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Twenty reasons why Brexit will be even trickier than we thought | Politics | The...
Brexit EU referendum 2016 International trade marriage WTO (World Trade Organisation) Steel industry food and drink Food and drink industry The Guardian Theresa May
Brexit  EU  referendum  2016  International  trade  marriage  WTO  (World  Organisation)  Steel  industry  food  and  drink  and  drink  industry  The  Guardian  Theresa  May 
december 2016 by dk33per
Fawlty Towers stars John Cleese and Connie Booth salute Andrew Sachs | Televisio...
Fawlty Towers BBC comedy Andrew Sachs Death and dying John Cleese Connie Booth tributes The Guardian
Fawlty  Towers  BBC  comedy  Andrew  Sachs  Death  and  dying  John  Cleese  Connie  Booth  tributes  The  Guardian 
december 2016 by dk33per
Reflex action: Duran Duran lose court battle over song rights | Music | The Guar...
Music news law Lawsuits UK law US law and order Music publishing Duran Duran Nick Rhodes Simon Le Bon Roger Taylor Song credit (Music) copyright Copyright law Music
Music  news  law  Lawsuits  UK  law  US  law  and  order  Music  publishing  Duran  Duran  Nick  Rhodes  Simon  Le  Bon  Roger  Taylor  Song  credit  (Music)  copyright  law  Music 
december 2016 by dk33per
BBC Radio 2 - Sounds of the 60s - Northern Soul Season: The Making of P.P. Arnol...
Sounds of the Sixties (BBC) PP Arnold northern soul soul music Rhythm and blues (R&B) Black women
Sounds  of  the  Sixties  (BBC)  PP  Arnold  northern  soul  soul  music  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Black  women 
november 2016 by dk33per
Preventing Spam iCloud Calendar Invites – The Dangling Pointer
Spam scams Spam prevention Anti-spam Tech blogs and bloggers chinese Cyber security Calendar (iCal) (Apple) Cyber crime Phishing
Spam  scams  Spam  prevention  Anti-spam  Tech  blogs  and  bloggers  chinese  Cyber  security  Calendar  (iCal)  (Apple)  Cyber  crime  Phishing 
november 2016 by dk33per
Boris Salchow | music for picture
Boris Salchow Ratchet and Clank series Resistance (game series) Sunset Overdrive (series) Rainbow Six (series) Composing writing arranging (Music) composers Game music (Video game music) Game composers insomniac games
Boris  Salchow  Ratchet  and  Clank  series  Resistance  (game  series)  Sunset  Overdrive  (series)  Rainbow  Six  (series)  Composing  writing  arranging  (Music)  composers  Game  music  (Video  music)  Game  composers  insomniac  games 
november 2016 by dk33per
Facebook (FB) turned on a feature that turned most profile pages into memorial p...
facebook Memorials Death and dying Remembrance Glitches Social media Social media news social networking
facebook  Memorials  Death  and  dying  Remembrance  Glitches  Social  media  Social  media  news  networking 
november 2016 by dk33per
Robert Vaughn, Man from UNCLE actor, dies aged 83 - BBC News
Robert Vaughn Adrian Lester hustle actors Magnificent Seven (film) Death and dying Obituaries and memoriams BBC News
Robert  Vaughn  Adrian  Lester  hustle  actors  Magnificent  Seven  (film)  Death  and  dying  Obituaries  and  memoriams  BBC  News 
november 2016 by dk33per
Razer’s apology over obscene tweet angers even more people - Polygon
Razer (Hardware company) Tech news twitter MacBook Pro MacBook Pro (2016) Sexism and misogyny
Razer  (Hardware  company)  Tech  news  twitter  MacBook  Pro  MacBook  Pro  (2016)  Sexism  and  misogyny 
november 2016 by dk33per
All that jazz? The Mobo awards are failing the UK's jazz scene | Music | The Gua...
