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BBC Radio 2 - Sounds of the 60s - Northern Soul Season: The Making of P.P. Arnol...
Sounds of the Sixties (BBC) PP Arnold northern soul soul music Rhythm and blues (R&B) Black women
Sounds  of  the  Sixties  (BBC)  PP  Arnold  northern  soul  soul  music  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Black  women 
november 2016 by dk33per
Who is pop music’s "Good Girl" and how the hell do we get rid of her? | NOISEY
vice magazine Kat George Opinion comment Rhythm and blues (R&B) Hip Hop Pop music representation Noisey (Vice magazine) Drake (Drizzy) Critique feminism Sexism and misogyny
vice  magazine  Kat  George  Opinion  comment  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Hip  Hop  Pop  music  representation  Noisey  (Vice  magazine)  Drake  (Drizzy)  Critique  feminism  Sexism  and  misogyny 
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Kitty, Daisy and Lewis: ‘There’s no nostalgia there’
Kitty Daisy and Lewis Rockabilly (Music) Rhythm and blues (R&B) Vintage Analogue music Interviews The Guardian
Kitty  Daisy  and  Lewis  Rockabilly  (Music)  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Vintage  Analogue  music  Interviews  The  Guardian 
november 2015 by dk33per
NME News Miguel on Frank Ocean rivalry: 'I genuinely believe that I make better ...
Miguel (singer) Frank Ocean competition controversy music Music news sunday times nme magazine Rhythm and blues (R&B) Black musicians and black music Art musicianship artistry
Miguel  (singer)  Frank  Ocean  competition  controversy  music  news  sunday  times  nme  magazine  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Black  musicians  and  music  Art  musicianship  artistry 
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New band of the day (Dornik No 1,537)
New band of the week (day) Dornik PMR Records Jessie Ware Paul Lester The Guardian music Rhythm and blues (R&B) Michael Jackson Frank Ocean Miguel (singer) Disclosure music
New  band  of  the  week  (day)  Dornik  PMR  Records  Jessie  Ware  Paul  Lester  Guardian  music  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Michael  Jackson  Frank  Ocean  Miguel  (singer)  Disclosure  music 
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Frank Ocean Announces New Album Out in July
Billboard magazine Frank Ocean Music news 2015 Magazines Limited editions special collectors eds print Rhythm and blues (R&B)
Billboard  magazine  Frank  Ocean  Music  news  2015  Magazines  Limited  editions  special  collectors  eds  print  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B) 
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Hunting for Prince's vault
Prince (Musician) music Unreleased music Minneapolis (USA) Music news Funk soul music Rhythm and blues (R&B)
Prince  (Musician)  music  Unreleased  music  Minneapolis  (USA)  news  Funk  soul  music  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B) 
march 2015 by dk33per
Tinashe - Amethyst | Download & Listen [New Mixtape]
Tinashe mixtapes downloads Music Rhythm and blues (R&B) Hip Hop
Tinashe  mixtapes  downloads  Music  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Hip  Hop 
march 2015 by dk33per
Niké Jemiyo – Dive | New Music | Conversations About Her
Niké Jemiyo New music Conversations About Her (We Plug Good Music) We Plug Good Music Music Rhythm and blues (R&B) Music singles and EPs Black women
Niké  Jemiyo  New  music  Conversations  About  Her  (We  Plug  Good  Music)  We  Plug  Good  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  singles  and  EPs  Black  women 
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Def Jam Records launched by Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin
Def Jam Records (UMG) Rick Rubin Hip Hop Beastie Boys Rhythm and blues (R&B) Russell Simmons (Def Jam) Music history record labels 1980s
Def  Jam  Records  (UMG)  Rick  Rubin  Hip  Hop  Beastie  Boys  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Russell  Simmons  (Def  Jam)  Music  history  record  labels  1980s 
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Welcome to - Up All Night to the sound of CHIC!
