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Nasa responds to Avengers fans' pleas to rescue Iron Man - CBBC Newsround
Avenger's fans have been trolling Marvel Studios to cut poor Tony Stark - better known as Iron Man - a break.
Marvel  Avengers  NASA  AndFinally  News  FilmNews  SocialMedia  Fans  Culture  PopCulture  TonyStark  BBCNews  BBCNewsround 
december 2018 by dk33per
Ariana Grande: Five things to know about Thank U, Next - BBC News
Ariana Grande has released a music video for her latest hit Thank U, Next and the internet is abuzz, dissecting all the cultural references. The self-love anthem broke YouTube records as it became the first video to reach 1 million views in less than 34 minutes. The track has stayed at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 since its release three weeks ago.
ArianaGrande  BBCNews  Music  MusicSingles  Billboard  BillboardHot100  YouTube  Self-Love  Relationships  PopCulture  CelebrityCulture  Celebrities  MeanGirls  Film  Culture  Dating  Tributes  Homage 
december 2018 by dk33per
Egyptian actress Rania Youssef charged over revealing dress - BBC News
An Egyptian actress who wore a revealing dress to the Cairo Film Festival is to go on trial on charges of "inciting debauchery", reports say. Rania Youssef appeared in a lacy, black, see-through outfit that exposed most of her legs, outraging many Egyptians, though some said she should be able to wear what she wanted. She could be jailed for up to five years if found guilty, a judicial source told AFP.
BBCNews  RaniaYoussef  Egypt  Islam  Women'sRight  Culture  CulturalValues  CairoFilmFestival  Festivals  FilmFestivals 
december 2018 by dk33per
Damon Albarn on Brexit: 'We live on this stroppy little island' | Music | The Guardian
The Good, the Bad & the Queen have been trying to figure out what’s become of England since the EU referendum. And the answers aren’t comforting
GBQ  DamonAlbarn  PaulSimonon  TonyAllen  SimonTong  Music  Interviews  TheGuardian  EUReferendum  Brexit  Culture  UK  GreatBritain 
november 2018 by dk33per
Cult of personality - Wikipedia
A cult of personality arises when a regime uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods such as government-organized demonstrations to create an idealized, heroic, and at times worshipful image of a leader, often through unquestioning flattery and praise. A cult of personality is similar to divinization, except that it is established by mass media and propaganda usually by the state, especially in totalitarian (or sometimes authoritarian) states. The term was developed by Nikita Khrushchev's initially secret speech On the Cult of Personality and Its Consequences given on the final day of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, February 25, 1956, which criticized the lionization of Josef Stalin (and by implication his Communist contemporaries - Mao Zedong and Kim Il-Sung) for being contrary to original Marxist doctrine.
History  Culture  Celebrity  CelebrityCulture  CriticalThinking  Media  Propaganda  Governments  JosefStalin  20thCentury 
january 2018 by dk33per
An African Elegy -
From AFRICAN ELEGY, by Ben Okri (Vintage, 1997).
Posted by kind permission of the poet and the Marsh Agency in London, U.K.
Gratefulness  Poetry  Africa  AfricanWriting  BlackPeople  BlackCulture  Culture  Literature 
january 2018 by dk33per
Stan Lee - Wikipedia
Stan Lee is an American comic-book writer, editor, film executive producer, and publisher. He was formerly editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics. In collaboration with several artists, including Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, he co-created Spider-Man, the Hulk, Doctor Strange, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Daredevil, Thor, Black Panther, the X-Men, and many other fictional characters, introducing a thoroughly shared universe into superhero comic books.
StanLee  Comics  MarvelComics  Culture  Wikipedia  HistoricPeople  Celebrities  Heroes  Writer  Editors  SteveDitko  JackKirby  Spider-Man  X-Men  IronMan  FictionalCharacters 
november 2017 by dk33per
xkcd: A �
A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. xkcd updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Technology  Humour  Culture  Entertainment  Art  Animation  Photography 
november 2017 by dk33per
White feminists attack Carnival culture, criticize John Boyega for wining at Notting Hill | AFROPUNK
White feminists continue to embarrass themselves. After Star Wars actor John Boyega posted a video of him grinding with a woman at a Caribbean celebration in London last weekend, feministas of the alabaster complexion rushed to denounce his actions as “demeaning” to women
JohnBoyega  Carnival  NottingHillCarnival  StarWars  Feminism  Afropunk  Dance  Culture 
october 2017 by dk33per
World Teachers' Day - Wikipedia
World Teachers' Day, also known as International Teachers Day, is held annually on October 5 since 1994, commemorates teacher organizations worldwide. Its aim is to mobilize support for teachers and to ensure that the needs of future generations will continue to be met by teachers.
