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Ariell Johnson Opened The East Coast's First Black Female-owned Comic Book Store...
Ariell Johnson Comic book stores Philadelphia (USA) diversity Saint Heron (website) Black women Culture Black people Business entrepreneurs Black business enterprise Comic news (Comics)
Ariell  Johnson  Comic  book  stores  Philadelphia  (USA)  diversity  Saint  Heron  (website)  Black  women  Culture  Black  people  Business  entrepreneurs  Black  enterprise  Comic  news  (Comics) 
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Sony moves PlayStation to the US with new Sony Interactive Entertainment | Ars T...
Sony Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) Sony Network Entertainment (SNE) SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) PlayStation (Brand) restructuring New businesses business United States (USA) consumer electronics ars technica
Sony  Sony  Computer  Entertainment  (SCEI)  Sony  Network  Entertainment  (SNE)  SIE  (Sony  Interactive  Entertainment)  PlayStation  (Brand)  restructuring  New  businesses  business  United  States  (USA)  consumer  electronics  ars  technica 
january 2016 by dk33per
Announcing Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC – PlayStation.Blog
Sony Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) Sony Network Entertainment (SNE) SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) PlayStation (Brand) restructuring New businesses business United States (USA)
Sony  Sony  Computer  Entertainment  (SCEI)  Sony  Network  Entertainment  (SNE)  SIE  (Sony  Interactive  Entertainment)  PlayStation  (Brand)  restructuring  New  businesses  business  United  States  (USA) 
january 2016 by dk33per
Sony Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) Sony Network Entertainment (SNE) SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) PlayStation (Brand) restructuring New businesses business United States (USA)
Sony  Sony  Computer  Entertainment  (SCEI)  Sony  Network  Entertainment  (SNE)  SIE  (Sony  Interactive  Entertainment)  PlayStation  (Brand)  restructuring  New  businesses  business  United  States  (USA) 
january 2016 by dk33per
Photos of the Week: 11/21-11/27 - The Atlantic
The Atlantic photojournalism society culture China Europe north america United States (USA) new york
The  Atlantic  photojournalism  society  culture  China  Europe  north  america  United  States  (USA)  new  york 
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Finding the American Ideal in Queens - The New Yorker
the new yorker Frederick Wiseman In Jackson Heights (2015 doc) documentary United States (USA) real life stories reportage film
the  new  yorker  Frederick  Wiseman  In  Jackson  Heights  (2015  doc)  documentary  United  States  (USA)  real  life  stories  reportage  film 
november 2015 by dk33per
Noose self-portraits question how equal black Americans really are - BBC News
Moise Morancy race issues Race relations United States (USA) Politics us politics Art instagram black culture Black people Black Lives Matter campaign (2014) BBC News BBC Trending
Moise  Morancy  race  issues  relations  United  States  (USA)  Politics  us  Art  instagram  black  culture  people  Lives  Matter  campaign  (2014)  BBC  News  BBC  Trending 
september 2015 by dk33per
Dr. Dre Will Release His New Album ‘Compton’ on August 7 | SPIN
Ice Cube (Music) Dr Dre Compton (USA) Straight Outta Compton (film) Straight Outta Compton (album) Apple Music (Services) NWA (music rap) Rap music Hip Hop Spin magazine Beats 1 (radio) iTunes (Apple) Kendrick Lamar Snoop Dogg
Ice  Cube  (Music)  Dr  Dre  Compton  (USA)  Straight  Outta  Compton  (film)  Straight  Outta  Compton  (album)  Apple  Music  (Services)  NWA  (music  rap)  Rap  Hip  Hop  Spin  magazine  Beats  1  (radio)  iTunes  (Apple)  Kendrick  Lamar  Snoop  Dogg 
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Anthony Errisuriz | Creative Director | Dallas, TX
Dallas (USA) texas GameSpot E3 2008 E3 2007 web design Graphics graphic design cnet Anthony Errisuriz TGS (Tokyo Game Show) e3 Gamescom
Dallas  (USA)  texas  GameSpot  E3  2008  E3  2007  web  design  Graphics  graphic  design  cnet  Anthony  Errisuriz  TGS  (Tokyo  Game  Show)  Gamescom 
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Hunting for Prince's vault
Prince (Musician) music Unreleased music Minneapolis (USA) Music news Funk soul music Rhythm and blues (R&B)
Prince  (Musician)  music  Unreleased  music  Minneapolis  (USA)  news  Funk  soul  music  Rhythm  and  blues  (R&B) 
march 2015 by dk33per
Brianna Wu's studio, Giant Spacekat, pulls out of PAX East due to safety concern...