Shabaka Hutchings The Guardian jazz Esperanza Spalding MOBO Awards Black musicians and black music British music awards Music news
Shabaka  Hutchings  The  Guardian  jazz  Esperanza  Spalding  MOBO  Awards  Black  musicians  and  music  British  music  news 
november 2016 by dk33per
You may not have heard of Michiyo Yasuda, but you know her work - BBC Newsbeat
Studio Ghibli Death and dying BBC Newsbeat artists Spirited Away (Film) tributes Animation industry animation
Studio  Ghibli  Death  and  dying  BBC  Newsbeat  artists  Spirited  Away  (Film)  tributes  Animation  industry 
october 2016 by dk33per
How the new five pound note plays vinyl records - BBC Newsbeat
Money BBC Newsbeat vinyl Turntables and record players Stylus (Turntable tech) Music news weird news
Money  BBC  Newsbeat  vinyl  Turntables  and  record  players  Stylus  (Turntable  tech)  Music  news  weird  news 
october 2016 by dk33per
The Moment I Knew I Wanted to Work in the Music Business | VICE | United Kingdom
vice magazine Music industry Quotes Vox pops features real life stories Music management Recording engineers Music producers Music features Audio editing Sound and music production
vice  magazine  Music  industry  Quotes  Vox  pops  features  real  life  stories  Music  management  Recording  engineers  Music  producers  Music  features  Audio  editing  Sound  and  production 
october 2016 by dk33per
PlayStation VR’s launch line-up runs long - Polygon
Line-ups Release and product lists product launches Gaming Gaming news PlayStation VR (PS VR)
Line-ups  Release  and  product  lists  product  launches  Gaming  Gaming  news  PlayStation  VR  (PS  VR) 
october 2016 by dk33per
Beyond Good and Evil 2 is in development, Ubisoft (finally) confirms - Polygon
Beyond Good and Evil series ubisoft Ubisoft Montpellier game development Michel Ancel game design france
Beyond  Good  and  Evil  series  ubisoft  Montpellier  game  development  Michel  Ancel  game  design  france 
october 2016 by dk33per
Emergency contraception: morning after pill and IUD - Contraception guide - NHS ...
NHS Choices Contraceptive (birth control) pill contraception Condoms Emergencies advice Sexual intercourse Sex Morning after pill (Contraception) health Pregnancy and child birth A&E (Accident & Emergency) Sexual health
NHS  Choices  Contraceptive  (birth  control)  pill  contraception  Condoms  Emergencies  advice  Sexual  intercourse  Sex  Morning  after  pill  (Contraception)  health  Pregnancy  and  child  birth  A&E  (Accident  &  Emergency)  Sexual  health 
october 2016 by dk33per
Industry Takeover All Dayer 2016 Tickets, Sat, 1 Oct 2016 at 12:00 | Eventbrite
Complex (Music site) Grime (Music) Music industry Seminars debate Workshops networking DJing mixing and sound production discussion eventbrite Events Urban Development (Music site) GRM Daily (Music site) Music news Music UK Music (Organisation) Reprezent FM
Complex  (Music  site)  Grime  (Music)  Music  industry  Seminars  debate  Workshops  networking  DJing  mixing  and  sound  production  discussion  eventbrite  Events  Urban  Development  (Music  site)  GRM  Daily  (Music  site)  Music  news  Music  UK  Music  (Organisation)  Reprezent  FM 
october 2016 by dk33per
NME #LifeHacks Tickets, Thu, 13 Oct 2016 at 16:00 | Eventbrite
nme magazine jamal edwards Disturbing London Topman (Retailer) Aardman Animations Dumi Oburota Events eventbrite Jobs and employment Holly Fulton Phil Kemish Tom Seymour Music events Hackathons Festivals and celebrations London
