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BBC Music Jazz - BBC Music Jazz
BBC Music jazz Jazz FM Jamie Cullum DAB radio Radio
BBC  Music  jazz  FM  Jamie  Cullum  DAB  radio 
november 2016 by dk33per
Dice gambles on shaking up gig tickets: 'We're getting rid of the friction' | Te...
Dice FM Phil Hutcheon apps ustwo Music industry songkick ticketing Ticket touts The Guardian
Dice  FM  Phil  Hutcheon  apps  ustwo  Music  industry  songkick  ticketing  Ticket  touts  The  Guardian 
october 2016 by dk33per
Industry Takeover All Dayer 2016 Tickets, Sat, 1 Oct 2016 at 12:00 | Eventbrite
Complex (Music site) Grime (Music) Music industry Seminars debate Workshops networking DJing mixing and sound production discussion eventbrite Events Urban Development (Music site) GRM Daily (Music site) Music news Music UK Music (Organisation) Reprezent FM
Complex  (Music  site)  Grime  (Music)  Music  industry  Seminars  debate  Workshops  networking  DJing  mixing  and  sound  production  discussion  eventbrite  Events  Urban  Development  (Music  site)  GRM  Daily  (Music  site)  Music  news  Music  UK  Music  (Organisation)  Reprezent  FM 
october 2016 by dk33per
This is a radio clash: can Radio 1 survive the Apple attack?
radio internet radio digital radio Rajar (radio tracking company) BBC Radio 1 Nick Grimshaw Beats 1 (radio) Apple Music (Services) Music streaming media downturn The Guardian comment Analysis and insight Spotify Zane Lowe Kiss FM Clara Amfo competition media business Music industry radio industry tim ingham
radio  internet  radio  digital  radio  Rajar  (radio  tracking  company)  BBC  1  Nick  Grimshaw  Beats  1  (radio)  Apple  Music  (Services)  Music  streaming  media  downturn  The  Guardian  comment  Analysis  and  insight  Spotify  Zane  Lowe  Kiss  FM  Clara  Amfo  competition  media  business  Music  industry  radio  industry  tim  ingham 
june 2015 by dk33per
Jungle, garage and grime: 20 years of Rinse FM
Jungle (Music genre) Rinse FM Music Garage music Grime (Music) Sarah Lockhart (Rinse) Gordon Warren (Rinse) dance music Anniversaries
Jungle  (Music  genre)  Rinse  FM  Music  Garage  Grime  (Music)  Sarah  Lockhart  (Rinse)  Gordon  Warren  (Rinse)  dance  Anniversaries 
december 2014 by dk33per
RadioToday | JACK fm Hertfordshire rebrands as BOB fm
local news Local radio Radio Bob FM (Jack FM Hertford) Hertford Hertfordshire RadioToday Media Funny silly or curious news weird news intent media
local  news  radio  Bob  FM  (Jack  FM  Hertford)  Hertford  Hertfordshire  RadioToday  Media  Funny  silly  or  curious  news  weird  news  intent 
march 2014 by dk33per
internships work and careers work experience creative industries Digital media Media UK enterprise social enterprise Music Music industry Film industry television industry entertainment Game industry young people equality Equal opportunities Kiss FM q magazine bauer media grazia magazine Empire magazine Heat magazine fhm magazine O2 (Company)
internships  work  and  careers  work  experience  creative  industries  Digital  media  UK  enterprise  social  enterprise  Music  Music  industry  Film  industry  television  industry  entertainment  Game  industry  young  people  equality  Equal  opportunities  Kiss  FM  q  magazine  bauer  media  grazia  magazine  Empire  magazine  Heat  magazine  fhm  magazine  O2  (Company) 
february 2014 by dk33per
dance music Culture Global Radio Choice FM black culture Comment is free Radio urban music Hip Hop
dance  music  Culture  Global  Radio  Choice  FM  black  Comment  is  free  Radio  urban  music  Hip  Hop 
october 2013 by dk33per
BAFTA-winning 'Journey' soundtrack given epic violin cover version
Music Thatgamecompany composers Austin Wintory classical music Journey PS3 Classic FM Cover versions
Music  Thatgamecompany  composers  Austin  Wintory  classical  Journey  PS3  Classic  FM  Cover  versions 
march 2013 by dk33per
Jaye Harrison
presenters broadcasters NTU (Nottingham Trent Uni) Nottingham fly fm BBC 1Xtra BBC Radio 1 Music jaye harrison Blogs by friends
presenters  broadcasters  NTU  (Nottingham  Trent  Uni)  Nottingham  fly  fm  BBC  1Xtra  BBC  Radio  1  Music  jaye  harrison  Blogs  by  friends 
february 2012 by dk33per

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