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The messy, true story behind the making of Destiny | Kotaku
kotaku Jason Schreier Destiny Bungie Bungie Studios making of controversy Investigations investigative journalism game development activision Video games (Gaming) Gaming Gaming news business
kotaku  Jason  Schreier  Destiny  Bungie  Bungie  Studios  making  of  controversy  Investigations  investigative  journalism  game  development  activision  Video  games  (Gaming)  Gaming  Gaming  news  business 
october 2015 by dk33per
Nintendo's Satoru Iwata dies at 55 - BBC News
satoru iwata Nintendo executives tributes Death and dying endings Inspirational people Remembrance game development Game culture (Video game culture) Video games (Gaming) gaming shigeru miyamoto Wii (Nintendo) business technology BBC News
satoru  iwata  Nintendo  executives  tributes  Death  and  dying  endings  Inspirational  people  Remembrance  game  development  culture  (Video  game  culture)  Video  games  (Gaming)  gaming  shigeru  miyamoto  Wii  (Nintendo)  business  technology  BBC  News 
july 2015 by dk33per
Opinion: In defence of review scores
Review scores and ratings reviews Video games (Gaming) MCV magazine Christopher Dring Metacritic (CBS Interactive) Opinion Eurogamer Eurogamer Network Gaming Business Game journalism (Game media) Media specialist media specialist magazines
Review  scores  and  ratings  reviews  Video  games  (Gaming)  MCV  magazine  Christopher  Dring  Metacritic  (CBS  Interactive)  Opinion  Eurogamer  Eurogamer  Network  Gaming  Business  Game  journalism  (Game  media)  Media  specialist  specialist  magazines 
february 2015 by dk33per
Popularity of Pachinko Proves Japanese Gambling is the World's Most Lucrative Un...
Pachinko (Gaming) Gambling and real money gaming Business investigative journalism tabby kinder International Business Times tokyo Japan
Pachinko  (Gaming)  Gambling  and  real  money  gaming  Business  investigative  journalism  tabby  kinder  International  Business  Times  tokyo  Japan 
october 2014 by dk33per
Official Nintendo Magazine Announces Closure in the UK - Nintendo Life
Official Nintendo Magazine UK future publishing Nintendo Life (Website) Video games (Gaming) media downturn Media Game industry specialist media specialist magazines Business Magazines Game journalism (Game media)
Official  Nintendo  Magazine  UK  future  publishing  Nintendo  Life  (Website)  Video  games  (Gaming)  media  downturn  Game  industry  specialist  media  specialist  magazines  Business  Game  journalism  (Game  media) 
october 2014 by dk33per
BBC Two - The Men Who Made Us Spend
BBC Two (BBC2) marketing psychology Peer pressure (Psychology) Fear (psychology and emotion) Emotions and feelings factual consumer consumer electronics consumption Consumer affairs Consumerism commerce ecommerce Video games (Gaming) Game industry Business sales promotion mad men television industry Television (TV) toys children and teenagers children's products documentary cars Automotive industry (Car manufacturing) open university Jacques Peretti Money Banking (Money) Credits debits and cards (Money)
BBC  Two  (BBC2)  marketing  psychology  Peer  pressure  (Psychology)  Fear  (psychology  and  emotion)  Emotions  and  feelings  factual  consumer  consumer  electronics  consumption  affairs  Consumerism  commerce  ecommerce  Video  games  (Gaming)  Game  industry  Business  sales  promotion  mad  men  television  industry  (TV)  toys  children  and  teenagers  children's  products  documentary  cars  Automotive  industry  (Car  manufacturing)  open  university  Jacques  Peretti  Money  Banking  (Money)  Credits  debits  and  cards  (Money) 
july 2014 by dk33per
specialist magazines Media media business finance Video games (Gaming) Press Gazette Business future publishing
specialist  magazines  Media  business  finance  Video  games  (Gaming)  Press  Gazette  future  publishing 
may 2013 by dk33per
Supercell Is Suddenly Worth $600 Million
Video games (Gaming) Business social gaming mobile games
Video  games  (Gaming)  Business  social  gaming  mobile  games 
january 2013 by dk33per
Hogrocket is over, but mobile is still kicking it over console says studio co-fo...