nme  magazine  jamal  edwards  Disturbing  London  Topman  (Retailer)  Aardman  Animations  Dumi  Oburota  Events  eventbrite  Jobs  and  employment  Holly  Fulton  Phil  Kemish  Tom  Seymour  Music  Hackathons  Festivals  and  celebrations  London 
october 2016 by dk33per
Camera Lenses For Indoor Event Photography: Fast Glass – PictureCorrect
Photography lens and camera technology canon nikon Indoor photograhpy Outdoor photography
Photography  lens  and  camera  technology  canon  nikon  Indoor  photograhpy  Outdoor 
october 2016 by dk33per
Eatsa - Better, Faster Food
Eatsa automation fast food Robotics food and drink
Eatsa  automation  fast  food  Robotics  food  and  drink 
september 2016 by dk33per
PlayStation Japan's PlayStation 4 hip hop song is kind of amazing - Polygon
Tofubeats Rip Slyme Ryo-Z Pes (Rapper) Japanese games Japanese language japanese culture Music Music news SCEJ and SCE Asia Korea (Sony) PS4 (PlayStation 4) TGS (Tokyo Game Show) Japanese music
Tofubeats  Rip  Slyme  Ryo-Z  Pes  (Rapper)  Japanese  games  Japanese  language  culture  Music  Music  news  SCEJ  and  SCE  Asia  Korea  (Sony)  PS4  (PlayStation  4)  TGS  (Tokyo  Game  Show)  Japanese 
september 2016 by dk33per
AlunaGeorge on sexism, racism and forging a new sound - BBC News
AlunaGeorge Music news BBC News Sexism and misogyny racism New music Pop music Interviews
AlunaGeorge  Music  news  BBC  Sexism  and  misogyny  racism  New  Pop  Interviews 
september 2016 by dk33per
Stormzy, Christine And The Queens, Slade among winners at AIM Awards
AIM Awards AIM (Association of Independent Music) Music nme magazine Stormzy Little Simz xl records Damon Albarn Christine and the Queens Music news
AIM  Awards  AIM  (Association  of  Independent  Music)  Music  nme  magazine  Stormzy  Little  Simz  xl  records  Damon  Albarn  Christine  and  the  Queens  Music  news 
september 2016 by dk33per
A 16-year-old British girl earns £48,000 helping Chinese people name their babie...
Names Name changes babies Baby names china chinese Chinese people websites Ideas and concepts BBC Newsbeat BBC News
Names  Name  changes  babies  Baby  china  chinese  people  websites  Ideas  and  concepts  BBC  Newsbeat  BBC  News 
september 2016 by dk33per
Technics explains the specs of its new SL-1200G turntable in this video
Technics (Electronics) Technics SL-1200 Turntables and record players Vinyl Factory Pricing Limited editions special collectors eds
Technics  (Electronics)  Technics  SL-1200  Turntables  and  record  players  Vinyl  Factory  Pricing  Limited  editions  special  collectors  eds 
september 2016 by dk33per
DiS does V Festival (and has an existential crisis) / In Depth // Drowned In Sou...
Kate Solomon V Festival Music festivals Festivals and celebrations Live music reviews (Concert gig reviews) Festival news humour
Kate  Solomon  V  Festival  Music  festivals  and  celebrations  Live  reviews  (Concert  gig  reviews)  Festival  news  humour 
august 2016 by dk33per
Gene Wilder death: Star of Willy Wonka dies aged 83 - BBC News
Gene Wilder Willy Wonka Comedians Death and dying Obituaries and memoriams BBC News
Gene  Wilder  Willy  Wonka  Comedians  Death  and  dying  Obituaries  and  memoriams  BBC  News 
august 2016 by dk33per
Apple Music Festival London lineup announced: Alicia Keys, Bastille, Britney Spe...
This year’s event will not only be available on Apple’s product lineup but also PCs, and for the first time through the Apple Music App on Android which launched in November of last year. That means a much wider audience.
