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What's gone wrong at BBC Radio 2? Presenters leaving, listeners angry – inside a station in 'meltdown' - Radio Times
“With Radio 2, you make changes like a porcupine makes love – very carefully.” That was the motto of Jim Moir, when Controller of the network, reflecting the view that the station – on which Ken Bruce has hosted the same show for 26 years, Steve Wright for 19 and Jeremy Vine for 15 – has an unusually stable schedule, which is rewarded by exceptional listener loyalty: the station’s “reach” of 28.1 per cent of the population and “cost per listener” (0.5p) are both exceptional by BBC radio standards. Recently, though, the wildlife sexual comparison invoked by the running of Radio 2 has been less the porcupine than the rabbit – there have been a startling number of ins and outs.
RadioTimes  Radio  BBCRadio  BBCRadio2  RadioIndustry  MarkLawson  Reports  BBC  JoWhiley  SimonMayo  ChrisEvans  Presenters 
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B.Traits is leaving BBC Radio 1 - Data Transmission
B.Traits announced on Friday night she will be leaving BBC Radio 1, with her last show broadcasting live on 26th October.
BTraits  DJs  Presenters  BBCRadio1  Canadians  MusicNews  RadioNews  RadioIndustry  Endings 
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BBC - Maya Jama joins BBC Radio 1 to host new shows - Media Centre
BBC Radio 1 today announced a new weekend schedule for the station - with new signings Maya Jama and Jordan North joining Radio 1 to host weekly shows, and celebrities including Scarlett Moffatt and Mollie King becoming Radio 1 DJs to present alongside Matt Edmondson.
BBC  BBCMediaCentre  BBCRadio1  MayaJama  Presenters  DJs  Radio  BBCRadio  RadioNews  RadioIndustry 
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The VICE Interview: Maya Jama - VICE
We speak to the Rinse FM DJ and presenter about partying and worst phases.
MayaJama  Interviews  ViceMagazine  RinseFM  Music  DJs  Presenters  SocialMedia  Wellbeing  Celebrities  CelebrityCulture 
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Jarvis Cocker pulps his BBC radio show | Music | The Guardian
Singer to bring his 6 Music show, Sunday Service, to an end in December after almost eight years
JarvisCocker  Pulp(band)  Presenters  TheGuardian  Radio  RadioNews  RadioIndustry  BBC  BBCRadio  BBC6Music 
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Emma B - Wikipedia
Emma joined BBC Radio 1 in April 1998, firstly presenting an Early Saturday morning show from 4am–7am. In 1999, she took over the Saturday afternoon show from 1pm–3pm alongside Sara Cox and the Sunday night/Monday morning overnight slot from 1am–4am. In addition to that, in January 2000, she co-presented the Sunday Surgery show, alongside Dr. Mark Hamilton every Sunday evening from 9pm–11pm. Sunday Surgery has dealt with social and health problems including sex, drugs, poverty and crime. She won 4 Sonys for the show and has been singled out as having saved lives through that show.
EmmaB  Wikipedia  SaraCox  Radio  BBCRadio1  BBC  Presenters  RadioProducers 
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Radio 1 turns 50: Annie Nightingale on pirates, sexism and the sound of the underground
As Radio 1 celebrates its 50th birthday, its first female DJ, Annie Nightingale, looks back at the battle with BBC bosses over its identity 
BBC  BBCRadio1  AnnieNightingale  PirateRadio  Sexism  Anniversaries  DJs  Presenters  RadioPresenters  TheTelegraph 
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Angellica Bell crowned Celebrity MasterChef 2017 winner
Heavenly halibut, perfectly poached pear and classy Camembert helped sweep BBC presenter Angellica Bell to victory in the final of Celebrity Masterchef 2017 (BBC One). The 41 year-old secured bragging rights over husband Michael Underwood, a 2012 Celebrity Masterchef finalist, with a three course meal praised as stunning and joyous by judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode. As he more or less admitted on camera, he will be green at the grills with envy.
