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9 Interesting Newsletters You Should Subscribe To
Bim Adewunmi recommends nine newsletters to sign up to for broadening your horizons.
BimAdewunmi  Buzzfeed  Newsletters  MailingLists  BlackWomen  Recommendations 
april 2017 by dk33per
The full hilarious backstory of the white guy blinking
Buzzfeed's Tanya Chen speaks to Drew Scanlon about his blinking expression which has become a widely used meme.
Memes  InternetStars  DrewScanlon  GiantBomb  Buzzfeed  TanyaChen  Humour  Entertainment  SocialMedia  GIFs 
february 2017 by dk33per
Turns Out If You Mash Up "Single Ladies" And "Duck Tales" You Get An Amazing Vid...
Beyonce DuckTales (Cartoon) Choreography dance music videos comedy humour Buzzfeed music Music news
Beyonce  DuckTales  (Cartoon)  Choreography  dance  music  videos  comedy  humour  Buzzfeed  music  news 
may 2015 by dk33per
Rankings About Everything. Voted on by Everyone.
los angeles Ranker (Website) Buzzfeed Lists Social media aggregation entertainment crowdsourcing Voting open source
los  angeles  Ranker  (Website)  Buzzfeed  Lists  Social  media  aggregation  entertainment  crowdsourcing  Voting  open  source 
may 2015 by dk33per
17 Alan Partridge Quotes On Taylor Swift Pictures, Because Why Not
Alan Partridge Taylor Swift Buzzfeed humour comedy gifs internet memes BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend Music festivals quotations celebrity Music Pop music Greg James (Radio 1)
Alan  Partridge  Taylor  Swift  Buzzfeed  humour  comedy  gifs  internet  memes  BBC  Radio  1's  Big  Weekend  Music  festivals  quotations  celebrity  Music  Pop  Greg  James  (Radio  1) 
january 2015 by dk33per
BuzzFeed's success does not mean we should be slaves to clicks
Buzzfeed Digital media daily mail Newspapers national newspapers Newspapers and magazines Blogging Technology Internet Media Sam Parker The Guardian
Buzzfeed  Digital  media  daily  mail  Newspapers  national  Newspapers  and  magazines  Blogging  Technology  Internet  Sam  Parker  The  Guardian 
january 2014 by dk33per
11 things you need to know about Buzzfeed
daily mail Digital Media Social media Media The Guardian Buzzfeed
daily  mail  Digital  Media  Social  Media  The  Guardian  Buzzfeed 
january 2013 by dk33per

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