Interviews Business mobile games Video games (Gaming) Gaming bizarre creations Mobile Pocket Gamer
Interviews  Business  mobile  games  Video  games  (Gaming)  Gaming  bizarre  creations  Pocket  Gamer 
december 2012 by dk33per
BBC News - Wii U: Expert viewpoints on Nintendo's games console launch
game development Business technology Game consoles Video games (Gaming) Wii U (Nintendo) Nintendo BBC News will freeman Develop magazine
game  development  Business  technology  consoles  Video  games  (Gaming)  Wii  U  (Nintendo)  Nintendo  BBC  News  will  freeman  Develop  magazine 
november 2012 by dk33per
Kieron Gillen's Workblog » The New Games Journalism
Journalism manifestos pc gamer magazine future publishing specialist magazines alternative media specialist media Gaming Video games (Gaming) kieron gillen Game journalism (Game media) game magazines (game media) interactive entertainment Essays and long reads Good reading for writers (Writing) media business Writing Newspapers and magazines Web 2.0 Blogging Media blogs Digital media
Journalism  manifestos  pc  gamer  magazine  future  publishing  specialist  magazines  alternative  media  specialist  media  Gaming  Video  games  (Gaming)  kieron  gillen  Game  (Game  media)  magazines  media)  interactive  entertainment  Essays  and  long  reads  Good  reading  for  writers  (Writing)  media  business  Writing  Newspapers  and  magazines  Web  2.0  Blogging  blogs  Digital  media 
october 2012 by dk33per
Press Reset: The Story of Polygon
Vox Media Journalism specialist media video media business media news values Video games (Gaming) Gaming documentary The Verge (Vox Media)
Vox  Media  Journalism  specialist  video  business  news  values  games  (Gaming)  Gaming  documentary  The  Verge  (Vox  Media) 
september 2012 by dk33per
Stewart Kosoy on the business of videogames - Edge Magazine
battlefield series doom game stewart kosoy digital capital Business Investments game development Gaming Video games (Gaming) Edge magazine
battlefield  series  doom  game  stewart  kosoy  digital  capital  Business  Investments  game  development  Gaming  Video  games  (Gaming)  Edge  magazine 
august 2012 by dk33per
Video games (Gaming) Reference Business game publishers game developers Gaming david perry data location data mapping
Video  games  (Gaming)  Reference  Business  game  publishers  game  developers  Gaming  david  perry  data  location  data  mapping 
july 2012 by dk33per
The golden age of videogames
Review scores and ratings reviews history 2007 BBC News Business Game industry Gaming Video games (Gaming) margaret robertson tony mott Edge magazine
Review  scores  and  ratings  reviews  history  2007  BBC  News  Business  Game  industry  Gaming  Video  games  (Gaming)  margaret  robertson  tony  mott  Edge  magazine 
june 2012 by dk33per
Five ways to fail on Kickstarter - Edge Magazine
Game industry Business Gaming Video games (Gaming) double fine Edge magazine futurism consulting failure crowdfunding funding kickstarter
Game  industry  Business  Gaming  Video  games  (Gaming)  double  fine  Edge  magazine  futurism  consulting  failure  crowdfunding  funding  kickstarter 
may 2012 by dk33per - Video Game Journalism -- Who Cares?
publishing advertising Business Game culture (Video game culture) future Revolution digital media Journalism video seth schiesel ted price geoff keighley n'gai croal Gaming Video games (Gaming)
publishing  advertising  Business  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  future  Revolution  digital  media  Journalism  video  seth  schiesel  ted  price  geoff  keighley  n'gai  croal  Gaming  games  (Gaming) 
may 2012 by dk33per - Facebook Application Metrics
Game industry Business B2B (Business to business) Video games (Gaming) Gaming United States (USA) california san francisco iOS Social media trends statistics research analytics Tools web social gaming Apps facebook gaming
Game  industry  Business  B2B  (Business  to  business)  Video  games  (Gaming)  Gaming  United  States  (USA)  california  san  francisco  iOS  Social  media  trends  statistics  research  analytics  Tools  web  Apps  facebook 
may 2012 by dk33per
Inside Social Games - Tracking Innovation at the Convergence of Games and Social...