Education  Teachers  Culture  NationalTeachersDay  WorldTeachersDay  Celebrations  Acknowledgements  Wikipedia 
october 2017 by dk33per
What The Movies Taught Us About Teaching : NPR Ed : NPR
Teachers are a type in Hollywood, as bound by convention as the guys who wear white hats in Westerns. They're mostly young, they're always energetic, and they answer to honorifics: Mr. Chips, Miss Brodie, Miss Moffat, Mister Miyagi, or just plain "Sir" (with love, of course).
Education  Teachers  PopCulture  Culture  NationalTeachersDay  WorldTeachersDay  Film  TVShows  Cartoons  NPR 
october 2017 by dk33per
20 of the Most Memorable Teachers in Television History | Mental Floss
Pop quiz: Recall the name of your favorite teacher. Extra credit: Recall the name of your least favorite teacher.
Education  Teachers  PopCulture  Culture  NationalTeachersDay  WorldTeachersDay  Film  TVShows  Cartoons  Animation  MentalFloss 
october 2017 by dk33per
Teachers Day 2017 Best TV, Movie Teachers Ranked
If you’re lucky, you crossed paths with one (or more) teachers who changed the way you think about the world. So, in honor of National Teacher Day, let’s give a shout-out to the adults who put up with us, encouraged us, challenged us, and drove us to all-nighters. Here are the best (and worst) pop culture teachers.
Education  Teachers  PopCulture  Culture  NationalTeachersDay  WorldTeachersDay  Film  TVShows  Cartoons  Animation  Refinery29 
october 2017 by dk33per
The birth of hip-hop happened 44 years ago at a block party in the Bronx - Vox
An interactive Google Doodle celebrates the innovation that spawned the genre by letting you spin records yourself.
Google  GoogleDoodle  HipHopMusic  HipHop  Culture  History  MusicHistory  Technology  VoxMedia  Anniversaries  Music  TechNews  MusicNews 
august 2017 by dk33per
Lil Rice Circus Artist
Lil Rice is a Cyr wheel artist and singer based in the UK.
LilRice  CircusPerformers  Circus  CyrWheel  Culture  PerformingArts 
july 2017 by dk33per
The Slumflower on Making a Career Out of Her Passion and the Complexities of Black Womanhood OkayAfrica
In a world where messages tell women that being “unique” means being like everyone else, it can be difficult to truly embrace and love oneself. However, there are women like Chidera Eggerue, also known as The Slumflower, who live on their own accord and remind other women to do the same.
ChideraEggerue  TheSlumflower  BlackPeople  BlackWomen  OkayPlayer  OkayAfrica  Nigerian  Inspiration  Womanhood  Self-Belief  Belief  Culture  Interviews  AmarchiNwosu 
july 2017 by dk33per
Redpill | Matrix Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia
The term redpill refers to a human that is aware of the true nature of the Matrix. Redpills are typically humans whose bodies and minds have been freed from the power plant by Zion hovercraft teams, but humans still connected to the Matrix can also be aware of its reality.
RedPill  InternetCulture  Film  Culture  Fandom  TheMatrix  Morpheus  Neo 
april 2017 by dk33per
Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. Album Cover Has Become The Meme We All Needed | The FADER
Twitter users have taken the simple artwork and repurposed it to comment on everything from mundane situations to horrific current events.
KendrickLamar  InternetMemes  Memes  SocialMedia  Twitter  FaderMagazine  AlbumArtwork  CoverArt  Music  MusicNews  Culture 
april 2017 by dk33per
Touring Tokyo with Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima - BBC Newsbeat
I first became aware of Hideo Kojima in 1998 when I was 11.
I was gripped by his game Metal Gear Solid, spending hours trying to sneak around an Alaskan nuclear base.
Many details of its complex plot have left me but the emotions it evoked have stayed, as did the name of its creator.
Eighteen years later I'm exchanging gifts with this icon of gaming in the reception of his new Tokyo studio. It feels surreal.
Kojima tweeted a picture of Newsbeat's present - a Lego London bus.
