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Janelle Monae, Naomie Harris Join 'Moonlight' for A24, Brad Pitt's Plan B
Janelle Monáe Naomie Harris Moonlight (2016 film) Hollywood Reporter Plan B Entertainment (Brad Pitt) A24 (film company) Film Music news Film news
Janelle  Monáe  Naomie  Harris  Moonlight  (2016  film)  Hollywood  Reporter  Plan  B  Entertainment  (Brad  Pitt)  A24  (film  company)  Film  Music  news  Film  news 
october 2015 by dk33per
At home with the world’s most dedicated record collectors
Dust and Grooves (Blog and book) Eilon Paz (Photographer) Vinyl Record collecting (vinyl) The Guardian Photography gilles peterson Music Sheila B
Dust  and  Grooves  (Blog  and  book)  Eilon  Paz  (Photographer)  Vinyl  Record  collecting  (vinyl)  The  Guardian  Photography  gilles  peterson  Music  Sheila  B 
february 2015 by dk33per
B Traits 2014-12-27 2014’s Best Mixes from Machinedrum, Dark Sky, Acid Mondays, ...
B Traits BBC Radio 1 Best of 2014 dance music Core News (Music blog) Mixcloud Music streaming Radio
B  Traits  BBC  Radio  1  Best  of  2014  dance  music  Core  News  (Music  blog)  Mixcloud  streaming  Radio 
february 2015 by dk33per
What future for hi-res audio?
Hi-res audio digital music and audio Music devices (MP3 players etc) Music FLAC (File format) lossless ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) technology Sony Sony Walkman Sound and music production Hands-on impressions iPod Gadgets Pono Pono Player AIFF audio audiophiles neil young B Traits Spencer Kelly (BBC) BBC Click BBC News
Hi-res  audio  digital  music  and  audio  devices  (MP3  players  etc)  FLAC  (File  format)  lossless  ALAC  (Apple  Codec)  technology  Sony  Sony  Walkman  Sound  and  music  production  Hands-on  impressions  iPod  Gadgets  Pono  Pono  Player  AIFF  audio  audiophiles  neil  young  B  Traits  Spencer  Kelly  (BBC)  BBC  Click  BBC  News 
january 2015 by dk33per
Cha-Cha-Charming | Sheila B
Sheila B DJs girl groups Pop music pop and rock Record collecting (vinyl) Dust and Grooves (Blog and book) Music journalists columnists Enthusiasts Nippon Girls (Music CD series) Mini Viva
Sheila  B  DJs  girl  groups  Pop  music  and  rock  Record  collecting  (vinyl)  Dust  and  Grooves  (Blog  and  book)  journalists  columnists  Enthusiasts  Nippon  Girls  (Music  CD  series)  Mini  Viva 
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Core News — Breakcore – Jungle – Drum and Bass – Dubstep – and other sweet music...
Music benji b downloads MP3 Blogs Dubstep (Music) drum 'n' bass Jungle (Music genre) Radio BBC Radio 1 BBC 6 Music gilles peterson
Music  benji  b  downloads  MP3  Blogs  Dubstep  (Music)  drum  'n'  bass  Jungle  (Music  genre)  Radio  BBC  Radio  1  BBC  6  Music  gilles  peterson 
november 2014 by dk33per
Disclosure music Music BBC Radio 1 bonafide magazine benji b
Disclosure  music  BBC  Radio  1  bonafide  magazine  benji  b 
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Benji B 2012-09-06 MF Doom Takeover by Core News on SoundCloud - Create, record ...
BBC Radio 1 Benji B Exploring future beats 2012-09-06 MF Doom Takeover [ download] [Depositfiles download]
benji  b  downloads  audio  soundcloud  radio  Music  BBC  1Xtra  MF  Doom 
september 2012 by dk33per
BBC - BBC Radio 1 Programmes - Benji B, MF Doom Takeover
Rap music hip hop radio Music remixes MF Doom benji b BBC 1Xtra
Rap  music  hip  hop  radio  remixes  MF  Doom  benji  b  BBC  1Xtra 
september 2012 by dk33per

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'n'  (2016  (Apple  (BBC)  (Blog  (Brad  (File  (film  (MP3  (Music  (Music)  (Photographer)  (vinyl)  1Xtra  A24  AIFF  ALAC  and  audio  audiophiles  b  bass  BBC  benji  Best  blog)  Blogs  bonafide  book)  CD  Click  Codec)  collecting  columnists  company)  Core  dance  devices  digital  Disclosure  DJs  Doom  downloads  drum  Dubstep  Dust  Eilon  Entertainment  Enthusiasts  etc)  Film  film)  FLAC  format)  Gadgets  genre)  gilles  girl  Girls  Grooves  groups  Guardian  Hands-on  Harris  Hi-res  hip  Hollywood  hop  impressions  iPod  Janelle  journalists  Jungle  Kelly  lossless  magazine  MF  Mini  Mixcloud  Monáe  Moonlight  MP3  music  Naomie  neil  news  Nippon  of  Paz  peterson  Photography  Pitt)  Plan  Player  players  Pono  Pop  production  radio  Rap  Record  remixes  Reporter  rock  series)  Sheila  Sony  Sound  soundcloud  Spencer  streaming  technology  The  Traits  Vinyl  Viva  Walkman  young 

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