Game industry trends emerging markets Video games (Gaming) B2B (Business to business) Business Gaming facebook Blogs social gaming gaming
Game  industry  trends  emerging  markets  Video  games  (Gaming)  B2B  (Business  to  business)  Business  Gaming  facebook  Blogs  social 
may 2012 by dk33per
Could Next-Gen Consoles Cost $99? - Xbox360 Feature at IGN
Game industry Video games (Gaming) Gaming competition Microsoft Studios Business eedar manufacturing hardware electronics consumer electronics technology Xbox 360 next generation Microsoft Xbox (Brand) colin campbell
Game  industry  Video  games  (Gaming)  Gaming  competition  Microsoft  Studios  Business  eedar  manufacturing  hardware  electronics  consumer  electronics  technology  Xbox  360  next  generation  Microsoft  Xbox  (Brand)  colin  campbell 
may 2012 by dk33per
Free Radical vs. the Monsters • Articles •
Video games (Gaming) Gaming manipulation uk Layoffs and redundancies history Business management game developers game development next generation goldeneye 007 game Star Wars (series) lucasarts timesplitters haze game free radical design
Video  games  (Gaming)  Gaming  manipulation  uk  Layoffs  and  redundancies  history  Business  management  game  developers  game  development  next  generation  goldeneye  007  game  Star  Wars  (series)  lucasarts  timesplitters  haze  game  free  radical  design 
may 2012 by dk33per
MCV India to launch at E3 | Games industry news | MCV
trade news Business media business Game industry world news Video games (Gaming) Gaming india intent media MCV magazine
trade  news  Business  media  Game  industry  world  news  Video  games  (Gaming)  Gaming  india  intent  media  MCV  magazine 
april 2012 by dk33per
That's Entertainment
We have over half a million titles on offer online at any one time and the range is constantly being refreshed, so there will always be a bargain to find.
bargains  Business  retail  industry  shopping  Nottingham  entertainment  Music  Vinyl  Video  games  (Gaming)  Blu-ray  DVDs  CDs  (Compact  disc)  retail 
march 2012 by dk33per
Game over as 2,000 UK jobs axed in collapse - Business News - Business - The Ind...
The Independent Business uk news uk british Video games (Gaming) retail industry retail Layoffs and redundancies administration game group Gaming
The  Independent  Business  uk  news  uk  british  Video  games  (Gaming)  retail  industry  retail  Layoffs  and  redundancies  administration  game  group  Gaming 
march 2012 by dk33per
Zynga launches, to expand beyond Facebook in a big way | VentureBeat
Video games (Gaming) Gaming Business digital distribution Social media web games social gaming online gaming facebook Zynga gaming
Video  games  (Gaming)  Gaming  Business  digital  distribution  Social  media  web  games  online  facebook  Zynga 
march 2012 by dk33per
Jane McCallion
technology Game culture (Video game culture) Video games (Gaming) media trade magazines africa south africa Business jane mccallion Blogs by friends
technology  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  Video  games  (Gaming)  media  trade  magazines  africa  south  africa  Business  jane  mccallion  Blogs  by  friends 
february 2012 by dk33per - The Weblog Crying Over Spilt Milk? Indie Dev Dispute
controversy conflict indie gaming Business Game industry Video games (Gaming)
controversy  conflict  indie  gaming  Business  Game  industry  Video  games  (Gaming) 
february 2012 by dk33per
Game not stocking Ubisoft Vita titles - Edge Magazine
Business insurance distribution ubisoft Edge magazine PS Vita (PlayStation Vita) Video games (Gaming) retail industry retail game group