Apple  Music  Festival  (iTunes  Festival)  Apple  Music  (Services)  Festivals  and  celebrations  Music  Alicia  Keys  Britney  Spears  Calvin  Harris  Chance  the  Rapper  Elton  John  Bastille  (band)  London  9  to  5  Mac 
august 2016 by dk33per
Artists are doing it for themselves | Lyn Gardner | Stage | The Guardian
theatre Edinburgh Festival Arts funding Arts policy Arts news Stage The Guardian funding small and medium businesses
theatre  Edinburgh  Festival  Arts  funding  Arts  policy  Arts  news  Stage  The  Guardian  funding  small  and  medium  businesses 
august 2016 by dk33per
Classic gaming magazines - Scans, downloads and nostalgia | GRcade
Magazines Newspapers and magazines game magazines (game media) nostalgia
Magazines  Newspapers  and  game  (game  media)  nostalgia 
august 2016 by dk33per
Capy Games delays Below indefinitely | Polygon
Capybara Games Delays hold-ups Xbox One indie gaming PC gaming and games Gaming news
Capybara  Games  Delays  hold-ups  Xbox  One  indie  gaming  PC  gaming  and  news 
august 2016 by dk33per
Michael Kiwanuka: 'Sitting down to write a song wasn't fun'
michael kiwanuka Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) BBC News Singer-songwriters Black people Black musicians and black music race issues Music Music news
michael  kiwanuka  Danger  Mouse  (Brian  Burton)  BBC  News  Singer-songwriters  Black  people  Black  musicians  and  music  race  issues 
july 2016 by dk33per
More than 40 sex assaults reported at two Swedish festivals
BBC Newsbeat Bravalla Festival Putte I Parken Rape (Sexual assault) Sexual assaults Music festivals Zara Larsson Mumford and Sons sweden
BBC  Newsbeat  Bravalla  Festival  Putte  Parken  Rape  (Sexual  assault)  Sexual  assaults  Music  festivals  Zara  Larsson  Mumford  and  Sons  sweden 
july 2016 by dk33per
The Develop Post-Mortem: Insomniac retraces the evolution of Ratchet & Clank | G...
Ratchet and Clank series Post-mortem Develop magazine Gaming game development insomniac games
Ratchet  and  Clank  series  Post-mortem  Develop  magazine  Gaming  game  development  insomniac  games 
june 2016 by dk33per
Suddenly, national newspapers are heading for that print cliff fall | Media | Th...
roy greenslade The Guardian Media Newspapers and magazines media downturn Digital media print national newspapers circulation
roy  greenslade  The  Guardian  Media  Newspapers  and  magazines  downturn  Digital  print  national  circulation 
may 2016 by dk33per
BBC NEWS | Magazine | Why are 99s called that?
99 Flake (ice cream) Ice cream food and drink British culture Cadbury BBC News BBC News Magazine Chocolate
99  Flake  (ice  cream)  Ice  cream  food  and  drink  British  culture  Cadbury  BBC  News  BBC  News  Magazine  Chocolate 
may 2016 by dk33per
Technics SL-1200G hands-on review | What Hi-Fi?
What Hi-Fi magazine Technics SL-1200 Technics (Electronics) Turntables and record players Previews (upcoming) Music ces
What  Hi-Fi  magazine  Technics  SL-1200  Technics  (Electronics)  Turntables  and  record  players  Previews  (upcoming)  Music  ces 
april 2016 by dk33per
Tennis Tuesday: March 22, 2016
Tennis modelling Pin-up girls and models Serena Williams Black women sport Sex
Tennis  modelling  Pin-up  girls  and  models  Serena  Williams  Black  women  sport  Sex 
march 2016 by dk33per
BBC Breakfast seating bias due to 'misogyny', says ex-Countryfile host | Media |...
BBC Breakfast Sexism and misogyny The Guardian Louise Minchin tv news Media news media business UK news television industry
BBC  Breakfast  Sexism  and  misogyny  The  Guardian  Louise  Minchin  tv  news  Media  news  business  UK  news  television  industry 
march 2016 by dk33per
Microsoft's Xbox boss apologises for go-go dancer party - BBC News
Xbox (Brand) Phil Spencer (Xbox) Lapdancing Lapdancers go-go dancers Sex Sexism and misogyny GDC (Game Developers Conference) After parties san francisco Microsoft BBC News
Xbox  (Brand)  Phil  Spencer  (Xbox)  Lapdancing  Lapdancers  go-go  dancers  Sex  Sexism  and  misogyny  GDC  (Game  Developers  Conference)  After  parties  san  francisco  Microsoft  BBC  News 
march 2016 by dk33per
Primetime first as two black actors star in BBC1's Undercover | Media | The Guar...
