Business  TheGuardian 
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Bloomberg Business
Bloomberg Bloomberg Media Decision makers economics business finance Business law patents and finance Business news
Bloomberg  Bloomberg  Media  Decision  makers  economics  business  finance  law  patents  and  finance  news 
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What The Circular Economy Means For Marketers (Adobe) adobe marketing advertising branding sustainability Consumerism manufacturing leadership Ethics Cross-selling and up-selling Vodafone recycling trends sales Consumer products economics  (Adobe)  adobe  marketing  advertising  branding  sustainability  Consumerism  manufacturing  leadership  Ethics  Cross-selling  and  up-selling  Vodafone  recycling  trends  sales  Consumer  products  economics 
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Yahoo Finance - Business Finance, Stock Market, Quotes, News
finance Yahoo economics stock market stocks and shares news gathering Money Banking (Money) IPOs Investments Yahoo Finance
finance  Yahoo  economics  stock  market  stocks  and  shares  news  gathering  Money  Banking  (Money)  IPOs  Investments  Yahoo 
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BBC News - Financial glossary: A-C
glossary finance personal finance Financial and economics jargon Jargon (Lingo) economics Terminology definitions meanings BBC News BBC
glossary  finance  personal  finance  Financial  and  economics  jargon  (Lingo)  economics  Terminology  definitions  meanings  BBC  News  BBC 
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Financial Dictionary | Investopedia
dictionary lexicon Jargon (Lingo) Financial and economics jargon economics News writing and editing news gathering Reference Money Terminology definitions meanings glossary
dictionary  lexicon  Jargon  (Lingo)  Financial  and  economics  economics  News  writing  and  editing  gathering  Reference  Money  Terminology  definitions  meanings  glossary 
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BBC News - Should Britain let go of London?
UK news Politics Culture great britain uk government economics Opinion Business London
UK  news  Politics  Culture  great  britain  government  economics  Opinion  Business  London 
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Olympics 2012: the alternative medals table
The Guardian Business world news sport economic growth gdp population economics london 2012 data journalism data olympic games medals
The  Guardian  Business  world  news  sport  economic  growth  gdp  population  economics  london  2012  data  journalism  data  olympic  games  medals 
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New Statesman - Chart of the day
visualisation series economics new statesman graphic design diagrams information data infographics
visualisation  series  economics  new  statesman  graphic  design  diagrams  information  data  infographics 
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trade associations enterprise start-ups large businesses small and medium businesses FSTE british uk trade construction finance economics Business lobbying
trade  associations  enterprise  start-ups  large  businesses  small  and  medium  businesses  FSTE  british  uk  trade  construction  finance  economics  Business  lobbying 
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New Statesman - Welcome to the new site
Politics Business economics content management Blogging digital media web web design redesign new statesman
Politics  Business  economics  content  management  Blogging  digital  media  web  web  design  redesign  new  statesman 
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Europe's jobless flee for new El Dorados - Europe - World - The Independent
economic crisis el dorado africa economics The Independent world news unemployment migration Europe
economic  crisis  el  dorado  africa  economics  The  Independent  world  news  unemployment  migration  Europe 
april 2012 by dk33per
China: Triumph and Turmoil - Channel 4
capitalism communism commerce economics trade industrial revolution Revolution world news documentary chinese china channel 4
capitalism  communism  commerce  economics  trade  industrial  revolution  world  news  documentary  chinese  china  channel  4 
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How I Helped Destroy Star Wars Galaxies
multiplayer social gameplay economics mmog Star Wars (series)
multiplayer  social  gameplay  economics  mmog  Star  Wars  (series) 
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Graphic: EU credit rating crisis explained
interactive visualisation web design infographics google maps Google economics mapping the telegraph
interactive  visualisation  web  design  infographics  google  maps  economics  mapping  the  telegraph 
february 2012 by dk33per
Unions call on UK high street giants to halt unpaid work schemes
The Guardian Business Money job hunting TUC welfare benefits young people statistics economics law human rights retail retail industry food and drink supermarkets waterstones sainsbury's tesco trade unions society internships work and careers Jobs and employment employment
The  Guardian  Business  Money  job  hunting  TUC  welfare  benefits  young  people  statistics  economics  law  human  rights  retail  retail  industry  food  and  drink  supermarkets  waterstones  sainsbury's  tesco  trade  unions  society  internships  work  and  careers  Jobs  and  employment  employment 
february 2012 by dk33per
Welcome to the Fabian Society - Fabian Society - the UK's oldest think-tank
economics left-wing new statesman public affairs fabian research legislation regulation uk government society socialism Think tanks Politics
economics  left-wing  new  statesman  public  affairs  fabian  research  legislation  regulation  uk  government  society  socialism  Think  tanks  Politics 
january 2012 by dk33per - For a fact based world view.
economics sustainability world Reference infographics information development Politics Tools data statistics
economics  sustainability  world  Reference  infographics  information  development  Politics  Tools  data  statistics 
january 2012 by dk33per
MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
design research university science literature economics energy north america United States (USA) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) technology education Useful digital tools
design  research  university  science  literature  economics  energy  north  america  United  States  (USA)  Massachusetts  Institute  of  Technology  (MIT)  education  Useful  digital  tools 
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mappiness, the happiness mapping app
data psychology happiness research social university london school of economics science Mobile Apps Webscape mapping iPhone Useful digital tools
data  psychology  happiness  research  social  university  london  school  of  economics  science  Mobile  Apps  Webscape  mapping  iPhone  Useful  digital  tools 
january 2012 by dk33per
iPads and Kindles force newspapers further away from print
newspapers media digital media The Guardian tablet computers Amazon (Company) Amazon Kindle (Device) iPad Apple Inc Journalism economics distribution publishing
newspapers  media  digital  media  The  Guardian  tablet  computers  Amazon  (Company)  Amazon  Kindle  (Device)  iPad  Apple  Inc  Journalism  economics  distribution  publishing 
january 2012 by dk33per
NRS social grade - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
people background great britain uk grades social society grouping classification Business marketing economics research class demographics news gathering NRS social grade (demographics) Classifications National Readership Survey readership Online traffic (Readership) circulation wikipedia Social class Socioeconomic status Ethnicity Working class Middle class Upper class Unemployed people Educated people (social class) Uneducated people (social class)
people  background  great  britain  uk  grades  social  society  grouping  classification  Business  marketing  economics  research  class  demographics  news  gathering  NRS  social  grade  (demographics)  Classifications  National  Readership  Survey  Online  traffic  (Readership)  circulation  wikipedia  class  Socioeconomic  status  Ethnicity  Working  class  Middle  class  Upper  class  Unemployed  people  Educated  people  (social  class)  Uneducated  people  (social  class) 
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David Cameron, we have a few questions for you… | Politics | The Guardian
economics Business UK Parliament power david cameron The Guardian Politics Interviews celebrity media
economics  Business  UK  Parliament  power  david  cameron  The  Guardian  Politics  Interviews  celebrity  media 
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