PAX East Penny Arcade Brianna Wu Giant Spacekat harassment violence Threats and intimidation Massachusetts (USA) Events Game events Gamergate controversy
PAX  East  Penny  Arcade  Brianna  Wu  Giant  Spacekat  harassment  violence  Threats  and  intimidation  Massachusetts  (USA)  Events  Game  Gamergate  controversy 
march 2015 by dk33per
Selma's David Oyelowo on his Oscar nomination and leaving Britain
David Oyelowo Selma (2015 film) Oscars (Awards) Danny Leigh radio times Film 20xx (BBC series) Interstellar (2014 film) Benedict Cumberbatch Martin Luther King race issues equality Equal opportunities acting Black people Black men black culture United States (USA) hollywood los angeles
David  Oyelowo  Selma  (2015  film)  Oscars  (Awards)  Danny  Leigh  radio  times  Film  20xx  (BBC  series)  Interstellar  (2014  film)  Benedict  Cumberbatch  Martin  Luther  King  race  issues  equality  Equal  opportunities  acting  Black  people  Black  men  culture  United  States  (USA)  hollywood  los  angeles 
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US Government us politics Initiatives freedom of information freedom copyright law media law US law and order Reference resources Politics information research United States (USA) Aaron Swartz
US  Government  politics  Initiatives  freedom  of  information  freedom  copyright  law  media  law  US  law  and  order  Reference  resources  information  research  United  States  (USA)  Aaron  Swartz 
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Daredevil battling 'world's toughest climb' battles through tough part
El Capitan (Mountain) Climbing (Sport) Yosemite park (California) california United States (USA) sport Human endurance Inspiration Photography daily mail
El  Capitan  (Mountain)  Climbing  (Sport)  Yosemite  park  (California)  california  United  States  (USA)  sport  Human  endurance  Inspiration  Photography  daily  mail 
january 2015 by dk33per
Scaling the epic El Capitan: friends look to the finish in world's toughest clim...
El Capitan (Mountain) Climbing (Sport) Yosemite park (California) california United States (USA) sport Human endurance Inspiration The Guardian Photography
El  Capitan  (Mountain)  Climbing  (Sport)  Yosemite  park  (California)  california  United  States  (USA)  sport  Human  endurance  Inspiration  The  Guardian  Photography 
january 2015 by dk33per
"Doublin' Down" video by the Jack Moves on Wax Poetics
Wax Poetics Wax Poetics Records Jack Moves (Band) New Jersey (USA) music videos Music soul music Ones to watch (Lists)
Wax  Poetics  Wax  Poetics  Records  Jack  Moves  (Band)  New  Jersey  (USA)  music  videos  soul  music  Ones  to  watch  (Lists) 
january 2015 by dk33per
What ever happened to Martin Luther King's dream? | New Statesman
gary younge new statesman Martin Luther King equality Inequality race issues racism Sexism and misogyny black culture Ethnic minorities (people of colour) United States (USA) us politics Politics
gary  younge  new  statesman  Martin  Luther  King  equality  Inequality  race  issues  racism  Sexism  and  misogyny  black  culture  Ethnic  minorities  (people  of  colour)  United  States  (USA)  us  politics 
august 2014 by dk33per
New Statesman - Kwame Kwei-Armah: Reborn in the USA
Kwame Kwei-Armah United States (USA) heritage Inspiration afro caribbean black culture Black people Black men Baltimore (USA) new statesman british Immigration UK Essays and long reads
Kwame  Kwei-Armah  United  States  (USA)  heritage  Inspiration  afro  caribbean  black  culture  people  men  Baltimore  (USA)  new  statesman  british  Immigration  UK  Essays  and  long  reads 
august 2014 by dk33per
Bobby Womack dies at 70
Bobby Womack xl records Damon Albarn Sam Cooke James Brown Music Obituaries and memoriams endings United States (USA) Black people historic people soul music Gorillaz
Bobby  Womack  xl  records  Damon  Albarn  Sam  Cooke  James  Brown  Music  Obituaries  and  memoriams  endings  United  States  (USA)  Black  people  historic  people  soul  Gorillaz 
june 2014 by dk33per
Maya Angelou, celebrated US poet and author, dies aged 86
Maya Angelou poets Black women Black media (African Amercian media) historic people Black people Heroes and heroines United States (USA) books race issues Culture
Maya  Angelou  poets  Black  women  Black  media  (African  Amercian  media)  historic  people  Black  people  Heroes  and  heroines  United  States  (USA)  books  race  issues  Culture 
may 2014 by dk33per
BBC News - Exam board 'drops' Mockingbird and Steinbeck after Gove reforms
education michael gove government cuts Great Depression (USA) john steinbeck Of Mice and Men (Book) GCSEs Secondary school English English Literature BBC News BBC News Magazine
education  michael  gove  government  cuts  Great  Depression  (USA)  john  steinbeck  Of  Mice  and  Men  (Book)  GCSEs  Secondary  school  English  English  Literature  BBC  News  BBC  News  Magazine 
may 2014 by dk33per
BBC News - Who, what, why: Why do children study Of Mice and Men?