Adrian Lester Sophie Okonedo Undercover (BBC1) 2016 TV shows (programmes) Black actors and actresses diversity equality television industry drama
Adrian  Lester  Sophie  Okonedo  Undercover  (BBC1)  2016  TV  shows  (programmes)  Black  actors  and  actresses  diversity  equality  television  industry  drama 
march 2016 by dk33per
PRESS RELEASE 2016 | The Brunel University African Poetry Prize
Victoria Bulley Victoriána Bulley Ghana poetry spoken word Brunel University african Black art and culture awards Brunel University African Poetry Prize 2016
Victoria  Bulley  Victoriána  Bulley  Ghana  poetry  spoken  word  Brunel  University  african  Black  art  and  culture  awards  Brunel  University  Prize  2016 
march 2016 by dk33per
The complete list of Record Store Day 2016 releases
record store day RSD 2016 Vinyl Factory lists Release and product lists vinyl Record collecting (vinyl) Limited editions special collectors eds addiction
record  store  day  RSD  2016  Vinyl  Factory  lists  Release  and  product  lists  collecting  (vinyl)  Limited  editions  special  collectors  eds  addiction 
march 2016 by dk33per
17 hilarious reactions to Lianne La Havas becoming a problematic fave (#BritsSoW...
Black social media music lianne la havas controversy race issues BritsSoWhite 2016 controversy Brit Awards racism White privilege Black people Fans Music fans and lovers Jessica Edwards Music news
Black  social  media  music  lianne  la  havas  controversy  race  issues  BritsSoWhite  2016  controversy  Brit  Awards  racism  White  privilege  Black  people  Fans  and  lovers  Jessica  Edwards  news 
march 2016 by dk33per
Leslie Jones reacts to criticism of 'Ghostbusters' character
ghostbusters Ghostbusters (2016) Leslie Jones Sexism and misogyny race issues Associated Press Film news controversy comedy Comedy films
ghostbusters  (2016)  Leslie  Jones  Sexism  and  misogyny  race  issues  Associated  Press  Film  news  controversy  comedy  films 
march 2016 by dk33per
Corinne Bailey Rae: The soul survivor on finishing her album after her husband d...
Corinne Bailey Rae soul music Interviews Death and dying Husbands Wives love music Music news albums The Independent
Corinne  Bailey  Rae  soul  music  Interviews  Death  and  dying  Husbands  Wives  love  music  news  albums  The  Independent 
march 2016 by dk33per
PlayStation TV Discontinued in the US, Europe - GameSpot
PlayStation TV (PS Vita) PlayStation (Brand) PS4 (PlayStation 4) Discontinued products and items PS Vita (PlayStation Vita) GameSpot SCEE (Sony) Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI)
PlayStation  TV  (PS  Vita)  PlayStation  (Brand)  PS4  (PlayStation  4)  Discontinued  products  and  items  PS  Vita  (PlayStation  Vita)  GameSpot  SCEE  (Sony)  Sony  Computer  Entertainment  (SCEI) 
march 2016 by dk33per
Corinne Bailey Rae releases new video and album tracklist | The Fader
Corinne Bailey Rae albums New releases (Media) Singles (Music) Black musicians and black music soul music Music news
Corinne  Bailey  Rae  albums  New  releases  (Media)  Singles  (Music)  Black  musicians  and  music  soul  music  news 
march 2016 by dk33per
Capturing coffee culture with Evernote - Evernote Blog
evernote Testimonials Photography business productivity Blogging Notes notebooks and note-keeping
evernote  Testimonials  Photography  business  productivity  Blogging  Notes  notebooks  and  note-keeping 
february 2016 by dk33per
#BritsSoWhite: why this year's nominees need to take a stand | Music | The Guard...