HideoKojima  BBCNewsbeat  BBCNews  Tokyo  GamingNews  Lego  Gaming  Culture  Japan  JapaneseCulture 
january 2017 by dk33per
EXCLUSIVE: Inside The Mecca Of Collaboration That Is DJ Jazzy Jeff's Playlist Retreat | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce
Fast Company got an exclusive invite to join music's most innovative thinkers at Jeff's home for five days—here's what went down.
JazzyJeff  Music  LongReads  Features  FastCompany  MusicMaking  Creativity  Collaboration  Culture  Vinyl  Mixtapes  DJing  DJs 
january 2017 by dk33per
BBC - Black Is The New Black - Media Centre
Black is the New Black (series) Black British BBC Simon Frederick black culture Interviews TV shows (programmes)
Black  is  the  New  Black  (series)  Black  British  BBC  Simon  Frederick  culture  Interviews  TV  shows  (programmes) 
december 2016 by dk33per
Shooting stars on demand are going to be an actual thing
SkyCanvas (space project) Space technology japanese culture Technology technology sector Lena Okajima Tech in Asia (website) Asia Pacific (Far East) BBC Click
SkyCanvas  (space  project)  Space  technology  japanese  culture  technology  sector  Lena  Okajima  Tech  in  Asia  (website)  Asia  Pacific  (Far  East)  BBC  Click 
november 2016 by dk33per
Black and British Season - BBC
Black British British (UK) English black culture Culture Black men Black women afro caribbean caribbean BBC BBC Two (BBC2) TV shows (programmes) Black British BBC 1Xtra
Black  British  British  (UK)  English  culture  Black  men  Black  women  afro  caribbean  caribbean  BBC  BBC  Two  (BBC2)  TV  shows  (programmes)  Black  British  BBC  1Xtra 
november 2016 by dk33per
Truth about X Factor's Honey G revealed as the rapper is unrecognisable in her d...
The X Factor (TV series) Honey G (X Factor rapper) daily mirror Hip Hop Hip hop culture black culture tv news Celebrity culture Celebrity news
The  X  Factor  (TV  series)  Honey  G  (X  Factor  rapper)  daily  mirror  Hip  Hop  Hip  culture  black  culture  tv  news  Celebrity  culture  Celebrity  news 
november 2016 by dk33per
This is Living: Grenade on No Fat Clips!!!
This is Living (PS3 campaign) Nino Rota PS3 (PlayStation 3) classical music advertising Reference TBWA TBWA London The Mill (SFX Studio) Game culture (Video game culture)
This  is  Living  (PS3  campaign)  Nino  Rota  PS3  (PlayStation  3)  classical  music  advertising  Reference  TBWA  TBWA  London  The  Mill  (SFX  Studio)  Game  culture  (Video  culture) 
november 2016 by dk33per
EFGAMP » Saving our digital cultural heritage
Gaming Culture Game culture (Video game culture) Preservation history
Gaming  Culture  Game  (Video  culture)  Preservation  history 
october 2016 by dk33per
10 words from pop music culture that made it into the dictionary - BBC Music
Pop music Pop culture English language Words Destiny's Child Hip Hop BBC BBC News
Pop  music  Pop  culture  English  language  Words  Destiny's  Child  Hip  Hop  BBC  BBC  News 
october 2016 by dk33per
PlayStation Japan's PlayStation 4 hip hop song is kind of amazing - Polygon
Tofubeats Rip Slyme Ryo-Z Pes (Rapper) Japanese games Japanese language japanese culture Music Music news SCEJ and SCE Asia Korea (Sony) PS4 (PlayStation 4) TGS (Tokyo Game Show) Japanese music
Tofubeats  Rip  Slyme  Ryo-Z  Pes  (Rapper)  Japanese  games  Japanese  language  culture  Music  Music  news  SCEJ  and  SCE  Asia  Korea  (Sony)  PS4  (PlayStation  4)  TGS  (Tokyo  Game  Show)  Japanese 
september 2016 by dk33per
Ariell Johnson Opened The East Coast's First Black Female-owned Comic Book Store...
Ariell Johnson Comic book stores Philadelphia (USA) diversity Saint Heron (website) Black women Culture Black people Business entrepreneurs Black business enterprise Comic news (Comics)
Ariell  Johnson  Comic  book  stores  Philadelphia  (USA)  diversity  Saint  Heron  (website)  Black  women  Culture  Black  people  Business  entrepreneurs  Black  enterprise  Comic  news  (Comics) 
september 2016 by dk33per
Rare Photographs of Black Beauty Pageants Offer Insights into 1970s London | Art...
