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San Francisco: Where a six-figure salary is 'low income' - BBC News
A family getting by on $117,400 (£87,970) in one US city can now be considered 'low income', according to government figures. How can that be the case?
Money  Economy  SanFrancisco  CostOfLiving  USA  BBCNews  Property  Housing  Renting  PropertyNews  Research  Investigations 
october 2018 by dk33per
Thousands of deposit box valuables 'cannot be traced to owners' - BBC News
Thousands of valuable items stored in bank safety deposit boxes cannot be traced to their owners, a BBC investigation has been told. Report by By Jay Unger,
BBC R4 You & Yours.
JayUnger  BBC  BBCRadio4  BBCNews  YouAndYours  Radio  Journalism  Investigations  Valuables  News  Money  Finance  Business  FinanceNews 
august 2017 by dk33per
The messy, true story behind the making of Destiny | Kotaku
kotaku Jason Schreier Destiny Bungie Bungie Studios making of controversy Investigations investigative journalism game development activision Video games (Gaming) Gaming Gaming news business
kotaku  Jason  Schreier  Destiny  Bungie  Bungie  Studios  making  of  controversy  Investigations  investigative  journalism  game  development  activision  Video  games  (Gaming)  Gaming  Gaming  news  business 
october 2015 by dk33per
How the compact disc lost its shine
Dire Straits Dorian Lynskey The Guardian CDs (Compact disc) physical products/formats Vinyl MP3 file formats Hi-res audio Good reading for writers (Writing) music Music news features Investigations Essays and long reads
Dire  Straits  Dorian  Lynskey  The  Guardian  CDs  (Compact  disc)  physical  products/formats  Vinyl  MP3  file  formats  Hi-res  audio  Good  reading  for  writers  (Writing)  music  news  features  Investigations  Essays  and  long  reads 
may 2015 by dk33per
Putting fitness trackers to the test
Fitness Physical exercise (PE) Fitness trackers (Tech) technology BBC News BBC Click Lara Lewington (Journalist) Hands-on impressions data comparisons testing performance testing Wearable technology medical investigative journalism Investigations
Fitness  Physical  exercise  (PE)  Fitness  trackers  (Tech)  technology  BBC  News  BBC  Click  Lara  Lewington  (Journalist)  Hands-on  impressions  data  comparisons  testing  performance  testing  Wearable  technology  medical  investigative  journalism  Investigations 
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