Brit Awards White privilege awards race issues White people White musicians Black musicians and black music Yomi Adegoke Comment is free comment Opinion Music of black origin Etta James Aretha Franklin Whitney Houston lianne la havas Ella Eyre Fleur East Kwabs MNEK Adele Sam Smith (Music) James Bay Jack Garratt jessie j Lily Allen Jess Glynne Ed Sheeran Amy Winehouse
Brit  Awards  White  privilege  race  issues  White  people  White  musicians  Black  musicians  and  music  Yomi  Adegoke  Comment  is  free  Opinion  of  origin  Etta  James  Aretha  Franklin  Whitney  Houston  lianne  la  havas  Ella  Eyre  Fleur  East  Kwabs  MNEK  Adele  Sam  Smith  (Music)  James  Bay  Jack  Garratt  jessie  j  Lily  Allen  Jess  Glynne  Ed  Sheeran  Amy  Winehouse 
february 2016 by dk33per
Transcribing tools transcription audio digital music and audio Web tools Useful digital tools freeware
Transcribing  tools  transcription  audio  digital  music  and  audio  Web  tools  Useful  digital  tools  freeware 
february 2016 by dk33per
BBC confirms Sir David Attenborough will front Planet Earth 2 | Media | The Guar...
Planet Earth (BBC) David Attenborough BBC Sequels tv news Science and nature (TV) wildlife Nature Nature and wildlife documentaries media The Guardian
Planet  Earth  (BBC)  David  Attenborough  BBC  Sequels  tv  news  Science  and  nature  (TV)  wildlife  and  wildlife  documentaries  media  The  Guardian 
february 2016 by dk33per
EU exit would risk jobs, says group of business bosses - BBC News
EU referendum 2016 business UK businesses enterprise European Union (EU) Jobs and employment Specialist jobs Specialist skills FTSE FTSE 100 BBC News
EU  referendum  2016  business  UK  businesses  enterprise  European  Union  (EU)  Jobs  and  employment  Specialist  Specialist  skills  FTSE  FTSE  100  BBC  News 
february 2016 by dk33per
Pocket: Import Delicious Bookmarks
bookmarking Bookmarking services and apps Archival bookmarking web services technology Web technology Read-later services Pocket (Bookmarking service) delicious Useful digital tools advice Importing and exporting (File functions)
bookmarking  services  and  apps  Archival  bookmarking  web  services  technology  technology  Read-later  services  Pocket  (Bookmarking  service)  delicious  Useful  digital  tools  advice  Importing  and  exporting  (File  functions) 
february 2016 by dk33per
Why You should be using a bookmarking service on your iPad or Mac | Cult of Mac
bookmarking Bookmarking services and apps Archival bookmarking web services technology Web technology Cult of Mac Read-later services Pocket (Bookmarking service) delicious Useful digital tools advice
bookmarking  services  and  apps  Archival  bookmarking  web  services  technology  technology  Cult  of  Mac  Read-later  services  Pocket  (Bookmarking  service)  delicious  Useful  digital  tools  advice 
february 2016 by dk33per
Which is the best music streaming service? | Technology | The Guardian
music Music streaming technology The Guardian stuart dredge Spotify Apple Music (Services) Deezer Pandora (music service) digital music and audio comparisons
music  streaming  technology  The  Guardian  stuart  dredge  Spotify  Apple  (Services)  Deezer  Pandora  (music  service)  digital  music  and  audio  comparisons 
february 2016 by dk33per
Lincolnshire County Council 'will not pay cyber ransom' - BBC News
Cyber crime malware Ransonware Cyber attacks and cyber war local government Lincolnshire BBC News
Cyber  crime  malware  Ransonware  Cyber  attacks  and  war  local  government  Lincolnshire  BBC  News 
february 2016 by dk33per
How Isis hijacked pop culture, from Hollywood to video games | World news | The ...