Business  insurance  distribution  ubisoft  Edge  magazine  PS  Vita  (PlayStation  Vita)  Video  games  (Gaming)  retail  industry  retail  game  group 
february 2012 by dk33per
Lucy Prebble: 'Gaming is an artform just like theatre'
childhood children and teenagers beauty magic Inspiration lucy prebble call of duty pc kinect Xbox (Brand) Nintendo Stage The Observer lifestyle entertainment Business enron Gaming Game culture (Video game culture) Video games (Gaming) playwrights theatre gaming
childhood  children  and  teenagers  beauty  magic  Inspiration  lucy  prebble  call  of  duty  pc  kinect  Xbox  (Brand)  Nintendo  Stage  The  Observer  lifestyle  entertainment  Business  enron  Gaming  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  Video  games  (Gaming)  playwrights  theatre 
february 2012 by dk33per
Sneak Peek at Ctrl+Alt+Compete, New Doc That Dives Into Startup Culture | Wired
start-ups Business culture technology Wired magazine Game culture (Video game culture) Video games (Gaming) video film indie gaming Gaming computing entertainment entrepreneurs gaming
start-ups  Business  culture  technology  Wired  magazine  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  Video  games  (Gaming)  film  indie  gaming  computing  entertainment  entrepreneurs  gaming 
january 2012 by dk33per
NESTA - The Livingstone-Hope Skills Review of Video Games and Visual Effects
2011 tech city great britain uk Business Develop magazine science culture education technology Video games (Gaming) visual effects computer science skills ian livingstone nesta
2011  tech  city  great  britain  uk  Business  Develop  magazine  science  culture  education  technology  Video  games  (Gaming)  visual  effects  computer  science  skills  ian  livingstone  nesta 
january 2012 by dk33per
Andrew House of Sony: 'It's been a pretty tough year, no question'
Sony PlayStation (Brand) PS3 (PlayStation 3) PS Vita (PlayStation Vita) The Guardian technology Video games (Gaming) Gaming Business gaming
Sony  PlayStation  (Brand)  PS3  (PlayStation  3)  PS  Vita  (PlayStation  Vita)  The  Guardian  technology  Video  games  (Gaming)  Gaming  Business 
january 2012 by dk33per
The Official Jason Rubin
creatives entrepreneurs andy gavin people Video games (Gaming) Business comics the iron saint mysterious ways Creativity Sony PlayStation (Brand) naughty dog jak and daxter Crash Bandicoot (Series) jason rubin Gaming
creatives  entrepreneurs  andy  gavin  people  Video  games  (Gaming)  Business  comics  the  iron  saint  mysterious  ways  Creativity  Sony  PlayStation  (Brand)  naughty  dog  jak  and  daxter  Crash  Bandicoot  (Series)  jason  rubin  Gaming 
december 2011 by dk33per
Edge Online - Next Generation - The future of interactive entertainment
arcade Mobile pc Apple Inc Microsoft Nintendo Sony Gaming technology Art design Business bath online media Magazines Video games (Gaming) Game culture (Video game culture) future publishing Edge magazine gaming
arcade  Mobile  pc  Apple  Inc  Microsoft  Nintendo  Sony  Gaming  technology  Art  design  Business  bath  online  media  Magazines  Video  games  (Gaming)  Game  culture  (Video  culture)  future  publishing  Edge  magazine 
december 2011 by dk33per
Develop Conference - Develop in Brighton
tandem events intent media Develop magazine Business game development Video games (Gaming) conferences Game industry trade B2B (Business to business) events development Gaming
tandem  events  intent  media  Develop  magazine  Business  game  development  Video  games  (Gaming)  conferences  industry  trade  B2B  (Business  to  business)  events  development  Gaming 
december 2011 by dk33per

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