fansites Chic band nile rodgers Bernard Edwards (Chic) Alfa Anderson (Chic) dance music Rhythm and blues (R&B)
fansites  Chic  band  nile  rodgers  Bernard  Edwards  (Chic)  Alfa  Anderson  (Chic)  dance  music  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B) 
december 2014 by dk33per
There For Me in Life -
nile rodgers Chic band dance music Rhythm and blues (R&B) Bernard Edwards (Chic) time
nile  rodgers  Chic  band  dance  music  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Bernard  Edwards  (Chic)  time 
december 2014 by dk33per
Bobby Womack remembered by Richard Russell
Richard Russell (Music) xl records Bobby Womack Obituaries and memoriams The Observer Music soul music Rhythm and blues (R&B) tributes Damon Albarn James Brown Sly Stone Aretha Franklin
Richard  Russell  (Music)  xl  records  Bobby  Womack  Obituaries  and  memoriams  The  Observer  Music  soul  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  tributes  Damon  Albarn  James  Brown  Sly  Stone  Aretha  Franklin 
december 2014 by dk33per
This is Why Hip Hop is Going to Lose its Power
Music Mic (Website) Hip Hop controversy J Cole Rhythm and blues (R&B) black culture white culture White supremacy Macklemore Iggy Azalea Elvis Presley
Music  Mic  (Website)  Hip  Hop  controversy  J  Cole  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  black  culture  white  culture  supremacy  Macklemore  Iggy  Azalea  Elvis  Presley 
december 2014 by dk33per
Genius | Annotate the World
Genius (Website) Technology Hip Hop Rap music Pop music Rhythm and blues (R&B) lyrics Music News media Analysis and insight English language Swearing and bad language Slang Reference soul music history Culture
Genius  (Website)  Technology  Hip  Hop  Rap  music  Pop  music  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  lyrics  News  media  Analysis  and  insight  English  language  Swearing  and  bad  language  Slang  Reference  soul  music  history  Culture 
december 2014 by dk33per
Private Joy: 10 essential “lesser known” Prince tracks and the records where you...
Prince (Musician) Music Music compilations recommendations songs albums Album artwork Rhythm and blues (R&B) soul music
Prince  (Musician)  Music  Music  compilations  recommendations  songs  albums  Album  artwork  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  soul 
august 2014 by dk33per
Bedroom Bar
Bedroom Bar (Shoreditch) DJs Shoreditch Liverpool Street station Shoreditch High Street (London Overground) Rhythm and blues (R&B) Hip Hop events and nights out nightclub Garage music dance music bars and clubs
Bedroom  Bar  (Shoreditch)  DJs  Shoreditch  Liverpool  Street  station  Shoreditch  High  Street  (London  Overground)  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Hip  Hop  events  and  nights  out  nightclub  Garage  music  dance  music  bars  and  clubs 
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Kelis: from dance diva to soul queen and qualified cook
The Guardian Kelis food and drink Food (Kelis album) Rhythm and blues (R&B) ninja tune records soul music Music Interviews profile interviews cooking David Sitek
The  Guardian  Kelis  food  and  drink  (Kelis  album)  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  ninja  tune  records  soul  music  Interviews  profile  cooking  David  Sitek 
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VIBE Magazine -
Vibe magazine Black media (African Amercian media) Culture Music Rhythm and blues (R&B) Hip Hop urban music specialist media Quincy Jones Uptown magazine
Vibe  magazine  Black  media  (African  Amercian  media)  Culture  Music  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Hip  Hop  urban  specialist  media  Quincy  Jones  Uptown  magazine 
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XXL (magazine) Hip Hop black culture Black media (African Amercian media) urban music Rhythm and blues (R&B) us press and publishing 1997 Harris Publications Media Music
XXL  (magazine)  Hip  Hop  black  culture  media  (African  Amercian  media)  urban  music  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  us  press  and  publishing  1997  Harris  Publications 
january 2014 by dk33per
Soul Train - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Soul Train (TV) Rhythm and blues (R&B) black culture Hip Hop Janelle Monáe wikipedia dance music soul music northern soul
Soul  Train  (TV)  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  black  culture  Hip  Hop  Janelle  Monáe  wikipedia  dance  music  music  northern 
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Soda Pop Stories — Andy Allo. November 26, 2013. London.
Rhythm and blues (R&B) Andy Allo camden Dingwalls (Camden) live music Blogs tumblr
Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Andy  Allo  camden  Dingwalls  (Camden)  live  music  Blogs  tumblr 
november 2013 by dk33per
afrobeat Questlove Rap music Black people black culture Rhythm and blues (R&B) Okayplayer (music site) Music urban music mixtapes Hip Hop
afrobeat  Questlove  Rap  music  Black  people  culture  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Okayplayer  (music  site)  urban  music  mixtapes  Hip  Hop 
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A Touch of Soul
Culture BBC DJs Black people black culture Music Rhythm and blues (R&B) BBC Radio Devon Daley (Radio DJ) soul music
Culture  BBC  DJs  Black  people  Music  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  BBC  Radio  Devon  Daley  (Radio  DJ)  soul 
september 2013 by dk33per
For+The+Record:+E+Da+Boss Interview+-+News+-+Frank151+-+A+Distinctive+Mix+of+Exc...
record stores Frank 151 magazine Interviews Rhythm and blues (R&B) Music Vinyl Record collecting (vinyl) Stones Throw Records soul music Myron & E
record  stores  Frank  151  magazine  Interviews  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Music  Vinyl  collecting  (vinyl)  Stones  Throw  Records  soul  Myron  &  E 
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Free Mixtapes Updated Daily: Get It LIVE!