Islamic State (Isis Isil) Pop culture culture extremists Extremism Anti-terrorism terrorism global terrorism Anti-radicalisation Radicalisation gaming Video games (Gaming) simon parkin world news Analysis and insight The Guardian
Islamic  State  (Isis  Isil)  Pop  culture  culture  extremists  Extremism  Anti-terrorism  terrorism  global  terrorism  Anti-radicalisation  Radicalisation  gaming  Video  games  (Gaming)  simon  parkin  world  news  Analysis  and  insight  The  Guardian 
february 2016 by dk33per
Londoners do not have to take low pay and insecure jobs as a given | Public Lead...
Mary O'Hara Public leaders public sector Working conditions Quality of life Work-life balance Low-paid jobs High-paid jobs Cost of living London comment Opinion Money debt finance Jobs and employment The Guardian
Mary  O'Hara  Public  leaders  sector  Working  conditions  Quality  of  life  Work-life  balance  Low-paid  jobs  High-paid  jobs  Cost  of  living  London  comment  Opinion  Money  debt  finance  and  employment  The  Guardian 
february 2016 by dk33per
Model shocked and angered as commuters 'stood and watched' while smartly dressed...
Mahaneela Choudhury-Reid Cozy Mag modelling racism assault Violence assault Transport for London (TfL) London evening standard Regent's Park British Transport Police (BTP) twitter Sexism and misogyny
Mahaneela  Choudhury-Reid  Cozy  Mag  modelling  racism  assault  Violence  assault  Transport  for  London  (TfL)  London  evening  standard  Regent's  Park  British  Transport  Police  (BTP)  twitter  Sexism  and  misogyny 
february 2016 by dk33per
New 'sexting' guidance 'to avoid criminalising children' - BBC News
Tech news Sexting SMS (Text messaging) Picgture messaging (image photo) BBC News children and teenagers Criminal offences guidelines parents and parenting Academics and teachers teaching schools UK news
Tech  news  Sexting  SMS  (Text  messaging)  Picgture  messaging  (image  photo)  BBC  children  and  teenagers  Criminal  offences  guidelines  parents  and  parenting  Academics  and  teachers  teaching  schools  UK  news 
february 2016 by dk33per
Independent owner considering closing national print titles | Media | The Guardi...
The Independent independent print limited The Independent on Sunday (Sindy) the i paper evgeny lebedev London Live (TV) media business media downturn Newspapers national newspapers Newspapers and magazines media The Guardian
The  Independent  print  limited  The  Independent  on  Sunday  (Sindy)  paper  evgeny  lebedev  London  Live  (TV)  media  business  media  downturn  Newspapers  national  Newspapers  and  magazines  media  The  Guardian 
february 2016 by dk33per
Beyoncé's Formation review – a rallying cry that couldn't be more timely | Music...
Beyonce Music news Opinion comment Analysis and insight Super Bowl sport Black Lives Matter campaign (2014) Black rights Civil Rights Black people Black power music
Beyonce  Music  news  Opinion  comment  Analysis  and  insight  Super  Bowl  sport  Black  Lives  Matter  campaign  (2014)  Black  rights  Civil  Black  people  Black  power 
february 2016 by dk33per
#RIPTwitter? Calm down – algorithmic tweets won't ruin Twitter
twitter The Next Web Feeds and newsfeeds Real-time Algorithms technology Social media social networking demographics User bases freeware free services
twitter  The  Next  Web  Feeds  and  newsfeeds  Real-time  Algorithms  technology  Social  media  networking  demographics  User  bases  freeware  free  services 
february 2016 by dk33per
Report: Apple to accept newer iPhone trade-ins with cracked screens, other dings...
