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PlayStation VR headset: The verdict - BBC News
PlayStation VR (PS VR) Marc Cieslak Video reviews
PlayStation  VR  (PS  VR)  Marc  Cieslak  Video  reviews 
october 2016 by dk33per
Marc Forster explains why there were two different endings to QUANTUM OF SOLACE ...
Marc Forster james bond 007 Quantum of Solace (2008) Cliffhangers narrative Film filmmaking 2008 Interviews
Marc  Forster  james  bond  007  Quantum  of  Solace  (2008)  Cliffhangers  narrative  Film  filmmaking  2008  Interviews 
september 2015 by dk33per
Huawei and LG watches reviewed, 07/03/2015 GMT, Click - BBC World News
BBC Click Jen Copestake Marc Cieslak Huawei LG (Tech brand Life's Good) technology Wristwear Watches Smartwatches MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2015 BBC News
BBC  Click  Jen  Copestake  Marc  Cieslak  Huawei  LG  (Tech  brand  Life's  Good)  technology  Wristwear  Watches  Smartwatches  MWC  (Mobile  World  Congress)  2015  BBC  News 
april 2015 by dk33per
Could mobiles defeat BBC tech show?
Apps filmmaking iPhone iPad iOS Webscape BBC Click Mobile Smartphones video Useful digital tools Android (Google) BBC News Spencer Kelly (BBC) marc cieslak MWC (Mobile World Congress)
Apps  filmmaking  iPhone  iPad  iOS  Webscape  BBC  Click  Mobile  Smartphones  video  Useful  digital  tools  Android  (Google)  BBC  News  Spencer  Kelly  (BBC)  marc  cieslak  MWC  (Mobile  World  Congress) 
march 2015 by dk33per
The Rise of MF Doom
Red Bull Music Academy Gabe Soria (Comics) Dean Haspiel (Comics) Allen Passalaqua (Comics) Vito Delsante (Comics) Marc Weidenbaum (Comics) MF Doom comics comics and graphic novels illustration black culture anime manga japanese culture
Red  Bull  Music  Academy  Gabe  Soria  (Comics)  Dean  Haspiel  (Comics)  Allen  Passalaqua  (Comics)  Vito  Delsante  (Comics)  Marc  Weidenbaum  (Comics)  MF  Doom  comics  comics  and  graphic  novels  illustration  black  culture  anime  manga  japanese  culture 
december 2014 by dk33per
In Search of the Holy Tail - BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 4 Damon Albarn Ceri Levy Marc Riley (DJ Radio) nature Sealife wildlife Exploration Sharks (Wildlife) Eagles (Wildlife) Radio documentary Inspiration
BBC  Radio  4  Damon  Albarn  Ceri  Levy  Marc  Riley  (DJ  Radio)  nature  Sealife  wildlife  Exploration  Sharks  (Wildlife)  Eagles  (Wildlife)  Radio  documentary  Inspiration 
december 2014 by dk33per
BBC News - PlayStation 4 v Xbox One: Experts on next-gen battle
PS4 (PlayStation 4) PlayStation (Brand) Sony marc cieslak BBC Click Xbox One BBC News Michael French margaret robertson rob crossley
PS4  (PlayStation  4)  PlayStation  (Brand)  Sony  marc  cieslak  BBC  Click  Xbox  One  BBC  News  Michael  French  margaret  robertson  rob  crossley 
november 2013 by dk33per
Viva PS Vita or stick with a smartphone
Video games (Gaming) Gaming technology marc cieslak BBC Click PlayStation (Brand) Handheld Mobile PS Vita (PlayStation Vita)
Video  games  (Gaming)  Gaming  technology  marc  cieslak  BBC  Click  PlayStation  (Brand)  Handheld  Mobile  PS  Vita  (PlayStation  Vita) 
february 2012 by dk33per

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