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Feather – Simply beautiful open source icons
Feather - Simply beautiful open source icons Download npm install feather-icons
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march 2018 by djmonta
Adding Emoji 🔥 to your terminal
If you are staring at a terminal all day coding, it is important to customize and personalize your work environment as much as possible. Besides changing the color of your terminal mac, adding an Emoji (or two) to your terminal is a fun, fast and easy way to customize your setup.
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march 2018 by djmonta
Emoji cheat sheet for GitHub, Basecamp and other services
Emoji emoticons listed on this page are supported on Campfire, GitHub, Basecamp, Redbooth, Trac, Flowdock,, Kandan, Textbox.
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december 2017 by djmonta
Fontello - easy iconic fonts composer
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july 2012 by djmonta
いろんなWebサービスのユーザーアイコンを手軽に取得できるサービス flickr/github/hatena/lastfm/najimi/nowa/twitter/wassr
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december 2008 by djmonta
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april 2008 by djmonta
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Mac icn 形式のアイコンを Windows ico 形式に変換するソフト (Mac)
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december 2007 by djmonta
AJAX Activity Indicators
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july 2007 by djmonta | ことえりアイコン
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february 2007 by djmonta
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