Artsy (Arts website) Pageants (Modelling) modelling black culture Black women London Raphael Albert exhibition Galleries Irvington Place Gallery
Artsy  (Arts  website)  Pageants  (Modelling)  modelling  black  culture  women  London  Raphael  Albert  exhibition  Galleries  Irvington  Place  Gallery 
july 2016 by dk33per
BBC NEWS | Magazine | Why are 99s called that?
99 Flake (ice cream) Ice cream food and drink British culture Cadbury BBC News BBC News Magazine Chocolate
99  Flake  (ice  cream)  Ice  cream  food  and  drink  British  culture  Cadbury  BBC  News  BBC  News  Magazine  Chocolate 
may 2016 by dk33per
PRESS RELEASE 2016 | The Brunel University African Poetry Prize
Victoria Bulley Victoriána Bulley Ghana poetry spoken word Brunel University african Black art and culture awards Brunel University African Poetry Prize 2016
Victoria  Bulley  Victoriána  Bulley  Ghana  poetry  spoken  word  Brunel  University  african  Black  art  and  culture  awards  Brunel  University  Prize  2016 
march 2016 by dk33per
How Isis hijacked pop culture, from Hollywood to video games | World news | The ...
Islamic State (Isis Isil) Pop culture culture extremists Extremism Anti-terrorism terrorism global terrorism Anti-radicalisation Radicalisation gaming Video games (Gaming) simon parkin world news Analysis and insight The Guardian
Islamic  State  (Isis  Isil)  Pop  culture  culture  extremists  Extremism  Anti-terrorism  terrorism  global  terrorism  Anti-radicalisation  Radicalisation  gaming  Video  games  (Gaming)  simon  parkin  world  news  Analysis  and  insight  The  Guardian 
february 2016 by dk33per
The best way to apologise for being late
Lateness Apologies work and careers work culture Time management
Lateness  Apologies  work  and  careers  work  culture  Time  management 
january 2016 by dk33per
David Bowie: legendary rock star dies of cancer aged 69 – updates – as they happ...
david bowie tributes Obituaries and memoriams music Opinion British music British musicians Pop culture culture Rock music pop and rock British culture Music news nile rodgers The Guardian Death and dying world news
david  bowie  tributes  Obituaries  and  memoriams  music  Opinion  British  music  British  musicians  Pop  culture  culture  Rock  music  and  British  culture  news  nile  rodgers  The  Guardian  Death  and  dying  world  news 
january 2016 by dk33per
Why David Bowie will always be with us | Gigwise
david bowie andrew trendell tributes Obituaries and memoriams Gigwise music Opinion British music British musicians culture
david  bowie  andrew  trendell  tributes  Obituaries  and  memoriams  Gigwise  music  Opinion  British  music  British  musicians  culture 
january 2016 by dk33per
Nude Female Singers on Magazine Covers (Part 1)
Female artists Female musicians women body Body image representation Sexual attraction (Sex appeal) rihanna Madonna Janet Jackson Britney Spears Magazines Men's interests Galleries Photography Ppcorn (website) celebrity Celebrity culture
Female  artists  Female  musicians  women  body  image  representation  Sexual  attraction  (Sex  appeal)  rihanna  Madonna  Janet  Jackson  Britney  Spears  Magazines  Men's  interests  Galleries  Photography  Ppcorn  (website)  celebrity  culture 
january 2016 by dk33per
Nude Female Singers on Magazine Covers (Part 2)
Female artists Female musicians women body Body image representation Sexual attraction (Sex appeal) rihanna Madonna Janet Jackson Britney Spears Magazines Men's interests Galleries Photography Ppcorn (website) Lady Gaga FKA Twigs Kelly Rowland Katy Perry celebrity Celebrity culture
Female  artists  Female  musicians  women  body  image  representation  Sexual  attraction  (Sex  appeal)  rihanna  Madonna  Janet  Jackson  Britney  Spears  Magazines  Men's  interests  Galleries  Photography  Ppcorn  (website)  Lady  Gaga  FKA  Twigs  Kelly  Rowland  Katy  Perry  celebrity  culture 
january 2016 by dk33per
Artists pay tribute to David Bowie | News | Pitchfork