Reggae music Rhythm and blues (R&B) Music downloads Hip Hop
Reggae  music  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  downloads  Hip  Hop 
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Reggae music Rhythm and blues (R&B) Music downloads Hip Hop mixtapes
Reggae  music  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  downloads  Hip  Hop  mixtapes 
july 2013 by dk33per
Culture Rhythm and blues (R&B) Interviews black culture Janelle Monáe Kate Mossman The Observer Music urban music pop and rock
Culture  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Interviews  black  Janelle  Monáe  Kate  Mossman  The  Observer  Music  urban  pop  and  rock 
july 2013 by dk33per
Funk brighton clubbing Rhythm and blues (R&B) bars and clubs DJs events and nights out nights manchester London Hip Hop
Funk  brighton  clubbing  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  bars  and  clubs  DJs  events  and  nights  out  nights  manchester  London  Hip  Hop 
june 2013 by dk33per
Music Lex Records Rap music Rhythm and blues (R&B) Black people black culture MF Doom Hip Hop
Music  Records  Rap  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Black  people  culture  MF  Doom  Hip  Hop  LexRecords 
february 2013 by dk33per
Best albums of 2012: 40-21
alternative music pop and rock indie hip hop electronic music Rhythm and blues (R&B) urban music dance music soul music bat for lashes jack white orbital band marina and the diamonds Lists The Guardian Music albums
alternative  music  pop  and  rock  indie  hip  hop  electronic  music  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  urban  music  dance  music  soul  music  bat  for  lashes  jack  white  orbital  band  marina  and  the  diamonds  Lists  Guardian  albums 
november 2012 by dk33per
The Milk's alternative guide to Essex
the milk Rhythm and blues (R&B) soul music Music guides The Guardian essex
the  milk  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  soul  music  guides  Guardian  essex 
august 2012 by dk33per
How the HDTV killed rhythm action - Edge Magazine
testing performance testing quality assurance advice how to Opinion Edge magazine Gaming PlayStation (Brand) crt tvs hdmi audio-visual rhythm action games parappa the rapper hdtvs Television (TV) smart tvs nanaon-sha dewi tanner
testing  performance  testing  quality  assurance  advice  how  to  Opinion  Edge  magazine  Gaming  PlayStation  (Brand)  crt  tvs  hdmi  audio-visual  rhythm  action  games  parappa  the  rapper  hdtvs  Television  (TV)  smart  tvs  nanaon-sha  dewi  tanner 
august 2012 by dk33per
New Statesman - Right on the Monáe
Opinion Science Fiction (sci-fi) Rhythm and blues (R&B) Music new statesman Janelle Monáe
Opinion  Science  Fiction  (sci-fi)  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Music  new  statesman  Janelle  Monáe 
july 2012 by dk33per
East London's best nightlife
social weekend The Guardian fashion Music Rhythm and blues (R&B) bars and clubs clubbing hackney Shoreditch London lifestyle nights
social  weekend  The  Guardian  fashion  Music  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  bars  and  clubs  clubbing  hackney  Shoreditch  London  lifestyle  nights 
july 2012 by dk33per
groove therapy
Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, R&B;, Disco and party jams! Shan Frenzie grew up on a healthy diet of these sounds. He's not some newschool DJ wannabe, flexing his beatport MP3's and pumping his fists in the air. He's got over 20 years of experience behind him, a record collection that will make any other DJ envious, and a concrete rep as one of Australia’s most trusted party rockers.
podcasting  mp3  sydney  Australia  funk  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  soul  music  black  culture  podcasts  radio  t3  magazine 
july 2012 by dk33per
WhoSampled - Discover and Discuss Music Samples and Cover Songs
technology technology start-ups technology sector Business Rhythm and blues (R&B) jazz soul music funk electronic music pop and rock Reference database remixes audio history Inspiration search music sampling Music silicon roundabout Tools Useful digital tools
technology  technology  start-ups  technology  sector  Business  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  jazz  soul  music  funk  electronic  music  pop  and  rock  Reference  database  remixes  audio  history  Inspiration  search  music  sampling  silicon  roundabout  Tools  Useful  digital 
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video youtube Inspiration Women Rhythm and blues (R&B) Music live music Janelle Monáe
video  youtube  Inspiration  Women  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Music  live  Janelle  Monáe 
january 2012 by dk33per
The Huey Show - BBC - BBC 6 Music Programmes
Rhythm and blues (R&B) Vinyl Blues (Music) jazz hip hop soul music funk fun lovin' criminals BBC 6 Music radio Music huey morgan
Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B)  Vinyl  (Music)  jazz  hip  hop  soul  music  funk  fun  lovin'  criminals  BBC  6  radio  huey  morgan 
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