Apple Inc iPhone iPhone 5 iPhone 6 Consumerist (website) Trade-ins Apple Stores (Retail) Belkin Screen protectors 9 to 5 Mac Accessories Tech accessories Mobile accessories Damaged property insurance Warranties and customer claims
Apple  Inc  iPhone  iPhone  5  iPhone  6  Consumerist  (website)  Trade-ins  Apple  Stores  (Retail)  Belkin  Screen  protectors  9  to  5  Mac  Accessories  Tech  Mobile  Damaged  property  insurance  Warranties  and  customer  claims 
february 2016 by dk33per
How Facebook changed our friendships | Technology | The Guardian
facebook leigh alexander The Guardian Relationships and friendships technology Long-distance relationships
facebook  leigh  alexander  The  Guardian  Relationships  and  friendships  technology  Long-distance 
february 2016 by dk33per
The best way to apologise for being late
Lateness Apologies work and careers work culture Time management
Lateness  Apologies  work  and  careers  work  culture  Time  management 
january 2016 by dk33per
The evolution of the Technics SL-1200 turntable – an interactive timeline
Technics SL-1200 Technics (Electronics) Vinyl Factory timelines Technology Sound and music production Direct drive turntables Turntables and record players design
Technics  SL-1200  Technics  (Electronics)  Vinyl  Factory  timelines  Technology  Sound  and  music  production  Direct  drive  turntables  and  record  players  design 
january 2016 by dk33per
7 documents every independent contractor should keep | The Shoeboxed Blog
Independent workers (Contractors) Contract work documents tax invoices expenses freelance Business cards Tex returns Licences and certificates Clippings (cuttings) employment Jobs and employment Shoeboxed
Independent  workers  (Contractors)  Contract  work  documents  tax  invoices  expenses  freelance  Business  cards  Tex  returns  Licences  and  certificates  Clippings  (cuttings)  employment  Jobs  and  employment  Shoeboxed 
january 2016 by dk33per
Artists pay tribute to David Bowie | News | Pitchfork
david bowie tributes Obituaries and memoriams music Opinion British music British musicians Pop culture culture Rock music pop and rock British culture Music news Pitchfork Eulogies Death and dying
david  bowie  tributes  Obituaries  and  memoriams  music  Opinion  British  music  British  musicians  Pop  culture  culture  Rock  music  and  British  culture  news  Pitchfork  Eulogies  Death  and  dying 
january 2016 by dk33per
David Bowie: legendary rock star dies of cancer aged 69 – updates – as they happ...
david bowie tributes Obituaries and memoriams music Opinion British music British musicians Pop culture culture Rock music pop and rock British culture Music news nile rodgers The Guardian Death and dying world news
david  bowie  tributes  Obituaries  and  memoriams  music  Opinion  British  music  British  musicians  Pop  culture  culture  Rock  music  and  British  culture  news  nile  rodgers  The  Guardian  Death  and  dying  world  news 
january 2016 by dk33per
Why David Bowie will always be with us | Gigwise
david bowie andrew trendell tributes Obituaries and memoriams Gigwise music Opinion British music British musicians culture
david  bowie  andrew  trendell  tributes  Obituaries  and  memoriams  Gigwise  music  Opinion  British  music  British  musicians  culture 
january 2016 by dk33per
LastPass goes native on Mac for password management
LastPass (Website) Engadget Passwords and verification Mac (Apple) Safari browser (Apple) Safari extensions (add-ons) OS X (Apple) Password management accounts Account management
LastPass  (Website)  Engadget  Passwords  and  verification  Mac  (Apple)  Safari  browser  (Apple)  Safari  extensions  (add-ons)  OS  X  (Apple)  Password  management  accounts  Account  management 
january 2016 by dk33per
Little Memory
Useful digital tools Webscape BBC Click memories Notes notebooks and note-keeping
Useful  digital  tools  Webscape  BBC  Click  memories  Notes  notebooks  and  note-keeping 
january 2016 by dk33per
How to be as productive as your high school Self - 99U
99U (website) Impossible Ventures Joel Runyon productivity Discipline Time management Focus Work-life balance lifestyle Workplace culture work and careers
99U  (website)  Impossible  Ventures  Joel  Runyon  productivity  Discipline  Time  management  Focus  Work-life  balance  lifestyle  Workplace  culture  work  and  careers 
january 2016 by dk33per
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