education michael gove government cuts Great Depression (USA) john steinbeck Of Mice and Men (Book) GCSEs Secondary school English English Literature themes BBC News BBC News Magazine
education  michael  gove  government  cuts  Great  Depression  (USA)  john  steinbeck  Of  Mice  and  Men  (Book)  GCSEs  Secondary  school  English  English  Literature  themes  BBC  News  BBC  News  Magazine 
may 2014 by dk33per
Sun, sex and insobriety: Spring Break on Panama City Beach - Study Abroad - Stud...
Spring Break (USA) holidays Sex Peer pressure (Psychology) society psychology students United States (USA) The Independent
Spring  Break  (USA)  holidays  Sex  Peer  pressure  (Psychology)  society  psychology  students  United  States  (USA)  The  Independent 
april 2014 by dk33per
Louie Louie: the ultimate rock rebel anthem
alexis petridis pop and rock Iggy Pop the clash Patti Smith The Beatles The Kingsmen (Band) Culture The Guardian United States (USA) Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Music
alexis  petridis  pop  and  rock  Iggy  the  clash  Patti  Smith  Beatles  Kingsmen  (Band)  Culture  Guardian  United  States  (USA)  Federal  Bureau  of  Investigation  (FBI)  Music 
january 2014 by dk33per
UK news The Observer Domain names (Web domains) guardian media group Australia United States (USA) The Guardian Digital media
UK  news  The  Observer  Domain  names  (Web  domains)  guardian  media  group  Australia  United  States  (USA)  The  Digital  media 
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world news US national security Google Business us politics privacy Microsoft United States (USA) data protection Apple Inc facebook youtube The Guardian Internet Technology skype
world  news  US  national  security  Google  Business  politics  privacy  Microsoft  United  States  (USA)  data  protection  Apple  Inc  facebook  youtube  The  Guardian  Internet  Technology  skype 
june 2013 by dk33per
law world news us television drugs us politics The Observer David Simon The wire Crime drama Drugs trade United States (USA) Politics crime Television (TV) Video
law  world  news  us  television  drugs  us  politics  The  Observer  David  Simon  The  wire  Crime  drama  trade  United  States  (USA)  (TV)  Video 
may 2013 by dk33per
UK news iTunes (Apple) world news Rdio service Culture digital music and audio Twitter Music United States (USA) Digital media Spotify twitter Music Internet Technology
UK  news  iTunes  (Apple)  world  news  Rdio  service  Culture  digital  music  and  audio  Twitter  United  States  (USA)  media  Spotify  Internet  Technology 
april 2013 by dk33per
UK news world news technology sector Media Business Insider United States (USA) Business Digital media Internet Technology jeff bezos Amazon (Company)
UK  news  world  news  technology  sector  Media  Business  Insider  United  States  (USA)  Business  Digital  Internet  jeff  bezos  Amazon  (Company) 
april 2013 by dk33per
retail industry fashion Swimming society children and teenagers Children United States (USA) natalie cox Business Gwyneth Paltrow Gender lifestyle The Guardian Film sexuality
retail  industry  fashion  Swimming  society  children  and  teenagers  United  States  (USA)  natalie  cox  Business  Gwyneth  Paltrow  Gender  lifestyle  The  Guardian  Film  sexuality 
april 2013 by dk33per
Music Culture Harmony Korine Disney Channel Selena Gomez children and teenagers Film United States (USA) Women
Music  Culture  Harmony  Korine  Disney  Channel  Selena  Gomez  children  and  teenagers  Film  United  States  (USA)  Women 