david bowie tributes Obituaries and memoriams music Opinion British music British musicians Pop culture culture Rock music pop and rock British culture Music news Pitchfork Eulogies Death and dying
david  bowie  tributes  Obituaries  and  memoriams  music  Opinion  British  music  British  musicians  Pop  culture  culture  Rock  music  and  British  culture  news  Pitchfork  Eulogies  Death  and  dying 
january 2016 by dk33per
How to be as productive as your high school Self - 99U
99U (website) Impossible Ventures Joel Runyon productivity Discipline Time management Focus Work-life balance lifestyle Workplace culture work and careers
99U  (website)  Impossible  Ventures  Joel  Runyon  productivity  Discipline  Time  management  Focus  Work-life  balance  lifestyle  Workplace  culture  work  and  careers 
january 2016 by dk33per
:: :: R2 Builders Club Official Website :: (Star Wars) Star Wars (series) R2-D2 BB-8 (Star Wars droid) Robotics Robots Technology Programmers (coders) Builders Tinkers (Tech) research Geek (nerd) culture  (Star  Wars)  Star  Wars  (series)  R2-D2  BB-8  (Star  Wars  droid)  Robotics  Robots  Technology  Programmers  (coders)  Builders  Tinkers  (Tech)  research  Geek  (nerd)  culture 
january 2016 by dk33per
Multiplayer-only games shouldn't cost $60
kotaku Nathan Grayson (game journalist) gaming Pricing Value Value for money Money multiplayer Multiplayer-only games Star Wars Battlefront (2015) Rainbow Six (series) ubisoft Electronic Arts (EA) comment Opinion Game culture (Video game culture) DLC (Downloadable content)
kotaku  Nathan  Grayson  (game  journalist)  gaming  Pricing  Value  Value  for  money  multiplayer  Multiplayer-only  games  Star  Wars  Battlefront  (2015)  Rainbow  Six  (series)  ubisoft  Electronic  Arts  (EA)  comment  Opinion  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  DLC  (Downloadable  content) 
december 2015 by dk33per
Gateway exclusive: Kanye West speaks to the Oxford Guild in the biggest talk of ...
kanye west lectures and keynotes university of oxford Oxford Guild Society (Oxford Uni) University societies culture fashion Politics us politics us elections Transcripts video Music news music Celebrity culture Celebrity news entertainment
kanye  west  lectures  and  keynotes  university  of  oxford  Guild  Society  (Oxford  Uni)  societies  culture  fashion  Politics  us  us  elections  Transcripts  video  Music  news  Celebrity  culture  Celebrity  news  entertainment 
december 2015 by dk33per
Bieber's mystery woman understandably doesn't 'know how to deal with this' - BBC...
Justin Bieber instagram modelling Sexual attraction (Sex appeal) BBC Newsbeat Music news celebrity Celebrity culture Celebrity news Entertainment news
Justin  Bieber  instagram  modelling  Sexual  attraction  (Sex  appeal)  BBC  Newsbeat  Music  news  celebrity  culture  news  Entertainment  news 
december 2015 by dk33per
Photos of the Week: 11/21-11/27 - The Atlantic
The Atlantic photojournalism society culture China Europe north america United States (USA) new york
The  Atlantic  photojournalism  society  culture  China  Europe  north  america  United  States  (USA)  new  york 
december 2015 by dk33per
-=Video Game Art Archive=-
Gaming blogs emulation Game culture (Video game culture) forums cover art
Gaming  blogs  emulation  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  forums  cover  art 
december 2015 by dk33per
Why is everybody moving to Waltham Forest? | Property | The Independent
Waltham Forest Walthamstow Leytonstone Leyton property housing Rhodri Marsden The Independent culture Suburbs (cities) london Moving location (house office school) Chingford
Waltham  Forest  Walthamstow  Leytonstone  Leyton  property  housing  Rhodri  Marsden  The  Independent  culture  Suburbs  (cities)  london  Moving  location  (house  office  school)  Chingford 
november 2015 by dk33per
Is ‘Nappy’ an Insult? ... Hint: No, It’s Not - The Root
The Root (website) Natural hair Hair care culture lifestyle Lifestyle blogs Black men Damon Young (writer)
The  Root  (website)  Natural  hair  care  culture  lifestyle  blogs  Black  men  Damon  Young  (writer) 
