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Grooveshark is dead, long live paid streaming services (Wired UK)
Grooveshark Wired magazine music Music streaming Warner Music Group (WMG) Sony Music Entertainment (SME) Universal Music Group (UMG) copyright Licensed music (Copyright) Music publishing technology Deezer Rdio service Spotify
Grooveshark  Wired  magazine  music  streaming  Warner  Group  (WMG)  Sony  Entertainment  (SME)  Universal  Group  (UMG)  copyright  Licensed  music  (Copyright)  publishing  technology  Deezer  Rdio  service  Spotify 
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The Next Episode: Apple’s plans for Beats-based music service revealed | 9to5Mac
Android (Google) Apple Inc Beats Music (Services) Beats by Dre streaming Music streaming iTunes Match iTunes (Apple) iTunes Radio (Apple) iTunes in the Cloud (Apple) Google Play Rdio service Spotify Delays hold-ups Music industry Music technology 9 to 5 Mac
Android  (Google)  Apple  Inc  Beats  Music  (Services)  Beats  by  Dre  streaming  Music  streaming  iTunes  Match  iTunes  (Apple)  iTunes  Radio  (Apple)  iTunes  in  the  Cloud  (Apple)  Google  Play  Rdio  service  Spotify  Delays  hold-ups  Music  industry  Music  technology  9  to  5  Mac 
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UK news iTunes (Apple) world news Rdio service Culture digital music and audio Twitter Music United States (USA) Digital media Spotify twitter Music Internet Technology
UK  news  iTunes  (Apple)  world  news  Rdio  service  Culture  digital  music  and  audio  Twitter  United  States  (USA)  media  Spotify  Internet  Technology 
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