april 2013 by dk33per
technology Galleries Vinyl Pictures United States (USA) diagrams science
technology  Galleries  Vinyl  Pictures  United  States  (USA)  diagrams  science 
march 2013 by dk33per
world news Aids and HIV Medical research children and teenagers health United States (USA) research science
world  news  Aids  and  HIV  Medical  research  children  and  teenagers  health  United  States  (USA)  research  science 
march 2013 by dk33per
The Sun's Oscar Pistorius front page: 'lechery over a corpse'
world news roy greenslade the sun south africa sport national newspapers rupert murdoch Women United States (USA) Sexism and misogyny twitter newspapers Newspapers and magazines media The Guardian daily star
world  news  roy  greenslade  the  sun  south  africa  sport  national  newspapers  rupert  murdoch  Women  United  States  (USA)  Sexism  and  misogyny  twitter  newspapers  and  magazines  media  Guardian  daily  star 
february 2013 by dk33per
Chinese Hackers Infiltrate New York Times Computers -
technology the new york times hacking Cyber attacks and cyber war United States (USA) National security china
technology  the  new  york  times  hacking  Cyber  attacks  and  war  United  States  (USA)  National  security  china 
february 2013 by dk33per
BBC News - Newtown overwhelmed by media
tragedy crime shooting reportage BBC News United States (USA) society media
tragedy  crime  shooting  reportage  BBC  News  United  States  (USA)  society  media 
december 2012 by dk33per
Paris vs New York - Billionaire Boys Club
tumblr video animation United States (USA) new york france paris
tumblr  video  animation  United  States  (USA)  new  york  france  paris 
november 2012 by dk33per
BBC News - US election: Women are the new majority
When Republican candidates were caught making clumsy statements about rape and abortion, their supporters called the ensuing uproar a "distraction" from the real issues.
mitt  romney  barack  obama  BBC  News  Politics  us  us  domestic  policy  United  States  (USA)  society  social  care  Voting  feminism  equality  women's  rights  abortion  us  elections 
november 2012 by dk33per
BBC News - President Obama victory speech in full
With results in from most states, America's first black president secured the 270 votes in the electoral college needed to win the race.
great  speeches  Inspiration  United  States  (USA)  chicago  success  us  elections  speech  barack  obama  BBC  News 
november 2012 by dk33per
US election: How the world’s papers reported it – in pictures
front page Galleries The Guardian world news national newspapers media us elections United States (USA) republicans mitt romney democrats Magazines newspapers Politics
front  page  Galleries  The  Guardian  world  news  national  newspapers  media  us  elections  United  States  (USA)  republicans  mitt  romney  democrats  Magazines  newspapers  Politics 
november 2012 by dk33per
10 Reasons the UK Would Vote for Obama
On this day, of course, as citizens of the United States go to the polls – notwithstanding the 90 million who may not even bother with voting – most of the American public will be focused on internal affairs. But given America’s influence on the rest of the world, there’s no doubt that citizens of many other nations have strong opinions about who sits in the Whitehouse.
us  elections  United  States  (USA)  britain  uk  barack  obama 
november 2012 by dk33per
Hurricane Sandy silences US websites: Huffington Post, Gawker and Buzzfeed all a...