november 2015 by dk33per
No country for old (rap) men: mourning the death of the B-side - Acclaim
b-sides Hip Hop Acclaim magazine Music news Opinion comment Robbie Ettelson music Music culture culture Record collecting (vinyl) Vinyl LL Cool J exclusives Bonus tracks exclusive tracks (Music) Hidden tracks (Music) Music blogs
b-sides  Hip  Hop  Acclaim  magazine  Music  news  Opinion  comment  Robbie  Ettelson  Music  culture  culture  Record  collecting  (vinyl)  Vinyl  LL  Cool  J  exclusives  Bonus  tracks  exclusive  tracks  (Music)  Hidden  tracks  (Music)  Music  blogs 
november 2015 by dk33per
London IMAX showcases Halo 3's UK launch - GameSpot
IMax London (BFI) halo product launches UK GameSpot celebrity Celebrity culture Pharrell Williams LL Cool J Carmen Electra Microsoft Studios Microsoft Bungie Studios 2007 Gaming news
IMax  London  (BFI)  halo  product  launches  UK  GameSpot  celebrity  culture  Pharrell  Williams  LL  Cool  J  Carmen  Electra  Microsoft  Studios  Microsoft  Bungie  Studios  2007  Gaming  news 
october 2015 by dk33per
Back to the Future II: What did it get right and wrong? - BBC News
Back to the Future BBC News Leo Kelion (BBC Tech) technology 2015 film culture filmmaking Science Fiction (sci-fi) future Predictions Futurologists
Back  to  the  Future  BBC  News  Leo  Kelion  (BBC  Tech)  technology  2015  film  culture  filmmaking  Science  Fiction  (sci-fi)  Predictions  Futurologists 
october 2015 by dk33per
A Nippon Summer: Settling In
Tola Ositelu (Blogger) Culture Ibaraki (Japan) Japanese language Good reading for writers (Writing) Culture blogs Travel blogs Tokyo Tourism Travel Buddha
Tola  Ositelu  (Blogger)  Culture  Ibaraki  (Japan)  Japanese  language  Good  reading  for  writers  (Writing)  Culture  blogs  Travel  blogs  Tokyo  Tourism  Travel  Buddha 
october 2015 by dk33per
Communication in the Age of Tube Trains
The Tube (London Underground) London Underground communication Victoria Bulley poets 2015 london Barbican Young Poets Burn After Reading (Poets) Southbank Centre Royal Academy of Arts The Midnight Run (Culture blog) Culture blogs
The  Tube  (London  Underground)  London  Underground  communication  Victoria  Bulley  poets  2015  Barbican  Young  Burn  After  Reading  (Poets)  Southbank  Centre  Royal  Academy  of  Arts  The  Midnight  Run  (Culture  blog)  Culture  blogs 
october 2015 by dk33per
Spend your day listening to the menu music from any Halo game | Polygon
Interactive media halo Menus technology web design websites norway Norse Game culture (Video game culture) Game music (Video game music) Video games (Gaming) 343 Industries Bungie Studios Xbox (Brand) nostalgia Andreas Grenasberg Gaming news
Interactive  media  halo  Menus  technology  web  design  websites  norway  Norse  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  Game  music  (Video  music)  Video  games  (Gaming)  343  Industries  Bungie  Studios  Xbox  (Brand)  nostalgia  Andreas  Grenasberg  Gaming  news 
october 2015 by dk33per - Halo main menu screens
Interactive media halo Menus technology web design websites norway Norse Game culture (Video game culture) Game music (Video game music) Video games (Gaming) 343 Industries Bungie Studios Xbox (Brand) nostalgia Andreas Grenasberg
Interactive  media  halo  Menus  technology  web  design  websites  norway  Norse  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  Game  music  (Video  music)  Video  games  (Gaming)  343  Industries  Bungie  Studios  Xbox  (Brand)  nostalgia  Andreas  Grenasberg 
october 2015 by dk33per
Video game arcade cabinet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Arcade cabinets arcade Arcade games wikipedia Game culture (Video game culture) history technology Video games (Gaming) Retro gaming Gaming
Arcade  cabinets  Arcade  games  wikipedia  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  history  technology  Video  games  (Gaming)  Retro  gaming 
october 2015 by dk33per
Game Ads - Game Pressure | All adverts,TV video game commercials spots ads pub t...