AngellicaBell  MasterChef  CelebrityMasterChef  2017  Success  TVNews  BlackPeople  BlackWomen  Presenters  TheTelegraph 
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Zane Lowe on Apple, the BBC and why he’ll miss London
Zane Lowe Apple Inc Beats Music (Services) iTunes Radio (Apple) BBC Radio 1 DJs presenters BBC BBC Radio Annie Mac Rock music Interviews London The Guardian
Zane  Lowe  Apple  Inc  Beats  Music  (Services)  iTunes  Radio  (Apple)  BBC  Radio  1  DJs  presenters  BBC  BBC  Radio  Annie  Mac  Rock  Interviews  London  The  Guardian 
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Zane Lowe to leave BBC Radio 1 for Apple
Zane Lowe Apple Inc Beats Music (Services) iTunes Radio (Apple) BBC Radio 1 DJs presenters BBC BBC Radio Annie Mac Rock music The Guardian
Zane  Lowe  Apple  Inc  Beats  Music  (Services)  iTunes  Radio  (Apple)  BBC  Radio  1  DJs  presenters  BBC  BBC  Radio  Annie  Mac  Rock  The  Guardian 
february 2015 by dk33per
Here's what Zane Lowe could be doing at Apple
Zane Lowe Apple Inc iTunes Radio (Apple) Business Insider Curation Playlists and mixes presenters Beats Music (Services)
Zane  Lowe  Apple  Inc  iTunes  Radio  (Apple)  Business  Insider  Curation  Playlists  and  mixes  presenters  Beats  Music  (Services) 
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Zane Lowe to leave Radio 1 in March
Zane Lowe Apple Inc Beats Music (Services) iTunes Radio (Apple) BBC Radio 1 DJs presenters BBC BBC Radio Annie Mac Rock music BBC Newsbeat
Zane  Lowe  Apple  Inc  Beats  Music  (Services)  iTunes  Radio  (Apple)  BBC  Radio  1  DJs  presenters  BBC  BBC  Radio  Annie  Mac  Rock  BBC  Newsbeat 
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BBC - Newsbeat - Sara Cox leaves Radio 1: This station has been special
Sara Cox (Radio) BBC News BBC Radio 1 endings DJs presenters
Sara  Cox  (Radio)  BBC  News  BBC  Radio  1  endings  DJs  presenters 
february 2014 by dk33per
BBC News - Prince Charles turns BBC Scotland weatherman
weird news humour presenters weather BBC Scotland BBC News royal family uk prince charles
weird  news  humour  presenters  weather  BBC  Scotland  BBC  royal  family  uk  prince  charles 
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Ellie Crisell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
presenters newsreaders BBC News 24 BBC News wikipedia CBBC (BBC) Newsround (BBC) ellie crisell
presenters  newsreaders  BBC  News  24  BBC  News  wikipedia  CBBC  (BBC)  Newsround  (BBC)  ellie  crisell 
april 2012 by dk33per
Gemma Cairney: 'I expected showbiz at the BBC. Instead, I got mildew'
media birmingham black culture culture pop and rock radio The Observer Interviews presenters BBC 1Xtra BBC Radio 1
media  birmingham  black  culture  culture  pop  and  rock  radio  The  Observer  Interviews  presenters  BBC  1Xtra  BBC  1 
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Jaye Harrison
presenters broadcasters NTU (Nottingham Trent Uni) Nottingham fly fm BBC 1Xtra BBC Radio 1 Music jaye harrison Blogs by friends
presenters  broadcasters  NTU  (Nottingham  Trent  Uni)  Nottingham  fly  fm  BBC  1Xtra  BBC  Radio  1  Music  jaye  harrison  Blogs  by  friends 
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Blogs tumblr critics presenters culture history Art Culture Show (BBC)
Blogs  tumblr  critics  presenters  culture  history  Art  Show  (BBC) 
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