The Independent new york United States (USA) world news natural disasters hurricanes reddit gawker huffington post
The  Independent  new  york  United  States  (USA)  world  news  natural  disasters  hurricanes  reddit  gawker  huffington  post 
october 2012 by dk33per
No, Mr President – how the FBI bosses the White House
us constitution and civil liberties law secret services fbi barack obama us domestic policy United States (USA) global terrorism terrorism us politics us elections The Guardian world news
us  constitution  and  civil  liberties  law  secret  services  fbi  barack  obama  us  domestic  policy  United  States  (USA)  global  terrorism  terrorism  us  politics  us  elections  The  Guardian  world  news 
october 2012 by dk33per
Unmasking Reddit's Violentacrez, The Biggest Troll on the Web
Social media internet society children and teenagers child abuse paedophilia pornography United States (USA) trolling reddit gawker
Social  media  internet  society  children  and  teenagers  child  abuse  paedophilia  pornography  United  States  (USA)  trolling  reddit  gawker 
october 2012 by dk33per
Cat Marnell interview: shooting star
lifestyle newspapers us press and publishing Magazines new york post society health drugs United States (USA) new york profile interviews world news vice magazine
lifestyle  newspapers  us  press  and  publishing  Magazines  new  york  post  society  health  drugs  United  States  (USA)  new  york  profile  interviews  world  news  vice  magazine 
october 2012 by dk33per
Return to Roanoke: 'I never thought things could become more divided'
video United States (USA) virginia world news mitt romney barack obama us politics us elections The Guardian gary younge
video  United  States  (USA)  virginia  world  news  mitt  romney  barack  obama  us  politics  us  elections  The  Guardian  gary  younge 
october 2012 by dk33per
Columbia Journalism Review
media business research Blogs trade magazines Magazines us politics United States (USA) education investigative journalism reportage watchdog media Journalism columbia journalism review Politics current affairs futurama us press and publishing
media  business  research  Blogs  trade  magazines  us  politics  United  States  (USA)  education  investigative  journalism  reportage  watchdog  media  columbia  journalism  review  current  affairs  futurama  us  press  and  publishing 
september 2012 by dk33per
I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave | Mother Jones
labour workers United States (USA) slavoury retail industry distribution Amazon (Company) investigative journalism mother jones
labour  workers  United  States  (USA)  slavoury  retail  industry  distribution  Amazon  (Company)  investigative  journalism  mother  jones 
september 2012 by dk33per
The Fight to Save The Times-Picayune
public sphere Politics Communities and community citizen journalism democracy newspapers media media downturn us press and publishing United States (USA) new orleans
public  sphere  Politics  Communities  and  community  citizen  journalism  democracy  newspapers  media  media  downturn  us  press  and  publishing  United  States  (USA)  new  orleans 
september 2012 by dk33per
HuffPost Live
gossip celebrity Politics digital media internet tv Television (TV) Google+ (Google Plus) us press and publishing us television United States (USA) current affairs skype broadcasting video news live streaming huffington post
gossip  celebrity  Politics  digital  media  internet  tv  Television  (TV)  Google+  (Google  Plus)  us  press  and  publishing  us  United  States  (USA)  current  affairs  skype  broadcasting  video  news  live  streaming  huffington  post 
september 2012 by dk33per
Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on the moon, dies at age 82
science apollo 11 world news United States (USA) nasa Obituaries and memoriams The Guardian space exploration space astronauts neil armstrong
science  apollo  11  world  news  United  States  (USA)  nasa  Obituaries  and  memoriams  The  Guardian  space  exploration  space  astronauts  neil  armstrong 
august 2012 by dk33per
The fight for control of the internet has become critical
technology United States (USA) data protection net neutrality web human rights regulation censorship internet The Guardian Comment comment is free
technology  United  States  (USA)  data  protection  net  neutrality  web  human  rights  regulation  censorship  internet  The  Guardian  Comment  is  free 
august 2012 by dk33per
London 2012: verdict from around the world
thailand africa middle east and north africa Australia Asia Pacific (Far East) Europe germany france newspapers media london 2012 olympic games the new york times United States (USA) china world news
thailand  africa  middle  east  and  north  africa  Australia  Asia  Pacific  (Far  East)  Europe  germany  france  newspapers  media  london  2012  olympic  games  the  new  york  times  United  States  (USA)  china  world  news 
august 2012 by dk33per
BBC's Mark Thompson named new president of the New York Times
The Guardian us press and publishing United States (USA) world news digital media newspapers bbc mark thompson the new york times
The  Guardian  us  press  and  publishing  United  States  (USA)  world  news  digital  media  newspapers  bbc  mark  thompson  new  york  times 
august 2012 by dk33per
New Statesman - How media shouldn't cover mass murder
world news United States (USA) national newspapers newspapers media crime tabloids dark knight rises batman helen lewis-hasteley new statesman
world  news  United  States  (USA)  national  newspapers  newspapers  media  crime  tabloids  dark  knight  rises  batman  helen  lewis-hasteley  new  statesman 
july 2012 by dk33per
Huffington Magazine Continues Digital Media’s Incursion -
