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Photographer settles 'monkey selfie' legal fight - BBC News
A photographer has settled a two-year legal fight against an animal rights group over a "monkey selfie" picture.
Selfies  Photography  BBCNews  DavidSlater  PETA  Animals  AnimalRights  Licensing  PhotoLicensing  Copyright 
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Reflex action: Duran Duran lose court battle over song rights | Music | The Guar...
Music news law Lawsuits UK law US law and order Music publishing Duran Duran Nick Rhodes Simon Le Bon Roger Taylor Song credit (Music) copyright Copyright law Music
Music  news  law  Lawsuits  UK  law  US  law  and  order  Music  publishing  Duran  Duran  Nick  Rhodes  Simon  Le  Bon  Roger  Taylor  Song  credit  (Music)  copyright  law  Music 
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Getty Images blows the web’s mind by setting 35 million photos free (with condit...
Getty Images 2014 stock photos Noncommerical use copyright Photography pictures Nieman Lab
Getty  Images  2014  stock  photos  Noncommerical  use  copyright  Photography  pictures  Nieman  Lab 
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Grooveshark is dead, long live paid streaming services (Wired UK)
Grooveshark Wired magazine music Music streaming Warner Music Group (WMG) Sony Music Entertainment (SME) Universal Music Group (UMG) copyright Licensed music (Copyright) Music publishing technology Deezer Rdio service Spotify
Grooveshark  Wired  magazine  music  streaming  Warner  Group  (WMG)  Sony  Entertainment  (SME)  Universal  Group  (UMG)  copyright  Licensed  music  (Copyright)  publishing  technology  Deezer  Rdio  service  Spotify 
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You’ve sold 17 million albums and you want to pay me nothing? Pat Pope’s row wit...
Garbage (band) The Observer Pat Pope (Photographer) Image rights copyright photographers Photography payment Morals Principles Shirley Manson National Union of Journalists (NUJ) photojournalism journalism freelance Freelance rates and payment publish Photo publishing Working for free (refused denied withheld payment) work and careers social networking
Garbage  (band)  The  Observer  Pat  Pope  (Photographer)  Image  rights  copyright  photographers  Photography  payment  Morals  Principles  Shirley  Manson  National  Union  of  Journalists  (NUJ)  photojournalism  journalism  freelance  rates  and  payment  publish  Photo  publishing  Working  for  free  (refused  denied  withheld  payment)  work  and  careers  social  networking 
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Discussion: how can you stop your DJ mix being removed from SoundCloud? | Serato
Serato Scratch Live (DJing) DJ software and digital DJing DJing mixing and sound production soundcloud Mixcloud Algorithms copyright licensing Licensed music (Copyright) rights creative commons sharing file sharing Creativity mixtapes music technology forums
Serato  Scratch  Live  (DJing)  DJ  software  and  digital  DJing  DJing  mixing  and  sound  production  soundcloud  Mixcloud  Algorithms  copyright  licensing  Licensed  music  (Copyright)  rights  creative  commons  sharing  file  sharing  Creativity  mixtapes  music  technology  forums 
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Forget 'Blurred Lines' - these famous songs also faced plagiarism claims
Blurred Lines (Music) Pharrell Williams Marvin Gaye Robin Thicke Queen (Band) Sam Smith (Music) Music news Coldplay George Harrison The Chiffons copyright Music publishing Songwriting Vanilla Ice (Musician) The Independent
Blurred  Lines  (Music)  Pharrell  Williams  Marvin  Gaye  Robin  Thicke  Queen  (Band)  Sam  Smith  (Music)  Music  news  Coldplay  George  Harrison  The  Chiffons  copyright  Music  publishing  Songwriting  Vanilla  Ice  (Musician)  The  Independent 
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Sly Stone awarded millions in unpaid royalties after court ruling
Sly Stone Sly and the Family Stone Music Royalities Fact magazine Music industry Music publishing copyright Recorded music rights finance Black people Black men positivity Positive news Money Homelessness los angeles Funk BMI (Record label) Sony Music Entertainment (SME) Warner Music Group (WMG) Warner Bros Records
Sly  Stone  Sly  and  the  Family  Stone  Music  Royalities  Fact  magazine  Music  industry  Music  publishing  copyright  Recorded  rights  finance  Black  people  Black  men  positivity  Positive  news  Money  Homelessness  los  angeles  Funk  BMI  (Record  label)  Sony  Music  Entertainment  (SME)  Warner  Music  Group  (WMG)  Warner  Bros  Records 
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US Government us politics Initiatives freedom of information freedom copyright law media law US law and order Reference resources Politics information research United States (USA) Aaron Swartz
US  Government  politics  Initiatives  freedom  of  information  freedom  copyright  law  media  law  US  law  and  order  Reference  resources  information  research  United  States  (USA)  Aaron  Swartz 
february 2015 by dk33per
Beatles rarities to be released
BBC News The Beatles Paul McCartney Alternative takes (Music) live music copyright EU laws (European Union) law rarities Music
BBC  News  The  Beatles  Paul  McCartney  Alternative  takes  (Music)  live  music  copyright  EU  laws  (European  Union)  law  rarities 
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AP wins big: Why a court said clipping content is not fair use — paidContent
Journalism media law Media the new york times Associated Press copyright Analysis and insight plagiarism paid-for content
Journalism  media  law  the  new  york  times  Associated  Press  copyright  Analysis  and  insight  plagiarism  paid-for  content 
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The Pirate's Dilemma
Mason is also the bestselling author of The Pirate’s Dilemma, the first book in the history of the world to hit the number one spot on Amazon’s economics/free enterprise bestseller list and the rap bestseller list at the same time. It has since been published in ten countries and counting. He is also a board member at PopTech, a global community of innovators, working together to expand the edge of change.
Blogs  internet  technology  Business  Politics  law  copyright  Music  industry  Music  Journalism  books  authors  matt  mason  culture  pirate  radio  Piracy 
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New Statesman - Twitter goes trademark crazy
design marketing animals birds adobe photoshop new statesman twitter copyright trademarks
design  marketing  animals  birds  adobe  photoshop  new  statesman  twitter  copyright  trademarks 
june 2012 by dk33per
Pinterest challenge - YouTube
photography social sharing news pictures copyright media law law pinterest video youtube channel 4 news Social media technology
photography  social  sharing  news  pictures  copyright  media  law  law  pinterest  video  youtube  channel  4  news  media  technology 
february 2012 by dk33per
Royalty row after Spilt Milk fails to pay dev | Game Development | News by Devel...
payment Money salary and wages rights copyright Gaming Video games (Gaming) Apps Mobile Develop magazine
payment  Money  salary  and  wages  rights  copyright  Gaming  Video  games  (Gaming)  Apps  Mobile  Develop  magazine 
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Creative Commons
intellectual property Journalism photography literature writing Blogging history Art Music management sales distribution editorial media regulation law licensing copyright creative commons freelance
intellectual  property  Journalism  photography  literature  writing  Blogging  history  Art  Music  management  sales  distribution  editorial  media  regulation  law  licensing  copyright  creative  commons  freelance 
january 2012 by dk33per
Newspaper Licensing Agency - Welcome to the NLA
Reference resources Directories and catalogues media newspapers news licensing copyright
Reference  resources  Directories  and  catalogues  media  newspapers  news  licensing  copyright 
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