advertising adverts Game Ads (Game Pressure) Gaming blogs Video games (Gaming) Gaming Television (TV) television industry us television Japanese television (TV) Game culture (Video game culture) youtube
advertising  adverts  Game  Ads  (Game  Pressure)  Gaming  blogs  Video  games  (Gaming)  Gaming  Television  (TV)  industry  us  Japanese  (TV)  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  youtube 
october 2015 by dk33per
Noose self-portraits question how equal black Americans really are - BBC News
Moise Morancy race issues Race relations United States (USA) Politics us politics Art instagram black culture Black people Black Lives Matter campaign (2014) BBC News BBC Trending
Moise  Morancy  race  issues  relations  United  States  (USA)  Politics  us  Art  instagram  black  culture  people  Lives  Matter  campaign  (2014)  BBC  News  BBC  Trending 
september 2015 by dk33per
Edge scores database - Google Fusion Tables
media future publishing Magazines Edge magazine technology archive Game culture (Video game culture) Video games (Gaming) Gaming Game collecting (Gaming) specialist magazines Back issues (Magazines) Game industry UK media culture Console wars (Video games gaming) Review scores and ratings database Google Fusion Tables
media  future  publishing  Magazines  Edge  magazine  technology  archive  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  Video  games  (Gaming)  Gaming  Game  collecting  (Gaming)  specialist  Back  issues  (Magazines)  Game  industry  UK  media  culture  Console  wars  (Video  games  gaming)  Review  scores  and  ratings  database  Google  Fusion  Tables 
september 2015 by dk33per
Edge 200 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
media future publishing Magazines Edge magazine technology archive flickr pictures Game culture (Video game culture) Video games (Gaming) Gaming Galleries Game collecting (Gaming) specialist magazines Back issues (Magazines) Game industry UK media culture Console wars (Video games gaming) Anniversaries CVG UK (Computer and Video Games)
media  future  publishing  Magazines  Edge  magazine  technology  archive  flickr  pictures  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  Video  games  (Gaming)  Gaming  Galleries  Game  collecting  (Gaming)  specialist  Back  issues  (Magazines)  Game  industry  UK  media  culture  Console  wars  (Video  games  gaming)  Anniversaries  CVG  UK  (Computer  and  Video  Games) 
september 2015 by dk33per for everything Caribbean (website) caribbean afro caribbean UK Communities and community Disporas fashion Caribbean music Caribbean fashion London Caribbean food and drink food and drink Caribbean communities Caribbean culture culture black culture Black people  (website)  caribbean  afro  caribbean  UK  Communities  and  community  Disporas  fashion  music  fashion  London  food  and  drink  food  and  drink  culture  culture  black  culture  people 
august 2015 by dk33per
Hiroshima: Bun Hashizume's story of survival - CBBC Newsround
Newsround (BBC) CBBC (BBC) Hiroshima Bun Hashizume poets survival real life stories animation World War II (WW2) japan japanese culture history World history Remembrance Nuclear weapons Atomic bombs (Nuclear weapons)
Newsround  (BBC)  CBBC  (BBC)  Hiroshima  Bun  Hashizume  poets  survival  real  life  stories  animation  World  War  II  (WW2)  japan  japanese  culture  history  World  history  Remembrance  Nuclear  weapons  Atomic  bombs  (Nuclear  weapons) 
august 2015 by dk33per
Japanese report says Konami is a deeply unhappy workplace
Nikkei Hideo Kojima Kojima Productions Konami workplaces Workplace politics and disagreements Workplace culture japan japanese culture gaming Metal Gear Solid (MGS) (Series) MGS5 (Metal Gear Solid 5)
Nikkei  Hideo  Kojima  Kojima  Productions  Konami  workplaces  Workplace  politics  and  disagreements  Workplace  culture  japan  japanese  culture  gaming  Metal  Gear  Solid  (MGS)  (Series)  MGS5  (Metal  Gear  Solid  5) 
august 2015 by dk33per
jak and daxter Ratchet and Clank series Sly Cooper (series) merchandise Press kits promos and gifts Limited editions special collectors eds toys figurines Game culture (Video game culture) gaming Game collecting (Gaming) Video games (Gaming) Collector's Edition CE (game blog) Gaming blogs
jak  and  daxter  Ratchet  and  Clank  series  Sly  Cooper  (series)  merchandise  Press  kits  promos  and  gifts  Limited  editions  special  collectors  eds  toys  figurines  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  gaming  Game  collecting  (Gaming)  Video  games  (Gaming)  Collector's  Edition  CE  (game  blog)  blogs 
august 2015 by dk33per
Jak and Daxter Merch
The Netherlands jak and daxter Weebly Ratchet and Clank series Sly Cooper (series) merchandise Press kits promos and gifts Limited editions special collectors eds toys figurines Game culture (Video game culture) gaming Game collecting (Gaming)
The  Netherlands  jak  and  daxter  Weebly  Ratchet  and  Clank  series  Sly  Cooper  (series)  merchandise  Press  kits  promos  and  gifts  Limited  editions  special  collectors  eds  toys  figurines  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  gaming  Game  collecting  (Gaming) 
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A history of console codenames | NowGamer
codes Codenames NowGamer GamesTM magazine Game consoles gaming Video games (Gaming) Game culture (Video game culture) consumer electronics technology
codes  Codenames  NowGamer  GamesTM  magazine  Game  consoles  gaming  Video  games  (Gaming)  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  consumer  electronics  technology 
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The Prince of Persia speedrun where absolutely everything went wrong Prince of Persia (series) Speed runs (gaming) Game culture (Video game culture) video PC gaming and games humour Errors and computer crashes  Prince  of  Persia  (series)  Speed  runs  (gaming)  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  video  PC  gaming  and  games  humour  Errors  and  computer  crashes 
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Game-Rave (website) Game demos (Downloads and discs) PS1 (PS One) Dreamcast (Sega) Game collecting (Gaming) Game culture (Video game culture) gaming Video games (Gaming)
Game-Rave  (website)  Game  demos  (Downloads  and  discs)  PS1  (PS  One)  Dreamcast  (Sega)  Game  collecting  (Gaming)  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  gaming  Video  games  (Gaming) 
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The Official PlayStation Museum - Preserving the history of PlayStation since 19...