emagazines (Digital mags) United States (USA) reportage digital media Apple Inc iPad huffington post arianna huffington media business media david carr the new york times
emagazines  (Digital  mags)  United  States  (USA)  reportage  digital  media  Apple  Inc  iPad  huffington  post  arianna  huffington  media  business  media  david  carr  the  new  york  times 
june 2012 by dk33per
Gamasutra - News - 38 Studios, Big Huge Games lay off their entire staff
United States (USA) game development game developers Game industry work and careers Jobs and employment Layoffs and redundancies 38 studios gamasutra
United  States  (USA)  game  development  game  developers  industry  work  and  careers  Jobs  and  employment  Layoffs  and  redundancies  38  studios  gamasutra 
may 2012 by dk33per
Neil Armstrong breaks his silence to give accountants moon exclusive
The Guardian astronauts world news United States (USA) Australia apollo 11 science nasa Interviews neil armstrong space Moon (Earth's)
The  Guardian  astronauts  world  news  United  States  (USA)  Australia  apollo  11  science  nasa  Interviews  neil  armstrong  space  Moon  (Earth's) 
may 2012 by dk33per
Danger Mouse’s ‘Ghetto Pop Mix’ Extended – Lex Records
United States (USA) new york brooklyn 2003 Music mp3 promotion giveaways Magazines hip hop downloads mixtapes ghetto pop life Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) Lex Records
United  States  (USA)  new  york  brooklyn  2003  Music  mp3  promotion  giveaways  Magazines  hip  hop  downloads  mixtapes  ghetto  pop  life  Danger  Mouse  (Brian  Burton)  Records  LexRecords 
may 2012 by dk33per - Facebook Application Metrics
Game industry Business B2B (Business to business) Video games (Gaming) Gaming United States (USA) california san francisco iOS Social media trends statistics research analytics Tools web social gaming Apps facebook gaming
Game  industry  Business  B2B  (Business  to  business)  Video  games  (Gaming)  Gaming  United  States  (USA)  california  san  francisco  iOS  Social  media  trends  statistics  research  analytics  Tools  web  Apps  facebook 
may 2012 by dk33per
The covers the New Yorker rejected
media design culture United States (USA) world news Art Magazines cover art the new yorker
media  design  culture  United  States  (USA)  world  news  Art  Magazines  cover  the  new  yorker 
april 2012 by dk33per
Six degrees of aggregation - How The Huffington Post ate the Internet | Columbia...
digital media history entertainment enterprise start-ups north america United States (USA) Journalism media business media Business Columbia (US State) huffington post arianna huffington
digital  media  history  entertainment  enterprise  start-ups  north  america  United  States  (USA)  Journalism  media  business  media  Columbia  (US  State)  huffington  post  arianna  huffington 
april 2012 by dk33per
Third Man Records - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
discography Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) north america United States (USA) nashville tennessee jack white wikipedia Vinyl third man records
discography  Danger  Mouse  (Brian  Burton)  north  america  United  States  (USA)  nashville  tennessee  jack  white  wikipedia  Vinyl  third  man  records 
april 2012 by dk33per
Rick Santorum bows to the inevitable and quits Republican presidential race
mitt romney barack obama us politics Politics United States (USA) us elections republicans world news
mitt  romney  barack  obama  us  politics  United  States  (USA)  us  elections  republicans  world  news 
april 2012 by dk33per
Huffington Post bloggers lose legal fight for AOL millions
The Guardian law media world news digital media new york United States (USA) AOL (Company) arianna huffington Journalism Blogging huffington post
The  Guardian  law  media  world  news  digital  media  new  york  United  States  (USA)  AOL  (Company)  arianna  huffington  Journalism  Blogging  huffington  post 
april 2012 by dk33per
BBC News - 'Batman' pulled over by police in Maryland
dc comics United States (USA) video humour policing traffic police transport roads traffic cars BBC News batman
dc  comics  United  States  (USA)  video  humour  policing  traffic  police  transport  roads  traffic  cars  BBC  News  batman 
april 2012 by dk33per
I lost my job as a teacher because I was once a call girl
new york United States (USA) world news lifestyle sex Women society prostitution real life stories The Guardian teaching feminism
new  york  United  States  (USA)  world  news  lifestyle  sex  Women  society  prostitution  real  life  stories  The  Guardian  teaching  feminism 
march 2012 by dk33per
Bitch Magazine
activism Politics United States (USA) north america Blogs culture Magazines Women female feminism
activism  Politics  United  States  (USA)  north  america  Blogs  culture  Magazines  Women  female  feminism 
march 2012 by dk33per
GDC: Japanese dev mocked 'your games suck' | Game Development | News by Develop:
negativity japanese culture game development United States (USA) north america culture japan Develop magazine GDC (Game Developers Conference) press controversy
negativity  japanese  culture  game  development  United  States  (USA)  north  america  culture  japan  Develop  magazine  GDC  (Game  Developers  Conference)  press  controversy 
march 2012 by dk33per
Facebook's 'dark side': study finds link to socially aggressive narcissism
The Guardian media digital media technology world news United States (USA) narcissism Social media facebook psychology
The  Guardian  media  digital  media  technology  world  news  United  States  (USA)  narcissism  Social  media  facebook  psychology 
march 2012 by dk33per
Are video games just propaganda and training tools for the military?
