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#RIPTwitter? Calm down – algorithmic tweets won't ruin Twitter
twitter The Next Web Feeds and newsfeeds Real-time Algorithms technology Social media social networking demographics User bases freeware free services
twitter  The  Next  Web  Feeds  and  newsfeeds  Real-time  Algorithms  technology  Social  media  networking  demographics  User  bases  freeware  free  services 
february 2016 by dk33per
Radio X: the radio equivalent of a chunky chocolate bar for men | Television & r...
Radio X (XFM) branding Rebranding radio Commerical radio radio industry Men's interests Ricky Wilson Chris Moyles Vernon Kay demographics The Guardian
Radio  X  (XFM)  branding  Rebranding  Commerical  industry  Men's  interests  Ricky  Wilson  Chris  Moyles  Vernon  Kay  demographics  The  Guardian 
january 2016 by dk33per
Journalism UK news audience consumption Truth Mobile Entertainment demographics media statistics
Journalism  UK  news  audience  consumption  Truth  Mobile  Entertainment  demographics  media  statistics 
march 2013 by dk33per
BBC News - Pinterest: Just what exactly is on it?
demographics Business Social media hobbies fashion Women social networking pinterest BBC News
demographics  Business  Social  media  hobbies  fashion  Women  networking  pinterest  BBC  News 
november 2012 by dk33per
The Demographics of Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter | Ad Age Stat - Adve...
myspace infographics linkedin marketing statistics facebook twitter 2011 Social media demographics
myspace  infographics  linkedin  marketing  statistics  facebook  twitter  2011  Social  media  demographics 
june 2012 by dk33per
Time for the press to stop bickering in front of the advertisers
peter preston The Guardian digital media abcs abces national newspapers newspapers Journalism media business media advertising marketing demographics statistics gender
peter  preston  The  Guardian  digital  media  abcs  abces  national  newspapers  newspapers  Journalism  media  business  media  advertising  marketing  demographics  statistics  gender 
may 2012 by dk33per
Wired UK - magazine analysis - University of Winchester
advertising Analysis and insight audience demographics Wired magazine
advertising  Analysis  and  insight  audience  demographics  Wired  magazine 
march 2012 by dk33per
BBC News - How the Daily Mail stormed the US
Journalism online newspapers british media the new york times search search engine optimisation pictures sex Women gossip news celebrity worldwide statistics readership audience demographics bad journalism web design north america United States (USA) BBC News daily mail
Journalism  online  newspapers  british  media  the  new  york  times  search  search  engine  optimisation  pictures  sex  Women  gossip  news  celebrity  worldwide  statistics  readership  audience  demographics  bad  web  design  north  america  United  States  (USA)  BBC  daily  mail 
january 2012 by dk33per
Newsworks - Newspaper Advertising
media business news gathering Journalism newspapers gender statistics grades social demographics marketing advertising research media
media  business  news  gathering  Journalism  newspapers  gender  statistics  grades  social  demographics  marketing  advertising  research  media 
january 2012 by dk33per
NRS social grade - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
people background great britain uk grades social society grouping classification Business marketing economics research class demographics news gathering NRS social grade (demographics) Classifications National Readership Survey readership Online traffic (Readership) circulation wikipedia Social class Socioeconomic status Ethnicity Working class Middle class Upper class Unemployed people Educated people (social class) Uneducated people (social class)
people  background  great  britain  uk  grades  social  society  grouping  classification  Business  marketing  economics  research  class  demographics  news  gathering  NRS  social  grade  (demographics)  Classifications  National  Readership  Survey  Online  traffic  (Readership)  circulation  wikipedia  class  Socioeconomic  status  Ethnicity  Working  class  Middle  class  Upper  class  Unemployed  people  Educated  people  (social  class)  Uneducated  people  (social  class) 
december 2011 by dk33per
I am a Guardian reader. You are a Telegraph reader. They are Sun readers | The Y...
Blogs the telegraph the sun The Guardian daily mail newspapers culture identity readership reading audience circulation demographics press Journalism media
Blogs  the  telegraph  the  sun  Guardian  daily  mail  newspapers  culture  identity  readership  reading  audience  circulation  demographics  press  Journalism  media 
december 2011 by dk33per

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