Sony PlayStation (Brand) Game consoles Limited editions special collectors eds Colour Colour variations (SKUs) Aesthetics PS1 (PS One) PS2 (PlayStation 2) PS3 (PlayStation 3) Game collecting (Gaming) collections Game culture (Video game culture) Video games (Gaming) gaming Nintendo PlayStation (console) PlayStation Museum (site) 1995 history Historic objects Historic events youtube video
Sony  PlayStation  (Brand)  Game  consoles  Limited  editions  special  collectors  eds  Colour  Colour  variations  (SKUs)  Aesthetics  PS1  (PS  One)  PS2  (PlayStation  2)  PS3  (PlayStation  3)  Game  collecting  (Gaming)  collections  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  Video  games  (Gaming)  gaming  Nintendo  PlayStation  (console)  PlayStation  Museum  (site)  1995  history  Historic  objects  Historic  events  youtube 
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List of Limited Edition PS2 consoles - Collectors Edition Forums
Sony PlayStation (Brand) Xbox (Brand) Nintendo Game consoles Limited editions special collectors eds Colour Colour variations (SKUs) Aesthetics PS1 (PS One) PS2 (PlayStation 2) PS3 (PlayStation 3) Xbox (Original) Xbox 360 Wii (Nintendo) Game collecting (Gaming) collections Game culture (Video game culture) Video games (Gaming) gaming NES Famicom (Nintendo Entertainment System) SNES (Nintendo) Nintendo 64 (N64) Sega Saturn (Sega) Mega Drive Genesis (Sega) Dreamcast (Sega)
Sony  PlayStation  (Brand)  Xbox  (Brand)  Nintendo  Game  consoles  Limited  editions  special  collectors  eds  Colour  Colour  variations  (SKUs)  Aesthetics  PS1  (PS  One)  PS2  (PlayStation  2)  PS3  (PlayStation  3)  Xbox  (Original)  Xbox  360  Wii  (Nintendo)  Game  collecting  (Gaming)  collections  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  Video  games  (Gaming)  gaming  NES  Famicom  (Nintendo  Entertainment  System)  SNES  (Nintendo)  Nintendo  64  (N64)  Sega  Saturn  (Sega)  Mega  Drive  Genesis  (Sega)  Dreamcast  (Sega) 
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Ratchet and Clank Fanfic, Visualized in Cosplay
Ratchet and Clank series Fancy dress costume and cosplay Fan fiction Game culture (Video game culture)
Ratchet  and  Clank  series  Fancy  dress  costume  and  cosplay  Fan  fiction  Game  culture  (Video  culture) 
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Taylor Swift v Nicki Minaj row: Katy Perry joins in... and brings Rihanna with h...
The Guardian Katy Perry Taylor Swift Nicki Minaj rihanna MTV (Company) VMAs (MTV Video Music Awards) Confrontation competition Music news music culture subculture feminism Girl fights Nominations awards pop and rock Pop music Cultural appropriation racism race issues music videos
The  Guardian  Katy  Perry  Taylor  Swift  Nicki  Minaj  rihanna  MTV  (Company)  VMAs  (MTV  Video  Music  Awards)  Confrontation  competition  Music  news  culture  subculture  feminism  Girl  fights  Nominations  awards  pop  and  rock  Cultural  appropriation  racism  race  issues  videos 
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