Video games (Gaming) north america United States (USA) us military war military uk news training call of duty game development game developers The Guardian Gaming
Video  games  (Gaming)  north  america  United  States  (USA)  us  military  war  military  uk  news  training  call  of  duty  game  development  game  developers  The  Guardian  Gaming 
march 2012 by dk33per
Kony 2012 campaigner Jason Russell detained for masturbating in public
The Guardian world news United States (USA) health mental health kony 2012
The  Guardian  world  news  United  States  (USA)  health  mental  health  kony  2012 
march 2012 by dk33per
BermanBraun Acquires Whiskey Media - The Hollywood Reporter
cbs interactive comic vine giant bomb film culture north america United States (USA) Business digital media media business trade news acquisitions and funding whiskey media
cbs  interactive  comic  vine  giant  bomb  film  culture  north  america  United  States  (USA)  Business  digital  media  media  trade  news  acquisitions  and  funding  whiskey  media 
march 2012 by dk33per
Why our writers are on strike against the Huffington Post
strikes AOL (Company) media business media Journalism Art United States (USA) north america Opinion Comment comment is free The Guardian paid-for content salary and wages arianna huffington huffington post
strikes  AOL  (Company)  media  business  media  Journalism  Art  United  States  (USA)  north  america  Opinion  Comment  is  free  The  Guardian  paid-for  content  salary  and  wages  arianna  huffington  huffington  post 
march 2012 by dk33per
That battered old courtesan of a press
wikileaks United States (USA) democrats republicans north america tea party journalists Journalism Politics freedom of information free speech democracy newspapers media media business fourth estate new statesman
wikileaks  United  States  (USA)  democrats  republicans  north  america  tea  party  journalists  Journalism  Politics  freedom  of  information  free  speech  democracy  newspapers  media  media  business  fourth  estate  new  statesman 
march 2012 by dk33per
Kony 2012: what's the real story?
charity The Guardian Blogs discussion Communities and community Politics campaigns viral activism Social media facebook north america United States (USA) policy media africa poppy curtis kony 2012
charity  The  Guardian  Blogs  discussion  Communities  and  community  Politics  campaigns  viral  activism  Social  media  facebook  north  america  United  States  (USA)  policy  media  africa  poppy  curtis  kony  2012 
march 2012 by dk33per
Huffington Post names Strauss-Kahn's wife as French site editor
Blogs internet media editorial United States (USA) Europe france digital media le monde huffington post
Blogs  internet  media  editorial  United  States  (USA)  Europe  france  digital  media  le  monde  huffington  post 
february 2012 by dk33per
TVShack's student founder can be extradited to US, court rules
The Guardian Piracy students technology world news United States (USA) digital media digital distribution online criminal justice law extradition intellectual property internet file sharing
The  Guardian  Piracy  students  technology  world  news  United  States  (USA)  digital  media  digital  distribution  online  criminal  justice  law  extradition  intellectual  property  internet  file  sharing 
february 2012 by dk33per
Talking Points Memo
news Blogs north america us elections United States (USA) Politics liberal
news  Blogs  north  america  us  elections  United  States  (USA)  Politics  liberal 
february 2012 by dk33per
RealClearPolitics - Opinion, News, Analysis, Videos and Polls
north america us elections United States (USA) media Voting polling infographics Opinion Blogs Politics
north  america  us  elections  United  States  (USA)  media  Voting  polling  infographics  Opinion  Blogs  Politics 
february 2012 by dk33per
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